aastaroth and kitten. ome day astaroth wass pettign s kitten and he decide d that eh really like to prt the kitten so he want ti buy it and did. he was so happy amd also the kittten was happy. thrm therr was a pronblem when the kittrn eas not interested inngettting pets anymore. the kitten was called snickers by asstaroth bc he also reallu like snickers and whant to showmhow much he like the kitty. snickerss the cat decide she did not loke pets and only like whatching tv and astorath was sad. he cried .the kity watched some silly tv shows and also some bad-ass ones like Sopranos-it was rated M-j"ust like my atitude" snikcers thogt.

in thrn,eantime while the tynie kitty watched maury and other TV Astaroth went to fight sum bad guys and he got lots of KO with his big hammer. but he felt lonleyness in his heart. he knew it was just him missing thrnkitty amd probabaly not wanting a gf/bf for his 'sexueal horn" si he decuded to go home and try to play kitten again.

Arstorith got home and sayed "i,m sorry i was gone kitty but i could never forget abt you-" but thr kiettn was gone! oh shit thhogt the hammer/axe-wielding macho man. asroroth went looking rverywherre tomfind snickers but could'nt find him anywhere. he gave up amd went to grt coffee. at the coffie shop eh saw amother cat amd asked it what"/ it"s name was and it saed BabyRuth and it made AStor more sad bc it was also named forms a candy bra. he cried while drinking his frapachino like a bitchc but nthen he hears a meow... wait. "THAT WASNT A BABY RUTH" and it wasnt' it was Snickers and AStortoh was finally halpy again.