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"I would like to make a toast!"

Sebastian raised his glass in the air, watching as people at the numerous tables did the same and watched him expectantly. He was glad the wedding had been at a hotel, making the transition from ceremony to reception that much easier, but it also meant not worrying about how late they stayed and getting to look forward to staying in a prepaid, luxurious room. Blaine was sat proudly next to him, his own glass raised and looking up at him with soft amusement in his eyes, having just been speaking to him before he'd decided now was the time to make his toast.

"Nick and Jeff," Sebastian started, looking to the couple on his left. "Thank you for finally manning up and finding each other, and sticking it out for 9 years so that I could look like a romantic to Blaine and remind him he was my date to your inevitable wedding." There was a soft rumble of laughter around the room, but despite it, Sebastian blushed any way, squeezing Blaine's shoulder as he continued. "Seriously though, guys – you're made for each other, and if this day hadn't come not only would I be in debt from all the bets I made, but I'd be really bummed out. You belong with each other, and we're all so glad to see you make it together. It makes us believe in all that gushy crap you see in movies." There was more laughter, and Sebastian smiled, facing the rest of the guests again. "To Nick and Jeff!"

"To Nick and Jeff," the rest of the tables chorused back at him, the sound of various glasses clinking together and laughter filling the atmosphere before returning back to the usual sound of mixed conversations. Sebastian sat back down, squeezing Blaine's knee and watching as he smiled that well known, warm smile that Sebastian loved. It still shocked him even now that he could be the one to make Blaine smile like that.

"You certainly have a way with words," Blaine mused. Sebastian hummed in agreement, looking down at Blaine lips and smirking.

"You have some pudding on your lips," he pointed out, raising his eyebrows. "How very un-Blaine of you, Blaine."

"Maybe I meant to leave it there," Blaine quipped, winking. "You can get it off for me, later."

"You won't last that long, knowing you have food on your face."

Blaine narrowed his eyes, smiling like he could somehow get the upper hand but eventually rolling his eyes. "Fine," he sighed, and Sebastian grinned, reaching forward to brush the pudding off his lips with his thumb. A moment later, he felt a nudge at his side, and he turned to see Jeff smirking at him.

"Can I help you?" he asked. Jeff looked from Blaine to Sebastian, raising his eyebrows and leaning his head on his hand.

"It'll be you next," he said, raising his eyebrows. Sebastian frowned.

"Are you threatening me, Sterling?"

"Aww, see now you could be talking to any one of us," Jeff grinned. "But seriously. When are you guys gonna make two become one?"

"Did you just paraphrase the Spice Girls?"

"I did."

"Just checking," Sebastian laughed.

"You're basically married, anyway," Jeff teased, before suddenly becoming serious. "You're not already married, are you? 'Cause that is not cool that you didn't invite us."

"We're not," Sebastian chuckled. "I always saw marriage as something kinda pointless, because if I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with someone, I'll just do it," he shrugged. "But I also know Blaine doesn't feel that way, so.."


Sebastian smirked, reaching for Blaine's hand and pulling him across slightly so he could show Jeff the fourth finger. And the simple slim silver band around it.

Jeff gasped, grabbing Nick's arm before Sebastian could say anything about how they were keeping it quiet for now. At least, that was what Sebastian had wanted, and Blaine agreed, but the glint in his eyes told Sebastian he'd won somehow. He sighed, accepting what was about to come.

"When did this happen? When did you propose?" Jeff asked, still holding Blaine's hand. "I can't believe Sebastian Smythe proposed! Can we make a toast?!"

"This is your wedding," Sebastian reminded him, seeing how excited Jeff was getting. Jeff grinned, nodding like he'd just remembered all over again.

"This is so cool, though," he said, practically whispering, now. "I can't believe you're getting married!"

"Nick, are you crying?" Blaine asked, looking over at the other Mr Sterling and seeing tears pooling in his eyes. He quickly shook his head, laughing and looking away. Blaine looked at Sebastian, linking his ringed hand with his.

"Was that really as bad as you thought it would be?"

"We will tell people," Sebastian promised, brushing over the engagement ring with his thumb. "Let's just wait a few days for the hype from this wedding to die down, first. I don't wanna steal Nick and Jeff's thunder."

"Okay," Blaine smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too," he told him, leaning in to press his lips against Blaine's. That was another thing about being in love with Blaine; it seemed timeless. Like he was still that boy nine years ago who was coming around to the idea of love because it was suddenly happening.

The subject didn't come up again until later that evening, when the music had gotten slow after a couple of hours of being upbeat and party-like. It wasn't hard for Blaine to convince Sebastian to dance with him, and the atmosphere mixed with the third glass of wine seemed to make Sebastian extra soppy. His eyes were glued to Blaine, but the shorter boy could practically see the thoughts running through his mind, making silent decisions about their future without saying a word about it.

"What are you thinking about?" Blaine asked quietly, linking his hands behind Sebastian's neck. Sebastian bit his lip, looking over at Nick and Jeff briefly before meeting Blaine's gaze again, dancing them round in a small circle.

"How I can't wait to do this with you," he confessed, leaning closer to his forehead was touching Blaine's. "And how happy you're gonna look. I think that's the part I'm most excited about."

"Not the whole, spending the rest of our live together thing?"

"I was planning on doing that anyway," Sebastian grinned. "And hey, this way, we get a honeymoon."

"Ah," Blaine chuckled, leaning his head against Sebastian's shoulder. "Let's go to Paris?"


"Aww, c'mon," Blaine pushed. "It's the first place we said I love you to each other! That's romantic!"

"But there isn't anywhere in Paris we haven't been," Sebastian pointed out. "Is there a chance when you said I love you, you were saying it to the city and not to me?"

"Hmmm…" Blaine contemplated, before giggling and leaning up to kiss Sebastian. "I think I was talking to both of you."

A small cough from behind Sebastian distracted them, and Blaine pulled away just enough to see a familiar, though not exactly welcome, face. He hadn't seen Kurt since their drama filled summer all those years ago, but there was something noticeably different about him. For one, he wasn't sneering about something.

"Kurt?" Blaine asked, staying glued to Sebastian. Kurt's head was bowed slightly, making him look uncharacteristically vulnerable.

"Hi, Blaine. Sebastian."

"Kurt," Sebastian greeted, but the frown on his face was nowhere near as composed as his tone.

"How are you?" Kurt asked, linking his hands in front of him. Blaine couldn't help feel extremely uncomfortable in his presence.

"Good," Blaine said, before adding, "Engaged."

"…Like, to be married?"

"Yeah," Sebastian nodded, his smile bordering malicious.

"Wow. That's really… I'm really happy for you guys," Kurt confessed, scratching the back of his neck. "You've lasted this long, and it looks like you're gonna last longer, and…" he sighed, smiling in defeat. "I was wrong."

"Thanks, Kurt," Blaine smiled. Kurt nodded, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"How's your dad, Sebastian?"

"He's great," Sebastian said bluntly, before Blaine nudged him and made him realise that Kurt was really trying, just to be civil if anything. "He's not touched alcohol since coming out of therapy, and his temper is pretty much a thing of the past. He's much more relaxed, now," he smiled. "And… so am I."

"That's good," Kurt commented, his head ducking more if that was possible. "Everything seems to really have worked at for you."

"Yeah," Sebastian smiled. "How about you, Kurt?"

"I've kinda started fresh," Kurt shrugged, looking over at the blonde man who was presumably his date. "Got a new boyfriend, working for Vogue… things are working out." He pressed his lips together, looking between them regretfully. "I know it didn't seem to really effect you, but I am sorry for what I did. I was crazy."

"No kidding."

"Bastian," Blaine hissed, but he squeezed his hand. They were entitled to feel some vengeance.

"I just wanted you to know I've changed. Just so if you were ever wondering about me, you know I haven't become some withered man who sits at home rocking back and forth as he tries to work out voodoo dolls." Blaine laughed, and Kurt smiled, taking it to be some kind of acceptance of his apology. "I'll see you around."

"See you around," Blaine said, winding an arm around Sebastian's waist as they watched Kurt return to his date. When he turned to face his own date, there was a mutual expression of bewilderment on their faces.

"So that was weird."

"So weird," Sebastian agreed. "I didn't even know he was here!"

"I think he might have gone to the same college as Jeff, but to see him now is just…"



Sebastian giggled, reassuming slow dance position with his arms slung around Blaine's hips. "I guess, in some way, we kinda have him to thank. For this."

"For all the wrong reasons," Blaine pointed out. "I think thank you might be a bit too far. But you're right," he smiled. "If it wasn't for him, we probably wouldn't be together."

"Huh. Then screwing up his relationship with his boyfriend and his half brother may have been the best thing he's ever done for me," Sebastian mused.

"For us," Blaine corrected, moving his hands across his lapel to straighten up his tie. "But I think he knows that. I think I believe him when he said he's happy for us."

"Yeah," Sebastian agreed. "Me too." He brushed his thumb across Blaine's cheekbone, his smile growing when he spotted something. "Hey, guess what."


"You have an eyelash," Sebastian grinned. "Just above your cheek."

Blaine smiled wider, too, but brushed his cheek clean, leaving the eyelash to fall to the ground. Sebastian raised his eyebrows, remembering how Blaine had scrutinised him before when he'd tried to do the same thing.

"I've got nothing left to wish for," Blaine explained, and Sebastian shook his head fondly, leaning his forehead against Blaine's.

"Me neither, Killer," he said, looking into Blaine's shining eyes before pressing his lips tenderly against Blaine's, letting themselves be lost in each other for a moment just because they could. They had each other, and they had the rest of their lives.

And that summer that had seemed so impossible before was nothing but a memory.