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Chapter 02: Time to Play the Dead

(Streets of Tokyo, early morning)


The ominous prelude for the hell that is to come soon.

Standing in the middle of the busy, crowded intersection is a rain soaked 5'3" young woman with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing a blue and black dress, black and white striped high stockings, and red heels. She is staring at the ground blankly in a daze as the crowd of people holding umbrellas crossed the intersection.

The people minded their own business, paying her no mind. However one man, a salaryman, notices her condition.

"Oi, kimi daijou ka, omae (Hey, are you okay?)?" he asked, approaching her, "You'll get hit by a car if you keep standing there."

The girl just slowly turned to look at the man, her eyes turning slowly bright blue as she whispered something as if pleading, tears falling from her eyes. Unfortunately, her words were never heard.

Then… it happened.

As soon as the man put his hand on the girl's shoulder, she made a vicious snarling noise, lunging at the man and biting the side of his neck hard, drawing blood.

The man screamed in pain, as blood sprayed everywhere on the ground with the girl now feasting on his flesh. Screams rented the air with the citizens of Tokyo now running away, trying to put as much distance away from the girl as possible.

But little did they know that it was too late.

There is no escape.


There is…no hope.

(Fujimi Academy, Noon)

Naruto let out a huge yawn, finally satisfied that he finished his homework in Math, English, and Science. Of course, it's cake for someone like him, but still had to help Yuuki and the rookies, Niki Toshimi and Ichijou Misuzu. It was quite the chore, making Naruto wish that that arrogant tsundere, Saya, was with him to help since she knew so much, calling herself a "genius" 24/7.

"Arigato, Naruto-sempai!" Toshimi and Misuzu, the resident best friends forever of Kouh Academy, chorused together.

Niki Toshimi has black hair with a blue tint tied in a pigtail and is slightly combed in the front, green eyes, D-cup breasts, and is wearing the black SIDC version of the standard female uniform of Fujimi Academy.

Ichijou Misuzu has brown hair tied in a bun, brown eyes, C-cup breasts, and also wears the black SIDC version of the standard female uniform of Fujimi Academy.

"No problem ladies. Just remember what you've learn and you'll do fine on the test." Naruto replied with a thumbs-up.

Both girls nodded happily, as Naruto's cell rang, prompting him to answer it.

"Moshi moshi?"

Naruto frowned when he heard someone trying to talk to him, but there was a loud buzzing on the line that rendered him unable to hear him or her.

"What the?" he thought as the line cut off. He looked at the caller ID and was surprised to discover that this mom, Kushina, tried to call him. The phones used between them were supposed to be state-of-the-art, so why…

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud banging outside, making the girls jump.

"What was that?" they asked, looking towards the window.

Naruto shook this head as he went to the window to investigate, finding the source being at the main gate of the school. Using his enhanced eyes, he looked to find a few teachers, Teshima, the tall, black haired Physical Education teacher with a light blue shirt and black pants down there, along with Yuuki, who was standing next to the Ping Pong club advisor and SIDC's academic advisor, Hayashi Kyoko, walking towards the gate. She's 30-years-old, has dark reddish-brown hair in a loose ponytail with long strands hanging down in front of each ear, brown eyes, a full figure with large breasts, and wearing glasses, a white suit with a yellow shirt under it, a long grey skirt, and high heels.

"Looks like a trespasser's trying to get in, and they're making such a racket about it." Naruto noted, but can't help but feel a sense of dread while watching the scene.

"Excuse me, but what do you think you're doing? Stop it at once!" Kyoko demanded, pushing up her glasses.

The man in the business suit who was walking into the gate paid her no mind and continued to bump into it.

"Why you- If you don't stop, we call the police-"

"Now now, hold your horses, Hayashi-sensei." Teshima said, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, "I'll take care of him."

With a cocky grin, he walked up to the gate, reached out, grabbed the man's suit, not noticing that a bunch a flesh was missing from the side of the man's midsection.

"Look here, you sunnuva bitch!" and proceeded to bang him roughly against the gate.

"Wait, Teshima-sensei, don't hurt him!" Kyoto protested, worried.

"What the hell?" Yuuki frowned, "There's no way he could be thrown around so easily. Mmm?"

She noticed that something fell out of the man's mouth. She bent down and recoiled at what she saw.


Then there was a bloodcurdling scream of pain, and Yuuki looked up to find the other teachers horrified as they saw the man overpowering Teshima and taking a good chuck out of his arm. Teshima fell back and rolled on the ground, screaming, "That bastard ate my fuckin' arm!"

Naruto's jaw dropped at what just happened while Toshimi and Misuzu shook with fear as they saw the teachers panic.

"Stop the blood! Stop the blood! Get the school nurse!"

"Call the police! And an ambulance!"

"Teshima-sensei! Stay with us!"

"No, I can't stop the blood!"

"This… this is…" Yuuki's mind was reeling as she thought back to the day of that news report on what happened in Raccoon City, and the day she, Naruto, and Saeko talked about it.

Teshima continued to thrash about, until he suddenly stilled.

"He...He's dead..." one of the teachers said in shock.

"N-No way, how can that be? It was only a bite..." Kyoko whimpered.

They soon noticed his twitching hand. His eyes soon flew open making them sigh in relief. Kyoko then quickly made his way to him.

"Teshima-san! Are you ok, Teshima-san-" she asked, but before she could react, Teshima suddenly reached his hand up pulling Kyoko towards him with his mouth wide open.

He was about to bite the side of Kyoko's neck when Yuuki quickly tackled Kyoto away from Teshima and both rolled away, saving her sensei.

"Wha-What?" Kyoko stuttered in shock from under Yuuki, her bosom pressed against her's, "What was-"

"We have to go!" Yuuki said, lifting Kyoko up while turning to the other teachers, "Run!" she screamed.

They did not need telling twice as they ran, crying out in terror as they went.

"Come on, Kyoko-sensei!" Yuuki said, her hand on the teacher's arm, dragging her along as she ran, "We gotta get outta here!"

Back in said blonde's office, Naruto growled, "Don't tell me, this is their doing?!"

"Naruto-senpai?" the two BFFs asked uncertainly, "What's going on?"

Naruto was silent for a moment before declaring, "We're leaving."

Walking up to a bookshelf, he removed a couple of books, exposing a keycode pad. He typed in the password and stepped back as the bookshelf slid along the wall, revealing a dark room. Flipping on a lightswitch, the room illuminated to reveal a 4x4 room full of weapons, mostly firearms and blades.

"Wow!" Toshimi exclaimed.

"How did you get all these here?" Misuzu asked.

"Special favor." Naruto said, taking two combat knives, an Assault Rifle with a laser sight, an Assault Shotgun, a Samurai Edge handgun, and some ammo, "Help yourselves to some weapons, but stay here. The room is like an enforced bunker, and only those with the code can get in here."

"Where are you going, Naruto-sempai?" Toshimi asked, scared.

"I'm going to get the others and bring them back here to plan our next move-"

"Attention all students and teachers! Attention all students and teachers!"

The PA system came on, with the student recognizing the voice on it as the principal's.

"At the present time, there is a violent struggle occurring on the premises. Students, stay with your teachers and follow the instructions they give!"

"Looks like that zombie at the main gate wasn't the only one trying to get in." Naruto said, loading up his Assault Shotgun with ammo.

"Zombies?" Misuzu repeated, "That can't be. Those news reports said that they were a hoax."

"But Misuzu-chan," Toshimi protested, "What about what we just saw at the main gate?"

Misuzu was at a loss for words as the principal continued.

"Repeat, at the present time, there is a violent struggle occurring on the premises- *BRF* *SCRCH* *CRASH* GAAAHHHHH! Ah! Help me! Stop it! Help- agh, ow ouch ow ouch! Help me, I'm dying! GWAAHH!"

And then, there was silence.

"Shit," Naruto muttered, cocking his rifle, "And here…we…go!"

There was a loud rumble and muffled screams, indicating that a lot of students rushing out of the classroom in a panic. Some were running each other over, pushing them out of the way and stepping on them; even go as far as assaulting each other to get each other out of their way.

"It's sounds like a stampede out there." Toshimi squeaked.

"N-now what?" Misuzu asked.

"Stay in here, and arm yourselves." Naruto said, "I'll be right back."

With that, Naruto opened the door and closed to, leaving the two girls alone in their thoughts.

They don't understand. Their parents actually work for Umbrella overseas. Could they really be involved over what happened in Raccoon City? Last they heard, their parents were working in a place called the Hive, and last from them three weeks ago.

"Our parents are fine." Misuzu said, putting her arm around Toshimi, "They've got to be!"

Toshimi just looked at her best friend, but nodded all the same.

(With Yuuki and Kyoto)

"Matte (wait), Yuuki-san, where are we going?" Kyoto asked, trying to keep up with her student.

"We're going to the infirmary to get Shizuka-sensei!" Yuuki explained, while leading the way to avoid confrontations with the crowds that were trying to get out of the school.

They were just passing a classroom when Yuuki stopped and backpedaled, noticing a flash of pink hair.

"Oi, what are you doing in here, probie Saya?" Yuuki asked dryly.

"What does it look like?" Saya snapped at her, "Hiding until the hallway's clear! I would try to find that fatass Hirano, but..."

Takagi Saya is a 16-year-old, second-year student at Fijimi Academy, and the most recent addition to SIDC. She has long pink hair in two ponytails, fierce orange eyes, a slender physique, F-cup breasts, and wearing the black SIDC version of the female uniform of Fujimi Academy. In her hand is an electric drill.

"Well, break time's over." Yuuki said, "Kohta-san's currently at a military base on Uzu Island for a chance to transfer to a military school. Come on, we're heading to the infirmary."


"Okada… Okada?"

A dead student was rising out of his bed in the infirmary, with another student looking on in shock. The student then grabbed an IV pole and began stabbing the undead student with it, saying sorry with each stab.

Meanwhile, the ditzy school nurse, Marikawa Shizuka, was moving the around the room, wondering what to do. She is a very tall, 26-year-old buxom woman with long blond hair that extends down her waist, brown eyes, ridiculous curves, J-cup breasts, and wearing a white dress shirt with a long brown skirt. Her instincts then took her to the nearest medicine cabinet and started stuffing various medicine and tools into a bag.

"What gives? I can't get a hold of the police or the fire department. I could treat people, but they're screwed once they get bitten, and they come back to life after they die. I feel like I'm in one of those movies like the one they showed on the news a few days ago."

"I don't think it's the time to be impressed," the student said, who was protecting her, "Let's go, Shizuka-sensei! We can't stay here! We need to get out of here and fast!"

"Hold on a sec. I should take whatever I can carry, just in case."

"Then please hurry, quickly before-"

A loud moan sounded off, and then the window leading to the hallways busted open with zombies pouring into the room and crawling inside.

"Shizuka-sensei! Look out!" the student cried, getting in front of her with the IV pole in hand, just as she finished packing everything she needed. Unfortunately, the pole was knocked out of his hands, leading him to be quickly bitten as Shizuka looked on in horror.

"Ahhh! Shizuka-sensei, run away!" he screamed while holding the zombies back, despite being bitten.

"Uhhhh… I'm sorry, what'd you say your name was again?" she asked in an idiotic ditzy manner.

"What?" the student in fell to the floor with more zombies on him.

Shizuka then stepped back as zombies surrounded her, blocking any chance of her escaping.

"No, I don't want to die like this! Not when I haven't confessed to Naruto-kun about my feelings for him!" she cried, closing her eyes and held her arms over her head.

Just when all hope was lost for her, several of the undead dropped dead on the floor, their skulls mashed to moosh. Shizuka looked up to see her savior, Busujima Saeko, dancing around, gracefully putting down the zombies with her bokken. One zombie tried to sneak up behind her, but was stabbed through its head for its troubles.

Making sure that all zombies were really dead, Saeko walked over to the downed student who was protecting Shizuka.

"I am Busujima Saeko, captain of the Kendo Club, and member of SIDC." she introduced herself, putting a hand on the student's shoulder, "Tell me sophomore, what's your name kid?"

The student threw up a little blood, "Ishii…Kazu…"

"You've fought bravely to protect Marikawa-sensei, Ishii-san. Your courage is nothing short of praiseworthy."

As Saeko spoke to Ishii, Yuuki, Kyoko, and Saya just arrived and the former was glad to see Saeko and Shizuka there.

"You know what happens to you once you have been bitten, right? Do you wish for your parents or friends to witness you like that? If you do not, then I shall end your life for you, as painlessly as possible. Through, it would be my first time taking the life of another."

Ishii's eyes widen in horror, but then smiled, "Uh, please do, Saeko-san."

"Wait a minute!" Shizuka protested, "What are you-?"

Saeko raised her hand, stopping Shizuka, "Stand back, I've got this. I recognize that you are the school nurse, but I request that you not interfere. One of our duties as women is to protect a man's pride…" she said, readying her bokken.

As Ishii resigned to his fate, Kyoko spoke up, "What, there must be another-"


Blood strained the windows as Saeko's bokken made contact with Ishii's skull, instantly killed him, making Saya green in the face while Shizuka and Kyoko looked on in horror. One of the doors then smashed open, with more zombies coming into the room. But they were never able to take action as they were gunned down, their heads splattering.

The girls look over to see their savior, Naruto, with Assault Rifle in hand.

"Naruto-kun!" Yuuki said in relief.

"Of course it's me." Naruto said with a foxy grin, "Now vamos!"

(SIDC Office Room, five minutes later)

The trip back to the office was uneventful, unless you can count Saeko ripping Shizuka's skirt so that she run faster, causing her to complain, or Saya's loud mouth attracting all the zombies on the floor, or her killing her first zombie with the electric drill, while crying for her mommy.

Oh yeah, very uneventful.

"The faculty room? Why?" Naruto asked as the other girls loaded up in the room full of weapons.

"That's where all the staff keeps their keys." Shizuka explained, "While my car can't fit all of us, we can at least take one of the school buses."

Kyoko nodded in agreement, "Good plan, but I do here one question though…"

Kyoko suddenly used a variation of the Big Head Jutsu on Naruto, "HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGED TO SNEAK ALL THESE WEAPONS IN?!"

Naruto just blinked, completely unfazed, "Special favor. Can't help but be prepared, considering the kind of world we're living in now. Now would you please arm yourself so that we can get the hell outta here?"

Kyoko calmed down, grumbling while she walked over to the weapons cache as Saeko left it, equipped with a katana, a combat knife, and some throwing knives.

Naruto shook his head, his cell start ringing just as Yuuki finished loading her Suppressed SMG and Lightning Hawk handgun.

"Hello? …Where are you now? …What? …All right, hang tight. We get there as soon as we can!"

"Who was that?" Saya asked as Naruto snapped his cell shut.

"That was Rei. She, Takashi, and Hiashi are currently pinned down on the roof. Toshimi, Misuzu, Saya, Shizuka, Kyoko-sensei, you all stay here. Me, Yuuki-hime, and Saeko-hime will go get them."

"You're leaving us here?!" Saya shrieked, a bayonet knife in her hand.

"No." Naruto said calmly, "We'll come back for you all. Alright? Yuuki-hime. Saeko-hime. Let's move."

"Hai, Naruto/-kun."

Naruto, Yuuki, and Saeko left the room and rushed to the roof, hoping they weren't too late.


Next time - Chapter 03: Escape from the Dead

-The survivors escape from the overrun Fijimi Academy.


The first scene is from the opening scene of Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth live-action Resident Evil movie, with the "no hope" slogan from Resident Evil 6.

The Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, and Suppressed SMG are from the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City video game.

The Samurai Edge handgun is Albert Wesker's personal weapon in the Resident Evil series.

"And here…we…go!" - Joker's quote from The Dark Knight.

Probie - a nickname for someone on probation; usually heard on the NCIS TV show.

Vamos - Spanish word for let's go.

The Lightning Hawk handgun is a magnum-class handgun used the Resident Evil series.

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