I woke with a start, but I wish I hadn't I'd been having the most wonderful dream about James actually liking me, instead of absolutely hating me. I looked around and saw that 'dream' hadn't been a dream at all, James was knocked out in the chair beside me, he had his head against the wall, and his hair was messier than normal (I couldn't say much, mine more than likely looked like a rat's nest). I smiled as I recalled the events that'd happened the previous night. James was mine, he was finally mine! I felt like getting up and jumping around to release some of the pure joy that I was experiencing, but I restrained myself, and settled with watching James sleep. That activity didn't last long; he woke up about five minutes later, staring back at me groggily.

"Hey," he said in a hoarse whisper, "how'd you sleep?"

"Better than I have in a while," I informed him.

"I could say the same," he said as he leaned forward and grabbed my hand. That coupled with the compliment that he'd just given me, caused a blush to creep into my cheek, and my heart to pound so fast that it seemed to be trying to force its way out of my chest. He must have noticed, because he smirked and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted when the door of the infirmary opened and Will and Skylar walked in. When they saw us, they stopped dead in their tracks, their eyes zeroed on one thing in particular: our hands. There was a long, awkward, deafening silence that followed.

"So," Skylar said, two minutes or so later, "when exactly did Hell freeze over?"

We both looked at her wearily, what in the name of Poseidon were we supposed to say. Was there anything we could say… this was a daughter of Hermes after all. Will, being the wonderful friend that he was, saved us from having to answer that painful question. "Well, we just walked in to tell you that you're free to go… there is an announcement in ten minutes to be made by Apollo and Hermes, and that's about it. Come on, Skylar," he said hurriedly, "McKenna and Percy needed some help with… dolphin troubles!"

"Dolphin troubles," I repeated after they left, looking at James questioningly, "you'd think that he could have said something sun-related that way it was halfway believable."

"True," he mused, smirking, "you ready to go?"

I nodded and jumped off the bed, all the while not letting go of his hand. "Come on," I said, leaning up to peck him on the lips. "Let's see what the gods want."


Well it turns out that walking out of the infirmary hand-in-hand with your sworn enemy is unexpected. The pavilion was bustling with noise and laughter as the demigods ate breakfast. All it took was one person to notice us as we walked in. In all of ten seconds all of the talking died down and everyone was looking at us. Their expressions giving off one of two emotions, it was either amusement or that emotion that you feel when a bomb is about to go off. I easily ignored the stares and went to sit at the Jupiter/Zeus table (our unofficial eating spot) with the others.

Some of them were staring, like Percy and Leo, others were smiling, like Piper and Annabeth, and then the rest were indifferent, like Jason and Reyna. I personally didn't care at all about the stares, but it seemed to make Seph slightly uncomfortable, so I squeezed her hand gently, just to let her know that I was there.

It seemed like the start to a rather normal day. Travis and Katie were bickering, Jason and Piper started gawking at each other, Percy and Annabeth were going over capture the flag plans, and Leo and Reyna were talking quietly, but the one thing (other than Seph that is) that made it abnormal was the fact that two gods were standing in the middle of the pavilion apparently getting ready to make a speech.


Hermes started speaking, "This has been the most fun that I have had in centuries, and I am sad to see it come to an end, but before we leave we do have a bit of news that you might find to be good… others won't like it too much." As he said the last part, he looked at some specific people in the audience, as if we were cattle going in for slaughter. That thought disturbed me greatly.

"We won't be able to babysit anymore, but Chiron won't be back for a few more days… so another god is coming to fill in our spot… Lady Aphrodite!" Apollo shouted.

All of the children in the Aphrodite cabin squealed, but—of course—Piper.

"Oh, right," Hermes said, "she gave me a message to deliver, "She is going to make life more interesting for a few of the couples in the camp, and that you know who you are."

I felt a pit at the bottom of my stomach form, filled with nothing but dread, it was getting larger by the second. I knew that Annabeth and I were a part of her little project, and no doubt the rest of my friends. She'd had a field day with all of them; their hearts had either been broken, fractured, or too shy to do anything with.

All in all the only though that was going through my head the whole time that I was sitting at my table, listing to the rest of the gods' speech was dear Poseidon help us all!

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