Chapter 10 part 2:...And the Truth is revealed!

David's POV: (yes he finally gets his own POV):

I woke up with a start, wondering how in the world I had dropped off to sleep again! I mean, yes it was Christmas break but still I had work to do. I then

shook my head clearing it of the weirdest dream I have ever had in my entire life. Apparently, I was in a village and there were talking ponies. The Doctor was

there and some purple unicorn named Twilight...something. Annie was in it too which was awesome considering I haven't seen her for a while. I had the

strangest feeling though that I knew these ponies and in my dream, we had all become friends. I even had magic for a bit which is awesome! But I knew that it

was just a dream, I didn't even believe in magic for heaven's sake. I sighed and looked at the clock and grabbed my phone to call a very special someone.

Annie's POV:

I woke up to my phone ringing and instantly recognized the number. It was David yay! I answered it saying, "Hello! How's Arkansas treating you?" I heard his

smile over the phone and he said, "It's been good. Hey remind me of the name of that show your little brother likes?" I raised my eyebrow. This was random

David did not like MLP:FIM. I shrugged it off as a possible gift searcher question and answered, "It's called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Why you thinking

of getting Isaac a gift since he is a brony and all?" David laughed and said, "Ah, that's a good idea but no. I actually had the strangest dream about it. You

want to hear about it?" I sat up interested. When did David have a dream about a show that he hated? It was probably going to be funny so I said, "Tell me. I

want to hear what you thought up in your dreams."

Third person's POV (aka the audience):

As David tells his fantastic dream to Annie, a brown chestnut stallion is in Ponyville scanning every last thing he can find to make sure that the crack has been

sealed permanently. He was the only one who remembered what had happened a couple of days ago although it seemed longer. Sometime, he could swear he

saw Annie and David laughing, holding hands, just around the corner. He and Fluttershy sometimes sang and danced together and Fluttershy would sometime

s get a wistful look and the Doctor knew it was her suppressed memory of her and David singing together. He wished that they could visit again but it was for

the best. The crack was healed, he apparently already was having new adventures as the 11th Doctor and he now just wanted to go back to Fluttershy and

hang out with her and her amazing friends. As the Doctor walked away from Twilight's house, he looked back and said, "One day, Twilight Sparkle, you will

remember all of this but you will think it just a dream. After all, with such magic in friendship, how could you forget the two humans who came into Ponyville and

became your friends?" With that said, he walked off to Fluttershy's house dreaming of a new and better future.

Place? Time?

"I'll get into your precious pony dimension eventually Doctor. Even if it means using your human friends." The mysterious stranger watching the Doctor said.

"After all, SHE does have very powerful summoning magic. We shall meet again!" The man burst out into maniacal laughter plotting his revenge.


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