Chapter 3- The Changing of the Tide


Clara gazed around in horror at the small looking people surrounding them, screaming that they were munchkins and about how they should celebrate now that the wicked witch was dead. Clara looked at Harry who just seemed to be watching her in amusement and forced him as far away from the munchkins as she was able. They started to shout about following a yellow brick road to get to the emerald city and Clara started to beg. "Get us the hell out of here!" Clara said as she shook him. Harry smirked, "I don't know I kind of want to see this emerald city." Clara looked horrified and promptly snatched a lollipop from one of the munchkins and thrust it at his chest, "Put that in Neither space and get us the hell out of here! You can come back on your own!" Clara demanded and Harry laughed as he slipped her into his sheath when she turned into a sword. He closed his eyes and dropped into a new portal.


Harry stared at the strange assortment of people across from him while Clara grabbed his arm hiding a bit behind him in an effort to go unnoticed. A Rat and a Cat stared at them from the floor sitting on a pile of clothes. Harry sighed and tugged Clara forward forcing her head forward in a bow along with him. "Gomen," Harry started to say before a loud poof a smoke, revealing two very naked teenagers, interrupted him. Clara squealed and went red in the face quickly averting her eyes by burying her face in his shoulder.

A nice looking girl with brown hair and eyes smiled at them kneeling so they could look at each other in the eye. "I'm Honda Tohru, this is the Sohma family, Shigure, Kyo, Yuki, Hatori, Momiji, Kagura, Haru, and Ayame." She introduced everyone really sweetly. "I'm LostBoy Harry, and this is Blue Clara," Harry said in return. Tohru smiled and clapped her hands, "Now why don't you tell us how you popped out of no where and we'll tell you why Clara turned these two into animals."

The Sohmas looked like they wanted to protest but were too curious to actually voice anything. "Well, that's easy, see I'm a traveler and this is my partner Clara! We travel through portals to different worlds, or dimensions, or some such thing. Don't worry about that whole transforming thing Clara must have just startled them and we aren't strangers to magic." Harry smirked tilting his fedora a bit back making his hair look even wilder than usual.

Clara smiled, "That's right! I can do it to see!" she promptly turned into a broadsword to be caught by Harry in a practiced move. The entire group seemed very disturbed by this development and collectively slumped down to all sit at once. This of course resulted in a tangled mass of limbs and the sound of transformations as the Sohmas turned into various animals. Harry managed to stop himself from laughing at them and settled for flying up into the air to sit like Peter Pan does to enjoy the view. Clara turned back into a girl making sure to hold onto his back to keep from falling and giggled quietly from above them.

Eventually everything calmed down enough so that Tohru could explain that the Sohmas were in fact cursed to assume the form of a zodiac animal when hugged by a member of the opposite sex. Harry was floating upside down looking at them curiously, "I don't see how that's a curse…seems more like you need to learn how to control your transformations to me." Kyo started to yell at him, and had to be restrained by Yuki so that he didn't beat up the nine-year-old looking wizard. "I mean I can transform into a dragon, but I suppose it would be different if you didn't have a choice." Harry said as he flew to look at Hatori getting uncomfortably close.

"The magic on you is too old, and to ingrained to break…even if I wanted to." Harry began, "But I think it wouldn't be too hard to…tweak it a bit. Curses are tricky, I'm not making any promises but I think I could give you a least some control over the transformations." The Sohmas were stunned speechless, surprisingly it was Ayame that finally came forward and said, "You could do that?" Harry blinked and then flew over to him circling him in the air for a bit, "Hey, you wouldn't happen to turn into a snake would you?" Ayame nodded smiling, "That's right! How did you know?" "Well, I can talk to a lot of things, plants, animals, all sorts of things, but snakes…snakes I can control as well as talk to it would be interesting to see if you could refuse me!" Harry laughed and flew over to Clara landing beside her.

"I'm gonna need you guys to gather all the Sohmas that are affected by this curse…this will be a one shot type of deal I think. It'll be too risky trying to mess with the magic on you guys more then once! So once you have everyone gathered come get me, and we'll see about tweaking your curse into a gift." Harry said. "How will we contact you?" Tohru said nervously. Harry reached into Neither Space and pulled out a small hand mirror giving it to Tohru. "I enchanted it myself, it'll show you anything you ask to see and when you're ready all you got to do is say my name. The magic in the mirror will alert me and we'll come." Harry said grabbing Clara as she transformed and sliding her into his sheath.

It took a couple weeks for the Sohmas to finally convince everyone to gather at Shigure's house, the most difficult was Akito but that was to be expected. Tohru was nervous, since she had the mirror she had to be there and Akito hated her. She called out, "Harry," while holding the mirror away from her face. Then, just as before the boy appeared with his companion Clara seemingly out of nowhere startling everyone. "Hey! So I guess this means you guys are ready!" Harry asked while flipping around to land on the ground.

"Alright, I'm gonna need someone to be the conduit for the change that I'm going to inflict on the curse. Any volunteers?" Harry asked. The whole group of them shifted nervously, but it was Hatori that came forward first. Harry flew up so that he could lay his hands on Hatori's shoulders and got a look at his savaged eye. Harry smiled and leaned in to whisper into his ear, "I'll see what I can do for your eye after." Hatori shifted anxiously as the wind seemed to pick up around them, Harry's white hair fluttered underneath his fedora and his flowing shirt whipped around his chest.

Hatori felt as if someone had reached into his chest had started to play with his heart making it miss beats and leaving him short of breath. He wasn't the only one Sohmas left and right were dropping to their knees from the pressure of it. Hatori wasn't sure what he had expected, flashing lights, magical words spoken in a mysterious languages, or maybe a feeling of relief. What they got was a god-awful feeling of pressure weighing down on them and the sensation of someone messing around with their insides.

Then just as suddenly as the sensation had come the feeling left, leaving them feeling weak and drained as if they had just run a thousand mile marathon. "Now about your eye Hatori," Harry began as he set the larger man down on the ground. Hatori wasn't even aware when they had begun to float. Harry reached into the air and plucked out a fruit of some sort, it looked like a plumb only it was striped purple and pink. "This is a fruit from Wonderland, it heals in an odd way…it only fixes what you see as broken." Harry said as he placed the fruit into his hands, "Meaning if you think your heart is broken, it'll fix that, or if you think you should be taller, shorter, have pink hair or some such thing. Well it'll do that too, so when you eat it make sure it knows to fix your eye…and I should probably warn you that it may change your personality for a bit depending on how strong willed you are." Harry said.


Harry sat floating in the air while Clara talked with Megamind and tried to pretend he was interested in the blue guy's story. Megamind had blue skin and a rather large head on a thin body. Harry though he looked a bit funny but didn't comment on it at all. After you had been to a few worlds appearances started to matter less and less as time went on. There were just so many different types, he had seen so many strange vaguely human shaped beings that Harry felt he had a whole new definition on what was beautiful. Megamind was interesting though, he was a genius, and his view of the world was very unique…as someone raised to be bad to become a hero quite accidentally.

It just seemed to prove the vague theory Harry had begun to develop on good and evil. That there was no real good, no real evil, only power and how you used it. Power was something that was hard to define, a seemingly weak person like Megamind could be powerful when he used his extensive intelligence. A powerful man like Metro Man could be weak willed, and a bit slow…making him weaker then he would be otherwise. Power was so fickle; it had to be used to be effective otherwise there wasn't a point in having it was there? What was the point of being strong enough to lift a house with one finger if you didn't do it?

What was the point of having ability if you didn't use it? Otherwise it might as well not be there at all. Perhaps that was why he had helped those Sohmas with their 'curse' because he had the power to do so and so he did. There were so many worlds, so many being, and so many problems, that when Harry thought about them he felt even smaller than he usually did. In every world he had been in thus far there had been some sort of conflict, even in Wonderland there was the Queen of Hearts cutting off peoples' heads left and right. There was a lot of bad, there was a lot of good, there was the confusing gray area where one wasn't sure if their actions were either, and Harry was beginning to contemplate the purpose of it all.

There had to be bad for good things to happen, it had to be dark in order to see light, there was always a balance to things and Harry was just beginning to see it there in everything. He wasn't sure how to feel about it since he had no reference to what he was supposed to feel about his small revelations. The Dursleys certainly had never given him any life lessons, Belle had once told him stealing was wrong in such a way that it seemed as if she had already expected him to know. Yet his time with Peter Pan had taught him that stealing could be an exciting adventure as long as you weren't caught. So who was right? Was stealing wrong? Or killing? What made things good or bad?

Harry had no reference and so that left him in confusion. Power was a great equalizer; he had been weak with the Dursleys and had let them have power over him. In doing so Harry had begun to realize he had allowed them to treat him poorly, because if he had used his own power against them they would not have been so quick to lock him in a cupboard. As Harry looked at Megamind he thought about the difference between them, between them and other beings.

Megamind had been raised by criminals, so he grew up to be a criminal; it wasn't until he had something to fight for that he had become a hero to Metro City. So what made a hero, and what made a villain? Were they really so different? A villain fought for what they believed in, themselves, and was that really such a bad thing? Harry knew from experience that when you had no one else to fight for you that you had to fight for yourself otherwise no one else would.


Michael Scofield stood staring at his brother Lincoln, Sucre, and Alex Mahone…silently staring off into space. How had everything spiraled so out of his control…it should have been so much simpler. It started with breaking his brother out of a maximum security prison because he was scheduled to be executed for a crime he didn't commit. He had planned everything so carefully, every move, every back up strategy, and he had managed to get his brother out.

That was just the start of their problems, he had caused a lot of pain getting his brother out of prison, caused a lot of death, and while he wouldn't say it wasn't worth it…the price had been so high. Higher than he thought he could pay. Then the company, the people responsible for framing Linc, they got him locked up in a prison in Panama…Sona…in order to black mail him into breaking one of their men out.

He had done it too, gotten them out, but he had thought that he had lost Sarah…the woman he had fallen in love with…he thought they had killed her. When it turned out not to be true…he had been so happy but he had known the only way any of them could live on was by taking down the company that was set on killing them all. Michael had thought he had managed that when he had gotten, Scyilla, the company's database from them.

That hadn't been the end, turned out his mother had left them by faking her death to work for the company and she wanted Sycilla more then she wanted to look out for the family she had abandoned. Somehow they had managed to survive, got Scyilla to people who would use it for good, got pardoned, and he had married the woman he loved. Sarah was pregnant with his child…he had been so close to his happy ending. Then Sarah had gotten arrested for saving his life by killing his mother…then his nose bleeds had come back and he knew he was going to die soon.

Michael had wanted to break her out before she was killed by the company as revenge for their fall…but the agent in charge of keeping Sarah in prison had taken out the only blind spot he had been able to find. He was seriously contemplating using Sucre's insane parachute suggestion before he caught a glimpse of the tattoo on his arm.

He had gotten the rest of his tattoos removed when he had went after the company to remove identifying marks…all but one.

"Michael, what's the plan here?" Linc said as he paced the room.

"My hail Mary," Michael said as he rolled up his sleeve revealing the words tattooed on his arm.

"What papi?" Sucre asked.

"This is going to sound all sorts of crazy, but hear me out until the end," Michael began, "Linc about a month before I went into Fox River to break you out I ran into these two kids. They were running from some pretty nasty looking men and I helped them out…took them to my apartment." Michael began.

"At first I didn't notice anything special about these two, just that they were young and that they somehow had gotten themselves into a lot of serious trouble. Then the boy…Harry…noticed my plans on the walls…he put it together with just a glance. Then he offered to get you out," Michael said.

"What? How was a kid going to break me out of Fox River?" Linc said confused.

"That's just it…Harry and Clara…they weren't normal Linc…they were…I can't even describe," Michael began fumbling then he saw the words on his arm. "Do you know what the old playwrights did when they wrote out a play that had so much conflict, so much drama, they wrote themselves into corners that there was no way a solution could be resolved through any action the characters did. So they did what they called, 'God from the machine' basically they had this 'god' figure come in and resolve everything. Punishing the wicked and rewarding the good." Michael said.

"No offense Papi, but what are you getting at." Sucre said.

"Harry, this boy, well he was something else…something not human…he had powers that I can't even begin," Michael said floundering. "He offered to save you Linc…but his price…his price wasn't something I was willing to pay at the time. But he left me with this phrase," Michael said showing them the words on his arm, "said if I ever changed my mind all I had to do was say it and he would come to solve my problem. Well Linc I don't see a way in to save Sarah and I have moved way past desperate enough to pay his price now." Michael said.

"Deus ex Machina," Michael said before they could stop him.

For a moment none of them spoke, it was quiet in the wake of his words and then, "You called!" The childish voice rang out from above them. A boy with wild white hair, cat green eyes, stood floating above them with a sword held loosely in his grip. Sucre was crossing himself, Linc and Alex looked on in disbelief as the boy floated down from their ceiling.

"Michael! It is nice hearing from you!" Harry said as he stepped down to stand on the ground next to Michael. "You're not looking to good, here," Harry said putting something that looked like tie-dye grapes in his hands. "That's fruit from wonderland; just concentrate on 'healing' in your mind and it will fix anything and everything you think needs to be fixed!" Harry said smiling.

Michael ignored Sucre's wildly shaking head and ate the grapes in his hands. Immediately the pressure in his mind went away and his thoughts were so clear…it was like he had been trying to see through a muddy window…it was all so much better now. "I see you got your brother out! So why have you called me here then?" Harry asked. Michael was unsure now that he didn't have a tumor in his brain mucking up his mind if it was worth the cost calling Harry in…well it was too late now.

"My wife was arrested, she's in prison pregnant with our child…I need to get her out and I didn't see a way that wouldn't involve me getting killed in the process." Michael said seriously stunning the rest of them. Harry nodded, "Well you know my price, one life for the other, give me someone with a black soul that Clara can eat and I'll give your wife her freedom." Harry said letting go of his sword that turned into the blonde girl Clara.

"Hey there Michael! Long time no see!" Clara said with her usual bubbly enthusiasm. Michael noted that Sucre looked about ready to faint. "Don't forget about the other thing Harry!" Clara said turning to Harry.

"Oh right, also we get to do you know what to you and Sarah," Harry said smiling menacingly. Sucre looked about ready to call a priest in to exercise the 'demons' from the children.

"Done," Michael said before Linc and the rest could talk him out of it.

"So you know how this works, you get Sarah into somewhere she won't be seen and I'll handle the rest," Harry said rocking on the balls of his feet.

"You can't be serious, Michael, we can do this without them!" Linc said not wanting to even contemplate what the other cost was that Michael and Sarah would have to pay.

"No we can't, there isn't enough time for me to get her out of there, Harry can make this work, trust me Linc! There is a reason this was my hail mary," Michael said.

"Now about this soul Papi," Sucre began.

"We know the perfect guy," Michael said seriously, "the general will pay the price for what he has done." Michael said darkly. The general had run the company that framed Linc, tried to kill them, put the bounty on Sarah's head, he deserved what was coming to him.

"Great! You point me and we'll see he gets his just deserts!" Harry said happily.

Later when Michael was leading Sarah into the underground tunnel under the church there was a moment when he thought it might be a very high price but…it was worth it. Sarah was surprised to see the two children waiting for them, but Michael didn't give her time to second guess them. "Now!" Michael said and they felt the very strange sensation of falling through shadows before they landed by Linc waiting for them in the getaway cars.

Harry smiled at them as they drove off, happy to see Michael get his happy ending and then he laughed. "So did you do it?" Clara asked as she took his hand.

"Yep, Sarah, Michael and their unborn baby all have them now," Harry said smirking.

"Why did you want to give Michael wings so bad?" Clara asked as she patted her stomach…the general's soul wasn't settling well.

"It was too funny! Michael named after an angel gets 'angel wings' I couldn't pass it up!" Harry said laughing.

"Still it'll be hard to move around with huge angel wings in the way…I'm not even gonna bring up how they will sit or sleep," Clara mused.

"Oh, don't be daft, I made it so that when they want to their wings will just be on their backs as tattoos when their 'in' and when their 'out' the tattoos disappear," Harry said smiling winningly as they moved to another portal.

"Still, why give them wings?" Clara asked.

"Call it a moment of whimsy, besides this world could use a little magic," Harry said as Clara transformed and they hopped into a portal.

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