A.N.: this is a story I have been fiddling around with for a very long time. Today seemed like a good day to post it for some reason. Warning you now this is a multi-world cross over. Pairings are undecided, and I don't know how long it will be. If you want to see a world be introduced drop a review, or a line and I might add it in! As always if I owned Harry Potter it would have gone differently but the plot is all mine. Harry Potter is all JK's. Pocket Destiny

Chapter One: The day when Time stood Still.

The neighborhood of Privet Drive was very proud of the fact that it was dreadfully normal, all the houses were normal, all the cars were normal, all the perfectly manicured lawns were normal and the people who inhabited it were spectacularly NROMAL. Everything that is expect for a very odd little boy, now mostly the people who lived their lives out at Privet Drive wouldn't have paid much attention to one odd little boy. After all, just one small boy couldn't change much on their very normal street, but this little boy was just so odd.

Strange things…VERY strange things always happened around him and it made the very normal life at Privet Drive not so normal anymore. It all started four years ago when three very strange people dropped off that one special little boy on the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive. 'Course only one person saw those three people and Mrs. Figg was about to spread the news about that so even his arrival was something of a mystery.

There was a slam of a door and one strange little boy was thrown unceremoniously into the backyard of number 4, a very familiar sight sadly enough so the neighbors paid it no mind. Said little boy with unruly black hair and bright emerald eyes didn't mind so much either as it was much more exciting outside then in his cupboard. His name was Harry James Potter and there was not anyone quite as very odd as he.

You see, Harry didn't see the world as you or I would, no he saw the world in its entire splendor, nothing was hidden from his very open eyes. Harry saw things most people didn't want to see, or couldn't, it was all the same to him. Harry didn't know yet that how he saw the world, in its true form, was not what everyone saw when they looked upon it. But he would discover that very soon, for now he was very interested in a very odd bunny and what it was doing running around his back yard repeating 'I'm late! I'm late!'

"Hello," Harry said as the bunny with the funny clothes sped past him searching for something again. The bunny stopped for just a moment, blinked up at him, and replied, "Oh, Hello" before resuming his chant of 'I'm LATE!' Harry giggled wondering what this funny little bunny was late for and if he could help, "What are you looking for Mr. Bunny maybe I can help?" The bunny turned its attention back to him again and started to hop up and down excitedly in front of him.

"Oh, I'm not sure if you can but I'm looking for my door did you see it? I very late you see and I mustn't be late or the Queen will have my head!" "Well that's not very nice, but I know what you mean if my Aunt saw me talking to you she'd have my head too!" Harry nodded solemnly before starting out to search for the funny rabbit's door.

"I'm Harry by the way Mr. Bunny." The funnily dressed rabbit wasn't paying him much mind as he was much too busy to staring at his pocket watch and muttering 'I'm late' to pay him much attention. Finally Harry sighed, he couldn't find the door and with each passing minute the rabbit was just getting more agitated. "Here give me your watch for a second", the bunny nervously did so looking at the child with a critical eye.

Harry for his part just shrugged, clicked the turner of the watch and set it back an hour, "There now you're not late you'll be early!" The rabbit looked at him incredulously for a second before he pulled out a SECOND watch to see… that the times matched! He blinked and then relaxed, "You know I can't find your door Mr. Bunny, I'm sorry, how 'bout I open you a new one?" "You can do that!"

Harry nodded took the watch in his hand pressed it against the air, turned it to the side and pulled. Then there, right where he had held up the watch was a round black hole in seemingly thin air suspended by nothing and the funny rabbit looked mystified for a minute before he turned to the boy. The question was in his eyes, sadly Harry answered the wrong one, "oh, I couldn't do that before I needed something of your reality to open it, sorry!"

The boy looked sheepish; like he'd been caught doing something naughty he had no way of knowing that what he had just done should have been impossible. The rabbit knew this, so when he looked at the boy with a question in his eyes it was 'how as that possible?' not the 'how come you didn't do that earlier?' like Harry had thought. "Here's your watch back Mr. Bunny." "No you keep it, so you can open the door if you wanna visit." "Oh, okay!"

The rabbit turned to jump into the hole in the air but he paused just before he leaped, "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know Alice would you?" The bunny asked the confused kid, he ran his little fingers through his hair, "No, I don't know an Alice. Why? Should I?" The rabbit just shook his head and jumped through the door, it sealed behind him leaving the five year old sitting alone on the grass.

Harry had always seen the world, all of it, and he saw the Doors, the things he called pocket realities that popped up from time to time. These little holes in the air were always fascinating as the weirdest little things kept coming out of the doors at the oddest of times, the bunny wasn't the first thing that had popped up to do funny things. Harry watched the pocket realities all the time, no one else really noticed them though and it was almost like they couldn't see them at all! ('Cause they couldn't but the five year old didn't know that!)

His Aunt didn't like him much, no one in his 'family' did but Harry wasn't sure why. Every day his Aunt threw him out while she went with Cousin to Play Dates and Uncle went to work. He had to stay out here, be quiet and not do anything 'unnatural' whatever that meant. Harry decided he might as well talk to his favorite flower while he was out, she wouldn't last much longer and he wanted to spend as much time as he could with her before that.

She was a big pretty white daisy, and she was very quiet so he had to strain to hear her but it was worth it 'cause she taught him a lot of things. Like how the world moved, why the sun burned, what was under the earth and how water was made, she was a very fascinating flower. It had taken him a while to learn how to talk to flowers; a lot harder then it was to learn to talk to bugs, but Harry thought it was worth it.

The flowers taught him patience; since it took a very long time to say anything in the plant language he had to know how to sit very still for long stretches of time. Bugs had been easier as they talked very fast and it went more naturally with his very curious nature. They asked questions fast, the answered fast, they flew fast or crawled fast, bugs were just fast little things as they had to be to get anywhere being so small.

The only exception of course where slow bugs, like snails or slugs because then they talked almost as slow as flowers. The trees were slow too, but that was to be expected as they were so tall and had to talk down to him every time (literally). Birds were fun to talk and play with 'cause they did everything in song it was very interesting. Cats, now they were a fascinating sort; they talked in riddles or rhyme most of the time. Also you had to respond in kind so Harry had gotten very good at deep thinking at an early age, most would if a cat ever gave you a riddle at two years old.

Dogs were loud, sometimes brash and mostly mean from the impression Big Aunt's dogs gave, Ripper wasn't nice to talk to at all! Though that one stray that had wondered into the backyard a few months ago was very nice, he was patient and sweet, a very grandfatherly dog. It was too bad he had died when the dog catchers came for him, he had been so gentle when he was with Harry.

Everything had a voice, and Harry loved learning how to talk to them when they used it. Animals were by far the easiest, at least the ones he'd meet so far had been. He was never lonely 'cause there was always something to talk to whether it was the spiders in his Cupboard or the mice in the pantry. Harry wasn't treated well by his relatives, they hated him, but he didn't need them when he had the world to look after.

The flowers always needed attention, they were very fragile, the bugs needed directions, the birds needed new songs to sing and the cats loved his little riddles. Harry was not unhappy with his life, not unhappy but not happy either. He avoided being sad, crying made his relatives very angry with him, and he avoided being angry 'cause then the world trembled. (Well not the world but the house did, though to a child a house is the world.)

Mostly he settled on being curious, curious about the how's, the why's, the what's, curious about the who's and the where, Harry was just plain curious. He liked to explore his small little world in number 4, and every day he found something new there, another ant friend, another flower. However, there was one thing he was very curious about, very curious indeed, he often wondered what would happen if he went through one of the doors. Pocket Realities were very fickle, they were there just not seen or felt and only ones who can do both can move into them.

Harry was curious about the other worlds floating around him every day, but something always held him back, a cautiousness, or a stillness he wasn't sure what. He wanted to go through the door, to see this world and the next and the next and the next to have adventures beyond his little world on boring Privet Drive. He never went through the Doors, but he wanted to, he really really wanted to….


The first time Harry realized he wasn't normal, he felt so lonely he could have cried, would have, if his relatives hadn't beaten that out of him a long time ago. At six years old Harry didn't know his place in the world, couldn't accept that only he could see the wonders that the world held and feel that pull of power within him. He couldn't be the only one! He couldn't accept that he was really different from everyone else.

It was one thing to be told constantly that he was a freak…another to believe it. No one saw as he did, no one could see the world as he did and he felt for the first time in his life well and truly alone. In his grief Harry decided if he was to be the only one who could see the world then he was the only one that mattered (the only human that mattered that is). He still found friends with his bugs, with his cupboard spiders, with his flowers, with the trees and with the animals he just couldn't accept a human into his world.

Because it was his world now, his own, no one else existed in the small world he created around him not even his abusive relatives mattered. No one really existed for Harry anymore, only his odd little friends who knew the world as he did, as a place so full of possibilities there was no end to it. So Harry nurtured the thing he felt inside of him, the thing that made him a freak, he made it grow like his plants and heed to his will.

Mostly he grew his flowers special; sometimes he used it to heal himself after a beating or to make water appear in a cup when he was thirsty. He was never alone, but he was forever lonely. With nothing to do but spend time on his own every day Harry was growing up very strange indeed, talking to things only he could see, listening to things only he could hear and finding his place in his own little world.

For a year Harry did nothing but teach himself how to control the power within him, how to make it work with him and how it reacted to the Doors to the other worlds. It was a very tiring process, but at times when Harry could make a new flower grow or shrink his clothes to fit, it was well worth it. So Harry carried on as he always had, never really acknowledging the people around himself and enduring the occasional beating.

He accepted that he was a freak, accepted he would never be loved, acknowledged that he would never be accepted by anyone and accepted that he would probably live his life out alone. It didn't make it any easier, but it made living bearable, still he never lost his curiosity for life. He was still curious about everything and made it his life's goal to know as much as he could about whatever he wanted to learn.

It was made easier by the fact that Aunt had to teach him how to read for recipes, and learning to write from there wasn't that hard on his own. So whenever Cousin threw away 'worthless' books he'd fish 'em out of the bin and make use of them whether as reading material or just paper. Still he wondered if the way he lived was okay, he was a freak that he knew but he never saw anyone be treated as he was so it made him wonder.


Harry tilted his head slightly to the left; the strange bear mimicked his movements except he was also suckling on his paw that was coated entirely with honey. The little bear's tiny red shirt was sticky with it as it dribbled down his arm and made a mess all along his front. "So have you seen Christopher Robin?" "No I don't know a Christopher Robin…I know a Mary Robin her nest is in the park though not the Backyard…"

He bear laughed good-naturedly, "No Christopher Robin is a Boy, my Boy, have you seen him? We miss him in the hundred acre wood." "Oh, I'm sorry I haven't seen him, what gave you the idea he was here though?" "Oh this, he left me a note see?" the bear pulled out a honey coated note and Harry blinked wondering how he could even read it. "Well, let me see it and I can try to help." The bear, Pooh (strange name for a bear but Harry had come across stranger things) and tried to figure out the note with no success.

"I'm sorry Pooh I can't read it either…how 'bout I open you a Door so you can ask that Owl guy?" Pooh nodded his head vigorously and smiled handing Harry his empty honey pot. "Here you can have this to remember me by," said Pooh as he put the pot into Harry's lap who in return just smiled. He was used to his odd visitors, but sometimes they surprised him like Pooh…and Mr. Bunny.

Mr. Bunny had given him his first gift, the pocket watch, which he had kept hidden in the oversized pocket of his jeans at all times. A pot wouldn't be so hard to slip by, as Harry very much-doubted his 'family' would want a used honey pot but he appreciated the gesture. Using the map as a guide he opened the door for pooh and just sighed as another brief friend slipped through his fingers again.

Harry knew he should be used to it by now, no one stayed not for him, his relatives hated him, his parents died, his brief friends were eager to return to their own worlds and he was alone with his thoughts again. Harry watched the world go by him all the time and couldn't help but wonder what he was doing here, what was his purpose? Very deep thoughts for an seven year old child but Harry had never been normal…forever would he be odd even in his intellect.

The world was acting strange today, Harry decided, Doors were popping up everywhere and it was getting harder for him to ignore them. The strange little things that manage to slip through the doors into his reality were always so lost, and then he would have to open another door for them to go home. It was getting very frustrating, and then he heard screeching from his Aunt and bellowing from his Uncle. He knew his day was not going to go well after that, no he might have even said it was fast on the way to going horribly wrong.

He made it inside fast enough, but not fast enough for his Uncle…it would never be enough for him, Harry knew that much at least. Harry never paid attention to what they were saying; he didn't need to, as it wouldn't change what was going to happen and his body tensed waiting for the blow. It never came….

There were very few times in any reality when Time literally stood still for anyone, usually it stood still for a great profound love or a heartbreak. Today Time stood still for a little boy named Harry Potter, and he knew that well enough Time was standing still for him when he opened his eyes. He looked at his Uncle, looked at the frozen world he'd found himself in and paused in wonder of it.

The clock had stopped, birds were frozen in flight, his Uncle stood frozen in a kick and his Aunt stood there like a statue frying pan in hand. He grimaced and then he noticed the Door that opened up right beside him, waiting it seemed for him to step on through. Harry hesitated, and then determination set his small features, he strove toward it, chin held high. This was the Day Time stood still just for one odd little boy with a lightening bolt scar.


When he opened his eyes again Harry wasn't entirely sure where exactly he was and it made him smile. He was happy to be somewhere where no one could possibly know him. Wherever he was it was the forest around him was dense and teeming with life. Closing his eyes Harry listened to the trees, who with every sway of their branches called out a welcome to him. 'Welcome to Never-Neverland' he stood there for a good hour listening to them call out their welcome because it took an hour to say.

Laughing he called to a bird he saw flying overhead, twittering the bird came to him and happily sung a song to explain Never-Neverland to him. Harry very much liked the sound of the place, and he happily thanked the bird by teaching him a new song as a reward. After the bird flew off Harry decided he would head out to try and find this Peter Pan boy.

It didn't take him long to find him, not with the plants and animals all so willing to help him along the way. The first time little Harry Potter saw Peter Pan he couldn't help but wonder how he got himself up in the air. It was the first time he had ever seen a boy fly before, it made him curious, so he called out, "Hello".

Peter who was in the middle of chasing a certain mischievous shadow paused when he saw the small boy calling out to him. His shadow stopped beside him in curiosity. "Why hello there," Peter said flying down with a huge smile on his face, "are you a new lost boy?" "Lost boy?" Harry said bemused. The title seemed to fit him well, Lost Boy, he laughed saying, "I suppose I am!" Peter started to do flips in the air, crowing, and laughing as he did. "Thank goodness, since the other Lost Boys left with Wendy I've been so bored!"

Suddenly he whistled, loudly, and about three seconds later a little ball of light started to dance around him. When the light dimmed enough Harry saw that the 'light' was a small woman that had wings fluttering on her back. Harry smiled at them, the fluttering little woman was pretty and she seemed friendly enough. "Tink this is our new Lost Boy!" Peter said gesturing to Harry.

Tink flew circles around him excitedly, chattering so fast Harry could hardly understand a word of what she was saying. Peter didn't seem to have any trouble though because he nodded his head along in agreement. "Yes, quite right," he mumbled, before he flew over to Harry picking him up as he did so. "What's quite right?" Harry asked in curiosity. "OH, if you're our new lost boy you most definitely need new clothes," Peter said as he flew with Harry. "Is that so?" Harry mused while looking down at his oversized tattered clothing. It would be a very new experience having new clothes.

"This is pixie hallow, the fairies here will fix you up right as rain in a moment or two," Peter said while dropping him off by an ancient looking tree before he took a seat among the branches. Before Harry could really get a word in he was swarmed by all sorts of fairies and had to resist the urge to laugh with all the little hands prodding at him. He was curious about the golden dust they left behind and about the bell like language they all spoke at once. Peter was laughing as he rolled along the air long since having fallen off his perch in his amusement.

There was a great riiipppp and suddenly Harry blushed red crossing his legs while giving a nervous laugh. "Umm," he said smiling anxiously while trying to cover himself, "is this supposed to be an improvement?" Peter just kept on laughing while the pixies fluttered around him. Before Harry could really process what happed he found himself in some form fitting pants that looked like wound ivy but were very comfortable. On his feet were some incredibly soft shoes that felt like a second skin; he loved them. Harry noticed that the fairies didn't seem inclined to give him a shirt so he figured he could do without it. Peter barely had a shirt anyway it looked more like a sash tied across his chest than anything.

Still he was comfortable and this was the first time Harry had ever had clothes that were made just for him. Harry noticed that they had put his pocket watch around his neck like a necklace and shrunken on the chain was pooh's honey pot attached on the chain like a charm. Smiling at Peter flying circles around his head Harry hesitantly asked, "Could you teach me to do that?" Peter paused in the air and made a big deal about thinking his question over. There was a lot of "hmming" and "Humming" and a small "let's see". Then finally he jumped at him energetically and yelled, "of course!" "Really?" Harry asked smiling. "What are friends for?" Peter said winking.

Harry was stunned stiff for a moment, he never had a human friend before and it took him a little off guard about how easily he managed to get one as soon as he had left the Dursleys. Harry decided right then that no matter what he would never go back to living with them because he was better off on his own. "Helllooo, lost boy? You in there?" Peter said curious about his silence. "Oh yes, forgive me, now how do you go about this flying thing?" "Well it quite simple really all it takes is: faith, trust, a little pixie dust and some happy thoughts!" "Huh?" "Don't worry you will understand in a moment." Peter said grinning mischievously.

He grabbed Tinkerbell before she could protest and waved her heavily over Harry's head. Gold dust floated down off her and coated his entire body making him sneeze as if went up his nose. Peter laughed and flew around him, "Now think of your happiest memory, only happy thoughts can make you fly!" Harry closed his eye real tight and thought furiously on the feel of his new clothes, the peace of the trees and the relief of finally escaping the Dursleys. "See," Peter said, and Harry opened his eyes to find himself floating right beside Peter.

Time in Never Neverland is not something easily grasped, because just like the world itself time followed it's own set of rules. Neverland does strange things to your memory, everything that once ruled your life, parents, society, common sense, everything grew fuzzy and distant the longer you stayed there. The time Harry spent there would have been equivalent to enjoying your childhood seven times over. Neverland did wonders for a boy so neglected and isolated. It made his memories of the abuse he withstood at his relatives' home a long forgotten memory, it let him be childish, be wild, and it gave him the freedom to accept himself.

Harry knew he was different, he understood that, but now he knew that even though no one may ever understand him fully that did not mean he couldn't have friends. Peter was his friend, the plants, animals, insects, fairies, mermaids, and Indians of Neverland were his friends. Peter taught him how to fly, how to fight and most importantly he taught him how to be a child. Peter also fostered a deep craving for adventures within Harry. Adventures that were dangerous, that were challenging and it was not so surprising when one day Harry decided it was time to head on to the next place.

Peter told him that he would miss him along with the other friends he had made in Neverland. Tink fluttered around Harry's neck for a moment before flying back to Peter resting on his shoulder a happy smile on her face. Harry looked down to his pocket watch/necklace and noticed the new charm on the chain, a small thimble clasped firmly next to a small honey pot. He took it to mean that she expected him to come back someday, so Harry smiled and nodded in return. "Thanks Tink," he side before using the pocket watch to open a door.


" 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the momeraths outgrabe.

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

Harry followed the sound of someone excitedly reciting a lovely poem, and came across a very curious tea party. A Man with a very dashing hat was reciting the poem to a rather twitchy looking hare and a mouse was sleeping slumped over the side of a teapot between them. "Hello," Harry said as the all turned to look at him and the mouse startled awake for a moment. The mouse suddenly began to recite his or her own poem.

"Twinkle, twinkle little bat,

how I wonder what you're at,

up above the world you fly,

like a tea tray dish in the sky."

"So what do you call this place?" Harry asked pleasantly as he joined them at their tea table. "Oh, how rude of me, I'm called the Mad Hatter, this dear fellow is the March Hare, and this is the dormouse. You my dear lad are in wonderland!" Hatter said before tipping his hat ever so slightly. "Wonderland?" Harry said, "Well, I can tell I'm gonna like this place already. I'm Harry the Lost Boy."

"Oh dear, have you found yourself yet then? Or are you still lost?" The Mad Hatter said conversationally. "I'm not quite sure yet, I think I left a bit of me behind somewhere but I don't remember where." Harry said. "That pocket watch is broken," The March Hare said suddenly, "but no worry, I'll fix it for you!" He grabbed it from around Harry's neck before he could protest and began fiddling with it. The Mad Hatter got upset; "You're not doing it right!" Together they teamed up breaking it apart, stuffing various things inside of it, pouring tea inside of it, and generally looking like they were trying their best to destroy it.

Harry was so stunned that he didn't even have a chance to get upset before it was place back in his hands, it was slightly sticky but that went away soon. He opened the watch, a little warily, to find that the watch wasn't destroyed and it was quite the opposite. There was a few new dials, new numbers, a couple new gears he could see and it almost didn't resemble a watch at all. "There, this one will tell you how many years have passed in the world of your origin, this one tells you your age, this thing here shows our madness level…" The March Hare began.

"Wait madness?" Harry asked, "I don't think I'm mad." Hatter made a tisking sound, "My dear fellow, we are all Mad here, to get to Wonderland you have to be a little mad." "Oh, well in that case please continue." Harry said. "Oh this thing here, that shows how many years you have spent in the various worlds you are sure to visit, this one you can key to things you want to keep track of and I'll leave you to discover what the rest do. Though I will say that you should not mess with this dial unless you want to meddle with time a bit. An admirable pass time I might add, though time is a fickle thing." The March Hare said.

Wonderland was a very confusing, fun, scary, and adventurous place. Harry found himself changing a lot, some food made you smaller, some made you taller, some fruit made you invisible, the flowers had faces, the blue caterpillar was mysterious and the Cheshire cat was a great friend. The Cheshire cat was an interesting fellow, he could move from place to place, so slowly he disappeared and Harry had a fun time convincing Cheshire to teach him how to do that.

Harry tended to avoid the Queen of Hearts, she was hot tempered and ruled by a violent passion about things…very fickle like a great many hearts. The White Queen was very nice though, teaching him how to brew some very interesting potions and concoctions. Wonderland was an interesting place to explore, some places you had to run very fast to stay in one place, others you had to stay very still to get anywhere at all, and some place moved to different spots every day. The paths were winding, and very moody sometimes changing direction every few moments.

Poetry was something that could be found everywhere; everyone and everything had a poem ready to recite at a moment's notice. Harry found it a very fun place to be since nothing was ever quite the same again, so there was always something new to experience. The Bandersnatch was huge cat like dog thing that had very poisonous claws and was fond of the mushroom sides that made you larger. He even ran into the Jabberwocky once, it looked a bit like Harry had imagined a dragon might but it spit lightening not fire. It was not an experience Harry was keen to repeat any time soon, even if the Jabberwocky sounded like a poet with its flowery words of valor and honor.

Wonderland was a place were you lost the belief that anything could be impossible, because too many impossible things happen all the time. He had even ran into a pretty blonde girl named Alice once, she looked a little younger than him and had a similar accent. She told him something that Harry had took to heart, "You've gone mad, completely bonkers, but I'll tell you a secret…all the best people are." Alice was in the practice of believing six impossible things before breakfast and Harry thought he should take up the practice. There were many things to do in Wonderland, a whole slew of things to learn, but as the years past Harry came to realize that no one could learn all the things that Wonderland could teach.

So eventually, Harry decided it was time he moved on to see what awaited him next because there were still so much he could learn out there. Still so much to do, and though the many dwellers of Wonderland were sad to see him go they also knew that nothing ever really left Wonderland. Harry had taken in a piece of this place, leaving a piece of himself behind, and the Mad Hatter was very excited to gift him with his very own hat. It wasn't as tall as the Hatter's own grand top hat but it was wonderful all the same. It was something called a fedora, his hair still stuck out wildly from beneath it because it had grown some over the years now reaching just to his shoulders.

The fedora was a deep green, so dark that one could almost mistake it for black and it fit perfectly on Harry's head. "Now mind you don't lose that hat, it's a bit temperamental that one and it might take offense if you did." Hatter said as he patted his shoulder. Harry made sure his pocket watch was secure around his neck before looking around for a nice new door. He wanted to go somewhere new, somewhere that he had no idea what to expect and knew it would be a grand adventure. The Cheshire cat gave him a wide fanged smile before pointing out one, "Perhaps I shall visit you sometime." "I'd like that," Harry said as he jumped through the small portal.


The Jenova Project was in its infancy; they had just discovered the remains of a Cetra in the North Crater and were just beginning in their projects. The Shira Electric Power Company was powerful, and it had the resources to fund a whole new world of research. It came as a surprise that one day a boy suddenly appeared seemingly out of thin air, but Professor Hojo had been very quick to act on the given opportunity. He had managed to knock the boy unconscious and had since kept him sedated so that he had the opportunity to run some test on him.

The results were amazing, whatever this boy was it was something they had never seen in the Overworld, Underworld or any of the known places. The boy's cells were extremely adaptable, like a still developing fetus his cells mutated easily and with little strain. Unfortunately, he had been unable to remove the boy's belongings from him as they were tied to him quite firmly by something but luckily he had a whole torso of skin to work with.

Hojo was sure, he had run enough tests, and his preliminary results were very promising so he felt justified in introducing Jenova's cells into the boy's body. If anything it would give them a chance to study possible side effects before he introduced them into Lucrecia's body and the fetus within her. After he introduced Jenova's cells into the black hair boy he noticed an immediate side effect, his pitch-black hair became soft white. The cells merged nicely over the following days, slowly changing the boy's molecular structures and mutating his body.

Hojo was careful to document all the changes he saw occurring, though he regretted not being able to keep the boy conscious for fear he would escape. He noted the boy's eyes stayed a startling green color though the pupil elongated into a slit similar to a feline's, and wondered if it would affect the boy's vision in any way. What Hojo hadn't taken into account was that he had neglected to up the dosage of the boy's sedatives after the introduction of the Jenova cells.

Slowly, Harry began to wake, his body felt heavy and poorly used. It ached badly, the world felt fuzzy, it pressed down on him like a heavy lead blanket. Harry kept his eyes closed; his body still, and he listened to a man talking about a project called Jenova with another man. They were talking about a boy, someone they had experimented on, someone who had appeared out of nowhere and who had good results. With a sinking feeling, Harry realized that the boy they were talking about was him and they had done something to him. His body felt like a foreign thing, it was different, it felt different, it moved different, and with dawning horror Harry wondered what they had done.

Harry was patient, he heard the shuffling of papers, and the voices grew distant as they moved further away. Harry waited until he couldn't hear them anymore before he opened his eyes to the new world around him. His head spun, he felt dizzy and he desperately wanted some water. His throat felt like he had swallowed ash, his tongue was thick and heavy in his mouth. He didn't know how long they had kept him in this place, panicked he had grasped at the pocket watch around his neck relieved to find it there.

He pulled the various tubes, wires, and other things from his body as quickly as he could as he looked around. A folder labeled, Project S was on the table not far from him and Harry grabbed it. It had a lot of things he didn't understand written inside of it but Harry grasped enough to know it said things about him so he took it. Harry dropped into the nearest pocket portal he could find, knowing he would never be as foolish as to not be cautious of a new world again.