AN: Since I couldn't get it out of my head, here is the next 'chapter' of this story... it's not especially long, but it shows roughly where I want to take this story. Feel free to give suggestions and advice about it.

Captain Kathryn Janeway of the SSV Voyager sat at her desk in her office, reading something and drinking coffee.

The ship would be let out of the drydock in a few hours and she was going through the files of the new crewmembers Voyager now had.

Her door made a sound that meant someone was waiting to be let in, she preferred the doors when they were bland, now they had that standard green lock, it was such an eyesore.

"Come in."

The door opened to reveal a human woman in her late twenties wearing the Alliance officer uniform, she had two stripes on her shoulders, as opposed to Janeways five stripes.

"You asked to see me Captain?" She asked after saluting.

"At ease, take a seat Lieutenant." She did, though she still looked a bit tense.

"Since you're supposed to be a part of my senior staff, you know all the details about the... history of this ship, myself and its original crew. I'll tolerate one question right now, you may get more answers with time."

The Lieutenant seemed to be surprised and was about to deny even thinking about it until she saw the look the Captain was giving her. The 'don't try to to lie to me' look.

"...What was it... like? Compared to here, I mean." Janeway gave off a small smile.

"It may sound strange, but it was a lot more of a... Utopia, I guess you could say. And yet, this place has so much less conflict and death..." Janeway had a faraway look on her face for a few short moments.

"That's a strange way of looking at things... Utopia?"

"Utopia is a dream, a perfect society of happiness, therefore it cannot be achieved. The cycle of peace and war prevents that. Our job is to make sure Peace stays for as long as possible, and to make sure War goes away as fast as possible. I'm sure you can relate to some of that with your record lieutenant. The Star of Terra proves that."

Janeway could see that this new lieutenant was a very promising future officer, just like she predicted from the records, before the conversation could continue, she spoke again.

"There is a captains dining room on Deck 2, I would like to invite you to a private dinner tomorrow at 7:00 hours."

"I would be honored, ma'am." Janeway nodded and dismissed her, returning to the datapad.


"...Lieutenant Jane Shepard... I have a good feeling about you, you'll go far."

"Captain on the bridge!" Chakotay stood up, with the rest of the crew standing at attention for several moments before returning to their posts.

She sat in her chair and looked around the bridge, it was mostly the same as before, new paint in some places, Alliance symbols instead of Federation insignia.

"Blue Alert, Mr. Paris, ask for clearance." Tuvok announced the ship-wide blue alert while Paris talked to flight control. Soon, everything was ready and they would be out there again. She looked at the people on the bridge.

Janeway took a deep breath and observed everyone. Tuvok was at his Tactical console, Seven at the Science console, Chakotay in his First Officer chair next to her. Shepard was at the Mission console behind her and Engineer Adams was at the Engineering console. Tom was piloting as usual and Harry was at his Ops console.

"All decks reporting condition blue Captain." Janeway nodded to Tuvok

"We have clearance Captain. All preparations ready."

"Thank you Mr. Paris, now... lets get back to exploring; set a course towards the Mass Relay, we're going to the Hong system in the Armstrong nebula."

"Aye aye, captain."

Authors Note: in this story, Shepard is a lieutenant, therefore it is happening before the Mass Effect plotline. Voyager is not meant to replace the Normandy; Normandy has not been built yet, since it's only the late 2177 in this story.

I can't say when the next one will be done, I don't write with a plan or anything.