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Chapter Five ( finally ) - The Hell Of Thisby

I walked inside, throwing my coat down and pulling my soaked wellies off. The smell of food was wafting down the corridor and I grinned, walking toward the kitchen, my stomach rumbling. Sean was either going to ignore me, pretend it wasn't happening or be seriously angry. Either way I wasn't looking forward to it.

Sean was stood in the kitchen, his black hair slightly tousled and I noticed the tinge of black under his eyes. He looked up when I walked in and gave a faint smile, turning the cooker off

" We need to talk " he stated, moving the saucepan filled with bolognese sauce.

" Yeah... I guess we do" I replied quietly, sitting down at the small wooden table in the corner of the kitchen " Even though I'm not looking forward to it " I admitted and He nodded sitting down as well.

" I'm Just annoyed Puck. You didn't even discuss it with me, you probably didn't even truly think about it before you agreed " He guessed, running a hand through his hair and sighing deeply " But you can't do this... Not on that horse out there... you'll get yourself killed " I frowned,feeling annoyed that he obviously didn't have faith in me to be able to do this.

" That's not true. I'm sorry I didn't talk to you about it but... Mutt just infuriates me, I can't let him get away with things like this " I replied, looking him right in the eyes and he looked straight back. Sean never seemed to be intimidated in anyway, always able to hide most of his emotions to the world.

"Ok fine... If you go ahead with this, just remember I'm not happy about it but " he sighed slightly before carrying on " But I'll help you, you'll need it and if I don't you have more of a chance that something will go horribly wrong " I smiled slightly, nodding.

" Thank you so much " I smiled, leaning over the table and giving him a quick kiss. Suddenly, A huge shrill rang from the stables and I shot up, hearing Doves distress whinny " Oh shit " I cursed under my breath, following Sean to the door, not bothering with my coat as we rushed outside.

Sean POV

I ran into the Stable, sheltered from the rain which was hammering down now. Oblivion reared up letting out a shrill scream, Corr calling back to her in return. Puck ran up beside me and bit he lip

" Oh god " she muttered under her breath and I nodded, quickly moving again and grabbing a halter and iron rod. Puck ran into Dove's stable to try and calm her down as much as she could. Oblivion was like hell on hooves and I found it hard to believe that I was even letting Puck ride her. Her black coat shimmered from sweat and her teeth were bared, as she charged me. I spat on the ground and held the iron rod out, but she still managed to rip my sleeve open, snapping again but shying away from the metal. While she shied, I ran the rod along her veins making her squirm but not move, whilst i slipped on the halter quickly. As soon as It was on and the metal gone from her skin, she wailed. It was long, high pitched and sent chills through my bones, Like Ice in the bitter Thisby winter. I kept tight hold of the rope as she tried to pull away, Her strength and sheer determination over powering but after a lot of fighting, I got her in the stall.

" I locked it I swear... everything was double bolted when I left " Puck promised, running over to me. I sighed and looked at her.

" This is why you shouldn't ride her, your going to get killed" I stated, making her flinch rather violently " I'm sorry " I said quietly, still not the best with emotions and how to word things so there not as harsh. Oblivion ran at the stable door and slammed into it, making a huge crashing noise. I bit my lip looking at Puck "We're going to need a few more bolts " she nodded and ran back inside to find any spare locks and bolts to put on. I rifled through a box of old bits and the likes, but came up short as night started to fall and I flicked the light on to the stables.

" Here, I got some !" Puck called, running back in. I looked up and smiled taking the various bolts from her and flipping out a penknife I had managed to get my hands on. It took a decent amount of time to get them all on and a couple of times, Oblivion tried to rip my head from my shoulders. I sighed finishing up.

" Hopefully, they'll keep her in and if not then " I frowned looking over at her " If not, then we can't keep her let alone train her "

" No, you can't do that. I need her for the race "

I shook my head " I'm not promising anything Puck... If this doesn't work then your not riding her " I finalised and she scowled slightly.

" sometimes your more like a father than a boyfriend " she muttered and I sighed.

" I'm just trying to keep you safe " I replied, pouring salt onto the top of the stable door and spitting in the middle of it, in the hope of her staying in. Puck was always so courageous and outgoing but she never ever thought before she did something. Although I was glad she won the races - of course I was glad - It was just... it hadn't helped the matter, she was super confident now, yet she didn't understand what it was like to race a capaill usice.

I walked back inside with her, making sure everything was definitely locked and the lights off, Before I left. Puck sighed deeply when we got back

" Are you ok ?" I asked, frowning slightly as I kissed her forehead.

" Yeah, just a bit shocked for Dove really... did Oblivion hurt you ?" she asked me. concern evident in her tone. I shook my head.

" she just tore at my jacket but, it's not my usual one I wear so I'll survive " I replied giving her a reassuring smile. she smiled back slightly then walked into the kitchen, dishing up for dinner.