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"Hey Marvel," I greet him as he walks towards my friends and I. Clove gives me a look and I just smile at her.

"Guys, I met the new guy in the library. Thought that inviting him over would be fun," I explain to my very confused friends.

Johanna looks at him and smirks. "Marvel, I can't help but wonder why you're here at the end of the year?"

"My parents are travelers. They have to go to Asia for a while, so I'm living with my aunt and uncle," He says

Clove examines Marvel, looking at him up and down. "Well, Marvel welcome to our group. Just don't try any crazy shit with us," She warns him

"And you're Peeta?" Marvel asks him. I notice Peeta just lingering in the back, not saying much. He simply nods his head and looks in the other direction.

"Don't worry about Peeta," I whisper to Marvel. "He's really cool, just give him time."

"Let's go," Johanna says and we start walking out the parking lot. I stand next to Peeta, as we walk down the street to their house. He looks at me for a split second and turns his head again. What is his problem?

"So where are we going?" Marvel ask us as we walk down the street.

"We're going to Clove and Peeta's house. Peeta and I have to practice stuff for this class. Clove and Johanna are going to do the usual gossiping and maybe a little homework on the side."

Johanna hits my arm, which leaves a short sting and a mark on it. I make a face at her and punch her back, but not as hard. Clove watches us as we start hitting each other back and forth. She sighs and moves into the middle of us to stop all the punching that's being brought forth.

"You guys are childish," She mumbles as she gets her house keys out of her pocket to unlock the door. We all stand in front of her house, watching her as she struggles to unlock the door. She manages to open it, without getting too frustrated with herself. We step inside the house and throw all our bags in the living room. Johanna makes herself comfortable on the couch.

"Well Peeta and I have things to do," I mention again to the group. "We won't be long." I tell them. I grab Peeta's arm and drag him upstairs to his room. I wonder why he's so quiet all of a sudden?

I close the door behind us and fold my arms. "Alright, what's your problem?" I ask him

"Nothing Kat, I'm just tired," He says as he sits on his bed. I decide to just let it go, because Peeta is obviously not gonna talk. I walk to his closet to get his laptop, so we can start searching for music. Once I get it out, I walk by his bed and set it down on it.

Peeta looks up at me and gives me a small smile and reaches his arms out to me. I sit down on his lap and plant a short kiss on his lips. Before we could escalate the kiss into something bigger, I pull away and rub his cheek. I slide off his lap, just so Clove or Johanna won't walk up here and catch us in the act.

"We need to actually work," I say to him as I start looking at our review paper for this concert.

"I would rather do something different," I hear Peeta whisper in my ear