Chapter 1

I wake up to my little sister Prim jumping on my bed. I groan and put my head under my pillow. I remind myself that today is the first day of school, well the first day going to a new school. Prim is excited while I just want to get this day over with. Prim keeps jumping on my bed telling me to wake up.

"Come on Katniss! Get up! You should be excited we get to meet new people!" She says

I groan again but finally get up. She smiles at me then runs off to her room to get dressed. I take a quick shower then get dressed. I walk to the kitchen and eat some cereal. Mom must still be sleeping. Prim comes downstairs with her book bag on her back. Me and Prim start walking to school since our school is 3 blocks from our house.

"Aren't you excited Katniss?" Prim asks me

"Not really. Its just school" I say

"Its not just school. Its a place where you meet people and make friends and maybe even find a new boyfriend" She says smiling

"I have school to worry about. I can't have a boyfriend"

"Katniss you should learn to have fun"

I shrug my shoulders. When we get to the school Prim gives me a quick hug and then runs to her classroom. I watch her run off before going to my first class. I walk into my first class of the day and find a desk in the back row. Before the bell was going to ring and blonde girl with blue eyes walked in.

"Oh Clove almost late again" The teacher says

"Sorry I had to stop by the office" She says walking over to the back row and sitting in the desk next to mine. She looks at me for a second the smiles.

"Are you new here?" She whispers me

I look at her. "Yea"

"My name is Clove Sierra Mellark. You should sit with me at lunch today" She smiles

"Sure thanks" I say smiling back at her

"Let me see your schedule" She says

I reach into my bag and take it out. I hand it to her and she studies it.

" You have a lot of classes with my twin Peeta."

"You have a twin brother?"

She nods. "He is really nice. He is the talkative type so you don't really get bored talking to him"

"Thats cool"

She nods then turns to listen to the teacher. I daydream until the bell rings.

"See you at lunch time" Clove says walking out of the room.

I walk down the hallway and run into some guy with brown hair.

"Hey watch where your going"He yells

"Jerk" I mumble while he walks away

This is going to be a long day. I shake my head and go to my math class. I sit down in the back row and wait for the bell to ring. Before it does a guy that looks like Clove turns around towards me.

"Hey I'm Peeta Mellark"

He reaches his hand out to me and I shake it. "I'm Katniss Everdeen. I just moved here"

"I know. Clove told me about you in the hallway. If you need any help around the school, I'll help you"

"Thanks" I say smiling

He turns around which I'm thankful for. Not because I don't like him but because he is really cute. Wait what am I thinking? I shouldn't be worrying about guys right now I need to focus on school. I shake my head and start working on the math problems on the board.

Like I said, today is going to be a long day.

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