Following todays earlier spoilers, here's some of my musings for what might happen.

Alice yawned tiredly as she rocked Robert to and fro gently. It was three in the morning and Robert was wide awake and had been for hours, crying and screaming. She sighed, it wasn't his fault he was teething but she just felt so tired, so drained and worse? Danny didn't seem to notice or care. He was so wrapped up in his work and the animals. As usual they came first and Alice felt neglected - it was as though he expected her to do it all - from looking after the animals to looking after their son in the middle of the night. She was running on zero.


She turned to see her husband standing in the doorway. He rubbed his eyes tiredly as he padded forward towards her. She exhaled heavily and looked towards him with her exhausted eyes.

"He's teething hmm?"

"Yep." Alice replied watching her husband sit across from her on a wooden chair they'd bought in town.

"The lion is doing well..." Danny commented as he glanced out of the window.

"What does that have to do with Robert teething?" Alice spat moodily, "But for the record yes he is doing well."

"I was just saying." Danny replied through gritted teeth. "You want a hand?"

She shrugged, hoping that he'd realise that she did in fact need a hand and maybe even some time off. Instead, he nodded, standing up and kissing her on the forehead softly as he left, shutting the door behind him. Alice swallowed, tears welling - why didn't he see how hard this was for her? Why didn't he care?


"Rosie! What more can I do?" Dylan exclaimed as he whipped his shirt off to show off his perfectly toned body, "They hate me."

"But if you could just get Dad on your side, it'd make me happy." Rosie sighed sitting up in bed.

"Even Alice hates me." He spat, "I love you Rosie and I want to marry you in a few days time. If they can't see your happy then that is their problem."

"I don't want to lose my family Dyl." Rosie said softly.

"You won't." He replied softly as he sat on the edge of the bed. "I promise, I'll win their hearts, just like I won yours."

Rosie sighed as she leant forward and kissed him. When she split up with Max, she never thought she could be happy again, then once night Dylan walked into Fatani's bar. At first she rejected him but after he continued his pursuit she finally gave in and admitted she liked him. Now she loved him to bits and pieces and was marrying him in just a few days time. The only downside was no one in the family appeared to like him. Even Alice, who liked everyone, didn't take to him all that kindly.

"I know you will." She finally whispered, wrapping her arms around him.


Dup gasped as another short, stabbing pain hit him, momentarily causing him to lose his breath. This had been going on for a few days and his angina had been playing up too. He swallowed, maybe he should go see a doctor. The thing was he didn't want Caroline to worry about him. He nodded to himself, he was going to go this afternoon.

Walking out he smiled as he saw his family sat around the breakfast table. Alice was giving Robert a bottle as Danny watched on, eating his toast lazily. Dup frowned slightly, Alice seemed slightly annoyed with Danny, then again what was new? When wasn't that man being an idiot? Liv was also sat there with Charlotte, both talking avidly about something. Across from them Caroline was sat with Nomsa, eating her breakfast as both women spoke.

"Morning." Dup coughed as he made his way to his seat beside Caroline.

"Morning." Caroline replied squeezing his hand gently. He grinned, this was what he loved - family - even with Robert's screaming!

"Dup, will you do me a favour and go see Martin?" Danny asked, "I have his passports ready for his zebra."

"Ach man, I don't have time... can't Alice go?" Dup exclaimed, "I have to go town."

"What for?" Caroline pressed.

"Got tooth ache woman." Dup said in a final tone.

"Fine." Alice breathed, annoyed at Danny's expectant expression, "You'll have to watch Robert."

"I can't." Danny retorted,


"I'm working!" He exclaimed.

"Yes, and I work every day and still have to look after him." Alice said heatedly,

"I'll look after him!" Liv spoke up trying to stop the argument before it could escalate.

"I could go." Dylan suggested as he and Rosie walked into the room. Danny snorted slightly at his suggestion causing Alice to glare at him even angrier than before.

"I think Alice will be fine thanks." Danny retorted.

"Suit yourself." Dylan shrugged, "It's on my way to work."

"I said no." Danny replied moodily, dismissing him. Rosie narrowed her eyes at her Dad, looking to Alice for support. Alice shrugged signaling that this was between Rosie, Dylan and her Dad and that she wanted little involvement. Rosie sighed, she couldn't blame her. She was working and looking after Robert, Danny disliking Dylan was probably the least of her worries especially since her earlier efforts to get them to find something in common had failed.

"Dylan just go to work." Rosie sighed, "I'll see you later." She mumbled, kissing him quickly. Dylan shook his head and pulled her back, kissing her with passion on purpose. He was sick of Danny's shit!

"Childish much?" Liv laughed, "You seriously need to get a grip."

"I'm saying goodbye to the woman I love." Dylan responded, "Laters babe." He smiled, caressing Rosie's face softly before making his way out, ignoring the evils Danny was shooting him.

"Well, considering you're all in such a great mood I'm going to work." Rosie announced, "I'll do the animals. Dad, come down when you're not being as childish as him."

"Why can't she see it?" Danny asked the table as his daughter stalked off, "That boy is no good!"

"She loves him." Alice replied, "The least we could do is make some sort of effort."

"You're the one who said you didn't trust him!" Danny exclaimed.

"Maybe, and I don't. But Rosie loves him and even if you're refusing to attend the wedding, I'm not." Alice replied, "Because if she really loves him enough to marry him no matter what we say or put her through then I'm not going to hurt her by taking part in this pathetic game you're playing."

"You're one to talk about being pathetic." Danny muttered, "Any road, think what you will, I'm going. Make sure you deliver those passports."

"Oh don't worry, I will! Maybe I'll go find my own!" Alice growled.

"Get a grip Alice." He said simply before walking off leaving a tensive atmosphere in his wake. Caroline looked sympathetically towards Alice, but before any kind words could be offered she stood up and walked out of the room leaving the remainder of the family in shock.

"This is a bad business." Dup exclaimed, "Now, I'm off to get this tooth sorted. See you later."


An hour later and Alice was at Mara. Ed and Fiona had left selling their half, Mara, to a man named Martin. He was around Danny's age, but slightly larger and much more interested in the luxurious, business side of things. He was a nice man though - just over expressive at times. She sighed as she retrieved the passports off the seat. She was still seething at Danny - thankfully Liv had said she was free until five to look after Robert - still, on that note, she shouldn't have to rely on her stepdaughter. What happened to being a team?

Martin grinned as he noticed Alice making her way over to his office. He quickly ripped his tie off, unbuttoning the top of his shirt and clearing his desk of all papers. Hmm, what he'd like to do to her over a desk. He swallowed, she was fit and feisty and he wondered how on Earth she could have managed to settle for Danny Trevanion. She could have who she wanted, preferably him.

"Alice." He crooned as she walked in, making it obvious he was checking her out, "You look great."

"Thanks." She replied bluntly, "Here, Danny has signed your passport."

"Oh, is that an undertone I hear?" He asked, silence followed, "Sorry, too personal."

"No, you're ok. I'm just stressed. We argued this morning." She explained, "We're busy."

"He's crazy, letting a beautiful lady like you get upset. I'd never treat you in that way, I'd certainly never be too busy for you." He said softly, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Alice blushed slightly from the attention - attention she craved. "Umm no, I have to get back to Robbie. Is there anything else?"

Martin stood up slowly, he took her hand gently. "Well you know where I am."

"Yeh..." Alice coughed, taking her hand out of his as he squeezed it, his eyes demanding hers to remain in contact with his "I'll remember that... listen I have to go."

"Of course, see you later babe." Martin smiled putting his hand at the base of her back as he guided her out.

"Bye." Alice responded, making her quick get away to the Jeep. She rubbed her face; he was being far too friendly. Still, maybe this was what was needed, to make Danny realise what he had! She shook her head, she couldn't play Martin like that and she wouldn't. She couldn't do it to Danny or herself. She loved him with all her heart despite his idiotic ways. Still, maybe Martin could be a good friend? If she could get him to understand that that's all they could ever be.


Dup swallowed as the doctor looked at him, a grave expression upon his face. He'd never felt so nervous about the test result in his life. He just hoped that his worst fears weren't about to be confirmed. He had a feeling he knew what this was.

"Anders, you're tests came back." The doctor began, his tone sad and sympathetic, "Your heart is very weak Anders."

"So give me some antibiotics or those beta-blocker things..."

"It's not as simple as that. You've been doing too much; you need to go on immediate bed rest."

"And without it?" Dup asked timidly.

"Without immediate bed rest, I'm sorry Anders, but you should prepare for the worst." The doctor said softly.

"I'm dying." Dup whispered hoarsely, "How long?"

"Days." The doctor responded, "Couple of weeks with bed rest." He shook his head, "I'm sorry Anders. Would you like a lift home?"

"No. I'll be fine... thanks Doc." Dup croaked, "I need to go sort things out..."

The doctor shook Dup's hand, nodding before showing him out. Dup swallowed, he had days to live and in those days he was going to make a difference.

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