As Arthur made his way through the Ice Palace, he could help but notice that the walled village looked very similar to that of Camelot, but only different and more like a ghost town.

Again the king encountered more of the red gargoyles from the graveyard, but soon he came across an abandoned apartment complex. The doors were locked, so the only way forward was up. And up he climbed, dodging barrels and large brown orcs.

No sooner than he escaped from the ghost town, then he was attacked by two cyclopes. He dealt with the two giants the same way he handled the one in the graveyard and grabbed the key that was on the second one's belt.

After opening the door, he saw that it was an immense system of caverns. Arthur made his way through the haunted caves dodging fireballs and the like. The deeper he got, the more enemies appeared.

"I must be getting close to the demons' castle," Arthur pondered.

He climbed up a hill of stone and made a blind leap. He landed in a small lake and found himself face-to-face with a dragon. But it was not any kind of dragon that he had seen before. It was long, purple and had no appendages. Without a second though, Arthur drew Excalibur and started to cut into the dragon's hide. After a minute of swinging, the dragon coughed up a key and expired.

With key in hand, Arthur opened the door and was greeted by immense heat. A sign nearby said: "Welcome to yon Fyrebrydge. If thee are mortal, then turn back or be damn'd for all eternitie."

Arthur ignored the warning and was met with another gargoyle. "Did thou not read yon sign?! It was to keep thee away from the Master!"

Arthur struck the monster with a torch and it died. He then carefully crossed the bridge over a lake fire. He was again greeted by the same dragon that he killed in the entrance to the caverns. Employing the same strategy as before, Arthur laid waste to his foe and took the key it was guarding to the door.

As he opened the door he was met with an appalling cold, the traditional manifestation of the supernatural. Bones were laid across the ground and there were ladders everywhere. After climbing to the top, he expected for the guardian to appear, but he didn't show. Arthur opened the already unlocked door and saw that the ladders led directly to the demons' castle. Arthur kept climbing, and at the top he encountered the hideous beast that had abducted Guinevere.

"What have you done to my wife?!"

"I have done nothing... yet!"

The two began fighting. It seemed that the beast had the upper hand, but Arthur managed to deal a heavy blow to the beast.

"Why do want my wife?!"

"I don't want her. My master, the Almighty Astaroth does!"

"I thought you were the master."

"I am not, I am his general Ikkaku."

"Then that means..."


Ikkaku blasted Arthur with black magic. Arthur woke up and saw that he was knocked out the whole time during his adventure and was still in the graveyard. Yet again he went through the door after defeating the cyclops and the Ice Palace. However the entrance to the Caverns was not blocked by the Twin Cyclopes, but by one of the Red Gargoyles.

After a long fight, Arthur and the demon stopped to catch their breath.

"You're pretty good, for a human." said the demon in a calm voice

"Same here," returned Arthur "What are you trying to accomplish in impeding my path?"

"I am trying to make it to Astaroth's castle so that I can kill him become the lord of the Underworld"

"You're trying to kill too? I am on a similar quest to regain my wife, Guinevere."

"Queen Guinevere? Then that must make you King Arthur!" The demon genuflected at the king's feet. "I, Firebrand the Red Arremer, am forever in your service your highness."

"That is very nice of you, Firebrand. Since you yourself are a demon, then perhaps you can help me get into Astaroth's castle much quicker. You pretend to have me as a hostage, and as soon as we are in sight of the castle, you let me go and we both take Astaroth together!"

"That sounds fair Arthur."

The two shook hands and went through the caverns together.

For all of you Capcom fans out there who might be calling me out, I intentionally made Firebrand the real boss of the Ice Palace due to Capcom's lazy boss recycling. And if you actually want to know how Firebrand fights in this story against Arthur, I suggest you look up a video of Super Ghouls n Ghosts Advance showing the Red Arremer Joker boss. Some of you fans may be calling me out on naming the Red Demon from the intro and Stages 5&6 being Ikkaku by saying "Hey that's the name of the Cyclops!" Well shut up you. The flyer says that the demon general is named Ikkaku, but it is printed after a shot of the Dragon and next to the cyclops. If anything the flyer meant that Ikkaku was the guardian of the first lap not the first gate.