The next day, at school, I found out Joyce was talking about committing sudide. That doesn't sound too good. She talked to me about it.

"I just hate my life. I have been trying to be very nice, but your friends are never nice to me," said Joyce.

"I believe it," I agreed.

"I'm going to shoot myself," said Joyce.

"You should get help," I suggested.

We talked. She made me promise not to say anything, but I realized that is not safe promise to keep, so I went to my guidance teacher and told her Joyce was going to kill herself.

"You did the smart thing to bring to my attention," said Mrs. Amer.

"I know. Poor Joyce is trying to be nice, but none of my friends want to care that she's being nice now," I said. "So, that's why she wants to shoot herself."

After school, Joyce and I went to my house. I guess that was a bad idea because Dawn appeared and said, "You know your father won't like this idea."

"Just mind it," I said.

Later, Dad noticed Joyce has been changed to be a nice person. She has better manners for starters. After dinner, Sharon said she did not like my friend.

"Did you notice she didn't thank us for supper?" asked Sharon.

"First of all, my friends always thank us when they leave. Second, Joyce is not going home until another hour," I said.

"Mary Anne's right, Sharon," said Dad. "How did you meet Joyce?"

"We go to school together, that's all," I replied.

I didn't want him to know how long I knew her otherwise I am sure he may forbid me from seeing her. I didn't tell anyone the issues since I promised her I wouldn't. An hour later, Joyce thanked us. I knew she would.

"I told you Joyce would thank us for dinner," I said.

"But...," started Sharon.

"I knew that she would do that. I'm not stupid. I know how to pick friends who have good manners," I said.

"I'll give Mary Anne credit for that," said Dad.

I am glad that Dawn was baby-sitting during dinner because I don't want her to cause trouble and Joyce could get mad or insulted thinking she's not wanted.

Of course, when Dawn came back, she found out Joyce stayed for dinner.

"So what? She was being polite and Dad liked her. He noticed she changed," I said. "She even thanked us for dinner. So, why can't you please mind your business? You can't tell me who I can and can't invite."

"Watch me," said Dawn.

"You are not the boss. If it was Laine or Cokie, that's another story. They're the ones who refused to change. Just accept Joyce otherwise she threatens to kill herself. Good thing she didn't because I brought to Mrs. Amer's attention. She is trying to be nice to you and the other girls. Yet, none of you wanted to be nice. You can see why she trusts me more than you girls," I said.

I walked away from her before she causes an argument since I hate. That's the best thing to do to avoid any fights or argument.

The next day, the girls got very mad that Joyce was over at my house. How did they know? Dawn told them. But I didn't care if they got mad.

"I don't pick your friends unless they don't want to change. Some people change you know," I said.

Later, I wasn't home from school yet and Jeff had just arrived from California for two weeks since he would have no school. Sharon was looking for me.

"Where's Mary Anne?" asked Sharon.

"She's not home from school yet," said Jeff.

"She should. I have to go back to work. Dawn has to baby-sit someone," said Sharon.

"Did she know I was coming?" asked Jeff.

That was no surprise. Sharon is very forgettable even though we all love her very much.

When Sharon called my cell phone, I said, "You didn't say anything about Jeff coming. I have to go baby-sit, too. You and Dad knew about that last night. I can't replace someone at the last moment like that. I'm helping Dawn watch the Barrett-Dewitt kids. The Pike triplets might want to see Jeff. Mallory and Stacey are watching the Pike siblings."

"I could let him go play with the Pike triplets. I forgot you mentioned it last night," said Sharon. "I apologize about that."

"That's okay," I said.

That part was true. I already told Dawn we better not have issues while we watch the Barrett-Dewitt kids. She didn't like it one bit, but that's the way it is. What would they think? They're gonna be out of wild and that would be a big issue and we might not get paid. I don't need that to happen at all. You know what would I do with that, don't you? Ingore it. Good idea, huh?

Luckily, that did not happen. Thank goodness for nearly had it ruined when she almost hit me. For what? I did nothing wrong. I got away in time. Buddy saw that. He knew Dawn almost did that to me.

When Mrs. Barrett came back, Buddy told his mother.

"I'm glad Mary Anne got away in time," said Mrs. Barrett.

I got paid and Dawn did not. She blamed it on Buddy.

"Then, don't try to hit your own sister then- especially in front of the kids," said Mrs. Barrett.

When Sharon found out about what Dawn almost did, she got in trouble.

"That's the worst thing to do when you baby-sit your clients," said Sharon. "Mrs. Barrett had the right to refuse to pay you."

"It was a good thing Buddy told his mother," I said.

"And, she said you better apologize to her if she wants you again," said Sharon.