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Last time on Whirlpool of the Dead

Naruto and his group sighed in relief, "That was too close." Kyoko said, voicing their thoughts, with the two BFFs nodding at that.

"I would have to agree myself. That was too close for comfort."

Naruto froze, along Yuuki, both praying to Kami-chan that that person wasn't on the bus with them. Unfortunately, Kami was neck-deep in paperwork for what was happening on the surface, so she couldn't hear Naruto or Yuuki over her misery. They turned to Saeko, who shook her head sadly. Making machine-like noises, they turned to the back of the bus to see the most hated man in all of Fujimi High School, along with his posse.

"Shido!" Yuuki growled out with hate, an evil aura surround her now, and scaring anyone on the bus.

"Ok guys. Who's the moron who let this sack of shit on the bus?" Naruto snarled out slowly, his voice promising pain on the offender.

All the students on the bus except Shido paled considerably, until Rei admitted her own dark aura and pointed at Takashi with her spear. They look to the others in their group and they nodded their heads rapidly.

Takashi's face was starting to drain of color when Naruto and Yuuki rounded on the idiot.

"Oh Takashi…" Naruto grinned an evil grin as he crack his knuckles, "What the hell man. You know this guy's rep, right?"

"But sempai," Takashi stood up and tried to explain, with everyone to Naruto's group now feeling sorry for the poor bastard, "Even so, we shouldn't leave any survivors behind, no matter what, right?"

Yuuki's evil aura intensified as she started to unconsciously channel chakra and ki into her right foot, "Takashi~…" she started slowly, "Yes, we can save survivors, but… THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS THAT CAN GET US KILLED!"

As she said this, she reared back her foot and shot it forward and upwards, sinking it into Takashi's groin.

An unholy scream escaped the bus as it turned onto a different highway.

Chapter 04: Dead Bus Rollin'

(School Bus, Fujimi, Japan)

Yuuki has never been pissed off as bad as this before. And unfortunately, there are time whenever she gets pissed, she gets horny. Real horny. And only her boyfriend Naruto can cure that condition. But there's no way in hell she's gonna start going at it like a rabbit in heat when a man named Shido is on the same bus as them.

Five minutes has passed since Yuuki cracked Takashi in the balls for his idiotic mistake, and Takashi was still lying in his seat, holding his man-bits. Some of the others in Naruto's group held no sympathy for the poor dumbass for his brainless decision.

Meanwhile, Naruto himself managed to connect everyone's minds via telepathy so that they can have private conversations. It took a while, but it was well worth the effort. There was no way on God's green Earth that he was going to let Shido eavesdrop on Naruto's meeting with his group.

"Ok everyone." he said, making almost all of them jump, "Use your thoughts to talk to each other privately from now on. We're all in the same default chat room, so sound off."

"Mmf. Nice trick Naruto." Saya said in a sarcastic tone after a while, "I'll ask you how you did that later, and I read you."

"Rei here, Naruto-sempai."

"Saeko here. I hear you all loud and clearly."

"As do I." Kyoko said, folding her arms.

"Me too~" Takashi squeaked, drawing smirks from the others.

Once everyone else sounded off, Naruto began discussing his plan, "All right my friends. Our objective is to get to my self-sustainable home that is Uzu Island. But for now, we need a place to lay low until I can call on an evac chopper from Uzu to be sent to us."

"Can't you call now?" Saya asked, "I mean, Spiral Corporation's smartphones are state-of-the-art, right?"

Naruto shook his head, "Some kind of new and foreign signal interference is blocking the signal on my cell. It's just another glitch that needs to be fixed, but not in front of Shido-teme."

"True, but first…" Toshimi started.

"We need to ditch Shido, right?" Misuzu finished.

"Agreed." Rei and Yuuki both agreed.

"Heads up." one the guys in Takuzo's group said, "He's coming over near you, Saeko-sempai..." he warned.

Saeko nodded mentally as she cleaned her bokken, "I see him." she said as said man came up to her.

"Despite that earlier outburst, I thank you for saving us." he said, "I take it that you've been appointed the leader, Busujima-san?"

"Uh-oh." Yuuki thought, clenching her bo staff, "I think I know where this is going."

Naruto smirked and looked over to Yuuki, who was starting rub her thighs together "What was your first clue, Hime?"

"There's no such thing. We are without one." Saeko responded, "Our group's survival is simply the product of teamwork and trust."

"Well, that's no good." Shido said with a glint in his eye, "A leader is required in order for us to survive. One who manages and bears everything, with valor, and confidence."

This statement made Rei growl as she turned to a recovered Takashi.

"You're going to regret this, Takashi." she said is a low, threatening voice, "I guarantee that I'm gonna make you regret ever saving that sack of shit!"

Takashi would've responded, but the glares from the others told him to shut up.

"The city!" cried one of the students, prompting the other to look out the same window.

The city was on its way to ruin. Fires sparked spontaneously, smoke billowed in the streets, and bullets mixed in with the screams of terror.

"How horrible…" Kyoko whispered.

Naruto nodded in agreement, "To think this is only the beginning…"

A hand gripped this arm, making Naruto turn to see Yuuki's reddened face. Know that she would no longer keep her lust in check, he sighed and looked her straight in the eyes, whispering as his eyes turned light blue with three tomoe…


(San Romero, California)

"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun." - Leonardo DiCaprio



The sound of a chainsaw revved throughout the silent town that is San Romero.

It was a peaceful and lively town, with the crime rate being nonexistent. The people went on with their lives without a care in the world.

Then everything changed when the zombies attacked.

It was chaos. They suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started infecting people, turning them into one of their own. The poor humans stood no chance, and the town was close to being overrun.

But there was hope, in the form of a scantily clad San Romero high school student wielding a heavily modified chainsaw with a boyfriend's head as her partner.

Her name is Juliet Starling, a sweet, peppy, blond-haired, 18-year-old San Romero cheerleader and a descendent of zombie slayers wielding her Bedazzled Chainsaw.

It was supposed to be a just another normal day for Juliet, except for the fact that this day was her 18th birthday and she was meeting her boyfriend, the variety jock, Nick Carlyle, who was going to meet her family for the first time.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. As soon as she got to the school on her bike, she saw the zombies were running wild, and she had to fight off hordes of undead on her way to meet Nick. When she arrived, she discovers Nick fighting off a zombie that was trying to eat her, so Nick was bitten in her place. Knowing that he'll become a zombie, Juliet decided to decapitate him and use an ancient ritual to save him, reviving him as a severed, talking head, and attaches Nick's head to her belt.

Fighting her way though the school, she met up with her tutor, Morikawa, who explained the situation. Someone has opened up a portal between their world and the Rotten World, an infernal dimension where lesser demons and pure zombies resides using a combination of black magic and explosives. They set off to find that the culprit. After narrowly escaping a trap that would've blown her to smithereens, they find the culprit to be Juliet's and Nick's classmate, an evil goth named Swan. He summons zombies to distract Juliet as he successfully summoning five powerful Zombie Overlords from Rotten World who're themed around rock and roll. Morikawa tries to stop him, but is fatally wounded.

While four of the Zombie Overlords scattered around the town, the first one, Zed, goes after Juliet. During the battle, Zed tries to rape Juliet, but the cheerleader manages to avoid his attempts and killed him, sending him back to the Rotten World. After that, Morikawa tells her to purify the town and kill the four remaining Overlords before dying.

Intent on ending the chaos, Juliet and Nick goes around San Romero hunting down the four remaining Overlords, while receiving assistance and advice from her sisters Cordelia Starling, the elder one who's skilled with sniper rifles; and Rosalind Starling, the younger sister who's a psychopath; along with their father Gideon Starling, a retired, old-school zombie hunter. One by one, Juliet defeated the remaining Zombies Overlords Swan summoned, but upon their death, they utter an incantation like Zed did.

Upon ending the final Zombie Overlord, Swan appeared and reveals that he used Juliet like a pawn, hoping that she would kill the demons so that the True Zombie Overlord can arrive in their world. He also revealed that the other students made him who he is through bullying and torture, and that Juliet's romantic involvement with Nick pushed him over the edge. Essentially, the zombie outbreak was his act of vengeance against the students and society for making him an outcast. Juliet tries to reason with him, but he shoots himself into the head to complete the ritual and is absorbed along with the rest of the Undead in the town, turning into the so-called zombies of all zombies, Killabilly.

Juliet, along with Nick, Cordelia, Rosalind, and Gideon, battle Killabilly, seemingly doing no damaged to it at all. But Morikawa's ghost contacts Juliet, and tells her that the only way to destroy Killabilly is to destroy it from within. Relaying the message, her sister kept Killabilly distracted while Juliet headed to the highest rooftop. Gideon then ran his motorcycle packed with explosives into Killabilly's face, jumping off to save himself while Juliet enters the mouth of Killabilly before it could regenerate. She lands in the demon's stomach, where in his heart, she and Nick encounters Swan's headless corpse. She realizes that she must place Nick's head on Swan's body to kill Killabilly. Nick resigns to his fate and persuades Juliet to do it, who tearfully does so. They express their love for each other, and Nick sacrifices himself to make Killabilly explode and save humanity.

Juliet mourns Nick's death, but the latter came back to life in his original body for his bravery, courage, and honor. They reunited with Juliet's family, and they made their way home for Juliet's birthday party.

When the arrived, they found Juliet's mom acting strangely, but fooled them and bought out a birthday cake. Juliet's party went swimmingly. Then Gideon noticed his wife's bandaged arm. Just when he was about ask about it when they got to the presents and explosions suddenly rocked the neighborhood. They went outside to find zombies different from the one they've encountered earlier, walking the streets.

The zombies they fought are running, not to mention talking smack. But these zombies were walking slowly and just moaning.

Before they could figure out what's going on, the nightmare happened. There were several loud crashes in the house and a mangled scream. Juliet whipped around find her house overrun with zombies and her mother turned and infecting her father. Before she could cry out in sorrow, the zombies overran and attacked her family and infected them, along with Nick, as an explosion suddenly engulfed the house, knocking Juliet into the backyard and making her black out from the pain.

When Juliet awoke, her found herself in the woodshed in the backyard of her home, along with her chainsaw and Nick's present. Remembering what happened, she kicked the door open to find her home, along with the neighborhood, in flames. The only sound beside from the roaring flames was the loud moaning of the undead. She ran to the front, calling for her family and Nick until she found a note on the mailbox. She read it to find that her loved one were gone, and tasked Juliet to find the source of this new outbreak and end it, leaving behind a drawing of a logo of a certain company. Tears in her eyes, she opened Nick's present to find a pack of luxury lollipops for her. Realizing what she's truly lost, she screamed out in sorrow.

Back to the present, we find Juliet Starling at the border of her hometown. It's been a week since the deaths of her family and Nick, and it resulted in her change of attitude. Her heart has frozen, turning her cold, dark, uncaring, and now mainly wears her skin-tight pink Rider costume that covers everything except her cleavage and belly, and wears heels. Because of this change in personality, she has lost the ability to love. She now has one purpose, and that is to end this crisis so that her family can rest in peace.

And as she got on and revved up her new pink and black motorcycle, she knew that she has to get to her parent's old friends in Japan.

They were her second family, the Uzumaki clan; and her only siblings in all but blood, the Uzumaki-Namikaze siblings.

With that, she took off, revenge on her mind.

(School Bus, Fijimi, Japan)


"Woo hoo! That was a nice one!"

"Do it again!"

Toshimi and Misuzu were currently badgering Shizuka to run over a few more zombies after she ran over one that was inching towards the local convenience store, quietly though because of a sleeping Yuuki with a smile on her face as she leaned against Naruto.

"Now now girls, let Shizuka-sensei focus on driving." Kyoko chided, but knew that they were trying to lighten the mood. To be honest, she hates Shido with a passion. She remembered the times when she wrote him up repeatedly for harassing the schoolgirls, but had to stop when she was threatened with termination due to his political involvement.

"Shit!" shouted one of the students who was rescued along with Shido, "We'll never make it if we keep going like this! First off, why do we have to go with Uzumaki and the others and do whatever you guys planned to do?! You all decided to go back to the city without asking us! Couldn't we have just looked for a safe place inside the school?! If ask me, we were better off where we were!"

As Shizuka and Kyoko's eyebrows twitched with annoyance, Naruto rolled his eyes. Honestly, he could care less about the student's complaints. He and Saeko identified the dirtbag as Tsunoda, one of the members of the school's track team and a bully who Naruto had to deal with twice. He has brown and yellow hair, brown eyes, and wears the regular male Fujimi High School uniform. Oddly enough, he wears slippers instead of regular shoes.

"He's right! We should find a place to hide, like that convenience store we just passed by and barricade ourselves in!" his buddy agreed, who Naruto and Saeko also identified as a nobody named Maruyama Kurokami with long black hair. He used to bully Kohta in the past, but his actions were usually stopped by SIDC.

Unfortunately, all the bickering from the two lowlifes made Shizuka snap. She slammed on the brakes, making everyone jerk forward as the bus came to a complete halt. Taking off her seatbelt, she whipped around, her large breasts bouncing about.

"Enough is enough!" she shouted angrily, "I can't focus on driving with all of you yelling!"

"W-What the hell? Yeah, whatever?" Tsunoda grumbled.

Saeko sighed, "Then what do you wish to do? We already have our own agenda, so what is the problem?" she asked coldly.

"I can't… I can't stand this guy!" Tsunoda shouted, pointing at Naruto, "I hate his guts!"

Naruto just looked at him before he started in snigger, "Ehehehe. Really? I'm terribly sorry."

The blond gave a trolling laughed as he pried himself from Yuuki and got up, narrowing his eyes at Tsunoda.

"You'll have to forgive me, but even I find it hard to believe that a guy can't stand me due to the fact that yours truly stopped him and his buddies from raping a fellow teammate. What say you mate?" Naruto replied mockingly, cracking his knuckles.

"Why you!"

Tsunoda lunged at Naruto, his fist flying towards the Uzumaki. Naruto sidestepped it and shoved the back of his head, making Tsunoda trip.

"Pathetic piece of trash as usual." Naruto taunted in a bored tone as Tsunoda got back up.

"Oh you fuck up now!" Tsunoda snapped, "Ever since that time, I've been watching Enter the Dragon and The Karate Kid, and learning her moves!"

"Really?" Naruto was unimpressed, "Well, how about I go Riddick on your ass?"

"Oh yeah?! Well time to enter Tsunoda-sama's House of Pain! Let's go bitch!"

He lunged at Naruto again, but Naruto stepped to the side again, holding out his arm with Tsunoda running into it and getting floored.

"Rule number 1 of engagement, ladies, gentlemen, and assholes." Naruto stated, holding up one finger, "Never be too eager to engage an opponent with more stats than you."

"What is this? A video game?" Saya asked sarcastically, as her and others watched Tsunoda getting up, shaking. He threw a punch at the back of Naruto's head, but the blond whipped around and caught by his wrist. He bent it backward, making Tsunoda scream in pain like a little girl, making Yuuki jerk awake and look around wildly before her eyes settled on the sight before her.

"From this position, it is relatively easy to manipulate your opponent."

As Naruto said this, he went under Tsunoda's arm, still holding Tsunoda's wrist, and held it behind his back with a crack.

"Thus we have the chicken wing."

"Ow-w-w god!"

The students in his group laughed while the student in Shido's group looked in horrid fascination.

Naruto then held Tsunoda's arm out with a hand on his bicep, holding it in place with a crack.

"The armbar!"


Next, Naruto twisted it vertically, making Tsunoda finally tap out in pain.

"The crowbar! Or my personal favorite…"

"Gahhh- Muph?!"

Naruto gave a smile-like sneer, picking Tsonoda's two fingers into the bully's own mouth, aptly called...

"The Pacifier!"

Almost everyone on the bus couldn't help but howl with laughter. Shizuka failed to suppress a giggle, Kyoko tried hard not to laugh along, and Shido just shook his head while his fellow group of survivors did nothing.

Naruto then turned to Rei and jerked his head to the side, "Move Rei."

Rei nodded and hopped to the next seat where Yuuki is, who's silently reaching for her bo, and taking joy in the fact that Naruto's knocking Tsunoda down a few more pegs.

Naruto grabbed Tsunoda's leg and flapjacked him onto the vacant seat, making him land face first. He them wrapped the bully's left arm and leg in his own arms and applied a submission move.

"You see… kicking… ass… is… a joy!"

As Naruto pulled, Tsunoda wailed in pain like a little baby. Naruto them relented and pulled him up onto his shoulders. He popped him up and kicked Tsunoda square in his chest, sending him into the back seat.

"Now piss off." Naruto said, dusting his hands and looked out the window, paling as he saw a city bus on fire seed their way.

"Floor it!" he yelled to Shizuka, who didn't waste time and slammed her foot on the gas petal. Nearly everyone screamed as the bus shot forward, narrowing missing the flaming bus now infested with zombies as it exploded into the nearby tunnel.

"That was too close." Takashi breathed out.

"No kidding!" Saya shrieked, "It's because you idiots were distracted by two-"

"Saya, shut up!" Naruto snarled, silencing the school genius, who resorted to pouting, "And Shizuka-chan, no matter what, keep driving." he added.

Shzuka blushed at the chan title being added to her named, but nodded all the same.

"Now then-" Naruto started, but sensed Tsunoda charging at him again. Before he could act, Tsunoda was suddenly stuck in the stomach by the butt end of Rei's black spear, Yuuki's bo staff, and the tip of Saeko's bokken. Tsunoda immediately threw up his lunch as he sailed back to the back of the bus again, hacking up blood and spit when he landed.

"You suck, asshole..." Rei said with glaring eyes.

"What a pathetic man." Saeko said coolly as she sat back down.

"That's felt good." Yuuki added with a sadistic smile.

Naruto sighed, rubbing the back of his head, "Girls after my own heart." he mumbled, with Yuuki stick her tongue out at him.

Before the joking would go further, clapping as heard as their least favorite person stepped over a prone Tsunoda and approached them. At this, Toshimi and Misuzu groaned.

"Bravo! Simply outstanding and splendid." Shido praised the girls, albeit mockingly, "Miyamoto-san, Miku-san, Busujima-san, that was some excellent teamwork. I'm actually impressed, and commend all three of you. But conflict like that simply proves what I stated earlier."

Naruto and his group narrowed their eyes as the scumbag continued.

"We really do need a leader. We do. Do you understand? Certainly none of you want such a difficult responsibly like that on your shoulders, right?"

Saya adjusted her glasses with her other hand on her electric drill, "And there's only one person who can do the deed, and you're gonna run for the position then, correct?"

"Well Takagi-san," Shido said, leaning towards herself with the genius scooting back, "I'm a teacher, and the rest of you are students. While all of you are mature, you guys are barely in your teens. That alone should be clear enough to say who's more qualified for such a role. I have experience-"

"Excuse me sensei, there's other teacher on this bus…" Toshimi stated.

"And she right here!" Misuzu finished, pointed at Kyoko, who glared at Shido.

"What would hope to accomplish by being a leader, Shido-san?" she asked in a deadly voice.

"I accomplished much if that's what you mean. Besides, just a while ago, I saved all of these brave students. If I was the leader, I would prevent conflict." Shido declared, his arms out in a dramatic way, "What do you all say guys?"

Tsunoda looked at Shido with hope on his eyes and nodded. Kawamoto, the one with Takuzo's group who is on the track team, and her friend, Taniuchi, also on the same team, got up and clapped. Kurokami and Miura, another student, got up and clapped as well. However, only one student in Shido's group didn't clap, or share his joy.

Despite this, Shido gave a dramatic bow and stood up with his arms out, "Well that's that. I've become the leader based on a majority vote."

Rei shook with rage. She was about to head towards the door and leave when Yuuki grabbed her arm and threw her next to a seated Saya.

"Don't you dare do anything stupid Rei!" Yuuki snapped, "We know who the true leader of our group is, and that hasn't changed!"

She looked at Naruto, who nodded reassuringly at Rei with a smile. Rei stiffened and looked at the group member, who also nodded.

"Don't let that scumbag get to you. We're here for each other." Naruto said, putting a hand on her shoulder, "Understand Rei?"

After a moment, Rei nodded and relaxed.

"Idiot. She was gonna jump from a movie vehicle. How stupid is she?" Saya mumbled, shaking her head as Naruto turned to Shido.

"Whatever gets your jollies off, you fuckin' ass." Naruto said coolly as he sat back down, "And learn how to count too."

Shido looked confused as Naruto and his group silently laughed at his expense.


Juliet looked up to see a small plane flying dangerously low, and close to her. She frowned when she saw Umbrella signature logo on it.

She was then surprised to see the back door open and flying in front of her. Juliet looked closely and saw that the people inside the plane looked nothing like Umbrella's employees.

With that in mind, she revved the engine and used a car as a ramp to jump her and her motorcycle into the plane. It closed its cargo door behind her as it flew away.

(School Bus, Fujimi, Japan, Highway, 11:45pm)

"It's dangerous outside! Don't get out of your car under any circumstances! I repeat, Don't get out of your car under any circumstances!"

It's been several hours since the incident on the bus, where all the survivors of Fijimi Academy are in, now currently stuck in a traffic jam. While most of Naruto's group were dozing off with Naruto himself watching over them, Shido was preaching to his own on how he'll be the one to lead them to salvation, and all that jazz.

It was pissing Naruto and his group off to no end, and worse, one of Takuzo's group members, Kawamoto, decided to believe in Shido more than Naruto. Because of her change in allegiance, she was cut off from Naruto's "chat room", with memories of their plans suppressed in her mind.

"Damn." Saya muttered to the others. "We're progressing at roughly one kilo an hour."

"I wonder if we can even make over the bridge before morning at this rate?" Kyoko mumbled.

"We'll see." Yuuki said, as they witnessed several cops shooting down walkers. And it was scaring the girls in Shido's group as they held their heads.

"There there."

Kawamoto and Taniuchi looked up to see Shido leaning towards them.

"We're safe in here." he said, hugging the girls, "We'll be okay."


"There's nothing to worry about…" Shido continued with a sinister look on his face behind their backs, "We'll be o~kay."

Thus action drew looks of disgust from the members of Naruto's group, who were all at the front of the bus, away from Shido's group. Knowing that they will have to stay on the bus for the night, Naruto and Saeko arranged to take turns watching Shido's group while their friends get some shut eye.

(The next day, 01:45pm)

"That's right. Thus, instead of acting out of self-interest, we need to find a safe place and move as a group. For example, we shouldn't all go check on our families until we become an organized group. In fact, I think the number one thing for us right now is laying down a foundation for our group."

"I hope he doesn't mean us." Kyoko said, scowling.

"Hell no." Naruto said, "He thinks we're with him, but we're not. Let him spew his drivel to those who want to believe him." he said, watching the people outside the bus walk in the same direction as the other cars.

"Huh, Naruto-sempai…" Toshimi started, pointing out the window.

"Did we just see the police water-hose a rowdy couple into the water?" Misuzu finished.

Naruto looked out the window and shrugged, "So you did."

"And you want us to walk in that chaos?" Rei dryly asked.

"You had no trouble trying to do so yesterday." Naruto shot back, embarrassing and shutting Rei up.

"As members of Fujumi Academy, it's during trying times like these that we must keep our pride!" Shido exclaimed dramatically, "Let's stick together in order to survive, like the family we now are!"

"Talk about hell, and how ironic that were on Route 666." Takashi joked, shaking his head.

"He's seriously insane, like a goddamn maniac." Saya noted.

"Indeed." Saeko agreed.

"What was your first clue?" Yuuki deadpanned.

"Let us work together and triumph!" Shido continued, as the others had their private conversation.

"Shido-sensei!" exclaimed the girls in his group.

"You got that right. He's comparable to a recruitment officer for a religious cult." Saeko said.

"Are you serious? That's exactly what he's doing." Saya said, "Just look at those slobbering idiots who are buying in to his crap."

"I'd say he's got them hooked." Naruto grumbled, "I mean, look at their eyes. They're the same. They're now a cult, marking the birth of the new Shido Religion. Just great…"

"You mean a cult of slobbering idiots that now hang on his every word, like a bunch of Scientologists - or rather, Shido-tologists." Saya joked.

"Heh heh, nice one, Saya."

"Naruto-kun..." Shizuka piped up.

"Yes Shizuka-chan?"

"We're actually near my friend Rika's house now. Just thought you should know." she said, blushing at the given title again.

Naruto nodded, "Excellent."

"What are you thinking, Naruto-san?" Kyoko asked.

"We're getting off, now." Naruto simply stated.

"What?!" Takashi yelled, "Are you crazy? This bus is the only transportation we have, and will keep us safe from them!"

"Inside voice please!" Saeko chided, smacking him on the back his head.

"And continue to deal with Shido? Not on your life, jabroni." Naruto snarled, "Shizuka-chan, how far is your friend's house?"

"About 3 miles, across the Onbetsu Bridge. And I see the bridge from here right now." Shizuka answered, discreetly pointing in the direction.

"Good. I'll wake the others up right now." Naruto said, focusing on the spirits of Takuzo's group, and applied a little spark, jolting all four of them awake. Good thing he warned them that he would do it if he needed them, so they won't cry out and alert Shido.

"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey everyone." Naruto said, "The bus is still stuck in a traffic jam, so get your stuff, because we're leaving. Shizuka's friend's house is just three miles away."

"So we're walking?" Takuzo and Naomi asked, "Are you sure about this, Naruto-sempai?"

"Do you have guns and bullets?" Naruto asked, eyebrows twitching.

The student paled and nodded.

"Then you'll be fine." Naruto assured them.

"He's right." Saeko said, "Shido can have the bus anyways. It's stuck in this traffic jam and will slow him down for a while. Plus, due to the sounds, it hasn't been serviced in a while."

"Wow, how deliciously evil, Saeko-san." Saya said, her eyebrow twitching.

Saeko smiled, "I learned from the best."

Naruto nodded, "That she did, along with Yuuki-hime here." he added, pointed at the orangette, making her blush.

"So, are we going or not?"

The group turned to Shizuka, who engaged the emergency brake and stood up, "The far away from this bus the better. To be honest, I HATE Shido-sensei. He's an absolute, total douchebag…" she said with a dark glare, surprising everyone with her choice words for said douchebag, "Because of what happened…"

"You're fine now." Yuuki said, smiling, "Me, Saeko-chan, and Naruto-kun saved you, remember?"

Saeko nodded, "I remember that all too well."

"What are you guys talking about?" Rei asked.

"Not many people know about it, but that a story for another time." Naruto said, getting up, "I think we're wasted enough time here. We're getting out, crossing the Onbetsu Bridge, and heading to Rika-san's house for evac. Now let's roll."

"Hai!" everyone in his group confirmed.

"Um, what's the matter, you guys?"


Naruto and his group looked up and turned to find that Shido finally noticed them huddling together.

"We should work together you know." Shido said reproachably, "Otherwise, none of us are ever going to-"

Saya stood up to interrupt him, "Thanks, but no thanks, Shido-sensei. Like we said yesterday, we've got our own agenda, and you and your misfits are not included in our exclusive party."

"She's right." Kyoko said, ignoring the angry looking on Shido's group's faces, "And FYI, this isn't a school field trip, so we have absolutely no reason to stay with you."

Shido raised an eyebrow, trying to intimate the others with his sinister glare, "Oh? I see..."

To his surprise, Naruto and his group were not fazed in the slightest, nor were they amused.

Relenting, Shido put his hands together, "If you've all decided to leave, then feel free to do so. Japan is the land of the free after all, not some iron-fisted dictatorship. Kukuku, but however…"

Naruto's group shivered with disgust when they saw Shido lick his lips.

"I'm not seeing things…" Naruto thought, paling, "That's Orochimaru's pedo look! No thank you!"

"But what?" Takashi frowned, not liking the look that Shido was giving.

"I'm afraid that you'll have to remain here… Marikawa-sensei."

Shizuka gasped and jumped back, her breasts bouncing around as Rei gritted her teeth.

"In this situation, losing our medic would be very problematic, and major blow to our current situation." Shido explained, "So, how about it? Won't you stay?" he asked, adjusting his glasses and walking toward them, "These students are relying on you after all-"

The next part he was not expecting at all, because the next thing Shido knew, there were multiple firearms cocked, locked, loaded, and pointing at him, making him step back.


"You do realize that with a word, me and my friends here can honeycomb your ass right here and now." Naruto snarled, "We live in a new world now, and your political status doesn't mean jack shit anymore. So one more step, and I give the word. No one will miss you in this hell on Earth."

"Na-Naruto-kun, that's..."

Naruto gave a sakki (killing intent)-enhanced glare, rooting Shido to the spot.

"I know why you really want Shizuka-chan." he revealed, "It's elementary. She may be a medic, but it's her physical "assets" that you want. You licking your lips was a dead giveaway. I'll never, no- WE will never give you Shizuka-chan. After what your boys tried to do to her on that day, SIDC made it a priority to not let you or your cronies near Shizuka-chan. Even in his now hellish world, it remains so!"

"Naruto-kun…" Shizuka whispered, tears flowing from her eyes.

Kyoko smiled. Maybe Naruto, despite his age, is the man for Shizuka after all.

Maybe for herself as well.

"You can have the bus." Naruto said, "We got something else in mind, and like Saya said, you're not included. Team, if you wanna go, now's the time! I'll cover you!"

Soon, the bus was half-empty, with Naruto and Yuuki remaining onboard to make sure their group was off the bus.


Naruto frowned at the student who called out to him. He was Yamada, a member of the track team, but not like the others.

"Can I come with you, please? This man is crazy!" he said, pointing at a shocked Shido, "Plus, I just wanna find my parents!"

Naruto looked at his with soul-searching eyes while Yuuki filled in her two cents, "He did try to help me, but was threatened by Shido's political influence. He's clean."

"Yamoda! You traitor!" Tsunoda roared, starting forward, but was kept at bay by Naruto's Assault Shotgun.

"Come on then. We don't have all day." Naruto said coolly, "You'll have to earn my trust though."

"Thank you sempai!" Yamoda bowed as Yuuki escorted him off the bus.

With the last teammate off board, Naruto backed away to the entrance, his eyes on Shido, "Just remember this you prick, I, including Rei and Yuuki-hime, could've killed you for all the shit you caused, but that would've been too easy, so I spared your life, on a fucking whim. So if I were you, I would hope that we wouldn't meet again, because next time, I can't guarantee anything."

With that parting shot, Naruto jumped off the bus and slammed the door shut.

"Let's go!" he said, leading his group of survivors up the nearby stairs and to the bridge.

"Weapon live everybody, for one day only, we dine, in hell!"


Next time - Chapter 05: Walking Among the Dead

-Naruto's group journey to Shizuka's friend's house, encountering hell on the streets such as crazies and street wars.


The Lollipop Chainsaw scenario is what would happen if the good ending and bad ending combine during the events of Resident Evil series.

"Ehehehe. Really? I'm terribly sorry." - a quote from Hazama from the Blazblue series, complete with trolling laughing.

Naruto and Tsunoda's fight is like the one between Vin Diesel's character and the wrestling coach in The Pacifier movie.

The flapjack and submission move along with the similar quote is from the Hannah Montana episode where John Cena guest-starred, beating up Jackson in his dream.

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