So… it's been ages since I posted a story, always seems to happen that way with me on fanfiction, I'm obsessed for a bit, then abandon it and return a year later or something.

Anyway, I just read the book this week and rewatched the movie, they really did do a great job on that by the way, and just felt like writing a little something. It´s not really a story, just some musings on Bryce's part but I suppose in my head I'm picturing all this going on a couple years later maybe just at some really random point, maybe on a bench in the park or sitting in that sycamore tree he planted for her. But since it's not set in stone feel free to picture it where you like and please tell me what you think!

Iridescent, that´s what my Granddad had called her, I´d never really understood what he meant by that: what did he mean by satin and glossy and all that? What was I? And… why did he make that word seem so special? So… unique?

Like I said, at the time I didn't get what he was saying, I was trying to understand it literally but over the last few years I have gotten it. Juli is iridescent: her mood changes swiftly like a sparkling, gurgling stream of liquid rushing over the rocks creating a gorgeous rainbow of color, her eyes, don't get me started on her eyes, twinkle like the largest, brightest and best Christmas tree you'll ever see, but it's not just what you see.

Just the way she talks, you know, swirling her hair, waving her hands about, pushing at you to listen and I mean really listen to watch she's telling you, like, no matter what it is, from something as trivial as the eggs her hens lay to the deepest philosophical and scientific questions like perpetual motion or the sum of something's parts.

Besides all that though, it's the way she makes you feel, when she smiles at you or laughs at something you said or even just looks at you with that joy in her face, she makes you feel like somehow, someday, if you try really hard, you might become iridescent too.