Both siblings were carbon copies of their daddy, oil baron J.R. Ewing. There were only three words the siblings knew: money, power, and revenge.

"You listen to me, John Ross Ewing, me and you, we're the king and queen of Southfork Ranch! The oil business is in our blood, and I'll be damned if we're gonna let Bobby Ewing snatch that away from us!" Jessica Ewing stood in front of her brother, holding his chin in her hand to make him look her in the eyes.

The blonde took her brother's hand and held it up in front of his face, showing him J.R.'s ring on his right ring finger. "You see this? This means that you're J.R.'s son!" She dropped her brother's hand into his lap, lifting her own right hand to show the large emerald ring with the two matching diamond bands. "And I have Mama's rings, Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing! Me and you, John Ross, we're oil royalty. Are you gonna let that no-count adopted Christopher and his Barbie wife ruin that? And Elena's already showed that she's on Christopher's side. It's up to us, John Ross Ewing III and Jessica Ann Ross Ewing, to save this family and restore the glory that the name 'Ewing' used to have." Finished chewing her brother out, Jessica turned on the heel of her stilettos, headed down the hallway, back out to Christopher and Rebecca's wedding reception. Her brother jogged to catch up to her, letting her link her arm through his. "Jess, I think everyone's gonna be surprised when they realize just how dangerous the two of us are." The blonde smirked, leaning on her brother's shoulder. "John, we're just gettin' started." As they made their way back outside, Jessica's eyes scanned the crowd, quickly falling on Christopher. "Let's go pay our cousin a visit, John Ross."

Making their way to Bobby's son and mingling with the well-dressed rich folks around them, the brother and sister kept the same evil smirk J.R. had on their faces. They were determined to reclaim what was theirs by birth, and if they had to stomp on "family" along the way, so be it. A Ewing, especially a member of J.R.'s clan, didn't hesitate to play dirty to get what they wanted, and if they did, they really weren't a Ewing after all. As they made their way through the crowd, John Ross's girlfriend Taylor met up with them. Jessica liked the girl, she was manipulative, greedy, power hungry, ruthless, everything that Jessica and her brother were, all in the form of a redheaded girl who reminded Jessica of her mother Sue Ellen. She was a main player in their oil scheme. And to top it all off, Taylor's father was the one buying Southfork and then turning it over to J.R. Or John Ross and Jessica, if Taylor had her way with her father. Taylor's daddy, Wes Clayton, was one of the richest land owners in the state. He owned a land conservancy, which Bobby was trying to sell Southfork to. Taylor was working her daughterly magic on her dad, convincing him it would be a good idea to buy the ranch and turn it over to J.R., but she also had the secret plan to pull it out from under Wes and J.R. at the last minute, letting John Ross sign the contracts instead of J.R., which would put John Ross and Jessica in charge and give them full sole ownership of Southfork Ranch. And by the looks of her and John Ross, she was set to be Mrs. John Ross Ewing III in the future, quite possibly sooner than later. John Ross had already asked Jessica if she'd give him Sue Ellen's emerald ring to give to Taylor as an engagement ring, and maybe the bands too. Jessica was still considering it. It would take a lot to make her give up the symbol of her birthright, but she could always convince J.R. to give her Sue Ellen's huge diamond ring and then she'd give her brother the emerald. After all, she had to have something, John Ross had J.R.'s ring, the one he'd had made from gold and decorated with the family symbol and everything.

Jessica tapped Christopher on the shoulder, distracting him from Rebecca. His smile faded when he saw his cousin, fading even faster when he saw John Ross. And what's-her-face, the redhead who acted so much like J.R. she could have been a Ewing at birth. It was just like them to try and ruin his wedding day. Jessica only had a few words for him. "Watch out, Chris. We're taking you down." Her warning was clear, but she said it with a beautiful smile. John Ross spoke up. "How many Chinese people you gonna kill before you tell Bobby your methane hydrates are unstable?" Christopher flared up, grabbing his cousin by the lapels of his suit jacket and making both girls stumble back. "Why you low down-" He was cut off as Bobby intervened. "Hey! Both of you cut it out! Not here, not now." He shoved the boys apart, turning to John Ross. "You get out of here, boy! I told you to keep your damn mouth shut!" The young Ewing smirked. "Don't worry, 'Uncle'. We were just leavin'. But we'll be back, and I promise you we'll be takin' Southfork Ranch with us." The three turned and walked away, letting the nicer side of the Ewing family to fume at them. They acquired drinks from a tray on a nearby table, the three toasting to their accomplishment.

After deciding she had no further business at this place, she turned to her brother and her future-sister-in-law. "You two can go back to the hotel, I'm off to see LaBell." Taylor nodded, saying she had business to take care of with her dad, while John Ross informed her he was going to see their father.

After parting ways with Jessica and making sure she was gone, John Ross and Taylor snuck into the house, watching from around the corner the exchange between Wes, Taylor's daddy, and Bobby, Christopher by his side. To the aggravation of John Ross, Bobby went ahead and shook on the deal. John Ross was furious, visibly so, and he grabbed Taylor's wrist and jerked her out to the driveway. "Look, baby, you make your father give methe ranch, understand me? Not my uncle, not my sister, just me! You do that, and we'll celebrate like we used to." The redhead smirked, her hand cradling John Ross's face. "Do you always get so hyped up about these things? You know I have it under control." John Ross turned away from her, walking towards her car. He opened the door for her to get in the driver's side, but shut it back as she stepped towards her car. Caging her against the door, he looked deep in her hazel eyes. "You make sure the deal goes through, Taylor. Everything's at stake." Taylor smirked again, something devilish shining in her eyes. "I've got you covered, John Ross. Trust me, baby." The distance between them closed a bit, but John Ross backed up a step and looked back down at her. "Southfork will be mine, Taylor. Me and you'll rule the oil world together." "I know, John Ross. I'm putting it in your lap." Taylor's words came out only a second before she and John Ross were locked in a passionate kiss, Taylor pinned against the side of her car by her secret lover.

What they failed to notice was that Jessica was watching them out the window in the front hall. She gasped in disbelief. So Taylor was conspiring with John Ross against her uncle andher herself. Well, she'd show them. She'd steal the show from all of them.

At the high class nursing home where J.R. was being cared for, John Ross arrived more than a little drunk. When he opened the door, he was greeted by his father. "Son, I want you to meet someone. I think you'll like her." When J.R. lead him around the corner, he nearly dropped the bottle in his hand. Taylor was standing at the dining table in J.R.'s room, a glass of wine in hand. "John Ross, I'd like you to meet Taylor Clayton. I'm sure you remember her. I'd hope anyway, since you're supposed to be datin' her." "You're workin' with her? And you didn't tell me?!" J.R. smiled at his son. "This is for all the marbles, son. You didn't think I'd put all my oil in one barrel, did you?" From behind his father, John Ross saw Taylor discreetly smirk. She knewwhat she was doing, knew that she was playing a very dangerous game. Trying to hoodwink Bobby Ewing was fairly simple, but trying to hoodwink J.R. Ewing, the master of hoodwinking, would be much tougher. J.R. smiled cunningly at his son. "I'm the one who belongs on Southfork. It's mine and only mine. Oil is my birthright! Come on, give me some credit. Bobby may not be stupid, but I'm a hell of a lot smarter." The head of the Ewings flipped his cowboy hat back on his head and turned to Taylor.

"Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than both."

The Cowboys Stadium stood empty, but the silence was filled by the screeching of tires. Taylor's white Lamborghini slid to a stop, the door opening as she stepped out. Her heels made a steady click-clack on the concrete floor as she pushed open the main door, the smell of turf filling her nose. She made her way out onto the field, being careful not to let her heels sink in the grass. From the other side, she saw John Ross approaching from the opposite end of the field, cowboy hat in his hand. Steadily watching each other with smirks, they met at the 50 yard line, their eyes burning into each other's. "Your ambition could fill this building, John Ross." Taylor's expression shifted from smirking to serious. "But you were right not to trust J.R. I hope you know what you're doing." Her business partner (among other things) raised an eyebrow as he settled his black Stetson on his head.

"Trust me, Taylor. The fun's just beginnin'."