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Pairings: Naruto/Yuuki/Saeko/Uzumaki-Girls/Harem, Takashi/Harem, Kohta/Asami/Matsushima

Harem: Miku Yuuki, Saeko Busujima, Shizuka Marikawa, Rei Miyamoto, Saya Takagi Kyoko, Misuzu Ichijou, Toshimi Miki, Rika Minami (There will be females from the Naruto series that will be in the harem, and possibly those from Resident Evil (mainly Jill V. and Claire R., and maybe Alice and Ada W.))

UPDATE!: Updated harem on chapter 7.

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Universe: Animeverse/Mangaverse (There will be events from the Resident Evil movies and games that will intertwine into the story)

Series: Naru EX Unleashed MODERN-SIDE (Info on profile)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Highschool of the Dead, Resident Evil, or any other crossover that'll appear.

Now Presenting: Whirlpool of the Dead

Chapter 01: Before the Dead

(Unknown Location, Three Weeks Ago)

"My name…is Alice…and I remember everything…"

(Fujimi Academy's Special Investigation and Disciplinary Committee Office, present day)

"And done!"

Uzumaki Naruto, aka Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto Sparda to a select few, is an 18-year-old, third-year at Fujimi Academy, located at a coast city known as Tokonosu City. He's one of the most brightest and intelligent students in all of Japan due to his high IQ. Because of that, he, along with a select group of students from different schools, are recognized as "special students" by Japan's Ministry of Education. Not only that, he is the current leader- no, Boss of Fujimi Academy's Special Investigation and Disciplinary Committee (SIDC for short), and the so-called enemy of all boys due to his good nature and charm capturing most of the girls' attention in school. He slammed a stack of completed paperwork down on his desk, leaned back, and let out a loud sigh in the process.

He's a young man with medium-short, spiky blonde hair with red tips, icy ocean electric blue eyes, six foot tall even, and an impressive muscular yet semi-slender build, whisker-marks on his cheeks, and wearing a modified uniform of Fijimi High, which consists of a black jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, black pants, and red and black sneakers.

Naruto is the only male of six siblings from the Uzumaki family, one of the top, richest families in the world, who operates a huge conglomerate named Spiral Corporation International, which the main HQ is located on a large, pillar-supported island that is heavily fortified off the coast of Japan. The island's security tighter than Fort Knox itself thanks to multiple AIs made by made by the Uzumaki clan, with some assistance from one of Spiral Corp's partners, Stark Industries. The island also has a private bridge connecting it to the mainland.

Originally Naruto, his twin sister Naruko, and their younger sister by a year Narumi went to Konoha Academia due to their father going there and successfully graduating from there. During his time here, it was a prestigious school, giving birth to many geniuses. However, the fame got to the school's head and became corrupt after the Uchiha clan took over. One example was that the staff didn't like that Naruto and Naruko were doing better than their chosen, prized student, Uchiha Sasuke. The children have been screwed over two ways from Sunday at that school.

When Spiral Corp discovered this, they withdrew their charitable funding of the school, and got their kin out of there, with most of the females there and their family tagging along for the ride to throw in with the Uzumaki clan. The government then got involved, with Konoha Academia not hiding their dirty dealings fast enough. While Naruko and Narumi dropped out of the school system completely after that experience, Naruto decided to start a new school life at Fujimi Academy. Due to the actions of Spiral Corp and the government, Konoha Academia's reputation was crippled for years to come.

While the school life at Fujimi Academy was exactly how Naruto wanted it to be, it was partially marred by a teacher working there named Shido Koichi, who claims to be the estranged foster cousin of Orochimaru, a teacher formerly working back at Konoha Academia, and related to Shidou Ichirou, a fat, corrupt politician.

However, thanks to Naruto's grandmother, the CEO of Spiral Corp, Uzumaki Mito; and Naruto's mother, the COO (Chief Operating Officer), Uzumaki Kushina, being friends with the principal of the school, Naruto's life became much more manageable, and made lots of friends in the process. When he became Boss of the newly formed Special Investigation and Disciplinary Committee during his second year, he formed relationships with two young women at Fujimi Academy.

"Just in time too..." a seductive, feminine voice from under Naruto's desk said, being the reason why he sighed loudly, "I guess my teasing motivated you to work harder so that you can fuck me."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that, "You call fellatio teasing, Yuuki-hime?"

Crawling out from under the desk was Yuuki Miku, a 17-year-old, second-year student at Fujimi Academy who regarded as one of the sexiest students in the school. She five foot four inches tall; has light orange hair with a hairband to keep her hair back, yellow eyes, a slender figure with large E-cup breasts, and wearing a black and green version of the Fijimi Academy female school uniform. There were some weird sayings about her so-called promiscuity behavior, but ever since she joined the SIDC, everyone got to know the REAL Yuuki Miku, as she was more than just a pretty face. She may be seductive and act like a flirt, but she is kind and has a friendly personality, and prefers to be called Yuuki instead of her given name Miku. She has a black belt in karate, aikido, judo, and can wield a bo staff. She also has an intensive knowledge of firearms, which is not well known for various reasons.

Those who haven't taken her seriously while she's breaking up fights or solving problems, signed themselves up for an extended stay in the school infirmary with broken bones, swelling bruises, and trauma to the groin, giving the resident busty blonde school nurse, Marikawa Shizuka, who has a crush on Naruto, much to work on.

As for how she became one of Naruto's girlfriends, along with another, they both met during Yuuki's first year, and Naruto's second year. It was because of her appearance and personality that those strange rumors about her willing to have sex with anyone started. It was a few months after she joined the track team that things really got heated.

Long story short, the members of the track team under the supervision of Shido, drugged Yuuki's water and nearly gang-raped her. Thankfully, the captain of the kendo team, Busujima Saeko, an 18-year-old, five foot seven, third year student with long, straight, indigo-violet hair with a triangular fringe at the front that barely touches the ridge of her nose, blue eyes, D-cup breasts, and wearing the Fujimi Academy female school uniform with a long skirt, was passing by and saw that was happening and rushed to Yuuki's aid, bokken (wooden sword) in hand. The sounds of fighting drew a nearby Naruto's attention and assisted Saeko after she explained the situation while fighting. Unfortunately, Shido got away, but the track team was disbanded, for now back then. Yuuki was shaken by the events, but Naruto and Saeko were there for her. After Yuuki recovered from the ordeal and later beat the stuffing out of the would-be rapists with her bo and martial arts, she and Saeko became the first members of the newly formed SIDC. Saeko also found herself falling for Naruto when she saw his skill and power during the fight.

"Please~… What I call teasing, I call blue balls." Yuuki said, smirking.

Naruto paled, "No thank you."

"I see you two are having fun as usual."

Naruto and Yuuki looked up to see Saeko entering the room, wearing the black Disciplinary Squad school uniform and her wooden sword strapped to her back.

"We try." Yuuki shrugged, sitting herself on Naruto's lap and purring.

"What's up, Saeko-hime?" Naruto asked, gesturing her to sit on his desk, which she complied.

"Nothing much." Saeko responded, "The school's been safe ever since we, the SIDC, came to be. Though there were some strange rumors around town."

Naruto frowned, "You mean the rumors of Umbrella Corporation trying set up shop here in Japan? Even after what they're been accused of back in Raccoon City?"

Saeko nodded, "Yes. But remember, they've been cleared of all charges."

"And I call bullshit." Naruto said, "That video from Raccoon City that was shown on the news outlets looked way too realistic to be a prank. My grandmother, the CEO of Spiral Corp, is still investigating Umbrella because of that. They're covering up just like they did with their facility the Hive."

"You really think that that infection in Umbrella is gone for good?" Yuuki wondered, "I mean, the payload of that nuclear missile completely destroyed- no, sanitized Raccoon City and everything within a fifteen mile radius around the borders of the city."

"The infection may be gone, but the virus that caused it is still out there." Saeko said, "As long as Umbrella is still around, Raccoon City will happen again. Even tomorrow's not promised."

Naruto sighed, rubbing the back on his head, "Let's just hope that the truth will out." he said, just as there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Yuuki called out.

The door opened, and stepping into the room with a stack of paper in his hands is the most hated and evil man in all of Fujimi Academy. He has a attractive but fragile appearance, black hair, yellow eyes, black-framed glasses, and wearing a black pinstripe suit with a white dress suit along with a yellow tie under it.

He is Class 3A's teacher and in charge of the newly reformed Track Club, Koichi Shido.

Saeko scowled at him while Yuuki glared bloody daggers at him. Naruto, noticing the stack of papers in the corrupt teacher's hand, was not in the mood.

"You've got three seconds Shido-teme. What the fuck you want?"

Shido just smiled his deceptive smile, "Aww, don't be like that Naruto-kun. The principal just asked me to gave you these-"

He was cut off by a bo staff now pointing at his neck by none other than Yuuki, making Shido's eyes widen with shock.

"How did she get so fast?" he panicked, "She was just on Uzumaki's lap a second ago!"

"Your three seconds are up teme." Yuuki growled, "Get the fuck out!"

"Now now young lady-"

"Silence." Saeko said coolly, "We already figured out your pattern. Every time you bring us paperwork, your goon squad always causes problems while we're busy, and sends someone else to the infirmity."

"And beside, you paperwork is bogus shit anyway and I'm tired of it." Naruto added, "Now get the fuck out."

Shido was about to protest, but never got a chance to as Yuuki attacked him with her bo staff, making him run out the room. He never even had the chance to drop the paperwork on the floor to spite Naruto, as the door slammed shut.

"God, I hate that fucker!" Yuuki roared, throwing her bo staff and impaling the wall.

"Who doesn't?" Saeko said as Naruto's cell beeped, "What is it now?"

Naruto took a look on his cell and raised an eyebrow, "Looks like some of my other girls managed to get the identity of the leader the yakuza group, Akatsuki."

"Well, who is it?" Saeko asked.

"It's… Uchiha Obito?!" Naruto revealed, completely shocked, "Unbelievable. If Dad was here, he would gonna blow a gasket. He's supposed to be dead."

"Who is he exactly?" Yuuki asked.

"A former comrade of Rin-sensei and the scarecrow. He graduated from Konoha Academy during its prime." Naruto said, "He's also one of my old man's students, but how can this be? He's supposed to be dead…"

"Umbrella perhaps?" Saeko guessed.

"With them, anything's possible, like Raccoon City filled with zombies." Yuuki added.

"Guess we'll have to wait for more info to surface…" Naruto shrugged.

"On a positive note," Saeko leaned in, grinning mischievously, "When do we start breaking into our new recruits?"

"In a few minutes." Naruto chided, "So down girl."

"Takagi Saya. Niki Toshimi. Misuzu Ichijou." Yuuki read off the list on Naruto's desk, "A genius and two inseparable talkers are fine, but I don't know about this one… Miyamoto Rei."

"What's wrong with her?" Naruto asked, frowning, "Her skills in Sojutsu would be valuable to the group."

"But she acts like a fangirl sometimes when she's around her boyfriend Hiashi-san." Yuuki explained with distaste, "She agrees with everything he said, and sometimes reacts violently when someone disagrees with him. Not that Hiashi-san's a bad person, but Miyamoto's attitude could be totally annoying. Does that sound familiar?"

"At least she's not as useless as that pink-haired banshee back at Konoha Academy, but I will take that under advisement. Our friend Hiashi did recommend her after all." Naruto said, shrugging, "But if her attitude gets in the way of our job, then all bets are off."

Yuuki nodded, "Fine by me. What about Ryoko-chan's brother, Komuro Takashi? He'd be ideal for the squad. I know he's a boy, but you're only one for me…" she said, hugged Naruto's arm.

Naruto grinned and shook his head, "I know. As for Takashi, if he wasn't so hesitant all the damn time unlike Ryoko-chan, then he'll be a prime candidate."

Naruto then looked at his watch, "Well, its time to greet the newbies."

"Don't know mean, fresh meat?" Yuuki sniggered as she and Naruto got up.

"That too." he said, "Saeko, you ready?"

Saeko nodded, "Just need to get the uniforms. How'd you know their sizes anyway?" she asked, getting said uniforms out of the closet.

"Trade secret."

Yuuki and Saeko pouted as they walked out of the room and locked it.

"It was just another day at school, and my girlfriends. Little did we know that when we looked back at this, this'll be known as the good ol' days. For soon, everything will come to an end, thanks to fucking Umbrella..."


Next time - Chapter 02: Time to Play the Dead

-Hell breaks loose. Nuff said.


The first scene with the quote is from Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the second live-action Resident Evil movie.

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