The man was beginning to regret his culinary suggestion. Feeling like a cow-camel chewing cud, while attempting to embark in the foreign art of flirtation, was entirely unbecoming. Not only for him, but for Korra as well.

"Thish ish ruheally gud." Korra said, smiling around half-chewed lumps of taffy. She was like a child, stuffing her maw with the candy until her cheeks bulged.

Amon raised his eyebrows, inquiringly.

"Humor her bad manners!" hissed advice in his ear. He could see his Equalists wringing their hands in fright of what he would do to the Avatar based on her poor etiquette. There was no sense in making a martyr over bad manners, though. Although, if Korra was chomping loud enough for his followers to hear, that was impressively disgusting.

The young woman jolted, holding a hand up to her mouth as if to hide the massacre of pastel colors that littered her teeth. After a hearty swallow, Korra mumbled as a blush crept over her cheeks, "Sorry, Master Tenzin's told me that's rude."

"It's fine. I've been subject to worse." The man replied, shrugging. The two wandered together in silence, enjoying their treat while ignoring the awkward tension between them. Above them, the full moon peeked across Yue Bay, as if tentative to interrupt their little "date." Amon briefly cringed at the thought of the Moon Spirit watching the two of them. If he were truly romantically inspired, it could have seemed like an enjoyable omen. In this case, though, he had enough of interlopers in his ear to really desire one to oversee him from the Spirit World.

As if right on cue, a female Equalist chimed in, "You two are being too quiet!"

"Are you guys kissing?" Tittered another woman, "Or touching!?"

"Naughty, ssir, naughty!" Amon was beginning to feel the need for a drink as his righthand man slurred. Perhaps confiscate whatever the Lieutenant was dipping into.

"If not, say something!"

"Tell her she has a glamorous rack!" Again, the man from earlier who mentioned a bosom. Dear Roku, were his Equalists really so romantically deprived? Perhaps they needed to take a vacation once the Revolution was won. Briefly, he pondered the idea while a fight broke out in his ear between a female Equalist and the perverted pig-monkey.

However, Amon noted - from the corner of his eye - that Korra was beginning to fidget. The awkwardness had filled every cubic centimeter between them and now the girl cracked under the pressure. It seemed he wasn't the only one who failed as socializing on a more individual level. The thought almost made him chuckle.

"You said I should get to know someone more before flirting," Amon ventured as he strode down the boardwalk with his nemesis, "Tell me about yourself."

Korra stifled a snigger, before answering. Her words were slow, as if she were trying to figure out what to say, "Well, I'm the Avatar."

"Oh, really? Hadn't noticed."

Korra flashed him a wry smile at his sarcasm before adding, "And I'm seventeen."

"Hm." Well, he hadn't known she was that young. She was, obviously, fairly juvenille, but her build made Korra seem - at least - in her twenties. Well, to him at least. Then again, if Amon had been smart and done the math properly, he would have realized Avatar Aang died seventeen years ago. How was he to know, exactly, how an Avatar's reincarnation was chosen, however? Or perhaps he didn't wish to acknowledge it and confirm himself as a dirty old man.

"What?" A sly grin curled over Korra's smile in the space of silence and, briefly, Amon felt his stomach twist with enjoyment, "Feeling guilty for hitting on me now?"


"You can't be that much older than me. What? Twenty-five?"

The loud bark of laughter that shot from Amon's lips started both Korra and the Equalists on the other side of the earradio. The Avatar jumped and, in his ear, his followers squeaked in surprise. Composing himself, the man faked a cough - raising his fist to his lips to hide his grin - before replying, "Try forty."

"Oh my Aang, is he really that old, Lieutenant?"

"No way!" The Lieutenant's answer was drowned out by Korra. She stopped dead in her tracks, turning to Amon. Her blue eyes were wide as she pointed to him, "You're joking!"

A half grin curled at Amon's lips as he stared down at the flabberghasted Avatar. Holding up his hand in a swear, the man stated, "Wolf Scout's honor. I'm fourty."

"You were part of the Wolf Scouts?" Korra and the Equalists gasped together, their voices echoing each other's astonishment. Years ago, Councilman Sokka, with the assistance of Kyoshi Warrior Suki, had instituted a government-run, recreational group for young children. Girls and boys, benders or non-benders, rich or poor could join; they learned self-defense, chi-blocking, and how to wield weapons. The group had been cut - during many of Tarrlok's budget reforms - and the establishment dismantled.

A flush crept across Amon's face at the slip. It would be painfully easy to find records of the Wolf Scouts, to account for all of the scouts, to find a name that didn't have future records tacked to it. He nearly bit his tongue in reprimand, but quickly dismissed his annoyance at himself. Who would go digging? His Equalists trusted him and Korra wouldn't even fathom that as an option.

"Yes, I was." Amon glanced to the side, suddenly embarrassed at admiting his past. While the Wolf Scouts had handy lessons, Councilman Sokka was less than orthodox with salutes and uniforms. In fact, he now realized just how mortifying the whole thing had been; Korra's broad grin wasn't helping any.

"You? A Wolf Scout? I don't believe it." Korra chuckled, shaking her head emphatically, "They were all about combat! No offense, but you don't look like the warrior type."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You just look like you'd be more at home in a library or in a dusty foyer or something, not on a battlefield, that's all." Korra non-chalantly shrugged and continued down the pier, as if she hadn't just wounded Amon's pride. He bristled, slightly, at her words but tried to remain calm. Certainly, he did look like a libararian - hadn't he thought as much earlier? - but for his intimidation to completely ooze away as soon as he looked domestic nettled his patience.

"Amon, sir, please don't do anything rash..." Lieutenant sobered up enough to register Korra's words and Amon's bruised silence.

This called for a little adjustment. Slowly, Amon advanced on Korra as she peered out over the bay. She seemed to be enjoying the salt-water taffy, if her loud chewing were any indication. Behind her, the man leaned over her shoulder, aware of the intense salt in the air and her natural musk. In his slow and precise 'Amon' voice, the man purred in the young woman's ear, "Avatar Korra, judging a book by its cover can be fatal."

The Avatar froze, breath catching, jaw clamped shut. Slowly, she turned to face him, and he could tell she recognized the tone and - undoubtedly - realized how Kota and Amon had such similar body builds.

"Am-" She was cut off.

"Sir, the plan, the plan!" squealed a female Equalist, "Don't kill her!"

The man grabbed Korra by the back of her neck - intimidating and reminiscent of his abilities to remove bending - but he didn't force the girl into a kneel. Instead, he slammed her onto the planks of the pier, settling his weight atop her, easily restraining the flummoxed Avatar as he seated himself on her back, knees on either side of her. Realizing the position, Korra began to struggle and snarl, breathing licks of flame from her lips and trying to wrench her hands free enough to bend anything.

"This isn't any way to treat a lady!" Korra growled, kicking her feet, trying to land a hit against his broad back. Her heels grazed, but she didn't connect otherwise.

"Well, lucky for me, you're not a lady, are you?" The man smirked, adjusting his hold as needed to the writhing young woman. It reminded him of pinning Tarrlok down, years ago, during their squabbles.

Korra huffed angrily at his words, nearly throwing him off with strength and rage. Amon held true, though, unable to wipe that smug grin from his lips. Now, this was satisfying. Pinning the struggling Avatar down, exerting force over her. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, a voice keened about a more intimate situation, away from prying eyes, where he could pin Korra down.

A shrill whistle broke through the air and the hairs on the back of Amon's neck stood.

"Cheese it, sir, it's the fuzz!"

His gaze flicked to an approaching officer, tensing as the man glared down at him. That grin was quickly wiped from Amon's features as he replaced it with a mask of indifference, "Evening, officer."

"Would you mind telling me why you have the Avatar pinned to the ground, sir?"

"You have her pinned to the ground?"

"Sir, at least get a hotel room for the night, first!" Amon stifled rolling his eyes. He really needed to let his followers go out on the town more often. Maybe a few nights of wanton affairs would sate their hormones.

"Oh, well, you see..." Amon's gaze flicked down to Korra, who stifled a snicker and barely contained her own smug grin. His lips pursed and, before he knew it, the words shot from his mouth, "Well, she said she likes it rough."

The snickers died on Korra's lips, replaced by a gape and a gasp. Above them, the officer stifled a chortle.

"I apologize, sir, she really is insistent." Amon glanced up at the officer, offering a hardly-innocent smile.

"Well, let her up. That's indecent." The man commanded, face twitching under the straight to keep a straight expression. Amon obeyed, gracefully standing and stepping away from Korra. Though he held his hand out to her, the young woman ignored his offering and shoved herself up on her own, dusting off her garb as she pouted. The officer eyed the two of them, eyebrow quirked. Raising a hand to his lips, presumably to hide his words, the officer chuckled, "Do it behind closed doors next time, will ya'?"

And, with that, the officer turned heel and marched away. Amon lightly glared at him, half-disgusted with how easily the officer dismissed the situation.

His thoughts were interrupted as a sudden, blunt pain blossomed over his shoulder. Hissing, he rubbed the bruised spot, turning an agitated gaze to Korra. The Avatar pouted, hands on her hips and an indignant clench to her jaw, "I can't believe you told him that."

"What?" He snapped.

"Telling that officer I like it-" Korra stopped, suddenly, glancing along the pier. Most of the other civillians were staring at them, waiting for a show. The girl turned her gaze back to Amon, eyes flashing with fire despite the sudden softness of her voice, "Telling him I like it rough!"

Amon leaned close to her, eyes narrowed. Korra nearly flinched back, but didn't move. She met his gaze headlong, determined and full of moxy. Perhaps she was seeking the answer to his identity in his eyes.

"So, you don't like it rough?" He found that hard to believe. As physical as she was, being rough and tumble in bed seemed her default style. She lacked finesse and delicacy. He could be wrong, though.

"I didn't say that!" She nearly squeaked, but remained breathily quiet.

"Then you do like it rough."

"No-yea- I-I don't know!" Korra flushed, eyes tearing away from him in embarrassment as she kept her voice soft.

The man stopped, eyebrows quirking high as his gaze slid over her face again and - briefly - down her body before returning to her gaze. The blush answered his silent question. Little Miss Avatar had little to no sexual expertise. It was both alluring and unbelievable. As crass as Korra acted, Amon betted she had done a few naughty things in her time, especially upon arriving to the city.

Before him, however, stood the awkwardly fidgeting, blushing form of a virgin.

"Shall I help you figure out, then?" Amon nearly purred, feeling a wolfish grin tug at his lips. Korra's gaze flicked back to his face, instantly. Her mouth opened and closed, unable to find the words to reply to his ballsy offer. Instead of waiting, the man quickly stood straight and plucked a piece of taffy from his pocket, ignoring the squeals of encouragement from his underlings. Popping the candy into his mouth, he chewed thoughtfully while heading back down the pier, knowing Korra would follow him.

A few seconds later, her footsteps echoed along the planks.