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"Isn't it beautiful, Grace?"


"You and I are gonna attend Hollywood Arts, one of the best performing arts schools in Los Angeles." Molly Garfunkel says proudly, admiring the acceptance letter. They auditioned for the school a couple of weeks ago and were told that they would receive a letter in the mail. She was starting to get quite impatient, but seeing the acceptance letter made the wait worth it.

"Let's show Kacey!" Grace says eagerly, dragging Molly toward the Simon's front door. As soon as the two Perfs got their letters, Molly insisted on going to Kacey's house and rubbing it in her face. You see, Kacey Simon was a Perf once, then Molly (unfortunately) had to kick her out of the group. Now she's in that disgusting band Gravity 5. Ugh, Molly feels nauseous just thinking about. Well, at least she gets to attend Hollywood Arts. If she's lucky, Kaycee will be stuck at Brewster High and Molly won't have to deal with her anymore.

She puts on a sweet smile as she rings the doorbell, flipping her brown hair over her shoulders. She hopes that Hollywood Arts has some cute boys. There was a guy at the auditions, James Diamond, that Grace was flirting with. He had a friend (Molly believes his name was Logan) that was also pretty cute. He was way too nerdy for her, though.

"Molly! Grace! You girls haven't visited in forever!" Mrs. Simon says cheerfully. "Come in!"

"Hi, Mrs. Simon." Molly says sweetly, while Grace waves.

"Is Kacey here?" Grace asks her former friend's mom.

"She is!" Mrs. Simon responds. "She's in the living room. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see you! Would you girls like anything to eat or drink?"

"Iced tea would be nice." Molly says politely. Mrs. Simon gives them two thumbs up before walking to the kitchen, while Molly and Grace begin walking toward the living room. Before Kacey was forced out of the group, they use to spend a lot of time in this house. Molly's house is way nicer, though. At least her family has good taste in decor.

"You know, I still can't believe that she met Cee Lo." Grace pouts, listening to Kacey's voice singing "Crazy."

"I don't even wanna talk about that." Molly shivers. If anything, she should have been the one to perform with Cee Lo. She's beautiful, talented, popular, and so much more. So why would Cee Lo prefer Kacey? The Perfs rule the school and their fellow classmates love them! If they have managed to capture the hearts of the other students, it shouldn't be that hard to impress a celebrity.

"Kacey!" Grace says suddenly.

"What are you guys doing here?" Kacey says weirdly.

"We just wanted to let you know that Grace and I got our acceptance letters to Hollywood Arts." Molly smiles, waving the envelope in Kacey's face. "Have you gotten yours yet?"

"Well, I..."

"Oh, don't feel bad." Molly says with mock sympathy. "You can always audition again next year...or not."

"Girls, I have your iced teas." Mrs. Simon says, handing two glasses to them. "And Kacey, I'm gonna check the mail. Maybe you got your acceptance letter to Hollywood Arts!"

"She rocked her audition." Grace tells the woman. Molly elbows her and shoots her a look. She has gotta teach Grace about the art of being mean. It's a good thing that she's pretty. She sucks at being mean to be people. She tries, but she usually fails miserably. Luckily, she has Molly to guide her.

"I have a good feeling about this." Mrs. Simon tells them before walking out the door. The three girls wait in silence, staring at each other with tight smiles. There's no way that Kacey Simon got accepted. She's nowhere near as talented as Molly and Grace. Molly will admit that Gravity 5 is decent, but they could never beat the Perfs.

"You're going down." She says coolly. "If you step foot on Hollywood Arts property, you better watch your back."

"I'm sorry, Molly, was that a threat?"

"What else could it be?"

"Okay, I'm back!" Mrs. Simon says only a couple minutes later. They turn around and anxiously watch as she flips through the mail. Molly silently prays that there's a rejection letter in that stack of mail. If Kacey and Gravity 5 make it, Molly will not be a happy girl. She and Grace plan on taking over Hollywood Arts as the most talented group in school, but she can't do that with Gravity 5 around.

"Oh, you got it!" Mrs. Simon says, handing an envelope to her daughter.

"Don't be too disappointed." Grace whispers to Kacey.

"Shhh!" Kacey says before tearing the envelope open. She pulls out the letter and reads it anxiously, a smile slowly appearing on her face. No...please just...no! She didn't actually get accepted, did she? There's no way!

"I'm in! Stevie, Zander, Kevin, Nelson, and I are going to Hollywood Arts!" Kacey says excitedly, jumping up and down. When Molly looks at Grace, she finds her blonde haired friend clapping and jumping as well. She grabs Grace's arm, forcing her to be still. Okay, she can do this. She can say...

"Congratulations, Kacey." She gulps.

"Yes," Kacey replies, getting closer to her. "Congratulations to me."

"You girls are gonna have so much fun!" Mrs. Simon says, pulling them into a group hug.

"Yeah, I'm sure we will." Molly lies. Why does everything always backfire on her?

James takes a deep breath as he approaches Kendall Knight's front door. They auditioned for Hollywood Arts High School two weeks ago and they agreed that they would read their letters together. When Kendall called and said that he, Carlos, and Logan had gotten their letters, he told James that they would meet at his house. James is so nervous. He is dying to attend the famous performing arts school. His friends aren't really musicians or actors, but they auditioned in hopes of keeping the group together. They would hate to be separated.

"Hey, you're here!" Kendall says when James enters the house.

"Are Carlos and Logan here?" James asks him.

"Yeah, they're in my room."

James follows his friend to the bedroom, silently hoping for an acceptance letter. This is a great opportunity and getting to go with his friends is even better. That's why he's hopeful for not only himself, but for his friends as well. Besides, there's some pretty girls in Los Angeles. At the auditions last week, he met this really hot girl named Grace King. If they both get accepted, he'll see her again and hopefully make her his girlfriend.

"Call me an idiot again and I will pound you into a pulp!" Carlos yells. Ah, he and Logan must be arguing again. They're best friends, but they don't always get along.

"Guys, ready to open the letters?" Kendall asks, interrupting the argument.

"Yeah!" Carlos says as he and Logan grab their letters. The four boys sit on the floor and hold the envelopes in their hands. They look at each other before opening the envelopes, unfolding the fancy sheets of paper. They silently read the letters, nodding. James is happy with what he sees in his letter, but he's nervous about the other guys. This something they can do together, but that won't happen if they get rejected. They all agreed that living in Los Angeles together would be a great opportunity.

"I'm in!" Kendall says in surprise.

"Same here." Carlos says, just as shocked.

"Me too." Logan says, his eyes glued to the sheet.

"What about you, man?" Kendall asks James.

"Yeah, I'm in!" James smiles, bumping fists with his three friends. It's too bad that he never got Grace's phone number. If he had, he could call and see if she got accepted. Of course, he supposes that going to Hollywood Arts and seeing her there will be a pleasant surprise. And her friend, Molly, seemed to find Logan rather appealing.

"Let's celebrate with nuggets." Carlos suggests. That sounds really good, so the guys all get off the floor and rush out of the bedroom.

"Alright, Miss Kaylana, your mommy and daddy will be home soon." Tori Vega says, picking up the adorable nine months old baby girl. A few months ago, she took up a part time job as a babysitter for Mr. and Mrs. Garfunkel, a couple that lives across the street from the Vega family. They have another daughter named Molly, as well as Kaylana, the little girl they adopted a few months ago.

She knows that she shouldn't be in Molly's room without permission, but Kaylana crawled here and Tori promised Mrs. Garfunkel that she would keep an eye on their youngest child at all times. Wherever Kaylana goes, Tori goes. Molly pretty much does whatever she wants and her parents don't even realize it. They still think that she's a perfectly sweet, innocent, and trustworthy little angel. It makes Tori wanna puke. If they wanna know the truth, they should check out Molly's Scuttlebutter.

She sits the child back down, pulling her cell phone from her purse. She dials her friend Cat Valentine's number, in need of some girl talk. She sure isn't about to call Jade, considering that Jade hates her guts. Cat is the nicest girl that Tori knows, so she's perfect for friendly conversations.

"Kay, don't get into that!" She says as Kayla pulls the drawer of Molly's bedside table open. She quickly picks up the little girl, frowning when she sees gleaming metal in the drawer. She opens it a little further and finds...a gun? Why would Molly have a gun? Okay, a lot of people keep a gun for protection, so that's probably why Molly has one. That girl screamed the first time she saw a hobo, so this doesn't surprise Tori at all.

"Let's leave Molly's stuff alone." She says, closing the drawer. She walks over to the dresser, looking at the framed photographs. Most of them are either of Molly by herself or her and her friend, Grace. In one of them, the girls are doing that ridiculous "Perf pose." Apparently, Molly and Grace are singers too.

"Tori! We're home!"

"Hey, your parents are here." She says, leaving the room.

"How was she?" Mrs. Garfunkel asks, taking Kaylana from her.

"She was great." Tori says, stroking Kaylana's cheek. She looks at Molly, who is looking at her with a cold look. Molly hates Tori, but Tori would rather not discuss why. All that anyone needs to know is that she and Molly are not and will never be friends.

"We picked Molly and Grace up from Kacey's house." Mr. Garfunkel tells her. "And we had to drop Grace off at her house."

"That's fine." Tori smiles. "And I guess I will be seeing Molly and Grace at school next week."

With that, she shoots Molly a fake grin before walking out the door. She never thought that she would say this, but Molly is worse than Jade.