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To the End of the Earth

Mothers, Fathers and Detectives:

Bobby looked at each person in front of him, not knowing what to say. He had been called over to the Shannons' house by Jinx Shannon claiming they had some important information for him. When he arrived, he discovered not only her but her youngest daughter, her boyfriend and Mary's ex-fiancée ….or whoever he was now but also three people he had never met before. Since Mary and Marshall's disappearance four years, Bobby had had a few dealings with the Shannon women. Neither of them giving up the idea of finding Mary and always called him up to help with whatever leads they thought they found. Naturally, he was curious and concerned about what happened to his friends but gradually, he come to accept that they were never going to find them. He knew what they had done for a living and he knew they were extremely good at their jobs. He had given up hope and just simply wished that they were happy and safe, wherever they were.

This time, things seemed to be different….They were actually claiming they had not only found Mary and Marshall but spoke to them too. After listening to the story about their visit to Maine, Bobby then found out the three new people were Marshall's Mom and two brothers Andy and Rob. Colleen Mann seemed just as determined for him to crack this case as Brandi and Jinx were but he noticed her sons, kept shooting each other unsure looks. He would take a guess and say they were both involved in law enforcement and knew how this sort of thing worked.

"Miss Shannon, Mrs. Mann…" Bobby placed his coffee cup of the table. "I understand how you must feel…"

"Our children and Grandchild are out there…." Colleen cut in. "In some sort of danger…"

"I get that." Bobby sighed. "But unless they come to me or call me there is not a lot I can do…"

"You're meant to be a detective." Brandi stated. "Can't you go and detect or something…"

Bobby couldn't help but chuckle lightly. "I'm sorry but it doesn't work like that, I wish it did…"

"Why not?" Jinx suddenly got to her feet. "Why can't you help us?"

"Because there isn't a case here." Bobby sighed.

"We reported them missing four years ago to you and you haven't done a thing about it." Raph joined in; he couldn't help but think that Mary and he would be happily married by now if none of this had happened.

"We investigated it and as you were told at the time, all evidenced pointed to them leaving on their own accord." Bobby replied.

"Because they were in danger!" Jinx exclaimed.

"Look, is there nothing you can tell us?" Rob stepped in. "I mean, from the sounds of things they did leave because of some kind of trouble…Is there no way of finding out?"

"You're welcome to give it a shot." Bobby held up his hands. "But I learnt a long time ago, that if those two didn't want people to know something, then it stays that way."

"What does that mean?" Colleen questioned.

"It means there is more to this then we know and we're not going to get anywhere." Andy sighed.

"I'm just as much in the dark as you…" Bobby assured them. "I wish I could help but maybe they're better of where they are…"

He hadn't been too surprised when Chief McQueen was not forthcoming with information on his two inspectors' disappearance but if he was honest, he had expected them both to return within a few weeks. He thought back to the day, Mary's family reported her missing; he knew that Stan knew more than he was letting on….

"Chief, hold on a minute…" Bobby followed him out of Mary's house.

"I'm sorry, Detective but I have a lot of work to do…" Stan kept walking to his car.

"Hey." Bobby jogged to get in front of Stan and blocked his path. "You can't just leave it at that."

"What would you like me to say?" He asked. "I've told you what I know…"

"No, you haven't…" He shook his head. "You're forgetting who you're talking…I know what you guys do."


"And you look like a man who lost his best friend."

"No, just my family…" Stan sighed and ran a hand over his head. "I really don't know where they are."

"But you know why they left…" Bobby guessed.

"Things went wrong…" Stan admitted. "We were meant to handle this together, the three of us but they were gone when I got back."

"So, they're in danger?" Bobby asked. "Then what are we doing here? We should be out there helping them…"


"You must know somewhere where they might head."

"They won't go anywhere which would lead any of us to them…" Stan shook his head. "They're too smart for that."

"Okay, we can track…"

"Bobby, we're not going to do anything!" Stan snapped. "We can't."


"You don't think I hate this? That the two people I consider my family are out there somewhere?" Stan continued. "You don't think I hate, that they might need my help right now but I can't do a damn thing about it…You don't think I hate that if I tried I could lead whoever is after right to them?"

Bobby stared at him for a few seconds, as he started to understand just how serious this is.

"You'll call me if there is anything I can do?" He finally said, stepped out of Stan's path.

Stan nodded. "Thank you, Detective."

Bobby was brought back to the present by a loud knock of the door, causing everyone in the room to jump.

"That'll be Dad…" Andy said, shooting a guilty at his mother. "We called and told him where we were."

Colleen rolled her eyes. "You better let him in then."

She wasn't pleased that her husband had decided to just let their son walk out of their lives again without a fight, especially after they learnt he was in danger.

"Dad, this is Detective Dorshowitz…" Andy introduced as he led his father into the room. "He's from the Albuquerque office and worked with both Marshall and Mary."

"Good to meet you, Sir." Bobby stood up and shook the older man's hand.

"You too, Detective…" Seth eyed him warily.

"Please, call me Bobby…" He replied. "And let me just say, your son is a good man and it was an honor to work with him."

Bobby noticed Raphael rolling his eyes at his comment and resisted the urge to glare at him. He didn't understand why he was still there after four years…Mary had obviously broken things off with him by leaving the engagement ring behind and from what they had said, she had moved on with Marshall…They were married and had kids…Raphael had no chance.

"I'm glad to hear that, son…" Seth gained his attention. "But can I ask just what is going on here?"

"We called him." Colleen said with her arms folded across her chest. "He's going to help us find our children."

"Hey, now I didn't say that…" Bobby held up his hands but the neither of them were paying him any attention.

"We've been through this…." Seth said frustrated. "Marshall made a choice…"

"No, he didn't!" She exclaimed. "He was forced to go to stay safe..."

"Exactly." Seth cut her off. "That's what he's doing…"

"We can help him." She insisted. "What's the point of being from a family full of marshals if none of you will help him?!"

"Mom, we don't know what we're getting into." Rob said diplomatically. "I'm sure if Marshall was in the position where he could stay and ask for help, then he would have…"

"We have to find him."

"Sweetheart…" Seth stepped towards her but she backed away.

"No, don't…" She said warningly. "If you had your way, I would know nothing about this…"

Seth sighed, the old feeling of guilt of keeping Marshall's disappearance a secret from his wife and other children…..

Seth had been talking to Rob when his wife re-entered the room, the phone clutched to her chest. He had done a double take after noticing the look on her face and his blood ran cold.

"Mom?" Andy had noticed her too and stood up to walk towards her. "Mom, what is it?"

"Michael, take your brothers and cousins out to the yard…" Rob said to his oldest son and sent him a look, telling him not to argue when he opened his mouth to protest.

"Sweetheart…" Seth guided over to the couch and sat her down before taking the seat next to her. "What's happened?"

"Marshall…." She whispered, a few tears slipping from his eyes.

"What about him?" Rob crouched down in front of them. "Is he okay?"


"What? What do you mean gone?" Andy demanded.

"He's missing…they don't know where he is." She informed them. "Has been for two weeks…"

"I don't understand…why are we hearing about this now?" Rob asked. "What happened?"

Colleen slowly turned to face her husband. "They said they called you…told you he had gone."

Seth sighed. "Who did you speak to?"

"Does it matter?" She cried. "My son is missing and you kept it from me!"

"Was it someone official? The Marshal Service?" Seth continued to question.

"Dad, what the hell is going on?" Rob cut in. "Where's Marshall?"

"Colleen, who did you speak to?" Seth asked again.

"Her mother….Mary's…his partner." She told him. "She said they left together two weeks ago and no one will tell them what's happened to them…that they found bloodied clothes that belonged to Mary."

"Okay, we shouldn't get too worried…"

"Too worried?" She exclaimed, jumping to her feet. "My boy is out there…."

"Sweetheart, you need to remember that Marshall is a US Marshal." Seth stated calmly. "Sometimes his job takes him places…"

"So, you think he's on an operation?" Rob asked, sighing with relief.

His son had never told him what branch he was with in the marshal service and Seth had never asked because he didn't want to put Marshall in a position where he would have to lie to him. He could take a guess what Marshall did because he had worked with Stan McQueen on a few occasions in the past. He was unsure how he felt about his son working in Wit-Sec but the times he had spoken with Stan, he assured him Marshall had a talent for it and was happy there.

"He wouldn't disappear on us…" Seth claimed. "This is Marshall…He would talk to us."

He had gotten a phone from Brandi Shannon two week previous and when she had said that Albuquerque PD were not taking the case further and that Stan had claimed they left willing, Seth assumed they were working a case. If there was a problem, Stan would have called him personally.

"What if he is hurt or in danger?" Colleen whispered, fearfully.

"He would have come to us…" Seth insisted. "I know he would have."

Three more weeks had passed without any word, his wife was frantic with worry and his sons were using their sources to try and track their brother down when they got a phone call from an anonymous caller, advising them to leave it alone. And Seth was starting to get concerned that there was more to this then a simple case. He called Stan, hoping the other man could just confirm that everything was okay, that Marshall would be back soon but he didn't. He told Seth what he told Jinx and Brandi…Mary and Marshall had ran away to be together, quitting their jobs. Despite an hour of shouting, cursing and threatening Stan would not tell him anymore.

Seth could not feel any guiltier for not taking Marshall's disappearance more seriously at the time and believed he may have been able to help his son if he had known what he did now, then but he had also seen the new life he had built. It killed him to think it and he knew it would break his wife's heart but Marshall was happy. He had a wife and a little girl who he adored….He could tell from just the short time they spent with him. He didn't want to ruin that for him, not matter how hard it would be and he would do anything and give everything to protect his son and grandchildren….Even if it meant never seeing them again.

"Dad, is there anything else you tell us?" Rob broke his train of thought. "Anything at all?"

"I spoke to Stan McQueen…He's on his way over." Seth told them. "But don't get your hopes up."


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