She stared at her watch getting inpatient, she was early but he knew she was always early. It was cold and she pulled the cloak further around her and she looked down the corridor-

Hermione yelped but the sound was cut off as a hand covered her mouth. The figure was tall and pulled her tight against his chest, easily picking her up in a smooth motion. He forced her through the nearest classroom door, it slammed loudly behind them. She was grabbed by her ponytail making her wince and the air was pushed out of her lungs as she was shoved face first into the teacher's desk, hips banging harshly against the edge.

She dare not move.

Her cloak was pulled up and thrown to the left so it was hanging over the side of the desk leaving her legs bare. He pressed close, so close that she could feel him hard against her, even through the layers of their clothes.

His hands were large and insistent as they gripped the back of her thighs but they were warm and soft, he stroked the skin gently, travelling higher.

She bit her lips and squeezed her eyes shut. It felt so good, so wrong but so good. Her heart was hammering in her chest, her mouth was dry and she was trembling in fear but she couldn't help the twist in her stomach, the deep set arousal that fluttered between her legs. The desk was cold against her flushed skin, her hands clasped on either side of her head, she reached forwards to grip the edge of the desk, to hold on, she was itching to grip something, anything.

He leaned over her, his weight pressing against her, pushing her breasts hard against the table and her hips grinding into the table, it was painful but it made her feel. His breath tickled the back of her neck and she shivered in anticipation.

"We keep bumping into each other like this, Granger." She could almost feel his smirk. She opened her mouth to answer, to wipe that smirk off his stupid attractive face but she faltered as he squeezed her arse and her mind went blank. She was afraid but somehow the thrill kept her excited, made her feel alive. He was still breathing into her ear as he shifted, pulling back slightly and distancing himself as he lifted her skirt. And then he was back, pressing his length against her ass, the base of it pressing against her pussy, making her warm and squirm. She tried to keep still, that was obviously what he wanted but she so deeply needed to feel more and she rolled her hips and pushed back against him.

"You're a bit of a dirty girl, aren't you?" His hand was still on her ass, massaging, and his touch like fire. His thumb snuck under the thin band of material and petted down the crease of her ass. She tensed for a split second as it trailed lower but it soon withdrew. She whimpered.

He chuckled at her response and stood up tall pulling away from her leaving her feeling cold and bare, towering over her, not having to even hold her down, she stayed willingly. Begging in her mind for more, more, more. Draco dropped to his knees so he was eye level to her bent over the desk, spread out and showing him her damp panties. He leaned forwards and licked a trail lightly by the edge of her underwear, skimming over her thigh and up over the globe of her ass. He relaxed there for a minute, leaning against her and breathing in the scent of her arousal, resisting burying his face against her panties. He groaned.

He sat back onto his feet and raised his hands and pulled her underwear down inch by inch until it was caught at her knees. Her legs were spread wide and Draco could see everything.

He reached forwards and cupped her with his hand; he slowly rubbed back and forth, the skin so soft against him. He opened two fingers and pressed them firmer against her sensitive inner lips and he continued the stroking motion.

"You secretly love this, don't you, Granger?" He whispered. "You love you're open and showing me things you should never. You're so fucking pretty here." She was hot and wet and Draco was smearing fluid everywhere, dragging it over her outer lips and letting it drip down her thighs.

He took his time, the pressure gentle but sure enough that she could really feel it. He pressed his fingers further forward until they hit her clit and she gasped and whined pushing her hips back and pushing her pussy closer to his face. He massaged the little nub in circles, pressing it over the hood, still teasing, he pressed the heel of his palm against her opening and listened to her moan.

When he moved his hand away it was slick and he let it hover in the air as he stared lustfully at what was being shown to him. He took a deep breath and tried to reel in what he was feeling, he was so hard it was painful. He felt so fucking special that he got to see her this way. She was beautiful. She was twitching slightly; her skin was so pink and shiny, begging to be touched. Unable to resist he leant forwards and licked a wide stripe from her clit all the way to her entrance gathering the strong unique taste on his tongue and happily licking it from his lips.

He raised both his hands and using his index and middle fingers lowly pulled her swollen lips apart, it was so beautiful and he was going to wreck it.