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Last time on Whirlpool of the Dead…

Naruto and his group walked to far side of the station to avoid the incoming crowd of walkers, with the thug yelling after them.

"Hey! Where're you guy going?! You're just gonna leave me?! What kind of fuckers are you?! Come on, help me, please!"

His pleas went unheard as the group quickly disappeared from his sight.

"Come back! COME BACK!"

"Is he serious?" Yuuki laughed, "After what he did?"

"Not happening." Saeko agreed.

A few steps later, an agonizing scream came from the gas station they just left.


"We're here!" Shizuka exclaimed, pointing at their destination.

Everyone's eye widened. The place as huge, and was like a fortress! And that's not all…

"This is…a nice place." Naruto said in a Samuel L. Jackson way of describing a tasty burger.

"Are you sure you can call that a car Shizuka? Because that's a freakin' military model Hum-Vee!" Yuuki squealed, nearly going fangirl.

Shizuka giggled, "See? Doesn't it look like a tank?"

"Exactly what kind of friend do you have?" Kyoko asked, amazed.

"Well, no doubt those walkers can't jump the fence." Rei noted, "So, we should be able to have a good nights sleep."


Takashi pointed down the road, where several walkers were coming their way.

"Well then, time for some TLC!" Naruto declared as he booted the gate to the stairs open. "Let's go!"

They rushed up the stairs, shooting down walkers that were in their way. Nothing was going to stop the group from having some well-deserved rest.

Chapter 06: Resting from the Dead

(Minami Rika's residence)

"I'm all sweaty."

"Yeah, me too."

"A bath! A bath!"

"I'm drenched too."

"Don't look!"

"You don't need to be shy!"

"What a prude."

"This isn't about being shy!"

"Hurry up and come in!"


"Hurry, hurry!"


"The so-called killer pandemic is rapidly spreading throughout the world. Our government, as well as other countries' governments, are collapsing one by one, as they do not have any solutions to this outbreak. In this country alone, the pandemic has claimed over two million lives. Due to the powerful infectious nature of this disease, and lack of help from the government, the number of victims is projected to double in the next one or two days. We've also taken heavy casualties while trying to keep this show on the air. Our team will be evacuating to an undisclosed offshore facility to prevent further casualties from this killer disease. Unfortunately, this…will be our final broadcast as a schedule program. Farewell, everyone. On behalf of the news crew, good-bye everyone, and I wish you the best of luck."


A little puppy with a white coat, black earflaps, and wearing a dog collar was whining, nudging the body of his owner, a young girl who was fatally shot by a stray bullet from one of the rowdier groups. The young girl smiled, petted her puppy for the final time, before the light faded with her eyes.

The little puppy howled to the sky, mourning the lost of his owner. He then heard a moaning, and turned to see walkers walking past him and his former owner.

Barking, the dog ran down the street, his destination: unknown.

(Minami Rika's residence, Living Room)

"Naomi, are you ok?"

"Hai, Takuzo-kun."

Takuzo and Naomi were lying on an air mattress they found in the house. Their group members were asleep on another air mattress with Yamoda snoring in a chair, and Toshimi and Misuzu on another air mattress, sleeping together. After everything that's happened, they all deserved the rest.

"What a day!" Takuzo grumbled out loud, "But at least we all made it out ok. Well, most of us…"

Naomi nodded, "I just can't believe that Kawamoto-san decided to stick with Shido."

Takuzo sighed, "It's her choice, but I'm sure she'll come around before it's too late."

Naomi nodded at that before yawning and finally dozing off to sleep, followed by her boyfriend Takuzo.


The bathroom was filled with hot stream that the girls are enjoying after all the shit they've been through.

Shizuka and Kyoko's content sighs can contest to that. Both ladies and Rei were in the tub while Yuuki, Saeko, and Saya were sitting on the seats in front of the mirror's washing themselves.

"This feels great!" Rei moaned while stretching.

"Ahh, it's like I'm melting away!" Shizuka agreed, with a towel wrapped around her hair.

Meanwhile, Saya grabbed an item and inspected it, "This is shampoo…right?"

"Saya, where else would you find shampoo?" Yuuki deadpanned while scrubbing her luscious body, "The kitchen? Or perhaps the backyard?"

Several tickmarks appeared on Saya, who failed to make a comeback since Yuuki had her there.

"I'll get you back for that!" Saya thought, with more tickmarks appearing her head when Yuuki made the trollface at her.

"Woah, sensei…you're gigantic!" Rei suddenly exclaimed, knocking Yuuki and Saya out of their incoming catfight.

"Yeah I know, I get that a lot." Shizuka agreed as she cupped her huge J-cup breasts, smiling, much to Rei's chagrin.

"Ha, almost impossibly gigantic."

Rei lunged forward and grabbed Shizuka's breasts, the busty blonde now moaning loudly at Rei's groping.

"Come here, let me see those things! There's no way they can be real!"

"M-Matte, Miyamoto-san! Give me break here~!" she whined, trying to get away from Rei, but failing miserably as she fondled her breasts, and the noise pissing off a certain pink-haired genius.

"Good god, it sounds like we're in some kind of lame-ass eroge game." she growled, her eyebrow twitching as she turned to see Rei continue her ministrations on a wailing Shizuka with Kyoko minding her own business and staying out of it, "Why are we even taking a bath together?!"

"You know why, don't you, Takagi?" Saeko replied while scrubbing her arms.

"Yeah, I guess so…" Saya mumbled, but caught a glimpse of Yuuki's mischievous smirk, and scrubbed her hair to distract herself, "But considering our current situation-"

While Saya was talking, Yuuki was whispering in Saeko's ear, who suddenly shared the same grin. They grabbed a detachable showerhead each, turned the knobs to cold water, and turned them on at full power.

"-we shouldn't be letting our guard down like this, so- HYAAAAAAA!"

Saya was suddenly assaulted from both sides by cold water spraying from both showerheads, and Saya did not enjoy that!

"That sound was more pleasant than we expected." Saeko said while Yuuki fell on the floor, laughing her ass off, "With a sexy, attractive voice like that, any male would-HOO…AH!"

Saya, with an evil glint, just filled a large bowl full of equal cold water and dump it on Saeko's back, with the water traveling down her back and onto Yuuki, who's laugh then became a surprised gasp as she and Saeko shivered and moaned loudly.

"Argh, they both sounded mature…" Saya growled.

Yuuki and Saeko then gave mocking glares at Saya, who developed yet another tickmark, "Don't look at me, you're the ones who started it!…"

Kyoko just sighed and was about to sink completely into the tub to escape the chaos when Rei pounced on her and groped her breasts.

"Your breasts are huge too, Hayashi-sensei!"

"H-hey, Miyamoto-san!"


"Sounds like they're having fun." Takashi noted, hearing the laughing and moaning in the bathroom, "Wanna take a peek?"

Naruto looked at Takashi like he lost this mind, "If you want to die via castration, be my guest. If not, use that crowbar and help me break this damn locker."

"I'm going to be real pissed if there's nothing in here." Takashi said, "So far, all we found is ammo."

"Third times the charm, buddy." Naruto said, jamming his own crowbar into the groove of the locker, "Now come on!"

Takashi sighed and jammed his crowbar into the groove as Naruto started to count.

"On three. One, two, THREE!"

Both boy pulled, and managed to successfully break open the locker, but fell forward as a result since the locker door opened the way they were pulling.

"Ow." Naruto said in a simple tone as he and Takashi got up, with the latter groaning, "Man, that hurts."

Naruto shook his head and look into the locker with Takashi, whistling, "Hello, nurse! Whoever Shizuka's friend is, she's loaded. She must've been prepared for something like the situation outside."

"What does her friend do with these?!" Takashi wondered, "Better yet, what kind of job does Shizuka-sensei's friend have? Who is she, Sarah fucking Palin?"

"These guns…" Naruto thought, looking closely at them as he took them out carefully, "A Springfield M1A1 Super Match, a modified AR-10 that looks like the Knight SR-25 Enhanced Match Rifle, a Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow, and a Ithaca M-37 Riot Shotgun. There's only one person I know in Japan who owns these firearms outside Spiral Corp…" Naruto's eyes then widened in realization, "Rika-chan, is this your place? I didn't know you were friends with Shizuka-chan…"

(Tokonosu Offshore International Airport)


Tajima looked over at his partner, "What's the matter?"

"Someone's probably talking about me behind my back." Rika guessed.

"What? Who?" Tajima asked.

Rika shrugged as she rubbed her nose with her hand, "Well, I don't have that many friends, so it's probably…"

(Minami Rika's residence, Bathroom)

Shizuka and Kyoko both cried out loud as Rei continued to fondle their breasts.

"We're not in school anymore." Yuuki said, looking over her shoulder and addressing Kyoko, "So we can do whatever we want."


"Man…" Naruto shook his head, "Yuuki-hime's gonna have a field day when she sees these weapons."

"She loves weapons that much?" Takashi asked Naruto as the blonde set the weapons on the bed.

"Hell, yeah." Naruto confirmed, "I mean, when she first saw Spiral Corp's weapons vault, she had an orgasm right then and there. Hell, she gotten so horny, we had sex in there."

Takashi blinked before holding his nose, "Ok, I didn't need to know that, but I get how much she loves weapons now. What's her angle?"

"She originally wanted to be in the military when she graduated from college. But now she wants to work for Spiral Corp in their Black Ops Division, and it's not because of me. She made that decision before she entered high school." Naruto explained, "But only that, she also wants to work under me when I opened a new shop, Devil May Cry, like my Uncle Dante before me."

Takashi was confused, "Devil May Cry? I think I've heard of it before."

"It's an agency that deals with paranormal and supernatural cases, as well as private investigating and mercenary work."

"Paranormal and supernatural?" Takashi repeated, "You're not making that up, are you?"

Naruto gave Takashi a blank look and pointed out the window where all the chaos is outside. That shut Takashi up, as Naruto began checking the firearms to make sure they're working.

"Don't just stand there." Naruto snapped, "Load the clips, will ya?"

Takashi was about to protest until he gave up on it, "Yes, sempai…just one thing. Who do you think the hell is Shizuka-sensei's friend? There's no way she's an average citizen. She did mention something about her friend being in the Special Forces like SAT."

Naruto shrugged as he took out his cell phone, "Everything's fine if you work for law enforcement, a big time corporation, some funny business, or involved in serious shit. As for her friend, I have a hunch…"


Shizuka and Kyoko finally had a chance to relax, now that Rei switched her target to Saya, while Yuuki washed Saeko's back, with the sword mistress enjoying Yuuki's touch.

"So, Saeko-chan…" Yuuki whispered in Saeko's ear, "When are you gonna do that with Naruto-kun?"

Saeko blushed heavily, "Um, I…"

"I mean, we did it many times, and you have yet to do it with him. What's stopping you from going all the way to third base?" Yuuki asked, "You did tell us that you weren't saving up for marriage."

Saeko nodded, "It's just that…" she started, but the fell silent, drawing a sigh from Yuuki.

"It's okay. I'm sure we'll find out what going on with you eventually," Yuuki said as she poured warm water on Saeko's back, "You can't hide it from Naruto-kun and me forever."

Saeko nodded, already knowing that.

"Hey," Saya called out to the two, finally shaking Rei off, "What are two talking about over there?"

"Your academic rival." Yuuki answered, getting an annoyed look from Saya, "And no, it's not about Einstein or Shakespeare."

"Hahaha." Saya laughed mockingly, "Anayway, I was going to ask your where you got those tattoos?"

Yuuki rubbed the tattoo on her neck that's actually a mate mark; a side view of a fox head that has ten-tails with a yin-yang background. On her left breast is a small black mark in the shape of a demon's head with red eyes.

"Sorry~" she teased, "It's…a…secret!"

"Ok then, Yuuki-san," Kyoko sweatdropped before piping up, "What's Naruto-san like in your words?"

"What Naruto is like?" Yuuki suddenly had a slight dreamy look on her face, "He's strong, cool, sexy, humble, badass, and smart, can back up what he says and does, doesn't take shit from anyone, and he's really good in bed~."

The last part had all the girls blushing like mad, especially Shizuka.

"That's amazing." she said.

"Deshou, deshou?" Yuuki giggled.

Saeko could only sigh, but noticed Rei was shifting nervously while in the tub, her hair shadowing her eyes.

Rei then stood up with a grin on her face, and suddenly splash everyone with water, prompting Yuuki to get into the tub to get Rei back, dragging Saeko in with her. A massive water fight ensued, with the highlight being Shizuka pressing her breasts together, scooping water into her valley, and squirting at Rei and Yuuki, both orangettes catching a face full of water before both fell into the tub, drawing laughs from everyone.


"Can they be any louder?" Takashi grumbled as he finished loading up the tenth clip, as the laughter got louder, "They should probably hold in down in there."

"It's all right." Naruto assured him from the balcony, busy fixing his phone, "I put a Sound Barrier Jutsu around the perimeter of the apartment so our dear zombie friends can't hear the inside of the apartment. Besides, most of the noise is coming from the bridge over there, no there's no zombies in the streets here."

"I see…jutsu huh?"

Takashi sighed loudly as he started on his next clip.

"Something on your mind?" Naruto asked, looking back at him.

"It's Hisashi." Takashi answered after a moment, "Despite seeing him dying, I still can't believe he's gone."

Naruto just fell silent.

"Rei was so distraught." Takashi continued, "I never thought he react that strongly to his death. Then again, she was his girlfriend."

Naruto suddenly frowned, "You got a point, but now that I think about it, were they really, despite them hanging out around each other all the time?"

"What do you mean, Naruto-sempai?" Takashi asked, looking up from his work, "From the looks of it, their relationship was pretty obvious."

"But they never said, or confirmed that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, did they?" Naruto pointed out, "I'm looking back through my memories, and I don't recall them saying that they were an item. I only heard from the…rumors…"

Takashi frowned, then his eyes widened, "So, you mean… Then why were they…?"

Naruto shook his head, "I don't know, but I think it's a good night to find out. Don't worry, I'll handle it."

Naruto went back to work on his phone, leaving Takashi to get back to loading the ammo.


It's pretty chaotic at the end of the bridge leading to the city. A blockade was set up by the police, to mixed reactions from the citizen due to there being other survivors on the other side of the blockade.

"Get away from anymore dangerous, even if they're your family members!" a loud voice shouted from a police car using a microphone, "I won't let anyone who's been attacked or injured through here! Keep far from infected individuals!"

"A lockdown is in effect here at western side of Tokonosu City." a female news reporter nearby reported, "However, as this killer pandemic continues to spreads throughout the world, one in ten people are strongly doubting the effectiveness of these lockdowns. Those of us that were left behind due to lack of transportation to our offshore facility will continue to report on the current situation in Tokonosu City through satellite communications, as long as it's possible."

Meanwhile, near the news reporter at a police car, a police chief was not happy as he yelled into the radio.

"What do you mean when you tell us we're free to do whatever?!" he snapped, "What about the backup from the prefectural headquarters?... Communications were cut off?! Dammit!"

He threw the headset down in frustration as an officer came up to the chief.

"Captain," he reported, "At this rate, the barricade isn't going to hold!"

"Well, that's a given." the captain said, "We short-handed here, and for Christ's sake, some of the people here are normally office workers."

"But sir, what do we do?" the officer protested as the chief's face turned grim.

"We've received an order from upper management. We're permitted to do anything we can to maintain order." the captain revealed, "It seems that things are crazy over there too. The last order they received from headquarters was to do whatever they could do to control this mob."

"The give us an order!" the officer demanded, "Even if there's unharmed citizens over there, we're going to have to sacrifice them for the greater good to save the larger group!"

The captain gritted his teeth at that, "How ironic. Our job is supposed to be protecting the citizens, and now we'll be forced to kill them." he slammed the side of his fist on his car, "Dammit! It hasn't been two days since all of this began!"

(Minami Rika's residence, Bedroom)

"What the hell is this?" Takashi growled as he looked at the carnage on the bridge, seeing survivors getting attacked by walkers, "It's like a horror movie. I'm getting sick here."

"And you win an award for pointing out the obvious, my friend." Naruto deadpanned, "Almost got it- What the?"

He was almost finished fixing his cell when he noticed some activity at the blockade. Activating his Eagle Sense, he viewed a crowd gathering with signs of various sizes.

"What up?" Takashi asked.

"Turn on the TV," Naruto instructed when he saw cameras, "Something's going on."

Takashi nodded and turned on the TV to the image of the live events on the bridge. Naruto came in, look at the screen, and facepalmed, "You gotta be kidding. A radical Conspiracy group?"

"This abuse of power by the police is Intolerable!"


"We believe that this killer pandemic is caused by biological weapons by our government and foreign nations!"

"Right now we've live at the demonstrations of those that are strongly against this lockdown!" the female news report exclaimed over the noise, "As your can see, tensions are running extremely high! The nature of this group is unknown!"

"We condemn those that caused this killer pandemic!"

"Killer pandemic…" Takashi muttered, "Don't they mean the outbreak by Umbrella?"

"Remember, despite that video, Umbrella managed to deny all involvement with bribes." Naruto said, "What I don't get is why that group isn't naming them as a possible cause?"

"We don't know what group this is, but according to these handouts from the group, their main focus is the belief that this was caused by the leak of a biological weapon developed by the Japanese and American governments."

"A biological weapon created by the Japanese and American government?! Seriously?!" Takashi asked in shock, "Don't they get it?! It's Umbrella! That video that played all around the video three weeks ago! There's no other explanation for this! Just how deep does Umbrella's influence go?! How do they manage to get people to believe that they aren't involved?!"

Naruto just looked at Takashi, "This is what they call government propaganda."



The officer who fired his gun stepped back in fear as the zombies starting moving towards the blockade. He cried in fear as he prepared to fire again.

"Oi!" the chief shouted, "I didn't authorize you to shoot!"

The officer fired again, hitting a zombie straight in the head. The other officers aimed their revolvers and fired on the incoming crowd of zombies.

"Stop it!" screamed a voice on the bridge.

The officer stopped firing and looked closely to see a young mother holding a child in her arms.

"Don't shoot!" she cried, "My girl and I are still alive! We're still alive!"

The police didn't know what to do as she continued, "I-I beg you! My baby… Please save my baby!"

The police were just about to do that, but the next moment, the child suddenly turned and bit her mother on the neck, spraying blood everywhere. Everyone looked on in shock as the mother froze, dropping her child and turned into a zombie. But she didn't get far, as an officer shot her in the head, breathing heavily.

"See what they done! The despicable police have finally resorted to indiscriminately using violence against the citizens!" the demonstration leader cried, pumping the crowd up as the news kept recording their actions, "This abuse of power by the police is unforgivable!"

The female news reporter then noticed the police chief walking towards the rally.

"Hey, get that person on film." she ordered her cameraman, who zoomed in on the police chief who was about to confront the leader of the rally, "Just do it!"



The police chief then placed his hand on the leader's shoulder, "Stand down immediately." he ordered.


"It's dangerous for you guys to be here too." the chief explained as the leader brushed his hand off his shoulder.

"Screw you!" the rally leader shouted in his face, "You're just trying to cover up the conspiracy framed by our government!"

"I'll repeat myself one last time for your sake." the police chief said firmly, "You need to disband your demonstration immediately and go."

"Hell no! Go away!" the leader retorted, now leading the crowd in a chant.

"Go away! Go away! Go away!"

The police chief's eyes were shadowed by his hat, "You don't seem to understand my friend. We've been ordered to take any measure necessary to maintain public order by any means necessary. It's not exactly legal, but… The order is absolute."

With that said, the police officer un-holstered his revolver and aimed it at the head of the rally leader, much to the latter's confusion.



The next second later, the rally leader was breathing through a new hole in his head as he fell to the ground backwards, dead, erecting screams from the crowd.

(Minami Rika's residence, Bedroom)

The channel went out, but the two Fujimi Academy students saw everything they needed to see.

"Oh man, this is insane." Takashi muttered as he turned off the TV.

"No shit." Naruto growled out as he put this cell back together, turned it back on, and tested it, "Good, it's working."

Before Naruto could do anything, his cell suddenly start ringing, causing him it answer it quickly, "Uzumaki."

"Thank Kami! I finally got a hold of you, Naruto-kun!"

"Karin-chan? It's good to hear your voice."

"Likewise. So what the hell happened? Why did it take you so long to fix your cell phone?! Kushina-sama was going mad with worry, and you know how she is! Several of the soldiers already suffered her wrath!"

"It's a long story, one which I'll tell later if you send someone to pick me and my group up so kaa-chan can calm down."

"Can do. Naruko-chan's already about to be en route to the bridge near you with a rescue crew. I'll send her your coordinates. ETA, 60 minutes."

"Excellent. That'll give my team time to rest up before going out again. Tell my mom I'll see her soon!"

"Will do! Just don't die, Naruto-kun!"

"You know me, Karin-chan."

The line then went dead as Naruto hung up and turned to Takashi.

"We be out of here in an hour. Why don't you go and rest up for a bit, Takashi? I'll keep watch."

Takashi stood up, "I think I will."

"All right. Meanwhile, I'll-"

"Naruto-kun~" moaned a voice behind Naruto.

Naruto was about to turn around when Shizuka appeared behind them and fell on his shoulder, her breasts pressing against his back.

"Shizuka-chan?! What the hell!" Naruto tried to support Shizuka, "Are you ok?"

"Oh, I'm more than okay, Na-ru-to-kun~." she replied, slightly slurring her speech, kissing him on the cheek while her hands snaked her way to his groin.

"Yeah right, you reek of alcohol!" Naruto yelled, grabbing her offending hand, but causing her slip. Naruto managed to catch her, but grabbed her breasts in the process, making her moan out loud.

Naruto sweatdropped, "Oops…"

"It's okay, Naruto-kun," Shizuka said sweetly, hugging him, "I don't mind."

"Uh, Naruto-sempai, are you going to be okay?" Takashi asked nervously as Naruto struggled to keep Shizuka's hands away from his groin without hurting her.

"I'll be fine." Naruto grumbled as Shizuka turned her attention to Takashi, who suddenly looked nervous.

"Komuro-chan!" she squealed, crawling toward him.

"Me? Chan?" Takashi stuttered, "Umm, uhh…"

"You've been a good boy, so here's your reward~"

She planted a wet kiss on Takashi cheek, making his face turn red and his nose spurt out blood.

He fainted, with Shizuka straightening up to her full height and licked her lips seductively before turning to Naruto.

"Okay, Shizuka. You had your fun, now get back downstairs." he ordered, but Shizuka shook her head.

"No, no way! I get scared when it's too quiet! I wanna stay up here with you!" she protested, lunging at Naruto and tackling him to the bed, now hugging him, "I just wanna stay like this with you…"

Naruto grumbled some more and turned to Takashi, who recovered from his short fainting spell and was now heading downstairs.

"Going to sleep, Takashi? You could help me out here you know."

"Huh…oh, yep, I love turtles." he said dumbly as he floated downstairs, "Good night~"

Perhaps it was lucky that Takashi went downstairs, because Shizuka started grinding her hips into Naruto's groin.

"Naruto-kun, I want you." she moaned, "Let's have sex."

"Shizuka-chan." Naruto started slowly, "I know you're drunk, but are you sure you want to?" he asked, as Shizuka's face drew inches to his own.

"I do, because I love you." Shizuka confessed, giving a surprised look from his face, "I fell for you when you, Yuuki-san, and Saeko-san saved me from that club sponsored by Shido a year ago. I wanted to be with you for so long, but I wasn't sure if you were into older women."

"You'll be surprised." Naruto replied, "But are you sure about this? There's no going back after this."

Their lips were now inches apart.

"Like Yuuki, Saeko, and your maids back home, I'm yours." Shizuka assured him, "Take me, Naruto-kun!"

"Yuuki-hime must've told her about Hinata-chan and others." Naruto mused as he closed the gap and deeply kissed Shizuka, engaging in a tongue battle as he did another Sound Barrier Jutsu in the bedroom along with repelling seals, keeping the others, besides Yuuki, downstairs.

(LEMON: Naruto x Shizuka; don't want to read, scroll down to the next bold line)

Naruto and Shizuka parted from their kiss; the latter's eyes full of lust and passion as she whipped off her towel, exposing all her beautiful curves and breasts for Naruto to see. Naruto then grabbed Shizuka's butt as she cupped the budge in his uniform pants.

"Oh~! Is that one of your guns, or are you happy to see me?"

"Considering that I have a beautiful, busty bombshell in my lap, who wouldn't get a hard-on?"

Shizuka giggled, laying Naruto down on the bed, and turned around, putting her womanhood in Naruto's face as she used her teeth to grip the zipper and pulled, resulting in Naruto's 10-inch manhood nearly hitting her in the face.

"You're huge!" Shizuka exclaimed with wide eyes, gripping the huge appendage and stroking it.

"Just like your boobs, but I'll settle for your pussy instead," Naruto said as he began to lick Shizuka's womanhood.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" she cried, unknowingly speeding up her handjob, getting a low groan of pleasure from Naruto.

They continued for a few minutes until Shizuka licked at his length before taking it into her mouth, putting Naruto on Cloud Nine as he inserted his tongue to Shizuka's pussy.

Shizuka moaned as she bobbed her head, the vibrations from her throat almost sending Naruto over the edge. Shizuka, deciding to finish Naruto off, let up on her sucking, put over breasts between Naruto's cock, and then continued her blowjob, with Naruto's cock starting to twitch.

"Shizuka-chan," he warned her, "I'm about to…"

His words prompted Shizuka to go faster and harder. In retaliation, Naruto found Shizuka's G-spot and pressed it with his tongue, putting his chakra through it.

Shizuka gave a muffled scream as she came first, her juices splashing all over Naruto's mouth as he lapped up every dropped as he came directly into Shizuka's mouth. Shizuka tried her best to drink all of Naruto's essence, but wasn't able to as she pulled back and coughed.

"So much!" she gasped as Naruto's semen splashed on her face and breasts. She scooped up every single drop on her face with her hands and licked it clean. She then proceeded to lick her new lover's cum off her breasts as Naruto flipped her on her back and lined up his cock at her entrance to her womanhood.

"I'm sorry, but this will hurt, Shizuka-chan…"

Their eyes met before Shizuka gave a tiny nod as Naruto leaned forward, filling Shizuka inches before hitting her hymen. Naruto then kissed Shizuka, dampening her scream as he gave a quick, strong thrust, swiftly taking the virginity of the woman who loves him.

Naruto didn't move yet, letting Shizuka get use to his size. She then whispered for him to continue after a few moments. Moments later after starting slow, Naruto was thrusting hard into Shizuka, both of them in the missionary pose.

"Oh Kami! Naruto-kun!" Shizuka cried as they switched positions after her third orgasm, with the two now going at it doggystyle and Naruto now massaging Shizuka's massive melons.

"I'm gonna finish you off now." Naruto said as he was close to his peak, "But don't worry, we'll have all the time in the world to continue this once we get to my place."

"Just cum in me! Make me yours, Naruto-kun!" Shizuka cried in response, getting Naruto to pound her at an inhuman pace before groaning, burying himself deep in her pussy as he came, his seed flowing into her.

Shizuka panted for a bit, then turned around and kissed Naruto, who returned it as he pulled out of the blonde nurse, who collapsed on the bed with him.

"Naruto-kun, thank you." Shizuka whispered, wrapping her arms around her fellow blonde as the darkness claimed her, "I love you…"

(LEMON OVER, you kiddies can come out now. It's safe!)

"She fell asleep before I could tell her I love her too." Naruto mused as he laid Shizuka on the bed and deactivated the repelling seals, "She must've used the rest of energy during our romp together."

After Naruto fixed himself and cleaned Shizuka up, she wrapped her body in her towel and proceeded to carry her piggyback.

"You're touching my ass." Shizuka mumbled her sleep, "Naruto-koi, you hentai~…"

"And I'm sure you loved it, my naughty little nurse." he replied as he walked towards the stairs.

But he didn't get that very far.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

Naruto swore under his breath when he saw Rei on the stairs. She was dressed in her pajamas that consist of a tight light pink tanktop and white panties.

"Nothing that concerns you, Rei." Naruto told her, not moving when Rei walked towards him and got in his face, "Uh, is there a problem?"

"Ah!" Rei suddenly cried with a starry look in her eyes, "You look pretty good in threes Naruto-sempai!"

"Huh?!" Naruto facefaulted, completely caught off guard.

"There's a lot of you!" she squealed as she fell on her butt, now with dazed look on her face.

"Geez, of all people, not you too." Naruto sighed, "Well, considering what's happening outside, the lawbook's officially thrown out the window. Are you okay, Rei?"

"I'm all worn out." Rei replied, holding her head, "Everything went crazy in just a day, and I can't even contact my mom or dad… Hisashi is dead too…"

"Must be the alcohol talking."

Yuuki came upstairs, dressed in the same attire as Rei, "Luckily, I managed to stop her before she hit the "legal" limit."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "And you?"

Yuuki smirked, licking her fingers, "I'll be lying if I said I haven't been drinking as well."

"Figures…" Naruto rolled his eyes, "So what are you doing up here?"

"I'd like to keep watch on the balcony." Yuuki said, "Besides, I need the fresh air after drinking."

"For someone who claims she drunk alcohol, you sure don't act drunk." Naruto noted, "No matter. I guess you're sober enough to handle those beauties over there."

At Yuuki's confused look, Naruto nudged his head towards the bed near the window where the firearms he and Takashi found laid resting.

"Those…those are-!"

In one second, Yuuki was instantly at the bed, squealing while marveling over the firearms, "Sugoi! Sugoi! Sugoi!"

"Thank Kami-chan for the Sound Barrier Jutsu." Naruto thought as Yuuki started examining the weapons.

"Springfield M1A1 Super Match, eh? It's semi-auto. Which is fine, because the M14 series' full-auto is nothing but a waste of bullets anyway. The magazine holds twenty rounds, and the gun's been outfitted with a M900 Surefire Vertical Foregrip Weaponlight, a Aimpoint M2 Red-Lot Laser Sight, a Desert Warrior M14 Cheek Rest, and…a Malpul Magazine Loop. This is fucking illegal in Japan!"

"Umm, Yuuki-san?" Rei asked, waving her hand.

"Don't bother." Naruto advised her, "She's in full weapons-otaku mode. Hirano and her share that trait ever since they went on that trip to America together. They trained for a whole month by a professional instructor from a private military company called Blackwater. He's an ex-captain of Delta Force."

Rei paled, "What is she? A card-carrying member of the NRA?"

"The Knight's SR-25 Enhanced match rifle?!" Yuuki frowned, looking at it closely before she remembered something, "No wait, you can't get these in Japan, so this must be a completely modified Armalite AR-10(T)! It's been outfitted with a SpiderFire Folding Bipod, Sling mounts, a rail system, a Leupold M3A Scope, and a Magpul PRS Stock. Most of these parts comes from an SR-25, but it's still a AR-10."

"She's only an expert when it comes to this kind of thing, is she?" Rei asked, sweating.

"As well as other topics," Naruto nodded, "She does know her firearms."

"This one's a crossbow! It's descendent of the one that Robin Hood used! The Barnett Wildcat C5! It's made in Britain! You can even kill a bear with this thing! And this last one… The American-made Ithaca M-37 Riot Shotgun! It played a huge role in the Vietnam war!"

"Uh, no wonder she's the top student in American History." Rei recalled, "That class was so boring…"

"And you guys already loaded the clips! Good thinking, Naruto-kun!" Yuuki praised as she loaded up the firearms and activated the safety on all of them.

"I only hope that…we only have to point them at…those zombies." Rei slurred, her head rocking back and forth.

Naruto shook his head, "You know that's not possible, taking into account who's responsible for this chaos and what we saw outside on the way there. It's only gonna get worse."

"He's right." Yuuki agreed with a bloodthirsty grin on her face, "In a war like this, there's no surrendering or negotiations or shit like that. It's either them or us, and it sure as hell not gonna be us."

Rei laughed nervously, "I'm so glad that we're on the same side…"

"Yeah~" Yuuki sweatdropped before turning serious, "While these guns are definitely illegal, it's not illegal if you buy the parts separately, but it's illegal if they're assembled, technically speaking. Whoever Shizuka's friend is, they know what they're doing."

"But there's no such thing as illegal anymore, is there?" Naruto pointed out as he went downstairs.

"You're right about that." Yuuki agreed as she went out on the balcony, with Rei now crawling towards her.

(Living Room)

Naruto set Shizuka down on the vacant sofa and covered her towel-wrapped figure with a sheet. He then looked over to see Saya on the other sofa, wearing a light blue tanktop and extremely short black short and snoozing away, sweat trickling down her body. Behind him, the other students were sleep, surprising still; Takashi was snoring on the floor; the two BFFs, Toshimi and Misuzu, had their arms wrapped around each other, their lips dangerously close to each others; and Yamoda, sleeping near the sofa he fell out of.

Naruto checked his phone. It was still 45 minutes until the evacuation, so he wasn't going to wake them up yet, so he went to the refrigerator to get a snack.

"Naruto-kun? Our late night snack will be ready soon," said the sound of Saeko's voice, "It'll be our lunch for tomorrow as well."

"Sounds good." Naruto said, withdrawing from the refrigerator, as he grabbed a fruit salad and a pack of juice boxes to take upstairs, "Just be ready to head out at any…time…"

Naruto sensed his brain shutting down as saw Saeko and an embarrassed Kyoko at the stove, wearing nothing but panties and aprons.

Saeko smiled as she saw Naruto blinking and asked, "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?!" Naruto repeated, holding his nose while pointing at their revealing outfits with a shaky finger.

"Oh, you mean these? There weren't any clothes that could fit us." Saeko explained, "I suppose they do reveal too much."

"Ya think?!" Naruto deadpannded.

"We're only wearing these until our clothes come out of the laundry!" Kyoko squeaked, "So don't get any ideas!"

"I'm not getting any!" Naruto protested, "You two just caught me by surprise wearing those!"

"Oh." Kyoko composed herself, "Well, any news from the outside?"

"We're getting out of here in about 45 minutes." Naruto said, "Hopefully your laundry will be done by then."

"Really?" asked an excited Saeko.

Naruto smiled, "Really, really."

Kyoko let out a sigh of relief, "Thank goodness."

"Just don't let your guards down," Naruto said seriously, "We don't know what'll happen outside, so…"

"It's okay." Saeko assured him, "You and Yuuki-chan have your eyes open for us. I put my absolute trust in you two as always."

"Hey, Miku, listen to me!" Rei's loud voce sounded from upstairs.

"Don't call me Miku, Rei! Will you please go away?!" Yuuki's voice snapped.

"Naruto-sempai! Come up here! Miku's bothering me up there! Help!"

"Are you kidding me? You're the one who's harassing me!"

"I think you should stop them." Saeko said, turning back to the cooking food, "At times, girl's like Rei enjoys pretending to be helpless."

"That's what I'm afraid of." Naruto grumbled as he turned to go upstairs.

"Naruto-san." Kyoko called out, "Are you sure this "Sound Barrier Jutsu" will hold?"

Naruto nodded, "Of course. You don't see zombies try to get in, do you?"

"Come on! Get up here, Naruto-sempai!" Rei wailed, "Hey, Naruto-sempai! NARUTO-SEMPAI!"

"Pipe down or I'll shoot you in the ass!" Yuuki snarled as the sound of a gun being cocked was heard.

Naruto sighed as Saeko and Kyoko giggled.


Naruto came upstairs to see Yuuki and Rei rolling around on the floor, spatting, growling, and hissing at each other like cats. From what it looks like, Yuuki finally snapped.

Grumbled, Naruto set the food down and pulled the orangettes apart, much to Yuuki's relief.

"Took you long enough, Naruto-kun." Yuuki grumbled as she snatched up a juice box and began to drain its contents, "I was just about to shoot her."

Rei blew a sour raspberry at Yuuki, who got a tickmark while Naruto rolled his eyes.

"I knew I should've gotten some jello…" he mumbled, imagining them wrestling in it with nothing but bikinis.

(Pelican-class rescue ships, Japan skies)

Fleets of ships were seen in the sky on the way to Tokonosu City. In one of those airships, is a young female with blonde hair tied in pigtails, blue eyes, whisker marks on her cheeks, and wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black combat boots. She has a katana on her back, a handgun strapped to her hip, and an Assault Rifle in her hands.

"ETA until our destination?" she asked the pilot.

"40 minutes, Naruko-sama." answered the pilot.

"Make it 30 my friend. We don't have time to take it easy." Naruko said, "Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

(Minami Rika's residence, Bedroom)

"Like I said, Hisashi was really sweet and so nice. He always paid attention to me. One time when we went to the karaoke bar, he really got into it, instead of playing Angry Birds on his iPhone. Even when I felt lonely, he was always there to listen to me, even when I had to repeat a grade."

Naruto had a lost look on his face as Yuuki's head took residence on his lap while they were on the bed. Rei's voice was like nails drilling into their heads as they drunk their juice, and both Naruto and Yuuki were starting to get annoyed. Ever since Naruto broke up the catfight between Yuuki and Rei, the latter was complaining, whining up a storm, and talking about the good times she spent with Hisashi. Naruto and Yuuki has no beef with Hisashi, there was so much they could take.

"Are you even listening?" Rei asked, tugging at Naruto shirt.

"Huh? I'm sorry," Naruto returned to Earth and looked Rei, using the one line he got from a dumb scarecrow from his old school, "Did you say something?"


"Cool story, but I was in my happy place." Naruto explained, making Yuuki snigger, "A place voided of your voice. Juice box?"

He held out an unopened juice box to Rei, but she brushed it away.

"What the hell is with that?" she snapped, "You're getting so boring, like Takashi."

"What's your point, sophomore Rei?" Naruto asked quietly, trying really hard to let that insult slide and not crush his juice box, "Do you actually believe that I have to listen to every little thing that comes out of your mouth?"

"In case we need to tone it down for your pea-sized brain to understand, we have our own shit to deal with ourselves." Yuuki added, finishing off her juice.

"Mou…" Rei muttered, "That's why me and Hisashi…"

"Thaaaaat's it!" Naruto growled, activating the Sound Barrier Jutsu and nudged Yuuki off his lap.

The next thing Rei knew, she was up directly in Naruto's angry face, his hands gripping the front of her shirt.

"When it comes to you and your emotional constipation, I've had it up to here! Hisashi's our friend too, but you bring him up every chance you get for no reason! Besides, he's dead now, because he was bitten, and we spared him from becoming one of those damn zombies, because he wished it! Just face the facts, he's not coming back, so get your head out of your ass, out of the fantasy world, and stop blinding yourself from our new reality! We're still alive, and I'm gonna keep us all alive, no matter what!"

He threw Rei on the bed, adding, "And there one more thing you should know. I'm not Hisashi, or Takashi. I am Naruto! Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto fucking Sparda! There is only one of me, and no one else! I'm no one's bitch, do you understand me, Miyamoto Rei?!"

Rei looked up at Naruto, terrified and at a loss for words. Yuuki however, was quietly clapping.

"Well said, Naruto-kun," she said, pulling Naruto back down, "I swear, that little display is one of the many reasons I love you."

"I know." he replied, he and Yuuki kissed each other deeply. When they pulled apart, they looked over at Rei, who was looking away with a blush and a slightly angry look on her face.

"You know Rei, I was wondering," Naruto started, "Sure, you and Hisashi were inseparable back in school, but were you really an item? I mean, aside from hugs and hand holding, I saw no other displays of affection from you two."

That caught Rei off guard, "Uh…"

"Not to mention that you two never confirmed that you were boyfriend and girlfriend. All you two did was hang around and eat lunch together." Naruto added, "Got anything to say about that?"

Yuuki did not know what her boyfriend was getting at, but his accusations were found. Like him, she noticed that Rei and Hisashi were only acting like friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend.

Rei meanwhile, was shifting around uncomfortably, "So, you've noticed my secret all this time, and one of the reason he recommended me for the Disciplinary Squad."

"Rei, was there something going on between you two?" Yuuki asked.

"No!" Rei waved her hands, "Hisashi is a nice guy, and we were just friends. We never had sex!"

"That's not what you said on the roof." Yuuki pointed out.

"I was…caught up in the moment." Rei said quietly, "We were close, and I never lost someone like Hisashi. I admit, we never were an item. We were just friends…and…"

"And what?" Naruto podded, "Rei?"

"I…I had a crush at the time, and still do!" Rei admitted.

Yuuki's mouth was open, "Wha-? Are you serious? Who's the lucky guy then?"

Naruto looked at Yuuki, "You were quick to ask."

"Well, this guy… I fell for him a few months after he transferred to our school." Rei explained with a blush on her face, "He's kind, friendly, and cool. He was not like some of the other boys in the school who would think with their other head either. He even fought for me on my behalf when I was held back a grade because of Shido-teme, even though it didn't work out."

"He must've been some guy." Yuuki said, "He and Naruto would've made great friends since they're the same."

"Do you think this guy's still alive?" Naruto asked, "That he managed to escape Fujimi Academy?"

"He did, with his girlfriends." Rei said sadly, "I lost my chance to be with him…"

"If he's half the man you say he is, then he's alive- Wait…" Yuuki frowned at Rei, "Did you say, "girlfriends"?"

"Uh, yes!" Rei said, now nervous as Yuuki gave her a piercing stare.

"There's only one guy in the school who has "girlfriends"- Rei, you…"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Let me guess, I'm that lucky guy? I'm the one you have a crush on, right?"

Rei hesitated for a moment before giving the two a tiny nod of confirmation.

Yuuki laughed, "Well, I'll be damned. I misinterpreted those longing looks you gave Naruto when and Saeko were around. Does Hisashi know?"

Rei nodded, "Yeah. He's actually been working on my confidence. Truthfully on the day all of this start, I was going to confess to you, Naruto-sempai. So…"

Rei crawled up to Naruto and looked him straight in the eyes, "I love you, Naruto-sempai! I want to be with you! Please let me be one of your girls!" she cried, shocking the hell out of her two fellow members of the Disciplinary Squad.

"I see. I admit myself that I've taken an interest in you as well. You're headstrong, reliable, and caring; traits that were prefect for the Disciplinary Squad in school, but you hid your feelings pretty well with your semi-fangirl ways. I'm sorry for not noticing you sooner." Naruto apologized, rubbing Rei on her head, "What do you think, Yuuki-hime? Do you want her to be with us?"

Yuuki had a thoughtful expression, "Well, I don't mind, though her behavior leaves something to be…desired."

"What do you mean, Yuuki-san?" Rei asked, as Yuuki's eyes roamed her body, "She's eye-humping me!"

"I'm just saying that considering how you're been acting, coupled with the fact that you held these feelings for so long, you need…punishing." Yuuki said in an eerie manner, "What say you, Naruto-kun?"

"I think it's only fair." Naruto agreed, as he activated the repelling seals again, and then groped Rei's breasts, with the orangette crying out in surprise.

(LEMON: Naruto x Yuuki x Rei; don't want to read, scroll down to the next bold line)

Rei bit her finger to dampen her moaning as Naruto turned her around massaged her breasts from behind. Meanwhile, Yuuki took off her panties, revealing her glistening womanhood before taking the surprised Rei's head to her pussy.

"Lick." she commanded her fellow orangette, who complied out of fear of what Yuuki might do to her if she protests or doesn't to the deed.

"I never thought I'll live to see the day where Rei eats out Yuuki-hime, but here it is." Naruto joked as his pants became extremely tight for the second time of the night at the sight of Rei licking all over Yuuki's pussy and Yuuki herself moaning like a bitch in heat, "She's getting pretty wet on this end too." he noted as he pulled Rei's panties off her.

Rei groaned in protest, but Yuuki was having none of that, "Shut up!" she snarled, tightening her grip on Rei's head a little.

Naruto then took his index and middle fingers and inserted them into Rei's vagina, erecting a muffled gasp from the girl. Naruto then started to pump his fingers in and out of Rei, who tried her hardest not to thrash at the new and foreign feelings of pleasure.

"Hey, Naruto-kun," Yuuki panted, "Tell me, did Shizuka confess to you yet?"

"Yep," Naruto nodded as he sped up, "And then some."

"About time." Yuuki gave a light laugh, then moaned out loud, "Oh, I'm close! Don't you dare let up, Rei!"

Rei only groaned in response, inserting her tongue into Yuuki and thrusted in and out as quickly as she was physically able to. She then cried out when Naruto found and hit her G-spot twice, making her come as she managed to hit Yuuki's G-spot as well. Yuuki came on Rei's face with an erotic moan. Rei then crawled up to Yuuki and kissed her, surprised the orange-haired vixen as she tasted herself on Rei's tongue.

"And now it's time for the main event." Naruto announced, taking his pants and briefs off to expose his hard 10-inch erection. He lined up his cock with Yuuki's womanhood and thrust it in with ease, despite Yuuki tightening up her pussy a bit.

"Oh, I missed this ever since this whole shit started, despite the fact we did this for 12 hours in the Tsukuyomi World on the bus." Yuuki said as Naruto started to pound her, "I meant to this with you on the morning the world changed!"

Meanwhile, Rei was resting on Yuuki, trying to recover from the orgasm Naruto gave her. She could feel the thrusts Naruto was giving the other orangette, even though he hadn't entered her. At the same time, Yuuki was loving every second of the pounding Naruto was giving her that's sending spikes of pleasure through her body. While what they were doing is nothing new, Yuuki would never get tired of it.

"Naruto-kun, I'm cumming!" she cried.

"Me too, Yuuki-hime!" Naruto grunted, speeding up his thrusts before firing his load into Yuuki's wanting pussy at the same time she came herself.

"Naruto-kun~!" Yuuki cried, hugging Rei close to her as she came off the high of her climax.

"You were not the only one who missed doing this." Naruto said, still hard as he noticed Rei, who tried to move, but unintentionally shook her ass instead.

"Look's like it's your turn now, Rei-chan," he grinned as he mounted Rei.

Rei barely heard what Naruto said when she suddenly felt her pussy stretching out as Naruto entered her from behind breaking her hymen in the process. Yuuki managed to give Rei a deep kiss to dampen the scream of pain from Rei losing her virginity to her crush.

Naruto smirked, "You were a virgin. Looks like you were telling the truth after all, Rei-chan."

"Naruto-sempai!" Rei cried as Naruto started to thrust into her.

"Hey, it's Naruto-kun to you now!" Yuuki scolded her, slapping her in ass, drawing a surprised gasp from Rei.

"How does it feel, Rei-chan?" Naruto asked, grabbing her hips and slowly started to speed up.

"Ah, great! It's feels so good!" Rei moaned, her finger intertwining with Yuuki's.

"If only you had the confidence to confess earlier." Yuuki said, shaking her head a bit, "Then we could've had so much fun together."

"I se…cond…that…" Rei squeaked when Naruto took one of his hands off her hips and cupped her breasts with it. Grinning, Naruto targeted Rei's G-spot and pounded into it, making her scream in pleasure.

"Damn, you have a pair of lungs on you." Yuuki complimented as she started to massage Rei's breasts.

"Naruto-kun, I about to-"

"So am I, Rei-chan!"

Both yelled out as Naruto slammed into Rei with a final thrust, releasing his seed into her just as she came, the pleasure from her first time driving her insane.

When it was over, Rei collapsed on Yuuki and blacked out with the pleasure, moaning, "Naruto-kun…"

(LEMON OVER, you kiddies can come out now. It's safe!)

"Well…" Yuuki said, gently rolling Rei off top of her, "That was some secret she kept. How the hell are we gonna explain this to Takashi?"

"Good point," Naruto said before adopting a mischievous grin, "Go for it."

"Me," Yuuki raised an eyebrow, "By we, I meant you, asshole."

"I love you too, Yuuki-hime." Naruto said as he put his pant back on, "In all seriousness, we are going to tell Takashi when the time comes. It was Rei's secret to began with."

Yuuki sighed, putting her tanktop and panties back on, "You're right. Besides, I had enough melodrama from Rei here."

"Make that two of us…" Naruto agreed as he looked at his phone, "We have about 20 minutes until our ride gets here. We'll wake the others up in 10 minutes."

"Understood." Yuuki said, grabbing a crossbow and loading it.


On the bridge, a new wave of survivors was running across the bridge, trying to get to the blockade, bobbing and weaving though the undead without getting bitten. But unfortunately, some of the people on the other side had other plans.

"Are you sure about this?" a man inside of a bulldozer in front of the blockade stammered in shock.

"We'll take total responsibility for everything," said the officer talking to him, "Just do it now!"

The driver gulped and turned on his machine, "Are you serious?"

The survivors nearly made it to the blockade, but were horrified to see a several bulldozers coming their way.

"Screw you all! DIE!" the lead driver roared as he drove down the bridge, intent on running everything over, dead or alive.

"Dammit! The people on the other side have abandoned us like this!" shouted one of the survivors, as another jumped on an abandoned car to warn the other survivors, "Get away! You're going to get crushed if you come this way!"

Terrified, the other survivors ran for it.

Meanwhile, at the blockade, an officer was shouting into the radio.

"That's the way! Come back with the bulldozer once you reach the middle of the bridge! You're permitted to shoot anyone that enters the area! This is an order from-"

A loud gunshot interrupted him. He turned and was horrified to find the police captain committing suicide via gunshot to the head, his body falling to the ground as a picture of his family floated to the ground.

Before the officer could cry in terror, the female reporter pointed to the horizon, "Look, over there!"

The others looked to see a fleet of ship speed towards them, the sign of Spiral Corp shining brightly on their ships.

(Minami Rika's residence)

"What the?"

Returning from downstairs after checking up on his group, Naruto frowned when he heard a dog barking outside.

"A dog out right now? And it's awfully close- Oh no…"

He rushed up the spiral staircase, through the bedroom, and came out to the balcony.

"Yuuki-hime…" he said, coming next to her, noticing her serious expression and what she's wielding the modified AR-10.

"Bad news, we have a problem." she said, pointing down to the street, where the undead started to gather, "And the little pup's outside the Sound Barrier Jutsu."

"Damn. We got to go now- Huh?"

"What's wrong, Naruto-kun?"

"Over there!" he said, pointing to the horizon.

Yuuki squinted her eyes, "Those are… Pelican-class rescue ships! They're here!"

"Come on, let's get the others up!" Naruto said, as he and Yuuki ran downstairs.

(Main Pelican-class rescue ship)

"All right people. You know what to do!"

"Ma'am, yes ma'am!"

Naruko watched as the Uzu soldiers commence the rescue operation by shooting at the undead while the doors to the ships opened up, letting the soldiers land on the ground to exterminate the zombies.

She then looked over, using her Eagle Sense to locate Minami Rika's house and saw her twin brother and his group moving around in it.

"Just hold on, Naruto-nii."


Next time – Chapter 07: Rescuing from the Dead

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