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Chapter 1: Her cup of tea

It was a very hot day outside and everyone who was working in the CBI building was simply pissed off. This was supposed to be a holiday, but since murderers didn't take a summer break they had tossed up a coin. The losers had to work for the first month; the winners took over the second month. Now all the losers could do was occasionally throw a longing look outside, where the sun was burning in the sky. Lisbon sat with the others at Jane's desk –it wasn't like he used it anyway- taking a short break. Jane was nowhere in sight. He was probably up in his attic, lazing around. Surprisingly enough Van Pelt took that moment to mention him.

"You know, I haven't seen Jane in a while…"

"Ugh. I've had it with that guy. Seriously, isn't there a rule for consultants to actually do something?" Rigsby growled, before taking a big bite out of his muffin.

"Nope," Cho deadpanned without as much as looking up from his computer screen.

"Well, it wouldn't be so bad if he at least didn't accuse every single suspect of murder." All three let out of deep sigh.

"You know," Lisbon said, lost in thoughts. "He actually is a nice person... Under the whole 'not nice thing', of course." As soon as it left her mouth everything fell silent, and when she looked up she caught everyone in the bullpen staring at her. Apparently Rigsby even dropped his muffin, because his empty hand was halfway to his mouth, frozen in midair. She couldn't believe she had just said that out loud. "Uh... I was just... Just carry on, alright?" She started to gather the files that were laying all over Jane's unused desk in an awkward manner, and escaped to her office as all her employees quickly continued working. Something was really wrong with her lately. Since Jane had asked her out on a date after all the weird buying-a-couch-together stuff, she couldn't control her thoughts anymore. The only damn thing she could think about was HIM. Everything around her reminded her of him.

It completely pissed her off.

Besides, being obsessed with her annoying consultant wasn't even the worst part. The guy was a freaking mind reader. He would probably need five seconds to guess her thoughts, and she would never hear the end of it. Never. There was only one option: she would have to avoid him. Really avoid him. She closed the blinds and shut the door. There. Not to disturb Lisbon.

It was not until five a clock until she dared to come out again for a cup of tea. Not coffee. After her sixth cup that morning she suddenly found herself totally sick of the strong, black liquid. Lisbon found the cupboards in the kitchen almost full with some kind of mango crap tea: Jane's favorite flavor.
"Here we go again…" she muttered. Seriously, why was everything always about her annoying consultant here? Why couldn't things be about her for once? She was the boss, for heaven's sake! Standing on the tip of her toes, she managed to find a half-empty box of Turkish apple tea in the back. Perfect.

Soon there was a steamy cup of tea almost calling her name, and she couldn't wait to take it with her to her office…
But not before she wrote her name on the box of tea sachets and defiantly placed it in front of Jane's tea. That'll lteach him. She wasn't sure what exactly he was supposed to learn from that, but at least it would made her feel better. Unfortunately, she didn't get her well-deserved rest, because as soon as she sat down again, Hightower furiously strode in.

Apparently Jane wasn't in the attic at all.

He had gone to the main suspect's house, gone so far as to go behind their back, just because he wanted to question the guy. Hell, the suspect even confessed. But not before Jane had offended everyone in the house, including the neighbors that were just visiting. Three men filed complains. Hightower concluded with the familiar threat to fire Lisbon if this would happen one more time and stormed off again. Teresa was left with her almost cold tea and a miserable feeling.

It was like that stupid man was having a field day or something. He was obviously acting like a toddler, throwing insults at every person he saw? God, why was it always her? She buried her face in her hands.


Jane was having a field day. He felt great. Amazing. Superb.

Not only had Lisbon agreed on a date with him yesterday, he also discovered the murderer in ten minutes and he totally had fun making all the other suspects look bad, too. Now he wanted to show off and tell Teresa that he had solved the case while she had been doing stupid paperwork. Maybe then she would finally see how useless doing that stuff was.

But he wanted to grab a cup of tea first. Without looking, he took the first box in his reach… and dropped it in shock. That wasn't his tea. It said Lisbon… Lisbon drunk tea? That was not good. Maybe she wasn't feeling well, or ill, or worse: maybe she was depressed! He had to check her out now! All his plans forgotten, he quickly made his way to her office. There she was, hiding her face in her hands. This was not good.

"Lisbon!" She looked up with a strange look of horror. "Are you okay?" he asked, worried. She mumbled something. "What?"

"I said: Are you freaking kidding me? First you make my life a living hell and now you play oh-so-innocent?"

"Uh," Jane began, but she interrupted him, yelling furiously.

"Have you ANY IDEA how much pain I go through every single day because you can't seem to be NICE to people!" Well, that wasn't really fair.

"As I seem to recall, yelling is not really nice either…"

"Oh, you just try and blame this on me, see what happens!" At this point, everyone in the bullpen was stretching their necks, trying to get a look of the scene that was going on in her office. Jane almost groaned out loud. What had he done this time? He didn't really want her to be mad at her. But his suggestions to make it up to her always made her even angrier, so he just asked: "What do you want me to do?"

"Well, you could start apologizing!"

"Sorry that you're angry because you don't approve of my method of catching murders," he said smoothly, even smiling a little. Then he caught sight of her expression. Uh-oh.

"No!" Teresa yelled, extremely frustrated. "You're supposed to be sorry about DOING something that made me angry!"

"Well, I could hardly apologize for something I'm absolutely not sorry about." That was logical, right? Teresa took a deep breath, shortly closing her eyes.

"Okay, that's it. Our date is cancelled."

"What?" He couldn't believe what she'd just said. "You don't mean that!"

"Try me."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry! There!" He desperate raised his hands in a gesture of innocence. The brown haired agent glared at him.

"Bite me!" and with that she brushed alongside him, disappearing in the direction of the elevator, leaving him standing in the door opening. All the curious employees quickly averted their heads when she strode by and left. As soon as the doors from the elevator closed, they started to animatedly whisper to each other.

"Did we really hear that?" "They're dating?" "I knew it!" "Oh my god, how scandalous!" "Listen, did you hear about Jane and Lisbon from team 3…"

Jane clenched his teeth together. Great. When Lisbon would return the next morning and find out that everyone knew about their date, she would be totally pissed off again.

"Um... We're not dating!" he yelled to no one in particular, but he could sense from the huffing and giggling that nobody believed him. Just great. Now he had to come up with something as big as a birthday pony or she would hate him forever. And he wanted that date.

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