The Scorpio races after the book

Pucks POV

Thisby was starting to go back to its old dreary self, but that's the way I liked it. I was sat were me and Sean had our first kiss - we were now properly together and I loved him with all my heart – The rain was dribbling and the ebony sea was crashing against the sand, I loved it when it was like this it was so angry so powerful. I got up and walked over to dove who was sheltering under a nearby tree, I moved her to a small rock and jumped on. She waited until both my feet were in my stirrups then I nudged her on, she responded and leaped into a trot, the rain started pummelling down scaring dove she jumped around fighting for control but, I held her back sitting deep in the saddle, that's when the thunder started rumbling, I felt dove panic I spun her round, she hated thunder. I urged her on, down a narrow path that already had some big puddles I approached a broken down house but one light was on down stairs dove was soaked through and trembling with fear. I heard a bone chilling scream come from one of the stalls at the side of the house, Dove still wasn't used to capaill usice calls she skidded to a stop and reared up, I stayed on and coaxed her forward. Once I had put Dove in a stall two away from Corr, I untacked her then rubbed her down with a sweat comb and dry towel I couldn't put a rug on her because it would rub and irritate her so I gave her a carrot then walked past Corr was stood at the back of his stall his fiery red coat burning even in the failing light. I hurried out of the stables and to the front door.

Sean's pov

I heard a rap on my door, I opened it to find a soaked – through shivering puck. I ushered her in and showed her the living room sitting down on my tatty ragged sofa.

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt while you were eating." Puck apologised as she saw my bowl of carbonara, I waved my hand showing that I didn't care I usually had to wolf my dinner down anyway, she continued explaining " it's just I was sat on the cliff and it started dribbling so I was riding Dove home when it started tipping it down and you know Dove was agitated by this but then it started thundering and she can't stand that so I came to yours because it's so much closer then my home. I put her in the stalls but not to close to Corr." She finished taking her dripping coat of I finished my carbonara then took pucks coat from her, hanging it up next to the door.

"It's ament to pass by tomorrow morning but until then we have to sit tight. Puck nodded. "Oh there's some of my old clothes in the spare room in one of the draws if you want to change I said pointing up stairs.

"Oh cool thanks I might go for a shower as well if that's alright." She called making her way up the old rustic stairs.

"Yeah sure" I replied going into the kitchen to wash up. I was deep in my thoughts when I heard Puck coming down the stairs. She was dressed in my old brown polo shirt and jeans with her wet her hanging loosely on her shoulders. I looked up and smiled, she smiled back then came over and hugged me, I kissed the top of her head and smiled back when there was a knock at he door.