WARNING to the ideologically sensitive.

Fluttershy's chin quivers a little as she gets ready to speak, looking down at the bed, now. Poor Shy is again demonstrating why she is the epitome of bashfulness. "Not-.. Nothing's wrong, Ju-.. just.. I-.."

Rainbow watches her, widening her eyes a little in anticipation. When Fluttershy stops talking for several seconds, she starts to encourage her in the most soft, soothing tone she can muster, "Yooou..? You what~?"

Fluttershy bites her lip for the hundredth time today, swishing her tail nervously. "I-... I-.."

She turns away, ashamed of herself. "I-.. I can't..."

Rainbow lowers her ears a little bit, pretty disappointed. She was sort of expecting what Shy was going to say, but wasn't entirely sure. Now she won't know for another long while.

Dash glances at Fluttershy's window, then back at her, "Alright. If you say so.."

Fluttershy is hunched over, turned completely the other way now. Rainbow slowly starts to settle down on her haunches, then stops halfway. She instead moves forward, coming up beside Fluttershy. She still wobbles a little on the waterbed, but flaps her wings a little to help her balance. Fluttershy turns her head away again, but doesn't move otherwise.

"Fluttershy.. Uhm, I-"

Fluttershy squeezes her eyes shut as some part of her makes her just blurt it out.

"Ireallyreallylikeyoualotwaym orethanasafriend..!"

Right after Shy realizes what she's just said, she covers her face with her wings, giving a little, scared "Nnh~.."

Rainbow blinks when she blurts the words out, then slowly grins, poking her side playfully after a few seconds. "Do you, now?" she teases.

Fluttershy, heart beating fast and hard, slowly turns her head to peek at Rainbow through her wing's feathers with wide eyes. Rainbow is smirking at her, her own cheeks a little red. Rainbow settles down on her butt, waiting for her to continue, since she's so adorable when she acts shy.

Fluttershy works up the courage to ask, though it takes her several seconds to get the words out, "Do-... yo-you.. uhm... like-.. like me.. tha-.. that.. that way..?"

Rainbow gives a brief but distinctive nod in affirmative, still smirking at her.

Fluttershy seems to have just instantly gained a ton of energy. She sits straight, right up on her haunches, folding her wings back. She looks at Rainbow with wide eyes. "R-.. Really?!"

In answer, Rainbow suddenly jerks forward, passionately pressing her lips against Fluttershy's.

Fluttershy starts, totally taken off guard. She closes her eyes after a second, returning the pressure of the kiss. Rainbow leans into her, lifting up a hoof to gently place on Fluttershy's chest, just holding it there.

Fluttershy spreads her wings out wide, tucking her front hooves back up into her own chest. After a few moments, her already crimson blush gets deeper as she puts one of her own hooves on Rainbow's chest in turn.

Rainbow pulls back after a quarter of a minute, smirking widely at her new fillyfriend. Fluttershy stares back at her with surprised eyes, at a total loss for what to say.

Rainbow gently but firmly pushes Shy down onto the bed, climbing on top. She lies down flat against Fluttershy, smugly smiling down at her. Fluttershy, who's almost fainted at everything that's happened in the last minute, stares up at her for a few seconds. She opens her mouth a little when Rainbow lies down on top of her, stuttering. "Wh-.. wh-.."

Rainbow chuckles, shaking her head, "Don't worry. None of that."

Shy sighs, relieved, then turns her head away in a daze, smiling a little. She seems surprisingly at peace with Rainbow being so close (and, not to mention, on top of her). She says quietly, closing her eyes "That-.. that was.. my first.."

Rainbow rolls her eyes, still smirking. "Really, Fluttershy? I would have neeever~ guessed." she says.

Then Dash speaks quietly, looking away. "Mine too."