Hey guys sorry for the short chapter but I thought you would like to read something the soonest possible. Since this is a short chapter chances are the next chapter will be realised in 3 to 4 days depending on how things are. Hope you like it.


Yesterday had been a long day for me. I had met Sebastian's friends Damien's pet, Raymond. We played hide and seek where I ended up soaking wet in water. Then I was later put down for a nap by Sebastian. The night was more quite luckily we ate super in peace and after words I read a book from the shelves in Sebastian's office well he worked at his desk.

I walked down the hall way towards the kitchen. I had just woke up and I was rather hungry. Turning around the corner I could hear the sound of voices. I peered into the kitchen and saw Sebastian cooking over the stove well Grell was sitting down at the table.

"What is he doing here" I asked Sebastian and them both turned to look at me.

"He just came to bring me some news kitten" Sebastian said to me

"What kind of news" I raised a brow

"Just that the demons and shinigamis are having a meeting discussing about the lost souls" Grell explained

"Lost souls?" I questioned taking a seat beside Grell.

"Yes and since I need to be there, Grell here and is going to watch you for the day kitten" Sebastian said handing me food.

"What, why Grell"

"Would you rather I have Damien and his pet Raymond do so, little one"

"No" I said stabbing the food with my fork.

"Good then since this is settled ill be on my way. And Grell make sure he stays in your sight at all cost, if anything happens to him all have your throat." Said Sebastian giving a deathly glare at Grell as he did so.

"Kitten is nice to the scary man okay, and if he bugs you, you can scratch him" he said to me petting my head and giving me a kiss.

Sebastian left and Grell looked at me smiling. Grell was in charge and who knew what he was going to do to me. I pushed my breakfast aside and hoped off the chair. I wanted to get away from him as fast as possible.

Just as I was about to leave the kitchen, I could feel two arms reach over and grab me. Since it was only me and Grell in the room I assumed it was him. And I was right. I tried to get out of his death grip, but no luck .

"Sebastian said I had to keep an eye on you. So you aren't going anywhere without Me." he said and I grunted in response

As the day went by Grell decided to dress me in something red. This wasn't a surprise at all. He made me cling to him all day, much to my dislike. And apparently Sebastian told him to put me down for a nap as well. Figures.

Later when I woke up I couldn't find Grell anywhere. This was a surprise because it was easy to spot the red head shinigami miles away. I looked all over the manor to find Grell, but I couldn't see trace of him anywhere. Childishly I became afraid of being alone and cried out his name.

I got no response and decided to go to Sebastian's office. That way when he got back I could tell him what a horrible job Grell did of watching me. When I got to the office I heard footsteps inside. I cracked the door open a little bit to reveal red.

"Grell?" I questions and he hummed in response

"what are you doing in here?" I asked again.

"you and I are going to take a little trip cutie" he said and I raised my eyebrow in curiosity.

"William needs me in his office and since Sebastian said I had to keep an eye on you. You are coming with me" he grinned

"such a great job" I mumbled sarcastically

"What was that cutie?"

"Nothing, so when are we going"

"right now" and with that me and Grell departed to the shinigami realm.