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Chapter 03: Escape from the Dead

(Fujimi Academy Rooftop)





Naruto, Yuuki, and Saeko ran across the roof, gunning down and slashing apart zombies as they went. All three worked like a well-oiled machine, covering each other's blind spots and weaknesses.

They spotted the observatory where Rei, Takashi, and Hisashi are near and made a beeline for it. Yuuki was slammed into a wall and nearly got caught by a zombie when she was reloading her Suppressed SMG, but got a hail full of incendiary rounds from Naruto for its efforts as Yuuki rolled away.

When they made it to the staircase, they found it blocked off by several sets of chairs and tables that was seven feet high and was blocking the path to the higher roof area. All three shared similar grins, getting a crazy idea.

Naruto, Yuuki, and Saeko choose a zombie, kicked it in the mid-section, jumped into it's back, and hopped off it, landing on another zombie's head, and hopping onto another one as well. They zombie-hopped all the way to barricade until they landed on it. Both Naruto and Yuuki turned around in sync and rained hell on the zombies they hopped off of. Saeko then took out a throwing knife and threw it, jamming it into the head of the last zombie.

"Naruto-sempai! Busujima-sempai! Yuuki-san!"

The three SIDC members turned to see the three students they were supposed to rescue sitting and leaning against the wall.

Miyamoto Rei; a five foot three, 17-year-old sophomore student who's one of the rookies of the Disciplinary Squad. She has long light-brownish hair with bangs and two strands sticking out above rest of her hair, reddish-brown eyes, a slender figure with ample E-cup breasts, and wearing the Discipline Squad uniform. She is currently wielding a broomstick with a broken but sharp, twisted edge to use her Sojutsu.

Komuro Takashi; a five foot six, 17-year-old sophomore student who's childhood friends with Rei and Saya. He has black spiky hair with a brown hue, brown eyes, average height, and a slender build, giving him the appearance of an average high school student. His attire consists of his black school uniform with a red t-shirt underneath. He is currently wielding a metal baseball bat stained with blood.

Igou Hisashi; a five foot eight, 17-year-old sophomore student who's one of the top students, a black belt in Karate, Takashi's friend, Rei's current boyfriend, and both their classmate. He has grey hair, brown eyes, and is wearing the standard Fujimi High School male student uniform. Due to him being a black belt in Karate, he has no weapons.

"Are you three all right?" Naruto asked, jumping off the barricade with the others and putting away his Assault Rifle.

"Hai, we're fine." Takashi nodded, "Good timing too. We just saw the P.E. teacher Takayama commit suicide, and before that, the Black Hawks from the Self-Defense Force fly by."

"The Self-Defense Force?" Saeko repeated, confused, "There's no bases in the area besides the one on Uzu Island where Spiral Corp HQ is."

"Do you see Spiral Corps logo?" Naruto inquired, with Hisashi shaking his head.

"Like I said before, they might be on a special mission." he said.

"Can we talk about this later?" Rei said, "Don't you have a way to get us out of here?"

"Hold your horses, Miyamoto." Yuuki chided before noticing Hiashi's shoulder wound and his shallow breathing, "Are you ok there, Hisashi-san?"

Hisashi coughed a little, "To be frank, I don't think so- UGH!"

He suddenly threw up a torrent of blood, shocking everyone around him.

"Holy shit!" Yuuki shrieked, jumping back.

"Naruto." Saeko said, nodding her head towards Hiashi's bandaged arm.

"Hisashi! What's wrong?!" Rei cried, but Yuuki held her back.

"Why?" Rei yelled in disbelief, "It was just a tiny bite! Why has it come to this?!"

Naruto made his way toward Hisashi and unwrapped the bandage on his arm. A nasty bitemark showed itself, and was bleeding profusely.

"Tiny my ass! There's no way you were caught off guard. What happened man?" Naruto questioned, scowling at the bite mark.

Hisashi coughed again, "We encountered one of the them who was previously Wakisaka from World Studies. I thought I could handle him with my martial arts, but…"

He hacked up some blood as Naruto shook his head, "Them? Sorry bud, but they are zombies, reanimated by Umbrella Corporation's T-virus."

"So, the news reports three weeks ago are true?" Takashi asked.

"That's impossible!" Rei protested, "They said it was a hoax!"

"You and everyone else thinks and says that." Naruto said flatly, gesturing to the city where fires and explosions were breaking out, "And look where that got us."

Naruto then turned back to Hisashi, who was slowly turning deathly pale, "No matter how tiny, even a single bite is fatal. You do know what happens when you get bitten by a zombie, right?"

Hisashi nodded as he started to breathe heavily with Takashi and Rei looking on in horror.

"No way!" Rei started to struggle against Yuuki, "That kind of thing only happens in mov-"

"Welcome to the real world Rei." Naruto interrupted her, "This isn't a movie or game. What's happening now is real." he said, gesturing to the schoolyard where corpses are starting to rise from the ground.

"It's your call Hisashi." Naruto continued, "What your decision?"

"I…" Hisashi swallowed, "No doubt there's no cure yet. I don't want to become like them. I want to die *cough* as myself!"

Hisashi then pointed to the railing on the other side of the observatory, "If I fall off from there, the impact will probably crush my head..."

"Hisashi no!" Rei screamed, "You're special! There's no way you'll become like-"

Yuuki finally had enough and snapped. Spinning Rei around, she landed a solid punch to her stomach, knocking the wind out of Rei and making her fall to her knees, gasping for precious air.

"Special?!" Yuuki snarled, "If he is special and can't turn like he's doing now, then all of this wouldn't happen!"

Naruto sighed, "Hisashi. We don't have to push you off the roof. Saeko, you still have your bokken?"

"Hai." Saeko confirmed, putting away her katana and approached Hisashi, equipping her bokken.

"Wait," Hisashi gasped out, "Honor some last requests will ya? *cough*"

Naruto grimaced, "Make it quick. You don't have long."

Hisashi nodded and turned to Takashi, "Takashi, don't be so hesitant all the time. Save who you can, but be careful of the shady types."

"Uh, right." Takashi said, his eyes watering up.

Hisashi turned to Rei, who managed to recover from Yuuki's body blow, "Rei. You have to live. Don't let your memories of me slow you down on what you want to do."

Rei couldn't say anything, due to the fact she still believes that Hisashi can't die.

Finally, Hisashi turned to Naruto, feeling his life ebbing away, "Naruto-sempai. Protect her. Protect Rei in my place."

Naruto frowned at what he requested, but who was he to deny a dying man's request? He gave a curt nod, "All right."

Hisashi smiled, "Thank you." he said, turning to Saeko who readied her bokken.

"No, wait!" Rei cried, trying to get up, but Yuuki kept her down, "You can't! You can't do something like this! He won't… Hisashi won't become one of them! Hisashi's different-!"

"SILENCE!" Saeko screamed, shutting Rei up, "This is a matter of protecting a man's pride. To sit idly by like a woman isn't by style. If he wishes to die being himself, then I shall grant his wish."

Hisashi closed his eyes, resigned to his fate. Takashi, along with Yuuki, closed their eyes and looked away, the inevitable happening as Rei's scream rented the air.


Blood stained the walls and ground as the last of Hisashi's life ebbed away.

"Requiescat in pace, Igou Hisashi." Naruto said, putting a towel on the head of the now dead student as Yuuki let go of a now distraught Rei.

"Hisashi." Takashi muttered, gripping his baseball tightly, "Why did his have to happen?"

"Are you all right Saeko-hime?" Naruto asked, turning his attention towards Saeko, "This is the second time you took a life to spare them from the fate of becoming one of them."

Saeko nodded her head, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."


Naruto groaned and turned to Rei, "Why what, probie?"

"Why did you all… save me?"

Yuuki's eyebrow twitched, "This bitch is really starting to piss me off. Is the answer that difficult for you to get? Hisashi wished this. We didn't choose it for him. If he turned, he would have taken yours and Takashi's life."

Naruto agreed, "What she said. We're not letting anyone else die on our watch."

Rei started to shake with anger, "I didn't want any of you to save me."

"Who was the one who called me, fanatic for rescue?" Naruto shot back. He was now questioning if he was on something when he choose Rei to join SIDC.

"But I want him to be with us! I didn't want to see him like this!" she cried, "I would've rather got bitten by Hisashi and become one of them than live like this!"

Yuuki snarled and started forward, but Saeko stopped her, shaking her head. Meanwhile, Takashi was looking at Rei with shock. Was this the girl who he made a pinky promise to when they were kids?

"Stop it." Naruto snarled, "Hisashi wouldn't want that. He wants you to live."

"…What do you know, sempai?" she countered with tear-stained, dead-looking eyes, "Could it be? Yeah, that might be it."

Now Naruto was starting to get pissed off at Rei's behavior, "What are you getting at, sophomore?"

"You claim that Hisashi's your friend, but you must've really hated him, like Takashi." she said, "Because me and him were fucking, and I wasn't part of your little harem!"

The silence on the observatory was deafening.

"Pathetic." Saeko spat, breaking the three minute silence, "And to think that you're a woman."

"You're not the same girl I became friends with when he were kids." Takashi added coldly, all attracting for Rei now gone.

"Huh, Naruto-kun." Yuuki said, "Whatever you were on when you choose her for our team, I think I want some."

Naruto rolled his eyes and gestured to Yuuki, Seako, and Takashi to follow him into the observatory. Opening the door, Yuuki grabbed the water hose inside and handed it to Takashi.

"What are we doing now?" she asked, as they heard a bump against the barricade.

"Making a water slide." Naruto replied as Yuuki and Saeko stood by the handle to turn the water on. Naruto then headed to the barricade.

"Wait, where are you going?"

Naruto growled and turned Rei, "We are getting out of here. You don't have to come. You can just stay here like a good girl and get eaten like you wanted. For now, while the others prepare the hose, I'm gonna go and deal with this flesh-eating bottleneck so that the water slide will be more effective."

"What?" Rei said as she finally got up, "No! You can't do that by yourself!"

"You'll be surprised at what I can get done by myself and with others, thank you very much." Naruto countered, stepping onto the barricade.


Naruto ignored her as he loaded up his Assault Rifle, looking down on the undead.

"I got something for you jabronis." he said, aiming at them, "And it's a hail mary full of hot lead!"

He opened fire on the zombies, splattering their blood all over.

"Naruto-sempai!" Takashi called out from behind him, "It's ready!"

Naruto jumped down, "Then let it loose!"

Takashi gave the signal to the other girls, who together, turned the wheel, and turned on the hose. Takashi had trouble controlling it at first, but managed to right it.

"Oi, you sure you got it?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah!" Takashi replied, "They sound happy to see us."

"Who cares? Car wash their asses!"

"On it! Take this!"

Takashi unleashed a torrent of water on the undead, washing them down the stairs, their heads smashing against the cement.

"That was fun! We're clear!" Takashi called out, the girls turning off the water.

"All right. Let roll out."

Naruto, Yuuki, Saeko, and Takashi walked down the stairs and was about make a run across the roof when Naruto was suddenly hugged from behind. Naruto turn to find Rei on his back and raised an eyebrow.

"Naruto-sempai! I'm sorry! I didn't mean what I said! I really didn't!" she cried, tears flowing down her face. "Please! Let me come with you!"

After a moment, Naruto sighed and pried Rei off him. He then grabbed the front of her uniform and brought her face close to his.

"Listen up, Miyamoto Rei. I'll forgive you for now, but I will not tolerate anymore bullshit from you, especially considering the situation we're in. Remember, we all lost things. What's important is that you remember them. And what's even more important is that you don't slow us down while we're in the middle of rescuing survivors! Understand?!"

Rei could only nod her head rapidly, determined to make up for her previous behavior.

Naruto smiled and let her go, "Good."

Rei then turn to Takashi and the others, "Takashi. Minna (everyone). I'm sorry."

Yuuki facepalmed, "All right, as long as you don't do it again."

Saeko sighed, "I'll overlook it."

Takashi just shrugged, "Fine."

Naruto smirked, "Ok. Now that we got that out of the way, lets get the others and get the hell out of here."

(Faculty Room, 15 minutes later)

Naruto, Yuuki, Saeko, Toshimi, Misuzu, Kyoko, Saya, Shizuka, Takashi, and Rei traversed the hallways, quietly sneaking past zombies to get down to the first floor. When the other's were picked up from the office, Naruto stuffed some random weapons in a duffle bag and quickly sealed up everything in the room in a small scroll using fuinjutsu, surprising almost everyone with his strange powers. For obvious reasons, they didn't question him about it, yet.

When they arrived at the teacher's lounge, they immediately bolted the door and collapsed in the chairs while Saya occupied the washroom.

Takashi grunted, putting the last stack of paper on the table in place to hold the door closed, "Think it'll hold?"

Naruto nodded, "It should, with all the weight on the copy paper on the table." he turned to the others, "Is everyone all right?"

"Some of us are exhausted if that what you mean." Saeko responded, gesturing to the BFFs leaning against each other while Kyoko and Shizuka searched for the keys to the bus.

Yuuki then peeked in the washroom, "Saya, are you ok?"

"Huh?" Saya looked up from the basin, now wearing glasses.

"G-glasses?" Yuuki stuttered, blushing at the thought of the bookworm Saya being cute with her glasses on, along with her damp face, "Kawaii…"

"My contacts slide around when we run." Saya explained she came out of the washroom, "So what's the plan when we get out here? Are the buses still even here?" she asked, while Naruto passed around some bottled water.

Kyoko looked outside, "There's one left."

"And the key to it is here." Shizuka said, holding said item up.

"Well, the plan should be to check on our families." Takashi said, "We should stop by everyone's home going from closet to furthest. And if we have to, we'll help our families too. Once we're done, we'll find a safe place to stay."

"While that is great plan Takashi, I say we should head to my home on Uzu Island. There's a military place there that has all the types of vehicles you can think of." Naruto said, "With a helicopter, we can get to places much faster. It'll help with searching and rescuing your families as well."

"I'm with Naruto-kun on this one." Yuuki piped up, "I've been on a tour there once. The island is like a self-sustaining sacred fortress. It has everything we need, and more."

"What about food supplies?" Kyoko asked, adjusting her glasses.

"While we get food from outside the island, we mostly grow our own food." Naruto replied, "Food stocks will last for decades."

"Uh, guys…"

Rei got everyone's attention as she pointed to the TV. A news report was showing about the current situation outside. Saeko grabbed the remote to turn up the volume.

"…government has started to do something about this on-going revolt. However, the politicians are doubting the SDF's ability to-"

"Revolt?!" Takashi raged, "They're calling this a revolt?!"

"Shh!" Kyoko shushed him as the scene changed from the newsroom to a live emergency news coverage outside.

"The number of deaths in the Saitama prefecture already exceeds 10,000. The prefectural governor has declared a state of emergency- *POP* *gasp* That was gunfire! Just now, the police opened gunfire! But what are they shooting at?! *POP* *POP* No! Stay away! Help! *screams* *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*"


"-PLEASE STAND BY- …There's been some sort of a problem. F-from now on, we'll be broadcasting from the studio here. As you can tell, the situation outside has become grave. We advise you: Please stay in your homes unless it's necessity. Once it's safer outside, we'll bring you information about the on-going situation."


Takashi just punched a table, "That's all? Why aren't they saying more?"

"Because they're afraid to cause a panic." Saya said.

"Even now? Why?" Rei asked.

"Because of what just happened!" Saya snapped, "Fear leads to chaos, and chaos leads to anarchy. How would you expect the government to deal with the zombies in a time of anarchy?"

"They can't." Naruto said as he switched the channel on the TV to CNN, where the news report's being translated to Japanese, "With the shitstorm happening outside, they know anarchy is right around the corner. No doubt they'll also listen to Umbrella's honey-sweet words."

"This unusual phenomenon has spread throughout America and has yet to be bought under control. The government authorities have evacuated the White House and will relocated to a command center on-board an aircraft carrier. There are reports that this transfer is in preparation for the possible use of tactical warheads. We have currently lost contact with Moscow. Beijing has been set ablaze. London has maintained order, but in Paris and Rome, there are reports of looting. Government officials have declared… *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*"


"Well, there's goes the TVs." Naruto sighed, "It's now happening at over the world…"

"But how?" Toshimi whined, "When we were surfing the web this morning, everything was fine…"

"I still can't believe that it only took a few hours for the world to come to this." Rei said, stepping back and grabbing Naruto on the arm, "Don't you feel the same?"

Yuuki's and Saeko's eyebrows twitched while Naruto rolled his eyes as Rei continued, "But there must be some place that's safe, right? And soon, everything will be back to normal-"

"Keep dreaming."

"Way to be blunt Saya." Naruto said dryly.

"Do you really have to say it like that?" Takashi scolded.

"You idiot. This is a pandemic. What do you want me to say?"

"A pandemic?" Shizuka asked.

"It's when an epidemic of infectious disease spreads." Saya explained, "So, the same disease, which is no doubt the T-virus, that infected people is spreading throughout the world."

"Like influenza?" Takashi asked, but Saya shook her head.

"Like the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Black Death of the 14th century, and The Happening in 2008, right?" Kyoto noted.

Saya nodded, "Correct."

"So how did those diseases stop?" Yuuki asked, twirling her bo in her fingers.

"There are lot of theories, but…" Shizuka piped up, "The reason why diseases like those "die" is because they killed so many, that there were not enough people left to spread it."

"But in this case," Kyoko added, jerking her thumb to the window, "The dead are moving around, reanimated by the T-virus, and attacking people."

"Then you are implying it has no reason to stop spreading?" Saeko asked.

Shizuka nodded sadly.

"But it's hot outside!" Misuzu said optimistically, "Maybe their flesh will start decomposing and they'll fall apart!"

"Mmm." Takashi put a hand to his chin, "That just might work."

"The problem with that is the duration of the process." Naruto countered, checking the other's guns to make sure they work, "Shizuka, you're a doctor, so you should know."

"Well, during the summer, it takes around 22 days for some parts of the dead body to decompose. But during the winter, it can take months… Anyway, if we go to our homes-"

"How do you know they'll even start to decompose?" Saya interrupted her.

"What do you mean by that?" an irritable Takashi asked.

"What she means is that the T-virus is a bio-weapon." Naruto said, "What if the zombies can't decompose, but mutate instead?"

"Will you all please stop saying bad things that might come true?!" Rei shrieked, nearly blowing out Naruto's eardrum, "Can't this kind of conversation wait until we're out of the woodworks?!"

"Rei's right…" Toshimi said, nodding quickly.

"I think we've rested long enough." Mizusu finished for her friend.

"What is important right now is quickly getting to Uzu Island before we go to check on our families." Saeko said, "The last thing we need is for us to act on our own self-interests. We need to act as a team. United we stand, divided we fall."

"Keh." Yuuki smiled, "What you said."

Everyone heard a weapon cocked and turned to Naruto, who said, "What are standing around for then? Pick your poison."

Rei grabbed an extendable black spear and a knife, while Saya got herself a Silencer. Yuuki prepared her Suppressed SMG for action. Saeko unsheathed her katana. Shizuka grabbed the bus keys and hugged her medical kit close to her. Toshimi and Misuzu each grabbed a knife and a handgun. Kyoko got herself a Mini SMG. Naruto gave Takashi his Assault Rifle and got himself a Burst Rifle. Then, he took out some Silencer attachments and passed them out to the group.

"We should help survivors as our ability allows us to." Saeko said.

Naruto nodded, "Got it."

"How do we get out?" Rei asked.

"The front is closet to the parking lot." Saya answered.

"Well then," Naruto booted the door opened, "Let's roll!"

(Hallways, 5 minutes later)

"Just to confirm, you need not begin fighting unless it is inevitable. Refrain from fighting and when the opportunity arises." Saeko told the group.

"From my observations, they can only walk and lunge, and only respond to sound." Saya reported, "Additionally, they're powerful enough to break down a normal door. Once they get a hold of you, if you're not quick enough to counter or struggle, you're screwed, so be careful."

"Let's call those guys "Walkers" then." said Naruto, "No doubt they'll be different types of zombies when time passes."

"Oh joy." Yuuki mumbled.

A scream then rented the air, and Naruto's group dashes to the sound to find five students, three guys and two girls, surrounded on a stairwell by the now dubbed Walkers. Naruto and the other immediately gunned down the undead and went over to the students.

"Thank you-" one of the girls said, who Misuzu and Toshimi identified as Kawamoto who's one of the new members of Shido's track team after the incident with Yuuki. She's a redhead with golden-brown eyes, C-cup breasts, and wearing usual female uniform of Fujimi Academy.

Out of the rest of the five students, Kyoko only recognize two by the name of Takuzo and Naomi. Takuzo has black hair, brown eyes, and wearing the male uniform of Fijimi Academy with a sports towel hanging around his neck. Naomi has raven color hair with a dark blue hue, hazel eyes, freckles on her cheeks, C-cup breasts, and wearing the female uniform of Fujimi Academy.

"Not too loud now." Naruto chided, "Is there a person among you who's been bitten?"

Naomi shook her head fanatically, "No!"

"They really do look fine." Rei noted.

"Well then," Naruto addressed the students, "Wanna come with us? We're getting out of here and heading to a safe haven."

"H-hai, Naruto-sempai!" the students chorsed.

Naruto smirked and opened his duffle bag, "Choose your poison."

(Front door)

The group of fifteen huddled in a staircase where they viewed a large concentration of Walkers near their escape route.

"A bunch of them are down there." Takashi noted.

"No shit Sherlock." Yuuki replied sarcastically.

"What's the point of hiding here?" Saya complained, "They're blind. They use their ears, not their eyes."

"Oh really?" Yuuki growled, "Then why don't you prove that theory four-eyes?"

"…" That shut Saya up.

Saeko sighed, "Regardless, if we remain inside of the school, we will be unable to move once attacked."

"Damn." Rei gritted her teeth, "No way out through the gate, huh?"

"Chill out ladies." Naruto said, taking out a throwing knife, "I got an idea."

Naruto then got up and went down the stairs.

"Wait Naruto-sempai!" Rei squeaked, "Where're you going?!"

Naruto grumbled before replying, "Just testing our probie's theory."


Rei tried to follow, but Saeko stopped her.

"I understand how you feel, but you should trust Naruto-kun more." she said, "Just watch."

Like an assassin walking across the nightingale floor, Naruto used his shinobi training to quietly walk among the zombies. The others tensed when one of the Walkers looked to bump into him, but passed him instead. Knowing that Saya's theory is confirmed, he took the throwing knife and threw it, jamming it into a metal locker. The Walkers followed the sound, walked into the locker, and continued to bump into it.

Naruto nodded to the others and slowly opened the front doors, motioning to the others to come. They quietly made their way out of the door, but one of the random students IV pole that they were using as a weapon bumped into the metal banister, producing a sound wave that travel all through the school grounds and shattered the eerie silence, much to everyone's horror.

"RUN FOR IT!" Takashi shouted.

The others did not need telling twice, but one just had to complain.

"Why'd you do that?!" Saya shrieked, "If you hasn't yelled, we'd probably only have to worry about the ones close to us!"

She failed to notice a Walker coming up from behind her, but Naruto shot it in the head, saving her.

"You idiot!" Rei raged, "Are you deaf, or didn't hear that echo?!"

"Enough talking!" Naruto called out, "Just gun them down and run!"

The others complied and kept running, covering each other as they reloaded and bashed the zombies skulls in. Some of the five random students like Takuzo and Naomi nearly got in trouble, but Naruto managed to save them from certain doom as they finally all made it to the bus.

"Shizuka, the key!" Naruto shouted, turning to the school gate, "Damn. Gonna have to clear a path so that bus won't turn over!"

Shizuka opened the bus door and got in, followed by Toshimi and Misuzu, the five students, Saya, Kyoko, and Rei.

Meanwhile, Naruto, Yuuki, Saeko, and Takashi were still outside trying to clear the road.

Saeko noticed everyone on the bus and called out to Naruto, "They're all on!"

"Excellent! You and Takashi get on. Me and Yuuki-hime will follow!"

"All right! Just hurry you two!"

Naruto nodded as Takasho and Saeko got on the bus while Shizuka attempted to start it.

"Wah! This isn't like my car!" she whined, "Uhm, the gas, the brake, the clutch…"

"Help us!"

"Wait!" Kyoko cried out, "There's more survivors coming this way-! Oh no..."

Outside, Yuuki uses some incendiary rounds while Naruto unleashed a massive Force Push, creating a firestorm that incinerated the zombies near the school gate.

"That should do it!" Yuuki cheered.

"We're ready to go!" Shizuka called from the window, "Get in!"

Naruto and Yuuki made a beeline for the bus and closed the door behind them, unaware of several uninvited guests in the back of the bus.

"Punch it!" Naruto yelled.

Shizuka did not need telling twice, "We're off!"

Tires skidding, the bus took off.

"To the gate!" Saya shouted.

"I know!"

Shizuka gasped, trying to steel herself and gritted her teeth as she saw the zombies in front of her.

"They're not humans… They're not human anymore!" she screamed, stepping on the gas.

She ran over the zombies, sending them flying like bowling pins. A moment later, she busted through the school gates. The impact lifted the bus off its tires and nearly fell sideways. Shizuka managed to right it, the bus landing back on the ground and made a sharp turn down a road.

"That was too close." Kyoko said, voicing their thoughts, with the two BFFs nodding at that and the others sighed in relief.

"I would have to agree myself. That was too close for comfort."

Naruto froze, along Yuuki, both praying to Kami-chan that that person wasn't on the bus with them. Unfortunately, Kami was neck-deep in paperwork for what was happening on the surface, so she couldn't hear Naruto or Yuuki over her misery. They turned to Saeko, who shook her head sadly. Making machine-like noises, they turned to the back of the bus to see the most hated man in all of Fujimi Academy, along with his posse, the track club.

"Shido!" Yuuki growled out with hate, an evil aura surround her now, and scaring anyone on the bus.

"Ok guys. Who's the moron who let this sack of shit on the bus?" Naruto snarled out slowly, his voice promising pain on the offender.

All the students on the bus except Shido paled considerably, until Rei admitted her own dark aura and pointed at Takashi with her spear. They look to the others in their group and they nodded their heads rapidly.

Takashi's face was starting to drain of color when Naruto and Yuuki rounded on the idiot.

"Oh Takashi…" Naruto grinned an evil grin as he crack his knuckles, "What the hell man. You know this guy's rep, right?"

"But sempai," Takashi stood up and tried to explain, with everyone to Naruto's group now feeling sorry for the poor bastard, "Even so, we shouldn't leave any survivors behind, no matter what, right?"

Yuuki's evil aura intensified as she started to unconsciously channel chakra and ki into her right foot, "Takashi~…" she started slowly, "Yes, we can save survivors, but… THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS THAT CAN GET US KILLED!"

As she said this, she reared back her foot and shot it forward and upwards, sinking it into Takashi's groin.

An unholy scream escaped the bus as it turned onto a different highway.


Next time - Chapter 4: Dead Bus Rolling

-An uncalled for altercation leads to a fight on the bus.


The first is a rehash of the opening scene in the first episode of Highschool of the Dead, but with Naruto, Yuuki, and Saeko taking the places of Takashi, Rei, and Hisashi.

The incendiary rounds are a special ability performed by the Assault-class characters in the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City video game.

Requiescat in pace - "rest in peace", a term used by Ezio Auditore da Firenze of Assassin's Creed after his assassination of major targets.

"This bitch is really starting to piss me off." - a quote from the Baroness in the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie.

"Remember, we all lost things. What's important is that you remember them. And what's even more important is..." - a part of a quote by Agent Washington from Reconstruction Chapter 14 of the Red vs. Blue series.

The Mini SMG and Burst Rifle are from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

The "walking across the nightingale floor" description is a reference to the Tales of the Otori book series.

The Force Push is from the Star Wars The Force Unleashed video game series.

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