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Prologue-Before the Infection

Spring Fountain Valley was a small village located in the outskirts of Fairfield. It was so small that you couldn't find it on most maps. The type of place that it was, was the kind of place where you would drive in, get gas and then leave, never stopping to think of the place.

The small village didn't mind though, it had everything it could need-a shopping market, a library, a medical centre and a school.

Of course there was a cemetery and church too, but the villager's weren't obsessed with that.

It was a place where you could grow up in peace but not somewhere you could actually make a living in life.

Of course, that was before the infection hit.

Two Weeks Before Infection

Location: Spring Fountain Valley, Medical Centre

Carefully placing the needle into the skin, she moved fluently as she stitched the skin back together, ignoring the moans of pain from above her.

"What have you learnt this time Jeremy?" Bright blue eyes stared into scared grey eyes, getting a sniffle in return.

"I'm sorry Doctor Phillips, I didn't mean to go over the field again. But everyone else was doing it!" The eleven-year-old boy whined, trying to gain symphony.

Doctor Phillips narrowed her eyes, "and if they told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?"

He looked down, eyes shifting away from the adults. "No…"

She sighed before finally pulling the needle away and having a look at her work. The wound, which the boy had gotten after taking his shoes off and trying to climb over a barbed wire, was now closed. There was some dried up blood but she easily took care of that by whipping it off with a cloth.

"Stay off your feet for a while, at least until the injury is fully healed," she said, waving goodbye to Jeremy's parents as they took him away.

Once they were gone, she sighed in relief. It seems a lot of people have been coming to the Medical Centre, but they all seem to complain about feeling ill and coughing. Jeremy was the only exception.

She ran a hand through her short blonde hair before grabbing a nearby hair-tie and putting it into a pony tail. She sat down on her chair, the type that spins, and glanced at a photo place don her desk.

In it was a picture of a man with curly brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes. He had a joyful smile on his face, seeming ready to burst from his wheelchair. Holding onto the wheelchair handles was her, when she was younger. In this picture she did not have her wrinkles yet and her hair was much longer.

A found smile came onto Doctor Phillip's face as she gazed at the man. "Tom…"

"Allison, honey, you've been working all day. You should go home now." A vice spoke up, snapping Allison from her thoughts.

She smiled, but it looked bitter, "how can I go home? The love of my life is ill and I have no idea what is wrong with him. For Pete's sake, I'm a doctor."

The nurse placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "it's probably just a cold. He'll be well in no time. Now go, I don't want to see you back here until you're at full health."

Allison stood from her chair, grabbing her bag, before bowing her head. "Thank you Penny, I'll see you tomorrow."

Penny just chuckled before waving her hand, "sure, whatever honey."

As Allison walked into the lobby, ready to go home, she noticed that one of the patients looked awfully sick. His skin was practically turning grey, but then she shook her head.

There were other doctors far more skilled then her that could take care of the problem. Right now she needed to go tend to her husband.

Location: Fairfield, Burger Tank

Clyde Weasley was a man who preferred to be at the 'top of his game.' Because of this, most people did not get along with him, mostly because of his rude personality.

However because of his personality, it made his ex-wife, Patricia, divorce him. She ended up having custody over their son, a boy that couldn't stop eating, and got most of the money.

Which made Clyde's personality all the more annoying.

"So, our son is at Mercy Hospital and you won't even help pay the bills? I cannot believe this…wait, yes I can. You were always this selfish." Patricia growled, glaring at the black haired man that sat across from her.

Clyde scoffed, making sure to wink at a near by waitress before regarding his ex-wife with boredom. "He's not my son anymore. Besides, you took most of my money, where am I supposed to get some from?"

Patricia stood up, her chair making a loud ~CLANG~ sound as people turned to regard them curiously. "You selfish BASTARD! He is sick, he might have that stupid flu that people are going on about! I just CANNOT believe how SELFISH you are! Good day Clyde, I expect those bankers will be taking action soon, I know that you haven't been paying your bills."

She then grabbed her purse and left the restaurant, the people still staring at Clyde. Clyde hissed at them, getting mixed looks before he too left the restaurant.

It was true. Clyde owed a lot of people money but every time he tried to get a job people would turn him away because of his actions.

"They wouldn't understand anyway," he mumbled. He was then brought out of his thoughts when he felt someone collide into him.

Looking at the perpetrator he hesitated at yelling at them. They seemed to look really ill and it looked like the person wasn't even aware of what he did.

Clyde watched as the man staggered past him and shrugged his shoulders.

"People these days…"

Location: Spring Fountain Valley, Library

If there was one thing that brought calmness to Steven, it was books. Books could listen to you as you ramble to them. Books could not talk back. Books can take you to an alternate reality full of knowledge and wonders.

That was the life for Steven Hawkeye, the librarian.

Today was a quiet day in the library, there were only a few people in either studying or just reading. Steven used this time to sort the books out, make sure to put them alphabetically.

Some ladies nearby giggled at how the much enthusiasm the black-skinned man was showing doing his job. His green eyes were sparked in happiness, hidden behind plain glasses as his shaggy brown hair framed his face.

You would think that Steven was lonely, being the only one to work at the library, but he was alright. His only family, older sister Laura and her son David, were living in New Orleans so they couldn't see each other much.

As everyone settled into their own worlds, the peace was disturbed when a man barged into the library.

He looked frantic, his hand covering his mouth.

"Are you alright, sir?" Steven asked but recoiled when the man throw up on the floor. Some people covered their mouths in disgust while Steven noticed that the vomit was a weird shade of green.

The man looked at him with tear-filled eyes. "I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me!"

Steven sighed before smiling at the man, "it's alright. This isn't the first time. I'll go and get a mop. You should go and see a doctor."

The man nodded before practically fleeing the scene.

After cleaning up the mess, Steven went back to sorting the books.

Though he was still curious about the new sickness that was hitting the village.

Location: Fairfield, Mercy Hospital

A 17-year-old girl stood leaning against a wall in Mercy Hospital. She looked at all the patients boredly before sighing.

She brushed her red hair away from her hazel eyes, thinking about possibly getting a haircut.

She was jolted out of musings when her phone rang. She pressed the answer button before putting the small device near her ear.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Have you got the medicine yet?" A hoarse voiced asked, causing the girl to narrow her eyes.

"James, there are tons of people here! It's going to take a while before I actually get a chance to talk to one of the doctors." She replied, mouthing 'sorry' when one of the patients glared at her.

"Well okay then ~cough~ I was just checking. And when you do get there, ask the doctor to check you too, Riley. I don't want both my little sisters ill."

Riley scoffed, a smirk curling onto her face. "You're the one who is sick, not me. Wait, are you smoking again?"


"Dude! You're in Melonie's room too! Have you no shame?!"

"Hehe, you know I do it daily and I'm not going to stop ~cough~."

"Put Melonie on the phone, I don't want to hear your evil voice anymore."


~Location Switch-Hudson Household~

James chuckled as he heard his younger sister start to curse him out. He blew some of his long messy brown hair out of his face, his hair being long enough to cover right side of his face.

He held out the phone to a young girl that was thirteen-years-old, near enough fourteen. She had dyed pink-hair, persuading her brother to do it for her. Of course you wouldn't be able to tell that because recently her hair had been turning pale.

Taking the phone, young Melonie Hudson smiled. "Hello Riley, what's Fairfield like? ~cough~"

"It's…big? I guess. Heh, I haven't had time to look, I need to pick up some medicine for you and turd head."

Melonie looked down sadly, leaning into James when he placed an arm around her. "Do you think I've gotten it because of my illness?"

Riley sighed on the other end. "Don't worry Melonie! It's just a stupid cold, you'll get over it soon."

Melonie cheered up a little, "I will?"

"Sure you will! And then you can go back to school~!"

Melonie had to hold the phone away as another cough came out of her throat. She passed the phone back to James before curling up in bed. James walked out the room, making sure to close the door behind him.

"So you'll be back in two weeks?" He asked, taking another puff of his smoke.

"Yeah, I have to stay here and catch up with my college studies. Though I will send the medicine down as soon as I can."

"You be careful, okay?"

"Sure, see ya in two weeks."

He held the phone for a while, even though Riley had hung up. He then went downstairs and placed the phone back where it belonged.

And just as he did the door opened and his two best friends walked in.

The first was a 21 year old man called man called Jonathon or as most people called him, DJ. He usually wore hoodies most of the time, because they were much easier to wear.

The other was Oliver, a 19-year-old guy just like himself. He dirty blonde short hair and turquoise eyes. He, like DJ, also wore hoods. Though he wore a hoodie so that he could play his favourite sport-parkour. He even taped down the sleeves and sweatpants.

James sometimes called them the 'Hoodie Squad.'

"So, who were you on the phone too?" DJ asked, jumping onto the couch and relaxing.

James raised an eyebrow, putting his finished cigarette in the bin before lighting another one up. "How do you know I was on the phone?"

"Because, you had that look on your face as if you were worried about something. Naturally you were also looking at the phone."

James laughed, "it was my younger sister, Riley."

DJ burst out laughing, looking over to Oliver, who had turned away at her name. "Oh, the one who has a crush on Oliver."

"Shut up man," Oliver hissed.

James rolled his eyes, batting DJ's feet off of the couch before taking a seat himself. "Yeah, her. I don't even know what she sees in you."

Oliver raised his hands in defeat, "what is this? Pick on Oliver day?"

The other two laughed before setting up a game on the Xbox.

Little did they know of what was going to happen…

Location-Just outside of Spring Fountain Valley-Near the Gas Station

Running as fast as she could, Catherine Mason ran past the Gas station, ignoring the curious looks she got from the workers.

"Was it me or was she bleeding?" Asked one of the workers.

The other shrugged, "who knows. Better yet, why'd you think she looked scared?"

The first worker also shrugged his shoulder before suddenly catching sight of another person approaching the station.

This person had really pale, with a tinge of grey, skin and blank, almost white, pupils. This person was a male, obvious signs of that would be the fact that he was topless. Also he seemed to have some rashes on his skin.

"Hey you, what you doing out here shirtless? It's friken cold outside!" The second worker chided, grabbing the attention of the young man.

The man gave no reply back but he hobbled over to the nearest worker.

It was then that it happened.

The man grabbed hold of the worker and sunk his mouth onto his neck. The worker freaked out, bashing the man away. The man banged into a pole, going unconscious immediately.

"What the heck was that about?" The second worker yelled, checking his friend over.

"I have no idea, must have been going crazy."

So this is just what life was like before the main infection hit. You can see traces of it here~

-Spring Fountain Valley is a fictional village that I made

-Burger Tank is a fast food restaurant used in the L4D series, it's where the final bit in 'Hard Rain' takes place.

Please tell me what you think.