Swiftclaw, Silverrain, and Littlestripe of ThunderClan

Swiftclaw was the first deputy of ThunderClan when we began playing September of 2011.

Silverrain was a noble warrior who mooned over Swiftclaw since they were apprentices. They had been close when they were young, practically inseparable, but they became warriors, and soon she lost him when he became deputy.

Littlestripe. Sweet, sweet Littlestripe was an amazing tom who loved Silverrain with everything in him. She was oblivious though. She had no idea her best friend loved her.

...and thus, Warrior Kingdom's first love triangle became!

Now, a look in the past...

Swiftclaw: light gray tabby with yellowish eyes and a black nose Formally MelodyofMusic. Adopted by Kuroda Shadelily

Silverrain: silver she-cat with white tabby markings and a bushy tail. one black paw and blue eyes Me, Sunmist

Littlestripe: sleek Brown tabby tom with dark brown stripes, and yellow eyes Kuroda Shadelily

Silverrain laughed with Littlestripe, but cried in the shadows. The tom she loved had forgotten about her, and the silent vigil held on the night they became warriors had never left. Swiftclaw only talked to her when she was being assigned on patrols, but she loved him still.

One day, she confronted him, and poured her heart out to him. Swiftclaw, being stunned, didn't react at once, but when he did, his heart of stone softened into more of a clay state. Not as hard as before, but as soft as he wished it to be.

Littlestripe watched silently as Silverrain, his friend and love, spent more and more time with the deputy. He became bitter, and envious, and hated himself for never telling her how he felt...

and then he did.

Silverrain and Littlestripe had been out in the forest when it slipped. "I love you." The words stunned Silverrain, and she became confused. Every waking moment was a silent war in her head, because over time, she had grown to love Littlestripe, but she'd spent so much time and effort trying to prove to Swiftclaw that she loved him, that when she was going to leave him to be with Littlestripe, she crumbled under the pressure and couldn't do it. She couldn't leave Swiftclaw.

And so Littlestripe became even more bitter and angry. Silverrain had toyed with him over and over, and even though she truly cared for him, he had had enough...

Not long after, Silverrain became pregnant with Swiftclaw's kits, but the deputy died before he saw them.

Silverrain was heartbroken, and felt as if she could die... but that wasn't the end of her pain. The night she gave birth, her three newborns died, and grief overwhelmed her.

She fled from camp, completely alone.

Littlestripe, the ThunderClan deputy after Swiftclaw (ironic, huh?), went after her after his clanmates, mostly Sunfire, yowled at him, telling him the heartbroken queen could hurt herself.

So Littlestripe went, and he found Silverrain at the Thunderpath between ThunderClan and ShadowClan territory. Not caring much, he halfheartedly attempted Silverrain not to kill herself. To come back to ThunderClan with him.

And she was going to, until he said he didn't care about her. That was the last thing she heard before she stepped onto the Thunderpath and was hit by a monster.

Littlestripe, who didn't think she'd actually kill herself, was stunned and drug her body back to camp.

Many of his clanmates, mostly Sunfire (isn't she a doll? She's my cat :D) blamed him for Silverrain's death.

Silverrain and Swiftclaw, along with their three kits Mistykit, Lilykit, and Mottlekit, were reunited in StarClan, while back in the living world, Littlestripe was murdered by an ambitious cat named Blackstrike, who became deputy and later leader of ThunderClan.

Littlestripe has and is still spending his days in the Place of No Stars.

The End.

Wow... that is a lot more morbid and messed up than I thought.