The next day, at school, I was at lunch when Joyce came to sit with me and the others.

"Oh, no you're not sitting with us," said Dawn

"Why not?" asked Joyce.

"Because I said so," said Dawn.

"Can't you be nice to Joyce and let her join us?" I asked. "People do not like to be left out."

"Too bad," said Dawn.

"That wasn't nice of you, Dawn," said Kaylee.

"I'll just go somewhere else," said Joyce as she left.

"Excuse me," I said.

"I don't blame you," said Kaylee.

Then, I got up with my tray and went to join her.

"Why are you like that to Joyce?" asked Stacey.

"I heard she's immature. Richard met her one day with her mother and she was rude. She had no manners at all," said Dawn.

"I don't think so," said Kaylee. "She didn't look rude to us."

"Well, she is," said Dawn. "I should tell him about what's going on."

I heard her as I came back and said, "Don't you dare tell him anything. What if I could prove she can be a better person? He'd approve the friendship. I changed Marci, didn't I?"

"But Joyce is a bully," said my sister.

"Trust me on this," I said. "You can turn bullies into friends. People do that often."

"What if she's mean to you though? You're making a big mistake," said Dawn. "I'm just watching out for you."

I ignored her as I went back to sit with Joyce. After lunch, I went out with Joyce while we were chatting away.

"She's such a traitor," said Dawn.

"Stop being mean," said Kaylee.

Joyce heard Dawn and went over to her.

"Who are you calling a traitor?" asked Joyce.

"Who do you think?" asked Dawn.

"Drop it, Mary Anne's not doing anything wrong, don't call my friend that," said Joyce as she walked away.

"Friend? Bad choice," said Dawn.

"No, Mary Anne is always nice to anyone," said Kristy.

"That's right," said Kaylee.

After school, at home, I was in my room doing my homework. Dad's coming to get me shortly because I have a doctor's appointment. It's just a follow-up about my diabetes.

"Being friends with Joyce is not good," said Dawn.

"So?" I asked.

"What do you mean so? She could turn you into a bully," said Dawn.

"A bully?" I asked. "Why would I want to bully anyone for? I could lose friends that way. Now if you excuse me. I have to get going. Dad's going to be here any minute and I have a doctor's appointment."

I went out the door just as Dad's car drove in and went in.

"Hi, hon," said Dad.

"Hi," I said.

At the doctor's office, Dr. Wellington asked me how was I doing on my blood sugar.

"It can be a pain going up and down, but I know what to do to keep it under control though," I said.

"That's good," said the doctor.

"I know," I agreed.

My blood pressure was normal. Good. He keeps an eye on that since diabetes can lead to that. Everything was good, too. I was glad about that. I was all set after that. We decided to spend the rest of the day together. I didn't say a word about Joyce since I wasn't sure how would Dad approve. That night, Dawn would not talk to me. Why? When I tried talking to her, she ignored me.

The next day, Kristy told me I 'ignored' Dawn's warnings.

"Dad came for me and I had a doctor's appointment. What does she want me to do? Be late? No way, she knows it's important for my diabetes," I said. "What makes her that Joyce would turn me into a bully?"

"I know," said Kristy.

"I don't believe in bullying anyone," I said.

"I agree," said Kristy.

"And, your father won't let you let hang out with Joyce," said Dawn.

"Whatever. Laine would be different since she's never going to change," I said. "Joyce is another story. She's a good person now."

"It's good when you talk to anyone especially when they tell you about their problems," said Kaylee.

"How could you do that?" asked Dawn.

"I don't see why that's an issue," I replied. "I wouldn't stop you from doing that unless they're troublemakers."

I walked away to lunch. I joined Joyce. I'm going to prove that. Logan noticed how I changed Joyce. He just laughed and he knew that I would never bully anyone.

"Dawn's the one who is being mean to Joyce," said Logan.

"I know. My other friends didn't like that," I said.

Dawn was baby-sitting, so I was relieved about that. I was also baby-sitting, but with Mallory to help her with her seven siblings.