by Beth Einspanier

Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are the property of Arthur Conan Doyle and are used without permission. It's would be cool if they were mine, but they're not. All other characters and the story chronicled herein are mine. All Rights Reserved.

Author's Note: Okay, I got a pretty warm reception to the mysterious woman in my earlier Holmes-fic, "Chance Encounter". Who is she? When can we meet her again? Is a romance in the works? This is, as before, a Holmes-narrated fic, and I hope it answers some of those questions. Enjoy!


It has frequently amazed my dear friend, informal biographer, and partner in investigation, Dr. John Watson, that the most minor and diverse clues are often different elements of a single problem. Of course, if every mystery in London presented itself in a complete and coherent manner from the start, consulting detectives like myself would not be needed. Those who have followed the adventures Watson has had published in the Strand know, however, that no problem is as it first appears, and the most apparently unrelated elements may in fact be the most intimate bedfellows.

Of course, it takes a certain mind to see the patterns in the chaos. A long-running story in the Times and a recently lost pocket-watch comprised but two pieces of a puzzle that fell into my lap one June...


End Part 1.