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Chapter 5

He spent three more days in the hospital. Fortunately, it was possible to remove the bullet, or rather the piece of it, without unnecessary complications, to his and doctors euphoria. Although he didn't wish for Agent Gibbs to visits him and he informed the hospital staff about it, he knew that the man was waiting like a bulldog at his door. When in the mornings he woke up, he could feel a slight smell of coffee in the room, proving that Gibbs recently visited him, even though the detective didn't want it.

On the fourth day he was finally released from the hospital. He got a sheaf of papers containing hospital documentation, prescriptions and list of orders; what he was allowed to do and what he wasn't. He was surprised when the nurse brought him new clothes. His old were thrown out, and he wondered how he would get out of the hospital without them. There was no one who could bring him his things. He got not only clothes, but also the toiletries, to be able to clean up before going to the airport. Tony didn't want to stay too long at this place. As it turned out, he had plane tickets waiting for him at airport. Tony signed the last papers really happy it's over, well... his 'nice visit' in the hospital. He was only dreaming about coming home, and he got the feeling that apparently someone took care of everything with perfect precision and DiNozzo thought that he knew who was behind it all, because at the moment he held in his healthy hand the navy blue backpack with NCIS badge on it.

So the man him leaning on a black, rented SUV that was parked on the driveway for ambulances didn't surprise him at all.

"You are annoying," Tony snapped getting into the car.

"Nothing new," replied Gibbs moving ahead.

Tony decided not to make thing easier for the agent. He allowed him to drive to the airport. What he didn't expect was that the agent boarded the plane and took a seat next to him.

"It's a plane to Washington, DC," Tony said reading the destination on the ticket that he got.

"You need to make a statement," Gibbs replied sitting down comfortably and closing his eyes as if going to sleep, he added, "And we got the unfinished issue."

Tony already wanted to growl something to him, but felt like it didn't make sense right now. He was still too tired mentally to snap at this bastard. When they land in DC he will deal with this bastard, he promised to himself.


From the airport drove them the FBI agent Tobias Fornell and they went straight to Gibbs house, which was another surprise for the detective. As soon as they entered the house, Tony had the impression that in these areas the time have stopped. He immediately could tell that nothing here has changed over the years. Gibbs pointed him the couch with his hand while he talked to someone very hyperactive over the phone.

"Did you let him get a word?" Fornell asked suddenly.

"Me? For four days, no one of you wag the fucking finger to do something!" Tony tried not to raise his voice. Doctors told him not to get upset, but how he would be able to remain calm in such conditions.

"We've done what we could, and before you stop me, you need to know that Fuertez been untouchable very long by the local government," the FBI agent began to explain.

"You mean, that he bribed the police and the courts in Mexico," DiNozzo guess, resting his head on his hands.

"Unfortunately," Fornell grimaced when he said this. "Well, I'll get going. Let him tell you the rest. See ya later, Jethro." FBI agent left them alone.

"So..." Tony began looking at Gibbs, who came back with two hot cups of coffee and tea.

"Tea?" Tony raised his eyebrow.

"Doctor orders," answered shortly Gibbs and sat on the couch next to DiNozzo. "We knew that we need to send someone undercover to get Fuertez and Coyotes and then get back Sergeant Wilson. During the mission, we learned that the Baltimore Drug Department also wants to get Fuertez. We could stop you but... we given up this idea."

"You found out that Danny was dirty," Tony finished, feeling even worse. "If you stopped Danny, that would just inform them that they have someone inside on their cartel."

Indeed, the unfavorable and standoff situation.

"We carefully studied your file and concluded, that whatever happens you're strong enough to come out of this hell," in Gibbs' voice was strange, filled with some kind of pride and regret.

"Geez, you deduced all of this from my file?" Tony was surprised. This man was crazy or what?

"What about the Sergeant?" Tony asked suddenly. He wanted to change the topic.

"The Coyotes focused all their attention on you. They beat him, but nothing more," said Gibbs and laid his eyes on his cup. Tony could sense that something was up, something more, but for some reason it was hard for Gibbs to tell him this. Then Gibbs put his intense glare on DiNozzo and began speaking with heavy, tired and bitter voice:

"I had to chose, because the Coyotes kidnapped the daughter of Chief of Mexico City Police Department. The cops couldn't find her, so I chose to let them hurt you and pray that they would eventually bring her to the place where you and the Sergeant were. I heard rumors that they do this so I waited with the rescue mission."

"How old...?" Tony asked confused. He was pissed and didn't understand why it's happening to him but if there was someone's life on the line, that changed everything.

"Eight, eight years old," answered Gibbs and Tony could feel the anger that radiated from agent's body. "She's all right thanks to you."

"Thanks to me?" DiNozzo couldn't believe that two people was saved thanks to his unaware sacrifice.

"Unbelievable, uh?" Gibbs smiled sadly. "Quickly after they brought the girl to this place I gave the FBI and LEO's the green light. They wanted to wait for the Fuertez to show up, but you couldn't wait any longer."

Tony fell on the back of the couch, watching out for injured shoulder. He was confused. Gibbs was a bastard, bastard of bastards but he had to act quickly. He chose the lesser of two evils.

He hastened the rescue mission because of me! went through his mind, And all the time with his presence and the barely visible gesture of pat on the chin he gave me to understand that I need to fight.

"I don't often say this, but I need to say it to you," Gibbs began and Tony looked at him. The agent look tired and older than he surely was, "I'm sorry, Tony, for what happen to you."

Tony was watching him very carefully. He got the feeling that Gibbs was the man of the action and when he said something it was important and significant.

"But," he continued, "I know that you would be more pissed at me if I let this kid get hurt."

"How on Earth you could know?" this man is a wizard or some psych, or what? But of course he was right. Tony would be more pissed if that happened. Tony was surprised that Gibbs, not knowing him personally, knew him better than anyone. And in some way it was scary.

"What's now?" DiNozzo asked without opening his eyes. After those few days in captivity he learned to sense the presence of Gibbs, and in some way it felt safe for him. He didn't know if it was the beginning of the PTSD or Stockholm syndrome, but right now he simply didn't care.

"It was a hell of a long day," said Gibbs getting up.

"Indeed," Tony nodded. In fact, he was hungry and tired, "You offer hospitality?"

"What do you think?" Gibbs threw, carrying two plates of food.

"How?" Tony raised an eyebrow. They had just arrived, so how Gibbs had time to prepare the food?

"Tomorrow we're going to NCIS, Abby called. She wants to meet you," Gibbs presented an action plan for the next day.

"Abby?" Detective looked expectantly at agent, but didn't receive any response, just light smirk on his face.

"I'm not the wizard, and the food conjured up itself." Gibbs added, as if he read Tony's mind. "Eat because the bed is calling your name."

"Mindreader." Tony mumbled under his nose, chewing the food that wasn't hospital gruel, but still it was healthy, diet food that doctors recommended him to eat for couple of days.

Right now therefore he began to thinking about his job. Would he be able to still work as field detective? Is he strong enough as Gibbs trough? Did he want to get back to Baltimore and work as PD's detective after he was betrayed? Maybe his father was right, maybe...

"Meds and bed." Sharp order brought him back from his thoughts, and Tony more and more confirmed himself in the belief that Gibbs actually was a mindreader.