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Last time on Whirlpool of the Dead…


Naruto frowned at the student who called out to him. He was Yamada, a member of the track team, but not like the others.

"Can I come with you, please? This man is crazy!" he said, pointing at a shocked Shido.

Naruto looked at his with soul-searching eyes while Yuuki filled in her two cents, "He did try to help me, but was threatened by Shido's political influence. He's clean."

"Yamoda! You traitor!" Tsunoda roared, starting forward, but was kept at bay by Naruto's Assault Shotgun.

"Come on then. We don't have all day." Naruto said coolly, "You'll have to earn my trust though."

"Thank you sempai!" Yamoda bowed as Yuuki escorted him off the bus.

With the last teammate off board, Naruto backed away to the entrance, his eyes on Shido, "Just remember this you prick, I, including Rei and Yuuki, could've killed you for all the shit you caused, but that would've been too easy, so I spared your life, on a fucking whim. So if I were you, I would hope that we wouldn't meet again, because next time, I can't guarantee anything."

With that parting shot, Naruto jumped off the bus and slammed the door shut.

"Let's go!" he said, leading his group of survivors up the nearby stairs and to the bridge.

"Weapons live everybody, for one day only, we dine, in hell!"

Chapter 05: Walking Among the Dead

(Hijacked Plane, California Airspace)

Somewhere else over the skies of California, a plane stolen from Umbrella was making a beeline to the Pacific Ocean after refueling. The plane contained the survivors of Raccoon City's destruction.

Alice, a redheaded, 25-year-old former Umbrella Security Operative placed at a mansion located in the Arklay Mountains to protect the entrance of a top secret underground laboratory called the Hive. She had a fake marriage to a man named Spence Parks to protect the secrecy of the Hive's existence.

Rain Ocampo, a 23-year old former member of Umbrella's Special Forces Commando Unit. She has an extremely volatile, confrontational personality, and was formerly a member of the Los Angeles Police Department S.W.A.T. Division under the name Chris Sanchez.

Lisa Addison, a computer programmer who infiltrated Umbrella to gather evidence to expose them after their products aided in killing a dear friend of hers.

Chris Redfield, a tough guy who's a former U.S. military pilot and a member of the Raccoon City Police's elite Special Tactics and Rescue Services Alpha Team, aka STARS.

Jill Valentine, a former explosives expert of Raccoon City Police's STARS Alpha Team, and an anti-Umbrella renegade. She was a rising star in the STARS organization before the Arklay Mountains Mansion Incident.

Leon Scott Kennedy, a rookie cop in Raccoon City's Police Force.

Claire Redfield, a civilian who is Chris Redfield's little sister.

Carlos Olivera, a former Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force operative who was the member of the Alpha Squad within the Delta Platoon and was the team's Heavy Weapons specialist.

Barry Burton, a former airman in the U.S. Air Force who's a member of S.T.A.R.S. and the backup mean for Alpha team, in charge of maintaining and supplying weapons.

Rebecca Chambers, an 18-year-old rookie member of STARS Bravo Team, in charge of rear security and serving as the team's medic. She is a child prodigy and was able to graduate from college at the age of 18.

Terri Morales, a disgraced news reporter for the Raccoon City TV news station "Raccoon 7", who always carries around a video camera.

Lloyd Jefferson "L.J." Wayne, an unwitting survivor who's a former Wal-Mart employee and scam artist who owns dual Gold Plated Desert Eagles.

Sherry Birkin, daughter of William Birkin, creator of the G-virus. She was originally infected with the virus until Claire gave her an anti-virus, preventing her from mutating.

Angela "Angie" Aspen, daughter of Charles Ashford, acquaintance of the Uzumakis and creator of the T-virus. She, like Alice, successfully bonded with the T-virus, abet she possesses a different strain of the virus.

Long story short, everyone went through hell caused by Umbrella Corporation and it's AI, the Red Queen down in the Hive and in the streets of Raccoon City. After escaping Raccoon City's destruction, their escape plane crashed and Umbrella captured Alice. The others managed to escape and went on a rescue mission, successfully retrieving Alice from Umbrella's Detroit, Michigan Facility.

They then had to restrain Alice due to them learning that Umbrella put a control device on her when she tried to kill Sherry and Angie. Before she did, she mentioned that they should head to Japan to where Uzu Island is, where they'll be safe, and where they can cure her condition.

The ride was uneventful, unless you can count them Jill picking up an extra passenger known as Juliet Starling, who was also on her way to Uzu Island. She had a beacon on her motorcycle that allowed the others to pinpoint her location.

Right now, most of the passengers were asleep expect for Chris who was now operating the plane. Thanks to a stop in an abandoned airplane field, they managed to refuel and fly off, now having enough fuel to get to Uzu Island.

He and the other could only hope that Alice is right about Uzu Island, and they don't get shot down on sight because of Umbrella logo on their plane.

(Tokonosu Offshore International Airport)

"I'm done checking the passengers. None of them seem to be showing any of the symptoms, nor do any of them have a fever or any injuries. Nor are they already dead."

"…Your family lives in Tokyo?"

"No one answered the phone… Tokonosu Tower, JX089. Ready for take off."

"JX089, Tokonosu Tower. Hold on runway 3-4. We have a… problem."

A jumbo plane is scheduled to depart with survivors, but the runway is currently infested with zombies, hence the problem.

"He looks repulsive."

"He's a Korean actor named Bae Yong-joon. He was on location here for filming. Distance: 4500. Angle: -6. Wind: Favorable. Corrections: None. Permission to fire: Granted."

A loud shot sounded off around the on-ocean airport; with the bullet hitting it's mark, the target losing its head. Several more shots sounded off with bullets flying, dropping more of its targets.

"Good work. All of the targets on the runway have been eliminated. Over and out."

Wiping his brow, Tajima, an officer in the prefectural police First Squadron, sighed loudly. He has a scar above his right eye, wears a white cap, a police uniform with full-body suit, knee and elbow pads, and a bulletproof vest. He looked over to see his partner stand up and sigh.

"What are you doing?" he asked with an amused look.

"My girls are numb. I've been laying down here since this morning."

The complainer, Minami Rika, stretched. She's a tanned female with purple hair tied in a ponytail, red eyes, D-cup breasts, and wearing a black combat suit, a bulletproof vest, a white choker, and dark shooting glasses.

"If you don't mind, I could massage them for you." Tajima offered.

Rika laughed as she took off her bulletproof vest, "I would if you were a better shot than me."

Tajima grumbled, "But you're one of the top five officers in our whole country. That's no fair."

Rika giggled, "You'd better give up then."

Tajima shook his head, "Anyway… How did those things even get here? We're at a seaside airport that can only be reached by ship. Haven't they been restricting entry?"

Rika nodded, as she and her partner watched the plane take off, "Yeah. Only high-ranking officials and airport technicians as well as their families are allowed in. One of them must've been infected. The situation is under control right now, but who knows how long that'll last?"

"What do you think would've happened to this place if we hadn't been assigned here due to terrorist threats?" Tajima wondered, "Well, I don't have infinite ammo..."

"You're gonna run away?" Rika asked, taking off her glasses.

"Not planning on it." Tajima countered, "Well, not yet."

"Well, I'm gonna head to the city." Rika decided while taking off her jacket, revealing her white sports bra, "Eventually."

"What, you have a guy there?" Tajima asked, his heart sinking.

Rika smirked, "Just one, along with a couple of friends."

(Tokonosu City, Japan)

Naruto and his group were currently crossing the Onbetsu Bridge, gunning down any undead that got near them. On occasion, Naruto would fire off a Force Push, keeping the zombies away, while Yuuki and Takashi threw some incendiary grenades to fry the zombies to a crisp. During the battle, a jet flew by and took a picture of the group fighting off the undead.

"Is that jet from Uzu?" Saya asked, shooting a zombie in the head with her handgun.

"No." Naruto responded while reloading, "It didn't have Spiral Corp's logo."

"But someone will come and help us, right?" Rei asked while kicking some zombies away.

"Of course." Naruto replied, cocking his rifle, "But until I fix my phone, we're on our own. That jet that flew by won't help us. Plus, the helicopters you mentioned at school? Same deal. No one will bother to help one group of survivors since this crisis is happening everywhere. In fact, it might take a miracle to-"

"A miracle?" Rei repeated, "Then how are we going to make it through this?!"

"For now we do what we can, and head to Shizuka's friend's house." Naruto said, just as he and his group reached the end of the bridge.

"3 miles, right?" Yuuki groaned, "We'll have to exercise caution. There are other groups than zombies and other survivors out there."

"Like what?" a scared Toshimi and Misuzu asked.

"Prisoners. Gangs. Maybe other cults that are worse than Shido's developing one." Kyoko responded, making the two BFFs shiver.

"Lets just go." Saya said, with the others agreeing.

Night fell quickly…

Naruto's group was at the end of their rope. They had to deviate from their path a dozens times due to the crazies that Kyoko previously mention. Twice Takashi wanted to play the hero to save other survivors from said group, but it could be too late, as the noises the groups makes attracted the undead.


Naruto mentally groaned and turned to his group. They were both physically and mentally tired, not to mention hungry and thirsty.

"Snack break?" he suggested, pointing to a nearby gas station.

"Do we even have time for a pit-stop?" Saya asked, but her stomach sounded off as well. "Guess we do."

The group walked into the barren self-serve Shaun gas station, where it had a regular car, a motorcycle and, a police car.

"All right." Naruto clapped his hands together, "Takuzo and Naomi, you and your two friends search that car for supplies with Saeko-hime. Takashi, Rei, Saya, and Yamoda, you search the police car and don't trip the siren or alarm. Yuuki-hime, Shizuka-chan, Kyoto-sensei, Toshimi, Misuzu, you're with me. In addition to getting food, we're going to search the store."

"For what?" Toshimi and Misuzu asked.

"Anything that'll be useful." Naruto confirmed, "Even if it's money and first-aid supplies. And before you guys complain, we're in a new world, a world where our old morals won't mean jackshit."

Everyone shifted uncomfortably, but nodded all the same.

"Excellent. You all have your instructions, so get going. Let's be gone in five minutes, and be quiet about it."

As everyone got moving, Takuzo asked, "Can we take the cars?"

"We can't fit everyone in them." Saeko said as she got out a knife to fiddle with the lock on the car, "Besides, we're a click away from Shizuka-san's friend's house, and a car will only draw unwanted attention."

"Oh." Takuzo nodded understanding as Saeko broke the lock.

"I wondered if this station still have gas?" Rei wondered as she opened the police car.

"Every gas station has at least enough gas to fill up about 1,000 cars." Takashi said as he looked around and found a nightstick and a revolver, "Uh. This is heavier than I thought it'd be." he muttered to himself.

"Well, if a person has a car, they'll be out of luck, because this is a self-serve station." Yamoda noted, but then noticed something flash in the corner of his eye, making him look around, "What the? What was that?"

Meanwhile in the store, Naruto was busy grabbing bottles of water for everyone while Kyoko helped Shizuka gather medical supplies, and Yuuki had a blast breaking open the cash register. However, Misuzu was chasing Toshimi around the door due to an argument with her about that snacks to get for everyone.

Naruto snapped and was about to reprimand them when a loud scream echoed throughout the station.

"Hey, stop squirming you bitch!"

"What's wrong?!" Saeko shouted, heading to the police car where the scream came from and drawing her katana to find Rei held hostage at knife point by a man with tan skin, braces, and wearing a t-shirt, basketball shorts, laceless sneakers, and a Rolex.

Naruto, Yuuki, Misuzu, Toshimi, Shizuka, and Kyoko ran out with the stuff they gathered to see the others with their guns out and pointing at the thug, who was now looking scared, not expecting the others to have firearms, but then laughed.

"I've seen this guy before in the neighborhood." Naruto thought, aiming his Samurai Edge at the nameless thug, "He was washing his car with his younger sister a week ago."

"Hey you guys. This girl's quite the hot piece of ass!" the thug laughed.

"You're making a huge mistake buddy." Yuuki snarled, "There's several of us and one of you! Guess how it ends!"

"Let her go, right now!" Takashi demanded, pointing the new-found revolver at the thug.

"You dumb? Like hell I'd do that!" the thug growled, "If I want to survive in this zombie filled world, I'll need a woman! Beside, you think I'd go for one of those stinkin' zombie bitches?! Think again motherfucker!"

"Boy, do you need a hobby." Naruto said, keeping his gun trained on the thug who laughed again.

"Are you insane?" Saya snarled at the thug, "You need a weapon and a will to live if you want to survive in this world!"

"Don't bother." Naruto said in a low voice, "I can tell from his aura. Kami-chan knows he's long gone insane."

The thug laughed at that, "Looks like you have more fuckin' brains than your friends. Hell yeah I'm fuckin' insane! My family all turned into those things right in front of my eyes!"

Everyone flinched as he continued his rant.

"I had to smash every single one of their heads! My father, my mother, my grandmother, my little brother… Even my sister too, who's still in elementary school! After that, how could I be normal eh? You think I wouldn't be fucked up after that-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

He finished with another insane laugh, making everyone feel uncomfortable despite his story.

"If we weren't in this situation, I would've felt sorry for this young man." Kyoko said quietly.

"Kinda hard to now!" Saya said loudly, "There's no excuse for this!"

Naruto growled. He would've given the order to shoot, but the thug had the knife pointed at Rei in a way that if the thug was shot, the knife would slit Rei's throat completely, making her die within seconds. The other knew it too, because they were looking at Naruto for a signal.

While Naruto could revive Rei with his powers even if she was killed, he rather her NOT die anyway. Despite the blood of a god swimming in his veins, he is NOT a god, and doesn't intend to play one.

"Gonna find a way to get the knife away from Rei. His mind's unstable for the Jedi Mind Trick to work. What else is there-…"

The thug suddenly gropes Rei's breast, making her cry out in pain.

"Hey!" Yuuki shrieked, her finger itching to pull the trigger as she watched the thug lick Rei's cheek, "Watch your hands, asshole!"

"Her tits and her voice are mighty fine! And these are p-pretty big. Quite a handful there. Hey, you're fuckin' her every day and night, ain't ya Blondie?"

"No." Naruto answered flatly, finally coming up with a plan, with the cost being one of his secrets revealed.

Who cares, since he's officially pissed off at the thug fondling his charge.

"Holy shit you haven't?! Are you an idiot?!" the thug roared as he attempted to take off Rei's uniform, "What a fuckin' pussy."

"Naruto-sempai!" she cried.

Naruto stepped forward, "Hey buddy, listen-"

"Don't move!" the thug yelled, "If you don't toss away your gun, this slut's dead." he growled, raising the knife away from Rei's throat, and putting it near her face, "" And give me your bike too!"

"Too bad, it's not ours moron." Yuuki said angrily, "Plus it's out of gas."

"And you'll kill her?" Naruto scoffed, "Kinda defeat the purpose in what you want to do to her."

"Shut up!" the thug snarled, "And have one of your friends pump that motorcycle full of gas!"

"It's a self-serving station." Saeko deadpanned.

"Shut the fuck up! I heard one of your friends' busted open the cash register, which means you guys got tons of money! Now throw your weapons away, put the money in the slot, and pump the motherfuckin' gas!"

Naruto sighed and turned to the others, "Guys, lower your weapons. Trust me." he whispered that last part to them, winking.

Everyone nearly protested, but resigned and put their weapons down to Rei's dismay. Takashi then pulled out this bat and tossed it to the side, the bat making a cranking noise that echoed through the street.

"Takashi. Full her up." Naruto instructed, with Takashi nodding as Yuuki handed him a wad of bills.

"Nice one Takashi." Yuuki whispered to him.

"Just wanna make up for what I did yesterday." he whispered back as he set to work.

"Is this part of your plan Naruto-kun?" Shizuka asked, nervous.

"Kinda. Just keep that stuff in front of your chest so the moron doesn't get any ideas." Naruto whispered back and turned to Saya, "How long do you think until our guests arrive?"

"Three minutes tops. I hope you thought of an escape route baka." Saya whispered, making Naruto smack her on the back of her head in homage to a friend his mom has in a division in America known as NCIS.

"That plenty. For now, just watch, and don't do anything."

"Hey fucker!" the thug yelled at Naruto, "Stop whispering sweet nothins' to that slut!"

Saeko sighed, "He's long gone."

Takashi finally finished filling the gas on the motorcycle, and tossed the keys to Naruto, who caught them.

"Done." Naruto said coolly, "Happy now buddy?"

"Very." the thug nodded, "Now toss the key to me, and you and the other males start walkin'!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow as he took a step forward, "Seriously?"

"Shut up!" the thug yelled, banishing his knife, "Don't take one more fuckin' step! Do you want me to kill you too you fuckin' retard?!"

"As expected…" Naruto grinned before taking another step forward, "Now really my friend-"

"SHUT UP! OR I'LL SERIOUSLY FUCKING KILL YOU YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" the thug screamed, raising his knife high in the air.

It was the moment Naruto's been waiting for. One second, the thug was raising his knife in the air. The next second, Naruto was right in front of the thug, his index finger between the thug's chest and right shoulder, his eyes turning purple with ripples.

Now the thug was seriously shocked, along with the others in Naruto's group except Yuuki and Saeko.

"How did he move so fast?!" they thought.

"And how is Naruto-sempai's eyes like that?" Rei wondered, mesmerized by their appearance.

"Your story may be tragic, but you're beyond saving." Naruto said coldly, "What I'm about to do, I've never done to a human before, but given the current situation, it doesn't matter. I made a promise to a friend to protect Rei, and that's what I'll do!"

"Naruto-sempai!" Rei thought, happy but curious at what Naruto's about to do.

"You had a chance to let Rei go, and you blew it. It's the end for you."

Before the thug could speak or move, Naruto gather high-density spiritual energy in the tip of his finger and spoke four words that the thug will carry to his death.

"Hado #04, Byakurai!"

Naruto's finger discharged a concentrated white lightning bolt that went through the thug's shoulder and miraculously missed the gas pump. Naruto then gently pulled Rei over to him and kicked the thug on his wound and into the gas pump. A few second later, he howled in pain.


"Then you shouldn't play with knives." Naruto said, picking up the knife and flipping it around his fingers. He then turned towards the others, most of them looking in shock.

"I know you guys have questions about what I just did, but save them until we get to our destination. I promise I'll answer what I can, but right now, because of the noise we're made…"

He pointed outside the station, where they're multiple walkers coming their way.

"What do we do about this asshole?" Rei asked, glaring bloody daggers at the thrashing thug, "It's be better if we shoot him!"

"Leave him. He'll suffer soon enough." Naruto said simply.

"But he-!" Rei protested.

"Enough. We don't have time to waste on a fool like this." Naruto snapped sharply before turning to Takashi, "And don't even think about it Takashi."

Takashi sweatdropped, "I wasn't going to suggest it."

"Smartest decision ever." Saya said sarcastically.

"Good, because we've screwed around enough with this guy. And like I said, we have company."

"Can we go now?" Shizuka, Misuzu, and Toshimi squeaked together.

"Of course." Naruto said, tossing the knife away.

Naruto and his group walked to far side of the station to avoid the incoming crowd of walkers, with the thug yelling after them.

"Hey! Where're you guy going?! You're just gonna leave me?! What kind of fuckers are you?! Come on, help me, please! HELP ME!"

His pleas went unheard as the group quickly disappeared from his sight.

"Come back! COME BACK! PLEASE!"

"Is he serious?" Yuuki laughed, "After what he did?"

"Not happening." Saeko agreed.

A few steps later, an agonizing scream came from the gas station they just left.

(30 minutes later)

"We're almost there!" Shizuka said, making the others sigh in relief.

"That's good." Toshimi said.

"Is the place we're going to your boyfriend's place?" Misuzu asked.

"No, no, no, it's nothing like that! It's belongs to my girlfriend!" Shizuka said, blushing, "She's always busy and traveling because of her work!"

Saya grumbled, "Please tell me you have a key."

"I do." Shizuka confirmed, "So I can let some fresh air in and look after the place while she's away."

"No doubt in a maid outfit." Naruto muttered, imagining it, "Is there enough room for us all?"

"And what can you tell us about the place so that we'll know what we're looking for?" Yuuki asked, "Is it a high-rise? And does it have a good view of the surroundings?"

"Yeah! It's a maisonette that's next to the river. It's close to a convenience store that opposite to the path we've taken. Oh, and she has a car too. It looks like a tank that guzzles gas, and it's…" She threw her arms out to empathize, "This big!"

"Well, I don't care about the car, but I'm really tired." Saya said, rubbing the back of her neck, "I'd like to shower while there's still working electricity."

"You and me both." Rei agreed, "I swear some of that asshole's sweat stained my uniform. I don't think I've felt dirtier in my life."

"I guess it's a girl's night out then." Yuuki said with a foxy smile making the others girls nervous.

"Is she a hentai?" Saya asked Saeko.

"That's an understatement." Saeko muttered back.

"We're here!" Shizuka exclaimed, pointing at their destination.

Everyone's eye widened. The place as huge, and was like a fortress! And that's not all…

"This is…a nice place." Naruto said in a Samuel L. Jackson way of describing a tasty burger.

"Are you sure you can call that a car Shizuka? Because that's a freakin' military model Hum-Vee!" Yuuki squealed, nearly going fangirl.

Shizuka giggled, "See? Doesn't it look like a tank?"

"Exactly what kind of friend do you have?" Kyoko asked, amazed.

"Well, no doubt those walkers can't jump the fence." Rei noted, "So, we should be able to have a good nights sleep."


Takashi pointed down the road, where several walkers were coming their way.

"Well then, time for some TLC!" Naruto declared as he booted the gate to the stairs open. "Let's go!"

They rushed up the stairs, shooting down walkers that were in their way. Nothing was going to stop the group from having some well-deserved rest.


Next time – Chapter 06: Resting from the Dead

-Our survivors take a well-deserved break from fighting the dead in the form of bathing, weapons checking, sleeping, and sex.


The Raccoon City events from the earlier Reisdent Evil games and the earlier Resident Evil movies are combined.

The Jedi Mind Trick is from Star Wars of course.

The head slap is from the NCIS TV Show.

Hadou #04, Byakurai: A kid spell from BLEACH.

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