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Chiron leaves, and two party loving gods are in charge, Jason, however is not very excited about going to the party, will Piper be able to make it a good night for both of them?

I am sorry for those of you that liked Leo/Jimmie, but I am now a hardcore Leyna shipper, BFF's OC or not, they were meant for each other, so this is a Leyna story! One more thing this is the same story, just better, don't worry, I'm going to put this up with pride!


I was walking out of my cabin with Jason, we'd been looking at some flying mechanisms that I was designing, he was telling me what he thought would be best, he was the son of Jupiter after all, he would know. Anyways, we were talking about current catching and some of the finer points of getting a machine into the air when Reyna came walking over.

She walked with an air of power that made you want to turn your head and watch her pass, even if you were busy doing something really important, like talking about flying mechanisms. Her black hair was shining in the sun, and her deep brown eyes, flashed with purpose, and something that resembled anxiety.

"'Sup, Warrior Princess?" I asked when she was in talking distance.

She gave a small frown in recognition of my nickname for her, but that was all. After a second, she recomposed herself, and walked up. "Hello Leo, hello Jason," she said formally.

"Hey, Reyna," Jason said cheerfully.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Chiron is leaving for the weekend; he is needed by the Greek Olympians to decide whether air disasters were more spectacular than sea disasters."

"So who's in charge of the camp?" I questioned.

She grimaced, this couldn't be good. "Lords Hermes and Apollo."

"You're serious?" I questioned. "The two party gods?"

She nodded solemnly.

"Let me get this straight, we have two of the most laid back gods on the Olympian Council and you look like it's a death sentence?"

"I do not look like it's a death sentence," she protested calmly.

"Reyna, you look like this," I said trying my best to imitate her look. The only thing I achieved was a snicker from Jason, and a bored look from the daughter of Bellona.

"Jason did I look like that?" she questioned.

"Yeah," he admitted, "you kind of did."

I grinned in triumph, as she sent a subtle glare in my direction.

"This is GREAT!" I exclaimed, "I've got some planning-"

I was cut off by a look that Reyna gave me, that girl, hot or not, was still scary. "There is no need, the Stolls have planned everything." She paused for a moment, before saying in a musing voice, "They're quite efficient, actually."

I scowled, why was she giving them a compliment? I quickly hid the look and smiled like I was before. "That's awesome! You know what they're doing for tonight?"

She shook her head, then said, "One rumor is flying around, though… something about a beach party." She looked down at her watch, and sighed quietly, "Well, I'd best be going, sword practice is next!"

I nodded and watch her run off, smiling to myself. Just when we were about to start wandering again, a really good question popped into my head. "Hey, Jason," I asked, "you think Piper knows?"


I aimed at the target for the fiftieth time that hour (I'm completely serious) and prayed to Apollo and Artemis both that this one would at the very least hit the target. I was about to release the arrow when I heard someone shouting, "HEY PIPER!" As soon as I heard that, my fingers slipped off of the bow string and instead of hitting the target, the arrow zoomed past it, and implanted itself mere inches away from Connor Stoll's head.

"Sorry!" I shouted, before I turned to see who'd shouted my name. And I saw Leo, who was guilty of that offence, grinning, he was right next to Jason, who looked slightly panicked.

I put down my bow and arrow; I needed a break, and walked over to see them. "Leo," I groaned, "is there any way you could not shout my name when I'm trying to shoot an arrow?"

He shrugged, "We have more pressing matters!"

"More pressing than preventing the deaths of people?" I questioned.

"Quite possibly," Leo said seriously.

"Are you going to make me guess or are you going to tell me." I turned from Leo and glanced at Jason, "And what's wrong with you, Jason?"

"Nothing important," Leo said hurriedly, "it's the same thing that is awesome with me!"

"Which would be…?" I prompted."

"CHIRON'S GONE AND WE'RE HAVING A PARTY!" Leo said in a tone so loud, I thought that he was going to break my eardrums. I took a closer look at him, and saw that his pupils were slightly abnormal… he was on a sugar high.

"Leo Valdez," I scolded, "when did you have sugar?"

"I didn't," he said, "It's just that the two people that are watching us seem to have that effect on most demigods, once you hear their names, the same thing will happen to you."

"Okay," I said, "who are they?"

"Lord Hermes, and Lord Apollo," Jason answered quietly.

Immediately I felt a tingling sensation, and I was starting to itch for a party, but as soon as I saw Jason's face, the feeling washed out of me. "Jase, you don't want the party?" I questioned.

"Yeah," he said weakly, "of course I do!"

I raised an eyebrow, letting him know that I didn't believe him, but I wasn't going to call him out on it. "Okay," I said, thinking fast, "I should probably go and tell my siblings."

Both boys nodded, and we bid each other goodbyes, as I walked back to the archery range, but I had a bit more that informing my brothers and sisters in mind, I was going to need to talk to a child of Poseidon, and I knew just who.


I was walking down from the Jupiter cabin, it was around nine o'clock, and, the party was going to start at any time. The Hephaestus cabin had been working all day on a spectacular show, and they never disappoint. Even with the promise of an amazing firework display, I was still dreading the thought of going. I was all for a good time, but I hated all of the people that were going to be dancing around, and being really loud, that just wasn't my thing. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't see Piper until I knocked into her, and almost sent us both tumbling to the ground.

When we were both steadied again, Piper was smiling, and looking at me with a raised eyebrow, and I couldn't blame her, I was Roman, and I was supposed to be vigilant at all times, not bumping into pretty girls because I wasn't paying attention. "Hey, Piper," I sighed.

"Hey, Grace."

"You ready for the party?" I asked in a pitiful attempt to be upbeat.

She must have seen through it, because she looked at me with something that resembled pity.

"Yeah, but we aren't going to the party, we're going somewhere else!"

I frowned as I looked her over, trying to pry the answer out of her halfway secretive, halfway devious smile.

"Then where are we going?" I questioned.

"You'll see," she sighed, and then walked off. I stood there, still confused by her mysterious behavior. When she was about fifty yards away, she called over her shoulder, "You coming or not, Sparky?"

I sighed, what did I have to lose? "Coming, Beauty Queen!" I know that's Leo's nickname for her, but it worked just for getting under her skin.

She didn't say a word, but I could practically see her scowling, even though she was looking away from me. I ran after, falling into step beside her after a few seconds, we were both walking at a brisk pace towards a quiet and dark part of the beach.

When we got to out apparent destination, Piper stopped, and looked at the water. I did to, but all I saw were waves, I the sight was pretty, but I was curious about the big deal, normally she wasn't one to just randomly drag me out to the beach to look at waves. I was about to ask if she was feeling okay, when I saw an outline in the water, that resembled either a slab of ice or a really deformed water float.

She sighed and grabbed my hand, leading me to the dark object, turns out my first guess was correct. She stepped on it with complete confidence that it wasn't going to capsize and that she wasn't going to slip. I, on the other hand didn't have that much confidence on Poseidon's territory, I stepped on the piece of ice carefully… that was until Piper decided to pull me.

Once we were both on the ice float, it started moving, and well, I liked it better when it was standing still. Automatically, I grabbed Piper's hand for reassurance; she looked at me, smiled, and squeezed my hand lightly making me feel worlds better. The ice float finally stopped, we were in the middle of the sound, I could barely see the shore from the faint moonlight, the only things that really stood out were the fire, and the tiny figures that were dancing around it.

Piper smiled and motioned for me to relax, when I did, I started noticing small things on the ice that I hadn't before. It was a lot bigger than I originally thought, in front of me was a blanket with two envelopes, there was some kind of sloppy handwriting on the front of the messages, and I managed to decipher them as our names.

I leaned over and grabbed them both, handing Piper the one addressed to her.

I tore open my and looked at the message which was in the same sloppy handwriting on the front:

Dear Jason,

Well, I hope you're enjoying your time away from the party! I figure you're in good company, and I know my handwriting is about the most horrid thing in the world, so I'll make this short.

If you want to repay me for arranging this (at Piper's request, mind you), then ask the girl out!

My cheeks reddened.

I know you are going to blush, don't, just don't, you're the one that insists on gawking at her 24/7, so just ask her, enjoy your first date, and if it is the last… I swear Jason, friend or not, I will make sure that you wake up underwater!



I was still blushing, regardless of what the letter told me to do. When I looked up at Piper, she was red as well… or that's what it looked like, it was kind of hard to tell in the dim light. We sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes, neither of us were really keen on talking, I really didn't know what to say. Bus sadly, someone had to break the crushing silence, and it didn't look like Piper was going to.

"So," I said, "what did your paper say?" Probably not the best question to start off with, but hey, I was nervous!

"Nothing important," she said quickly, I could tell that she was lying, but who was I to call her on it? "Just Seph telling me to have fun."

"Oh, okay," I said, searching for something else to say, nothing came to mind, but I was saved by a screaming object that was flying into the sky, when it got high enough, it caused an explosion of color. Piper and I laid back and watched the show from our spot on the ice all by ourselves. You could barely hear the noise from the others at the beach, everything was so peaceful.

The show had to have gone on for at least two hours, if not more, but eventually, it had to end. Not two seconds afterwards, did I hear Apollo's voice ring out to where we were. "Let's slow this down a bit!"

Just then, a slow song that I knew by the melody, but not the name, it was really good. I glanced over at Piper who was smiling at me. "We gonna dance or what?" she asked.

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "On a glacier in the dark? That sounds pretty dangerous."

She smiled, as I stood up and grabbed her hand, "What can I say, I'm a dangerous girl."

"That," I said as she wrapped her arms around my neck, "I can believe."

She smiled and leaned her head on my chest. My heart was beating so hard, a jackhammer would be jealous. After a few minutes, I realized that neither of us could dance, so I willed the air currents so that we were a foot or so above the ice. And that was where we stood, swaying to the sound of the music.

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