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"This is utterly horrible," Jason said, and Piper laughed at the try tone he was using. They were lying on their backs on the soft patch of sand in the middle of the courtyard where the paper airplanes that had been released. They were all cleaned up now— except for one, which Jason kept in his pocket as a souvenir.

They were done, but instead of going back inside and taking excersize and positive reinforcement, they were lying in the grass talking. Once again, Piper was acutely aware of Jason next to her, their hands brushing and their shoulders touching. The sunlight gleamed off his hair and the sky was exactly the same colour as his eyes— clear blue, full of depth and mystery.

"I know," she responded at length. "How could the coach be so cruel?"

"Nothing worse than lying outside in the sunlight with Piper McLean," Jason said. His face scrunched up after a moment. "Your name sound familiar."

Dread shot through her, but she tried to hide it. "Piper?" She asked casually. "It's a pretty common name, I guess. I'm Cherokee, so it's even more common there."

"No, that's not it," Jason frowned. "Your last name, McLean. McLean. Mc-Lean. McLean." He said it over and over again, different pronunciations and tempos, trying to figure out where he new it from while Piper sat there hoping he wouldn't.

Suddenly, Jason sat bolt upright and stared at her, wide eyed. "Tristan McLean!" he said happily. "Your dad is freaking Tristan McL—"

Piper tackled him to the ground, one had covering his mouth and the other hand smacking him in the shoulder. Surprised, Jason rolled over, laughing.

"Don't yell it out for everyone to hear!" Piper hissed angrily, glaring at him, although it was hard. His eyes twinkled in the light and he looked so handsome and playful, so full of energy is was impossible to be mad at him.

"Sorry," he grinned. "It's just, that's really cool. Have you ever been o a movie set?"

This is why Piper hated her dad being famous. As soon as people found out, it was like she didn't exist anymore. It was 'your dad' this and 'your dad' that. Sometimes she thought people were only her friends for that reason. She didn't think Jason would do that to her— at least she hoped not— but she noticed how quickly he had gone from complimenting her to wanting to know about he famous, movie-star dad.

"Sorry," Jason said, catching the look in her eye and reading it perfectly. "You probably don't like that. I can relate… I think…" he looked confused for a second, and then shook it off. "I won't talk about it, if you don't want."

"It's fine," Piper shrugged, although she was glad he had stopped. It made her feel like Jason actually wanted to be her friend— the first real friend she had had in ages. "What do you mean, you could relate?"

"I'm not really sure," he frowned. "But never mind." Piper thought he was going to bring up the subject of her dad, but he just lay down again. "We probably have another forty-five minutes before the coach comes to check of it. Let's make the most of it."

The way he said that sent possibilities racing through her mind, none of them school appropriate, but she lay down next to him and tried to push them away.

"Look!" Jason said, pointing up. "That cloud looks like a dragon!" Piper frowned and tilted her head, trying to see it.

"You're delusional," she told him. "It's clearly an eagle."

"Nope, I don't think so," Jason frowned. "The wind's blowing now. Now it's more of a… he turned. "It's like the hand of god or something." Piper laughed and lay down again.

For the next twenty minutes, that was all they did— lay there, talking and gazing at clouds. Piper felt kind of foolish, but she also felt comfortable, like being silly with Jason was all right.

"I wish we could freeze time," Jason said. "Just stay out here forever."

"That would be great," Piper agreed, sighing. Lying here forever with Jason next to her, talking and gazing at clouds. "Check, there might be an app for that." She could feel his shoulder shaking with laughter next to her, and wished they were in such a position she could see his face light up.

Another ten minutes lapsed into a comfortable silence between the two. Piper was hungry, but it was worth it. Food or Jason— it wasn't even a contest. She would happily starve herself for a couple of minutes with him.

The wind had died down rapidly after the storm, so now only a gentle breeze blew across the courtyard, ruffling her hair and keeping her cool from the beating sun. Piper couldn't believe how quickly it had changed— a giant storm coming, and then nothing at all, almost like someone had pulled a switch, like there was some sort of master of the winds sitting out there controlling them.

And then footsteps sounded around the corner of the courtyard. Before Piper could react, Jason sprang to his feet, kicked the bag of paper airplanes over and threw them as far as they could. Piper jumped to her feet as well, catching on and starting to pick up the airplanes, moving as slowly as she could.

Coach Hedge appeared around the corner, looking grimly satisfied. Piper realized they had missed excersize and wondered what sort of torture he had put the other students through.

"What took you so long?" he grunted, but the anger was gone. "Hurry up and finish off, you're halfway through positive reinforcement."

Jason and Piper hurried around, stuffing the paper airplanes into the bag under Coach Hedge's watchful eye. They were down quickly and Coach Hedge took the bag from them, telling them it was too late to go to positive reinforcement so they might as well go to their dorms.

Grinning, Jason pushed open the door inside and held it for Piper. "What a pity," he said sarcastically. "I was really looking forwards to positive reinforcement."

"Me too," Piper laughed. Jason smiled shyly.

"You don't need it," he said, before wheeling around and walking off quickly, almost embarrassed. Piper stood there for a moment, trying to figure out what that meant. Did he think she was pretty? Is that what he had been trying to say?

No, he couldn't like her. He was too… perfect. Perfect in every way, while she was Piper. Ratty, troublesome Piper, who suffered from ADHD and couldn't stay in school for more than a year.

And yet… there was still a little part of her that hoped, against all odds, that someday she would date Jason. Someday, everything would work out.

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