Hidden Beneath the Mask

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A/N This was inspired by a random idea I had while watching the show, it's a bit different for me, and I wasn't truly sure which realm to set it in, but yeah. This is crossed over between Good Luck Charlie and How to Rock, with character Skyler/Molly, I do hope and believe you'll enjoy it. In case you don't know the show, How to Rock, I give you this (Take out the spaces): ht tp : howtorock . wikia . com wiki/Molly_Garfunkel

Chapter 1 (Far From Perfect)

"Do you remember, Grace, when I was the ditzy one? Do you remember when I was silly? That line I fed you, 'It's a good thing you're pretty'? Someone told me that line a while back…No you wouldn't remember, because to you and to this entire school, I'm Molly Garfunkel…leader of 'The Perfs', popular Queen Bee, but is that really who I am?" Skyler Bosca danced on the stage, swaying her arms in upward arcs at her sides. Beside her, best friend and sidekick, Grace King. The girl wasn't that bright, and easy to tease. "Perfect Molly, not needing to depend on a guy she'll never see again. Not tainted with that depression, that broken heart, no…"

It had been a little over a year since she moved to LA with her father, and more than two years since she moved from Denver to New York. After all this time, she still thought about him. PJ Duncan. In her grief, she opted to black that part of her life, to create a new person for the world to see. Maybe she could pull it off. Maybe focusing on this new person, and an apparent new popularity that came with it, she could forget him. As many times as she tried, her heart would still yearn for him. When she wasn't trying to one-up Kacey Simon and her band, Gravity 5, and when she wasn't busy performing the one-trick pony song that seemed to shape the 'Perfs' image, she would be mulling over the Duncan family.

That was partly why she made her new life, her new identity. Here in LA as Molly Garfunkel, nobody would ever remember the once ditzy, clumsy, stupid Skyler Bosca, who was hopelessly in love with someone that she would never see again. Someone riddled with pain and depression acquired by way of the past. Finally her father stopped having to transfer, as he retired from the military, but what good was settling down now when she was still far away from the one person she wanted to be with?

Now LA, this was home for many people who wanted to make it big. Maybe PJ would have made his way here, but she was counting on that not happening. Would his father actually let it happen? God if he came to LA, she would have a panic attack. If he saw the person she'd become, he wouldn't even want to look at her.

"Missing you…" She closed her eyes and breathed in while imagining the entire audience splitting apart like the Red Sea. At the other end of the path was PJ, standing in full glory, arms outstretched and his warm eyes beckoning her to take that first step. Skyler imagined herself stepping down from that stage, slowly moving towards PJ. In her hands, her microphone became a bouquet of roses, and the dress became a brilliant pearl white dress, and a crown of flowers adorned her head.

"Molly." PJ's lips moved, though she didn't know why he would call her that name. That wasn't who she was and he knew it. "Molly." There it was again, but she didn't care, she continued in her walk. Her heart was racing, she melted under his gaze, and her eyes remained locked with his. "Molly!" PJ extended his hand to her. She placed her small hand in his and turned to face him, holding onto his never fleeting gaze.

"I love you." Within an instant, she snapped from her daydream to find herself staring at a highly confused high school auditorium. Grace was standing beside her, her hand to her shoulder and her eyes full of concern. Skyler was too shocked for words, never before had the daydream come to her while she was performing that song. If it did, she controlled it. She had to. Her eyes fell to the front row where Gravity 5 sat. Kacey Simon, Zander Robbins, Stevie Baskara, Nelson Baxter, and Kevin Reed were all in mid-snicker. Molly Garfunkel of the 'perfect' Perfs just slipped up, or else she'd forgotten her words.

No, it was worse than that. She'd just mixed her dream with reality, she just gave people a glimpse of what might lay beneath her mask! The horror! She lifted her hands up, holding back her nervous tears and chuckling nervously as she attempted to patch this up. "I love you all! Yes, everyone here in LA, in this high school. Remember, if you're for Molly Garfunkel, then Molly loves you! Everyone wants to be popular?"

It was no use, she could feel their inquisitive gazes burning her, questioning her. She was terribly embarrassed. How would Molly get out of this? How would the popular queen bee get out of this? The tears were starting to come up, she was overreacting again, getting too emotional again. She heard Grace say something to her, but was not clear on what the girl was saying. What would her best friend think if she knew the dumb ditzy, hopeless romantic that lay beneath the mask, and not the strong self-empowered girl that was Molly Garfunkel?

What would all these people think of her? She created the image at least so she could focus on something other than herself, so people could distract her. The popularity may have gone to her head, but wouldn't she always be Skyler underneath? "Molly, are you here?" Grace asked while nervously playing with her blonde hair. Skyler blinked and turned to her, stopping herself before she asked who the hell Molly was.

"Y-Yes, I just…I…um…" Her stomach flipped inside of her, spazzing in every direction. There was an excruciating pain inside of her that she'd not felt since the last she saw PJ. Ah yes, the second reason she tried to create this new image. The miscarriage. "I want to forget…everything…" She put her hand to her head and stumbled sideway. "I'm feeling a tad faint, Grace." Indeed she was, she wanted to run into the restroom where she would potentially lose the lunch that wanted to come up.

"All right, here, put your arm around my shoulders and walk with me." Grace quickly pulled Skyler's arm around her shoulders and smiled at the audience. "Bye now, Molly's done tending to her subjects." Skyler raised an eyebrow and cringed as her friend started walking her backstage, then out of the building where she could finally breathe the fresh air. She moved against the wall and slid down as Grace shot a dumbfounded look her way. "What was that all about, Molly? I've never seen you like that…"

Why was she burning up? Sweat was pouring down her neck, drenching her clothes. Her lungs were swelling up like a balloon and collapsing as rapidly as her heart was racing. This wasn't just from the memory of PJ, no, it was the other memory. "Well maybe I'm not perfect, Grace!" She snapped, unaware of her temperament until she saw Grace's expression twist into tears. She turned her head and groaned.

"Molly, I'm only trying to help you. You don't need to yell at me."

"I'm sorry, it's not your fault…I just…I need to be alone. Go flirt with Nelson or something." That always seemed to work before, since Grace had a crush on the boy. Those two reminded her much of her time with PJ, both were clueless and only had eyes for each other. "I didn't mean to snap at you, I really didn't. I only need some air."

"Okay, just, try not to have a panic attack." It was a little late for that. Once Grace went back inside, Skyler started to take her deep breaths and recover. All she could think about was the miscarriage that started it all. Or perhaps, the problem began long before that. She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs, burying her face into her knees.

"It's not fair!" Skyler screamed at the top of her lungs. Her father had just received a transfer from the military, at his own request. David Bosca wouldn't hear of it, and her mother, Amanda, wasn't getting involved. "Why do I have to leave him? I thought you accepted him finally!"

"That was before he got you knocked up!" It was two months ago, a one-time thing. She'd come in contact with Spencer, who made a statement about how he never should have ditched Teddy for her. It reminded her of the affair, so she ran to PJ, who comforted her. In that moment of comfort, a moment of weakness, they slept together. They kept it to themselves, until she started developing the symptoms. "I'm sorry, but I don't think that boy has what it takes to take care of you and a baby, Skyler."

"It isn't up to you, Dad!"

"You're still just a minor! Now we'll help you with the child, but PJ is out of the question. He's not competent enough. You can say goodbye to him, but as for a future, I can't see that he has one. Working at Kwikki Chikki does not constitute a future in my book, and that's final!" Realizing any further argument would only be moot, she growled and stormed off to her bedroom.

When they finally moved to New York, PJ followed her, proving his love and loyalty. He still didn't know about her pregnancy, her father wouldn't let her tell him. Her mother tried to talk some sense into him, but the man just wouldn't be convinced unless PJ showed promise. He almost did, until Bob Duncan showed up to take his son home.

After PJ left, just days later her mother contracted a terrible case of pneumonia. She passed away shortly after, and her father started to become a shell of the man he once was, so Skyler had to start taking care of him. All the stress was overwhelming. Then it happened, she was just six months in when her stomach started churning, her chest was burning, and her body started to grow weak. Perhaps it was the flu, she wasn't sure, but in the end, thick brown clumps were coming out on her underwear, filling her with fear and concern.

She rushed to the hospital as fast as she could, fearing that she'd had a miscarriage. The doctor confirmed her worst fears at that point, and along with her baby, a part of her died the same day.

Her father requested another transfer, moving to LA. It was here she created Molly Garfunkel, perhaps completely opposite to Skyler Bosca. Molly was strong, Molly was confident, Molly was independent and wouldn't let anything bring her down. She joined 'The Perfs' while Kacey Simon was still in charge, and was soon promoted to being in charge when she left. At that point, Molly was finally in.

Skyler lifted her head from her knees, staring directly ahead at the street. She heard voices all around to tell her she wasn't alone. When she looked up, there was Kacey with the Gravity 5 group, and Grace, who was still highly concerned for her. "Why are you crying?" Kacey asked, raising an eyebrow.

"N-Nothing, it's nothing!" Skyler quickly rose to her feet, throwing a confident smirk their way. She beat her hair over her shoulder and cleared her throat. "I don't know what you're talking about. Come on Grace, let's go!" She quickly turned and walked off, not letting anyone further question her moment of weakness.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Grace inquired of her. She dropped her eyes to the floor, but did not permit herself to falter in her step.

"I'm just fine. Thank you, Grace…" She did appreciate the girl's concern, of course. In the end, however, even Grace might hate her if she knew 'Molly' was only a façade, and nothing more.

Now that you've made it down here, let me know what you think. Also, read this very IMPORTANT message for those of you concerned about the HTR part. In truth, you can easily ignore the How to Rock portion as though they were just random characters. Let me explain here in a bit of a better summary of the plot:

The story was inspired based off the actor connection to it (And yes in one episode of the show her character does tell Grace "it's a good thing you're pretty"), that's one reason HTR is here. The next is the band thing that's going to be PJ's deal.

The idea of the plot is that she is going through this identity crisis thing. It's kind of like that multiple personality disorder or dissassociative disorder (Though Skyler does know who she is, she just doesn't want to accept who she is). The idea is that she's created this completely separate person, this image, to escape the loss of her mother, PJ, the miscarriage, all the trauma and is using that to avoid it all. So that piece can work with or without the crossover. To tell the truth, even people who don't know HTR can still look at the story as if it were a standalone story surrounding Skyler, because the story focuses on her and NOT the HTR group. Just consider Gravity 5 with Kacey and all just some other band that is interested in having one of their members be that third bandmate that the recording studio wants PJ and Emmet to have on their band. So a big part of it is fighting over that, After a while, some events are going to force Skyler to realize this "image" she's created is making matters worse, she's going to need to start coping with the reality of her past and move on, deciding whether she is Skyler or this person she's created...so there's a lot of that to deal with. Now I hope you can trust me, and enjoy the story, I aim to not disappoint you. ^_^