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Warnings: Abuse, tortures, rape, swearing.

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The cell was small. Walls were wet, reddish paint was peeling from them like skin after the sunburn. Two small, barred windows gave a little light. The floor was concrete. Heavy, metal doors, only opening from the outside. In the air hung the smell of decomposing bodies, urine and blood. In one corner of the room, leaning on his shoulder against the wall, sat a man with his head down on his chest. He was dressed in black cargo pants and gray shirt. His arms were painfully tied back on his back with a thick rope from which he had sore wrists. His eyes were covered with black cloth, so that he couldn't see what and who is doing it to him.

He had been in the room for a few hours. Any questions, torture, explanations, requests - simply nothing from the moment they left him here. The room was stuffy and many could throw up from its odour.

The man shifted to slightly change the position of his body. He realized what his torturers were doing to him. They tormented him physically and mentally but in a different way, more sophisticated.

Alejandro Fuertez, arms, drugs and human beings dealer with dual American and Mexican citizenship, was known for its 'hospitality'.

The man in the cell sighed. He didn't expect that he would be betrayed by the person he trusted for so long.


They were going into the dark shed with a group of Coyotes, which they infiltrated. Today they had completed their task and will return to Baltimore. They stopped in front of the container. The port light was falling into the shed through broken glass. They had to unload the truck. Tall Latino opened the container and looked at the two of them.

"Start unloading." he ordered. They were in the course of discharging the platform, when he turned and it was his fault. Suddenly he saw his partner aiming at him with a gun.

"Danny?" he asked, surprised and confused.

"They pay more, Tony," reddish haired man just shrugged, as if saying 'sorry' to his partner. After a while, one of the dealers had went behind Tony's back, put black fabric bag on his head, and then whacked him in the head with his gun.

**End of the flashback**

He couldn't believe that his friend and partner, had sold out. Two fucking years they served, shoulder to shoulder, in the Police Homicide in Baltimore. They were assigned to this task because all the police officers in drugs department were known to the Fuertez's drug cartel. Detectives Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo and Daniel 'Danny' Price were the best detectives in their department.

Tony even wanted Danny to be the best man at his wedding with Wendy. It was Danny that comforted him after Wendy ran from him just from the church on their wedding day. That's why his partner's betrayal hurt him so terribly

My father was right, he thought bitterly. He would end up in a sludge or gutter, killed in a foreign country, and no one will ever know that Danny had betrayed him.

Tony angrily slammed his arm against the wall. For three hours he was trying to free his hands from the bonds, which only ended with wrists grazed to the blood. Rubbing against the wall he was trying to pull the blindfold from the eyes, but it was also ineffective.

His mouth went already dry, his lips were chapped, he felt nauseated from the stench, his arms were numb.

They left him alone with his thoughts. He had time to analyze the shit situation he was in.

As a fan of action movies, especially the classics of the eighties and nineties, he always believed that even from the worst oppression escape is possible. But with each passing minute spent in this cell, his faith waned. He wondered what happened to the narcotics division, which was supposed to help them? Danny had to notify them.

But now, as he thought... Danny had given them the wrong address.

Damn it! He swore, jerking.

Why didn't he figure out that Danny is dirty?

Because, you idiot, you trusted him too much! he scolded himself silently. For the first time in his life he allowed himself to trust his partner in one hundred percent.

"First and last," he growled through clenched teeth to himself.

He ignored his feeling or rather interpreted it wrong. He was angry at himself and Danny that he was played so easily. He would prefer that his partner just shot him in the head when he was turned to his back. He wouldn't know it was his own partner that betrayed him.

Suddenly the bolt gritted and the doors opened. Two Coyotes approached the bound man and led him out of his cell.