A year and eight months later

It has been more than a year since Molly and Cat died. Their ghosts never bothered anyone ever again. All the old friends Molly once hated and harassed graduated from high school today and they decided to pay the two graves a visit. Cat's grave is only two plots away from Molly's, so they don't have to walk all over the cemetery. There's no tombstone between them, so they're actually very close together.

"We brought you both a graduation present." Tori tells them.

"A nice pink rose for Molly, since we all know pink was her favorite color." Kacey says, placing a flower on Molly's grave.

"And a red rose for Cat." Tori says proudly, putting the other rose on Cat's grave. "We all know how much she loved red velvet cupcakes."

They look at the two graves, sadness filling them. On the one year anniversary of their deaths, Teens For Suicide Prevention (Grace's suicide prevention organization, TSP) held a memorial for them. Friends, family, and anyone else that knew the girls were welcome to get onstage and talk about any memories that they have of Molly and/or Cat. Grace and Sikowitz even got Ginger Fox to perform (she got mental help, so she's okay now). It was a really nice event.

"Guess what, Molly?" Grace says, kneeling in front of her best friends grave. "I'm going to Seattle next week to give a big speech at The University Of Washington. I'm helping a lot of people."

"I think you would be really proud of her." James tells Molly.

Obviously, Molly doesn't respond, but they all know that she hears them loud and clear. Then they look at Cat's grave, truly hating that an innocent girl was put in the ground at only sixteen years old. She wasn't the smartest person, but they all knew that she would become something special. Actually, she already was something special.

"Molly, that song you wrote? One Day Too Late? It's the TSP theme song." Grace says, touching the tombstone. "Everyone voted on it."

"Cat, you and Molly inspired the whole thing." Kacey tells the girls.

"Yeah, it's not just my organization." Grace adds. "It's all about you two."

"And people just like you." Stevie says.

More than a year ago, they were being haunted by these girls, but now everything is okay. They've all moved on with their lives and they're prepared to do good things. Tori fully plans on starting her music career soon, Andre has been working on his debut album, Beck and Jade were both cast in an upcoming comedy film, Gravity 5 and Big Time Rush are trying to get signed to Rocque Records, Grace is working with her organization, and everyone is doing well too. Sinjin still wants Logan to give Courtney a chance, but the Big Time Brain has made it clear that it will never happen.

"They're in a better place now." Danny says, staring at the tombstones.

"And maybe Brian finally got a normal brain." Jade says, looking at Brian's tombstone next to Cat's. Speaking of Brian and Cat, their parents found out that they're expecting another baby. They plan on naming her Cathryn Brianne Valentine.

"And Molly doesn't hate Kay's mommy anymore." Tori says, kissing her two year old daughter's cheek. Kaylana still lives with Mr. and Mrs. Garfunkel, but she sees her real mom on a regular basis. Tori even has a room set up so she can sleep over. Mr. and Mrs. Garfunkel happily agreed to the arrangement.

"Remember when Brian visited Cat at school and he tried to steal all the food from the Grub Truck?" Beck asks suddenly.

"Yep, I remember that." Robbie says thoughtfully. "It was really weird yet amusing."

"You're weird, but you sure ain't amusing."


"Hey, let's get back to the school for the party." Zander says, jumping when Kevin and Nelson cheer excitedly. Um, okay...Anyway, there's a graduation party at the school and none of them wanna miss it. They just came to the cemetery to bring the roses for Molly and Cat. They are about to turn around and leave when Kendall suddenly takes something out of his gym bag. It's a single yellow rose.

"This is for Brian." He says, placing the rose on Brian's grave. "The yellow rose means friendship."

They all smile at the gesture and James bumps fists with Kendall as they leave the cemetery. They're all ready to put the past behind them. The worst is over and now they can just focus on the good things in life. Friendship, family, and love being the most important of all.

This was a short but sweet epilogue:)

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