Author's Note: I have to thank Quiet Harmony-chan for the title, so thank you! I still don't own Dragonlance. This covers Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, the first in the Lost Chronicles Trilogy. It takes place between Autumn Twilight and Winter Night, just so you know. Happy reading and let me know what you think!


"Raistlin?" I asked quietly, ignoring the music, talking and laughter from the party that was still going on. I knocked on the woven scree of grass, twigs and other materials that covered the entrance to the cave.

A loud fit of coughing was my answer, I shifted the screen aside, and shut it behind me. I heard a choked whisper of: "Shirak" and the cave was illuminated by the light of Raistlin's staff.

Raistlin was sitting a chair, leaning on a rickety desk as he coughed. Rushed forward, moving aside his spellbooks so he wouldn't cough blood all over them. As I did, blood spattered on the surface of the desk, and some landed on my hand.

"Sorry," He croaked.

"It's okay. You need your tea, right?"

Raistlin nodded jerkily, and began coughing again. I grabbed the mug on the table, and left quickly, sliding the scrreen back into place behind me.

To get to the kitchen nearby, I had to go through the party-goers that were still celebrating the wedding. Hurrying past the drunks, I noticed Caramon and Tika dancing. They looked completely absorbed n each other, but I had to continue on.

No one was in the kitchen when I got there, so I helped myself to the kettle hanging over top of the fire pit. Looking around, I also grabbed some bread and a waterskin full of water.

Making my way back through the party without spilling the boiling water over myself or others was a challenge, but I finally made it back to Raistlin. I set the mug down and grabbed the pouch of herbs that was Raistlin's tea. Raistlin took it and shook some of the leafs into the cup. He set the pouch down and swirled the cup around until the familiar pungent smell of the tea filled the air. As he drank his tea, he started to relax.

"This is ridiculous. What if something were to happen?" I asked, "It took me five minutes to get the water and almost another five for the tea to be ready. What if you had to rely on Tas to get the water? You would be dead before anyone noticed."

Raistlin nodded, "There are no more caves that have enough ventilation to allow for a fire."

I put my hands on my hips, "How do you know? I am going to look for one tomorrow whether you want to or not-"

"Why are you looking for one? Shouldn't this be done by my oaf of a brother?"

I smiled sweetly, "I know he's getting on your nerves, Raistlin. Therefore, if I find one, I'll move in with you."

Raistlin said nothing, just sipped his tea, "The others will not be pleased, nor will my brother. We may have to deal with riots."

I laughed, "We can manage, I think. I'm tired and I think I'm going to bed," I leaned down and brushed my lips across his. I tasted the salty blood that still flecked his lips, and a sweet taste I didn't recognize. Must be his tea, no wonder he likes the stuff. It's sweet.

Raistlin nodded, "Good night."

"Try to get some sleep," I exited the cave and put the screen back into place.

I couldn't help but let the blissful smile that had been trying to grace my features break out on my face. I was on Cloud Nine, I was floating to the moons. I sighed, and made my way back to my cave.

It was small, seeing as no one wanted to bunk with me. It was chill, someone had shifted the screen aside and didn't close it.

Is that lantern light? T'manna asked.

As I neared my cave, I realized what she was talking about. Tas was looking around my cave. I cleared my throat and he spun around.

"Hi, Nekitha! I have a question! I went to see Raistlin about it earlier, but he kicked me out and-"

I sighed, rubbing my forehead, "Tas, let me see your pouches."

After retrieving several of my gems, the hilt of the burned elven dagger and a pouch of spell components form him he started babbling again.

"Raistlin said if I bothered him again he'd turn me into a hop toad and turn me into a snake! I think that would be interesting, but I don't like eating bugs. Though, I suppose if I were a toad, I wouldn't mind, but-"

"Tas!" I said sharply, "You said you had a question.."

"Oh! Where did I put it?" Tas started to rummage through his pockets and pouches, "It's this new jacket, I never know where to find things!"

I sighed and spotted a chicken feather in his topknot of hair, smiling, I knew that was what he had been looking for. I reached forward and plucked it from his hair, "Is this what you're looking for?"

Tas's face lit up like a Christmas tree, "How did you know? Oh, is it some mage secret, like what mages where under their robes and their spell components?"

My lips twitched a little, but I nodded, "Yes, Tas. It is."

"Can you tell me? I promise I won't tell a soul. Well, except Flint, and Tanis, and Caramon, and Raistlin of course- do you mind if I tell Sturm, even though you don't like him?"

"Sorry, Tasslehoff. I can't tell you. Can you please ask your question so I can go to bed?"

"Oh, right. I found this chicken feather after you, Tans and Raistlin had stopped talking. The chicken feather came from the sky, like when Fizban tried to cast featherfall, but all he got was feathers," Tasslehoff sniffed at his fallen friend, before continuing on, "I thought, oh it's from a passing flock of chickens. But ten I remembered that I had never seen a chicken fly before. I know they can flap to the top of the chicken coop so they can crow when the sun rises, but what I want to know is that whether chickens can fly up high like eagles."

I blinked, and processed the question, "No, Tas. They're not eagles. They can't fly."

Tasslehoff nodded, looking serious, "That's what I thought."

"Alright, Tas. Go find Caramon and tell him, okay?" I yawned, "Don't forget your lantern!"

Tas scurried off, lantern in hand. I closed the screen behind him and sighed.

Casting a spell, a little light flew to the top of the cave, and stayed there. I had a small desk of my own, and it was littered with parchment, quills ans a variety of other objects.

As I started to clean, I thought back to the last week. The Dragon Army had taken several days to scale the walls of Pax Tharkas and we had gathered all we could. I had finally replenished the things I had lost when battling the giant slug.

I now had several personal items as well; the dragon scale dagger, the hilt of the elven dagger, the small pouch of steel and gems from Xak Tsaroth, a piece of polished steel that served as a mirror, a locket, and a pendant the Speaker of the Suns had given me.

As I finished cleaning, a quiet knock interrupted my thoughts, "Come in."

Laurana entered and stepped in shyly, "I forgot, but I found this in the treasure room in Sla-Mori," Holding out a hand, she gently placed a small statuette of a dragon on my desk. It was made of ebony and silver, and could fit in the palm of my hand.

"Laurana, why-?"

Laurana shrugged, "I don't know. I have one that's made of gold and ivory. They seemed to call out to me. I honestly don't know."

"Thank you, Laurana. It's beautiful."

Laurana smiled, "It's nice here."

I nodded in agreement, "Yes, it is isn't it. Why aren't you at the party?"

"I have no interest in getting drunk tonight, I take it you feel the same?"

I shrugged, "Don't like loud noises or big crowds."

Laurana nodded sympathetically, "I have an early start tomorrow, I should get some sleep."

With that, Laurana deftly made her way back out into the cold wintery wind.

I sighed, and started thinking again. We had found a library, and took all we could from that as well, Raistlin had found two spellbooks and now we each carried one. We had taken all we could use from Pax Tharkas before moving to this valley, a place that Flint had discovered. The caves were in the side of a mountain, and there were several clear streams running through it. Raistlin had caused an avalanche that buried the pass we had come from in snow. The draconians couldn't follow us, but dragons were still a threat.

Sighing, I looked at the dragon statuette in my hands. It was beautiful, I wondered what it's purpose had been, but I set it down on the desk again. I lay down n my bedroll, and extinguished my light. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought back to the day, and smiled.