Hey guys sorry for the long break I had school. Spencer's pov

''Spencer, your back what happened'' aria asked me

''Nothing really, Cece was tied up, 'A' likes me better than any of you, I scared 'A', oh and did I mention, 'A' IS MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND'' I yelled

''spender conk doer''


''Hanna meant to say, Spencer calm down and tell us what happened''

''Okay, I walked into the place 'A' told me to meet him and I saw Cece and tried to untie her when I heard his's voice saying it's bad for me to curse, I looked up from Cece and saw him wearing a hoodie, but at that time he was also wearing a mask, I asked him a couple questions, before that he said he wasn't, but I scared him into telling me, one of them was that he trusted me over you guys because Hanna's a blabber mouth, aria's horrible under pressure, and Emily's too questionable, and then he told me he loves me, as he came closer I smacked him and a black chord came out of his ear, when he said aww what the hell, I yelled at him and asked him what was he doing here and he said he knew I was freaked out, then I smacked him and called him a asshole then left''

All of my friends were staring at me like they didn't know what I was talking about.

''so where's Cece'' Emily asked

''oh shit I forgot about her''

''is she still at Toby's lair''

''yeah and she's still tied up''

''what are you going to do'' Aria asked me

''I'll figure it out tomorrow'' I said yawning

''should we leave'' Aria said ''no I want all of you to stay with me in case Toby comes here'' I said

''okay we'll stay'' Aria said as we went to my room, so I could go to sleep, when we walked up we heard music coming from my room we walked closely, opened the door, and saw….