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A Day in the Life of Peeves the Poltergeist

12:00: Cackle evilly
12:05: Start on the first floor of Hogwarts, putting bubble gum in every keyhole
2:30 Sneak into the kitchens and toss all the prepared food for the day into the garbage
2:32 Grab on to the elf named Dobby, causing him to wake up screaming
2:45 Am told off by the Bloody Baron
5:00: Mutter about the injustices at Hogwarts.
7:15: Go to the trophy room to bounce around.
9:00: Prepare water balloons
10:00: Drop water balloons on ickle firsties during their flying lesson
10:35: Am chased around and threatened by Madame Hooch

12:00: Pull the rug in the main hall out from under Neville Longbottom's feet as he enters the great hall.
12:01: Join Slytherins in laughing at Neville
2:02: Tumble end over end up and down every hall in the school
3:00: Make burping noises at students passing in the hall
3:01: Pefect Percy the Prefect glares at me
3:02: Stick my tongue out at him, fly off merrily
6:00: Slip outside while invisible, make my way to the Quidditch pitch and await the game
7:00: Quidditch game begins. Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw.
7:10: Gryffindor scores. Boo loudly from Ravenclaw stands (still invisible)
7:50: Gryffindor leads 50-30
8:10: Game is tied
8:35: Switch to Gryffindor stands
9:00: Boo loudly when Ravenclaw beater narrowly misses being hit by bludger
9:30: Decide the game is boring and return to the school
10:00: Go to the 7th floor, once again putting gum in all keyholes
10:30: Cackle nastily as Gryffindor heads for their dormitories
10:32: Disappointed faces tell me Gryffindor lost
10:33: Evil grin
10:34: Float off joyfully
11:00: Discover ickle Slytherin boy sneaking around
11:10: Taunt student about calling for Filch
11:15: Nod to boy, letting him off, begin to leave
11:16: Turn around and scream for Filtch
11:17: Filch appears, eyes blazing.
11:15: Enjoy watching student punished and led away
11:20: Flich thanks me
11:22: Hit Filch in the head with an eraser
11:59: Go to dungeons in high spirits