Title; To Anyone But You
Authoress; Chrome Hearts
Style: Chaptered Series
Chapter: One – First Glance.
Fandom; My Candy Love
Main Focus; Alexy x OC
Rating; T+

To Anyone But You can be shortened to T.A.B.U (If you substitute 'You' for 'U', that is.)

TABU; Polynesian cultural concept from which the word taboo derives.

Okay, so this is a companion fanfiction / sequel written in accordance to The Only Thing I'm Missing, introducing the lovely Alexy and Armin. Because I started writing thisbefore episode ten was released, I've had time to work on several chapters. Again, because I've written this before the episode was released, I have absolutely no idea what Alexy's (or Armin, for that matter) personality is like. So, brace yourself for possible OOC-ness.
This story is set three months after the conclusion of The Only Thing I'm Missing, upon - the beginning of a new school year.

Disclaimer; All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


I made my way through the front entrance of Sweet Amoris High School slowly – I wasn't ready for this. I had been away from this place for far too long, and, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure if my heart and mind could take it. Sure, I was happy Janiel was back in my life, be that as just a friend, and I had slowly come to terms with her relationship with Lysander, but wherever I looked, I was reminded of what could have been.
Janiel reached out and touched my arm lightly, offering me a small, supportive smile.
I lifted my gaze to meet hers as the two of us walked slowly through the yard, my lips tugging upwards into a slight smile of my own. Janiel had vowed to help me through this. She promised that she would be there for me whenever I needed her. But most of all, she swore that nothing could make her break it this time – she would remain true to her word.
I could tell that she still hurt because of what she did… On that day.
And, as I had told her many times before – I didn't blame her at all. Had I of known the circumstances she was put under, I wouldn't have done the things that I did.
But, I guess, all things happen for a reason, and, having gone through that situation and what followed, it made me a stronger person. And, I was thankful for that fact.
"Don't worry," Janiel reassured softly as we entered the hallway. "I'm in a lot of your classes this year, so if you need anything, I'll be there."
Yes, it was true. Because of my absence for the majority of the previous year, I retook the classes and repeated the year, under request from the Principal.
I felt my body stiffen as I noticed several pairs of eyes fixed upon me. A few days ago as I filled out my re-enrollment form, Janiel had informed me that news of my disappearance had spread through the school like wildfire. The rumor about my death, amongst other things, was the favourite explanation. So, I guess, you could only imagine their shock to see me standing in front of them… Very much alive.
"Ignore them," Janiel breathed quietly, sensing my uneasiness. "They don't know the half of it."
I drew in a deep breath and followed her down the long hallway of Sweet Amoris, my eyes glued firmly on the ground – The students' loud whispers seemed to penetrate deep into my body as though they were knives.
I took my seat in the Theatre classroom beside Janiel as we waited for the rest of the class to come slowly into the room, milling about in small groups, each and every one of them glancing first at me suspiciously before returning to their own individual conversations – it was like a domino effect, starting with the instigator, the rest of the students following like sheep.
I looked down at my hands silently trying to ignore them.
"Problem?" Janiel asked glaring at them.
I heard a chorus of quiet "no" 's and Janiel's dark, "That's what I thought."
My lips curled upwards into a small smile for the first time that day and I chuckled quietly, earning a disapproving look from Janiel.
That girl could honestly be scary when she wanted to.
The Theatre teacher bounced into the classroom ten minutes after we had arrived, beaming around at her students.
"We've got a new student joining the class today," she smiled.
I frowned at Janiel. I wasn't new. I'd been at Sweet Amoris longer than this horrible excuse for a teacher.
Janiel laughed, amused, from my side and offered me a small smile.
"He's just waiting outside," the teacher finished, waving her hand towards the door. "I'll bring him in now."
She disappeared through the large door of the Theatre room that was elevated slightly beside the low stage that stretched half way cross the classroom, returning a few moments later with a rather tall boy.
He slid his deep emerald headphones off his ears, draping them around his neck before stuffing his hands, mostly concealed by his orange jacket into his pant pockets.
He looked briefly around the room at his new peers before his lilac eyes fell on me, a small smile tugging the corners of his lips upwards.
"Hey," he said, his eyes not leaving mine. "I'm Alexy."


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