"Alright everyone, listen up," My music teacher Mr. Cinna says in a loud voice. He's holding a clipboard up, examining it quickly. "We have our annual recital coming up in a month before final exams. For the rest of our classes we are going to be practicing these songs that you will be performing for this recital. I already have a set list ready so I'll post it on the board and you get with your duo partners first. Decide on a song that contains two partners and the other song has to be a song that originally was a solo but you turned it into a duet. Goodluck kids," Cinna explains to us. He turns around to post the sheet on the board and moves out the way of the 12 students that run forward to the board.

"You like singing in front of others?" Peeta asks me, slowly getting up to check the list.

I shake my head, following him. "I rather not do it but if I have no choice..." My words slip off my lips as I look at the list. I scan for my name, hoping I'll get a good partner. Once I see his name, I grow a smirk on my face. I turn around and already see him looking at me. Peeta.

"Is this fate or something?" He asks me in a suggestive voice. I roll my eyes at him before grabbing his arm. We go sit in a corner so others won't disturb us.

"I really don't like performing in front of others, but since I'm doing it with you then I'm content with it," I tell him as I take out my phone. We are allowed to use our phones in this class. I'm going to find some songs that we could look into.

"I won't be worried now," Peeta comments mostly to himself

As I scroll through my phone, I occasionally sneak glances at Peeta, taking in his attractive appearance. This duo partner is a blessing and a curse.

"Students!" Cinna waves his hands to get our attention. "Also I will be picking a few students for a solo to end the show with. I will explain more when I've picked the students. Now continue with your work," He explains to us. I watch as he watches our progress with picking songs. I'm kind of excited for this, but also scared out of my mind, but atleast I have Peeta.

I walk down the hallway towards the cafeteria. Lunch time is here and I finally can spend an hour listening to my friends rave about the newest gossip that's going around, and hear them talking about cute boys. I walk to our lunch table and place my things on the table. I sit in my regular spot, waiting for the others to come.

All at once, I see Clove, Johanna, and Peeta walking towards the table with their lunch trays in hand.

"Move your shit off the table," Johanna bluntly says. I smile and push my bag off the table to make room for everyone.

"Happy?" I tease her and reach over to steal a fry off her plate. "Alright, guys. Talk to me."

"Well, a little birdie told me about you and Peeta," Johanna smirks at us.

My eyes widen and I kick Peeta under the table. He let's out a small groan, that is unnoticeable to Johanna and Clove. I swear, if Peeta hinted about us I will personally murder-

"Yeah," Clove nods. "Aren't y'all partners for the recital?" She asks before taking a sip of her water. I sigh in relief and nod.

"Yes, Cinna decided to do this to us," Peeta says while rubbing his leg.

Johanna smiles at us. "This will probably make you guys closer."

"We were already close," I insist. "Anyway Clove, heard anything interesting?" I ask her, wanting to move away from the topic. She looks up for a second before answering me.

"There is a new guy named Marvel. He looks like your type Katniss," She slyly comments.

I shake my head. "You know I'm not dating, Clove."

She nods. "I'm just teasing. You belong with my brother," She says sneaking as glance at me. Peeta rolls his eyes at her, and Johanna laughs.

"I have to go. Got homework to finish typing," I tell them grabbing my things from the ground.

Peeta grabs my hand, pulling me back a bit. He leans in to whisper in my ear. "Make sure to get a snack after taking your meds," He reminds me. I nod and continue my journey to the library.

I look for a book to read during one of my classes. I'm in need to read something, so I'm glad I dropped by the library.

"What are you looking for?" A guy asks me as he walks closer to me. He has brown, curly hair. I'm sure he's attractive to many, but he's not appealing me.

"Just anything. I need something to get into," I say scanning the shelves. He stands next to me and picks out a random book.

"This right here is a beauty. Take this book and you'll love it," He says handing me the book. I hold it in my hand not bothering to look at the title.

"I haven't seen you around here before? Are you Marvel, the new kid?" I ask him as I start to walk towards the desk. He follows me.

"In the flesh," He smiles at me. "And you're..?"

"Katniss is my name. Try not to wear it out," I respond very lamely. I laugh to myself.

"You care to show me around school later?"

I look up at him. "It depends. I might have some friends to hang out with later, but you can come if you want?" I invite him, since he is new and he probably doesn't have any friends. Plus, I like him, he's a cool kid.

"Really?" He asks, surprised.

I shrug. "Just meet me in the parking lot after school. I'll introduce you to my friends," I say just as the bell rings. I check out the book and turn to him. "Well see you later," I tell him before walking to my next class.

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