Wednesday, January 3rd, 201l, 5:52 PM
On a train headed to Danbury, CT from Stamford, CT

A young teenage girl sits on a train next to her mother, flying through the newspaper. She has already finished the crossword puzzle, the quote and word scrambles, and the suduko puzzle in under five minutes. As the train stops at the West Redding station, Dr. Spencer Reid of the BAU stands, grabbing his laptop bag, and walks past the girl, who has finished reading the paper and has opened a sketchbook to a very elaborate drawing of a dancer and a horse in pencil. Reid brushes his coat on her arm as he hastily puts it on, and the two lock eyes. She smiles, and Reid is forced to smile back. Before stepping onto the platform, he looks at her again, they lock eyes, and wave at each other. Then Reid heads to JJ, Will, and Henry's waiting smiles as the girl continues drawing.

Five minutes after Reid got off, however, a masked man comes into the car where the girl has just put everything of hers in her shoulder bag, anticipating her and her mother's stop in Bethel, where the two would walk home. The man holds a loaded gun, and aims it at the girl.

"You, come with me," he said, his voice accented with the tell-tale signs of a Brit.

"But-" the girl protests, but he sets his finger on the trigger.

"I'd hate to waste a perfectly good bullet on you or your mother, or anyone in this train," he said, waving it in the air when he mentioned the other passengers, who all have grown nervous. "Once again," he continues, aiming the gun again at her head, "come with me." When the girl didn't move, he grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the back of the train.

"I love you!" her mother cried.

"I love you too!" the girl responded, and then the train door separated them.

Once at the back of the train's last car, where the engineer's controls were, the man let go of her arm.

"Stay here. You'll survive if you do," he said, putting his gun away. With that, he left the girl in the compartment, blocking the door on his way out.

The sound of footsteps died quickly, and soon the girl began to panic. She was about to open the rear door to jump out in an escape attempt, when suddenly everything around her ceased to exist, flames taking their place, a loud boom! reverberating through the her bones and ears. She landed fifteen feet away from the flaming wreckage of what used to be the train, safe in a soft patch of moss and grass and moist dirt. She tried to get up, but after a quick examination of her sore wrist and ankle, she determined she had a minor fracture in her wrist and most definitely a twisted ankle. Another pain, one burning and sharp, radiated up and down her spine-most likely her scoliosis acting up from the jolting from the explosion.

After assessing this information quickly, she began to scan the wreck for life with her eyes. Nothing moved, no sound was made by anything besides the flames and birds around her, and even then they were faint, as her hearing had been damaged slightly, until the armed man who had put her in the rear to save her life stood and trotted back towards West Redding with a slight limp, shouting, "I'll see you again, Amy."