I couldn't believe my luck. One second I thought the demon was going to take my soul the next he was putting a collar around my neck, making me his pet. Next thing I knew my whole world turned black and I woke up some time later on a rather large bed. I had no idea what was going on. I sat up and looked around me. Where am I, I thought to myself. I hoped out of the bed and made my way towards the door.

I stopped at a full body mirror, and my eyes went wide with shock. I knew Sebastian had a thing for cats but I dint think he would take it this far. On the top of my head laid a pair of bleu cat ears. I brought my hand up to touch them, and to my worries they were real. Behind me where my tail bone was, was a long fluffy bleu tail. That bastard.

I walked down the hall way, hoping to find Sebastian. I needed answers. I could smell the scent of fish being cooked on top of a stove. I peered around the corner, where the smell was coming from. A man wearing a cooking uniform was in the kitchen. He was frying the fish. I never really liked fish before but right now the smell was getting to me. Must be because that bastard turned me into a cat.

I turned away from the kitchen, to find myself hit something. I looked up and came face to face with Sebastian. I had hit Sebastian square in the chest with my head.

"You bastard" I said thru my teeth

"Kitten shouldn't use such language" he said picking me up from under my arm pits. He hoisted me into his arms and holding me baby still.

"put me down" I said trying to break free of his demon grip.

"kitten must behave if he wants some fish, you are probably rather hungry" he said and I stopped trying to break free and looked at Sebastian. I hadn't realised it till Sebastian had mentioned it. I was rather hungry, it felt like I hadn't eaten in a while.

Sebastian carried me to the dining room where he sat down with me on his lap. The cook who I had seen earlier entered the room holding a silver plate. He placed it in front of me and removed the top. Underneath was fried fish covered in spices and thin layer of sauce. I really wanted to eat, but I wanted answers first.

"I'm not eating till you tell me what's going on" I said to Sebastian.

"if u eat your fish ill tell you after wards kitten, now say ahh" he held a piece of fish he cut up and stuck on a fork in front of my lips. I decided to protest since I was rather hungry and wanted to get answers and fast.

It was rather embarrassing being fed by Sebastian, I wasn't a baby, but then again Sebastian did have an obsession with cats. So now that he had me his pet he was probably going to releases his obsession for cats on me. I was not looking forward to it one bit.

When all the fish was gone Sebastian took a wet face cloth and whipped my mouth. I tried to turn my head away, but it wasn't working. Sebastian then stood up with me in his arms, and held me tightly but also gently in his arms.

"are u going to explain what is going on" I said to him

"be patient kitten. Wait till we get to somewhere a little more comfortable" he stroked my ears.

We entered a room with a sort of cat house in the corner. It was tall with holes that u could go into, and small things hanging down.

"you've got to be kidding me" I said to myself as he carried me over to the couch. I sat on his lap, which I dint enjoy.

"now then I suppose you're wondering whats going on" he said stroking my hair.

"and why I have cat ears, and a tail" I said to him.

"well in hell we don't have cats, or neko's for that matter. We have many hybrid pets thought mostly dogs and reptiles." He explain

"so let me guess, since you hate dogs and I don't think u like reptiles. You don't have pet. So u decided to make me your pet."

"kitten is rather clever isn't he" he teased and I shot him a glare. "I wanted a pet, and since most nobles have pets I found it rather silly I dint have one."

"you're a noble" I exclaimed

"yes kitten, and a high raking noble I must add." Sebastian said proudly

"okay okay, one more thing" I said gaining his full attention. "why"


"yes why. Why not eat my soul instead of making me your pet" I clarified myself

"oh that's simple. I always found kitten rather cute and even as a human u were catlike"

"I was not cat like" I huffed and crossed my arms

"well then its seems to be getting late, and kitten needs his sleep" he said standing up.

"I thought demons dint sleep" he asked figuring since he was now part demon cat.

"you are only half demon, u still need to eat and sleep. And since ur soul is split in two. Demon and cat you will need to eat more and sleep more"

"what ever" I said .