Utter PWP below the cut.

"I should do what?"

"The shit-cook was telling me about it. He does it all the time with Baby or Barbara or Becky or whatever her name is," Zoro replies, waving his hand dismissively. He stands before Robin on the bed, stripping himself of his sweatpants and smirking as he sees his fiancée arch an eyebrow. "What?"

"I knew it was too imaginative for you to think of all by your lonesome."

"Quiet, woman," Zoro pouts. The pout stretches into a smirk as Zoro crawls onto the sheets, repeating the instructions to his fiancée. "Now... spread your legs and try to tell me all about your day."

"What do you mean, 'try'," muses Robin, more to herself than her other half. "If you're challenging me, sir, I'll have you know that today was one of the least eventful days of my life and- what are you doing?"

"You were saying? About your day being uneventful?" Zoro discards her panties, diving in to press his lips to her neck.

Her eyelids flutter at his touch, her azure hues rolling back into her head momentarily as his fingers graze her breasts beneath her tank top. "W-Well, surely, one's day is bound to be uneventful when the same routine is being followed day after day."

"Uh huh. Take this off," Zoro tugs at her top slightly, caressing her thighs and watching with an intense gaze as she peels off the layer of clothing, slightly damp from having been in a muggy bedroom for several hours. Zoro licks his lips, studying his nearly naked fiancée. "Good... what was your day like?"

"I... got in a little early today. Said hello to Valentina. She was out with the... the flu, I think." Robin's nipples harden against the usually silky fabric of her bra as she feels his calloused palms and fingers massage her thighs, just a little above her knees, travelling and squeezing slowly closer to her. Her heaving breasts only slightly obscure her sight, but do not obstruct the feeling of his lips following closely. Her words are but vibrations on her throbbing lips now.

God, she wishes Zoro would let her shut up and drown in this feeling of anticipation. The woman bites her bottom lip as her entrance contracts, sending those waves of excitement and arousal rolling deep in her bones, in her soul. His lips have reached the skin of her mid-thigh, and she can see him inhaling, desperately grasping for her scent, as he hisses at her to talk, Robin.

"I was just so tired," Robin exhales in a voice just a tad clearer than a seductive rasp brought on by gentle flicks of his tongue at her pussy lips, not yet strong enough to penetrate the folds to reach her pearl. "All I could think about was coming home t'you..."

"Fuck. Me, too, baby." Another swipe of his tongue, just barely brushing the tip of her clit. The swordsman feels her shiver, instinctively wrapping his arms around her upper thighs, his lips nursing her clit. His kisses and licks are urgent as he breathes, "Tell me more. Talk to me."

Straightening her back, feeding off his words, she plants her feet on the mattress. He relinquishes his grip only to tug on the cups of her bra, rising to suck on her newly revealed nipples. Robin's hands wreak an iron grip on his hair, pulling him upward and tonguing him ferociously. Wrenching his head to the side, she hisses in his ear, her fingers curiously playing amongst his earrings: "And when you tell me how badly you want me, throw me on the bed, have your way with me - you make me so wet."


Zoro's fingers swiftly spread her pussy lips, massage her clit, delve inside of her. His teeth, dull and yet so sharp against her shoulder blade, grind against her skin. The vibrations she feels on her lips are gasps and moans now, triggering her right hand's venture down the front of his boxers, finding his leaking and throbbing erection. This action releases a deep groan from his throat and he presses his forehead to hers, stroking her with a renewed gusto and ferocity. "Tell me you want me."

"You make me so wet," Robin repeats. "You make me so wet."

It all overwhelms him at once - her voice, her words, her lips, her eyes, her raw sexiness - and a tiger-esque growl tears from his throat. Straight from her wet cavern, Zoro's fingers wrap around the back of her neck, his thumb on her throat as he snarls, "Say it again."

Robin smirks, her hand freeing Zoro's cock to stroke her cunt. "You make me so fucking wet."

The sheer force with which he kisses her slams the headboard against the wall and she cries out against his lips, barely inhaling again before she whines at the sensation of his cock barrelling into her. His hands have a firm grasp on her ass, lifting her slightly. Swinging her forward, Zoro meets her in the middle with every harsh thrust. His forehead stays glued to hers as his unscarred eye indulges in her reaction to how he fucks her: he is submerged in every whine and guttural moan, every inhale cut short by another collision of his hips against hers.

Robin allows herself one porn cliché, gasping, "Oh, yes! Deeper!"

"Tell me it feels good," Zoro orders against her lips. "Tell me."

Every swift, rough pounding sends her to heaven, straight down to hell, and all over again. Her tongue is lame between parted lips and she confesses, "So good, oh, so good..."

With each moan acting as yet another testimony of such intense pleasure, Zoro's body tenses, so much so that he cannot harness his need for release. He separates their faces, pounding and growling, her parted lips and screams of his name the final straw. He leans into her, pressing his lips to her neck as he releases his seed deep inside of her.

Robin heeds this warm release, remarking, "I need more."


"I'm close... I need more."

"Oh. Sorry, I just... I needed to..." Zoro sighs, kissing her. "You drive me crazy."

Robin chuckles, taking in his blush. "You know what else I thought about today?"

His tongue flicks out from between his lips and covers them with a thin coat of saliva. "What's that?"

In a display of rapid agility, Robin wrestled Zoro from between her legs, landing swiftly in a straddle on his waist. She tousled her hair, grinning. "The phone sex. Especially when things get super heated."

"Listening to you while you touch yourself..." The swordsman offers. "Gets me hard just thinking about it."

Robin hums, chuckles, leans forward to give him a deep kiss. She lets her lips hover over his as she whispers, "I love it when you tell me how close you are. Every time, when your voice gets all breathy, whiny, and you say, 'Fuck, I'm gonna fuckin, cum'. I love it."

"It's embarrassing," laments Zoro, giving a soft groan as Robin's soft lips press against his muscular neck. He kisses her briefly before she resumes her trail, kissing his chest.

"I think you watch too much porn. You always tell me how badly you want to cum all over my face..." Robin pauses to litter his abs with kisses. "My tits, sometimes my stomach... maybe tonight."

He watches as she presses her lips to his lower stomach, his cock hardening the moment she looks up at him. Her azure orbs penetrate his brown ones and Zoro bites his bottom lip. "Maybe?"

"Maybe." The archaeologist hums. She lifts her head, maintaining her gaze as her left hand cups his sac, massaging gently. Zoro twitches and groans, panting hard as Robin's tongue teases the head of his slowly hardening member. Her bottom lip caresses the head of his cock and she sighs, "Maybe."

Zoro blushes as a small bit of precum spills forth from his penis and Robin laps it up eagerly, continuing to stroke him with her tongue. With each swipe, her hot breath rolls over his erection, forcing him to wonder what she has planned. "Baby..."

Finally, she takes the tip between her lips, nursing it gently. His chest rises and falls rapidly and he moans her name, whispering for her to take more of his member inside the moist heat of her mouth. Robin obeys and adopts a steady bobbing rhythm, her tongue stroking his shaft all the while. Her palms either stroke the remainder of his length or cradle his sac, making use of the hands with which she was born. And all the while, she stares at him, taking in his strong reaction to her work. Zoro begins to buck his hips slowly and he bites his bottom lip.

"I can see why you like to watch me," Robin observes, her lips parting from his gently pulsating member. "Would you like to?"

Nodding vacantly, Zoro spies her as she seats herself on his stomach and plants her feet on either side of his toned torso. She reaches down between her spread legs, her right hand behind her, bracing herself as her left hand fingers spread her lips. The very sight makes the swordsman moan, especially as she makes to tease her clit. She managed to remain gloriously wet and, heeding this, Zoro sighs, "You're soaked, sweetheart."

"See how wet you make me?" Robin whispers. Reluctantly, Zoro reaches up to grasp one of her breasts, prompting her to slide a single, teasing middle finger inside herself. The swordsman's cock twitches at the sight and he aches to touch himself.

"Please... Robin, please..."

If Zoro could only reach around her to appease to his member's beckoning, he wouldn't be imploring in such a humiliating way. The sight and the sound of Robin's wetness consuming her long fingers as she smirks at him boosts his rather perverted and colourful imagination, forcing him to dream of what would follow the moment she unseated herself.

And it is then that Zoro remembers his strength, wrapping his arms around Robin's waist and coaxing her onto her back. Lying close to the edge of the bed, Robin curls up and holds onto Zoro's neck as they share a passionate kiss. These kisses of his depart from her lips, instead opting for several of them all the way down her torso. In but a moment, he's inside her again, relishing Robin's quiet gasp as his warm, wet tongue fills her. Zoro's lips capture her sweet, swollen pearl and her fingers capture his green tresses as he invites himself to explore. She tilts her head back, allowing her head and hair to fall from the bed. He repeats his enthusiastic motions, plunging gladly in and around the tight, wet space.

"Zoro," Robin gives a gentle arch of her back and clutches the sheets. "I'm still c-close..."

Good to know,Zoro hums mentally. He has a swift change of mind and decides to use Robin's vulnerability to experiment. Resurfacing Zoro watches her body tremble as he mumbles, "I wanna try somethin'."

"Huh?" Robin sighs, rising only halfway before Zoro's lips meet hers.

"I'm going to make you squirt, Robin."

"What a hideous word, squirt. Right up there with 'ointment' and 'moist'," Robin comments. "I don't squirt, Zoro."

"But you will." The male insisted. "Because I am going to make you. Understand?"

Admittedly intrigued, Robin smirks. "Yes, sir."

"I'll need you to stand."

"Oh, won't you carry me? You just make me so weak."

With a roll of his eye, Zoro lodges himself completely inside of her, slowly moving into a standing position with his hands placed securely on her ass. She rolls her hips, not quite patient enough to wait for his powerful, pleasurable thrusts to ensue once more. Zoro's knees nearly buckle at the sensation and he quickly presses her against the wall, both to brace himself and to carry out his plan. One hand remains attached to her succulent flesh, the other flattened against the unforgiving hardness of the wall. Zoro exhausts their accumulated, final bits of strength to resume his thrusts.

He mimics her earlier motion, rolling his own hips as he curls one of her legs around his waist and hoists the other over his shoulder. Zoro hates having to talk over her sexy, breathy whines as he grumbles to her, but he smirks, nonetheless. His lips graze hers. "I'm going to make you squirt, Robin."

Having learned her lesson, she simply replies, "Yes, sir."

And his powerful thrusts immediately resume - the first rouses a loud cry from the woman, the second brings his name, and the surreal blur sets in as he begins to buck his hips in rapid succession. The position of her legs gives him a brand new feeling - or, dare he say it, an understanding - of her and the way she was made. Almost as if she was created for him, her body sculpted for this moment that ensured paradise to come.

Robin is folded completely into the wall, unable to escape from Zoro's harsh gaze. She had never felt so naked as when his hungry stare takes her in now: how he drives his cock unabashedly into new places, her breasts heaving with every uncontrollable outcry. She finds herself wanting to hide in the safety of his neck and obscure her most uninhibited desires written all over her face. Her furrowed brows, her parted lips, her moans just short of screams - all evidence of the unsuppressed pleasure she feels.

He watches her bow her head, her hair bouncing lightly with every swift, rough thrust. "Look at me, Robin."

"Z-Zoro... Zoro-"

"Robin, look at me."

Her teary azure eyes rise to meet his gaze and he momentarily relieves his grip on the leg around his waist to wrap his fingers around the back of her neck. With his thumb resting on her bottom lip, Zoro growls, "I want you to look at me. Keep looking at me."

As affirmation, Robin takes his thumb between her lips and nurses it briefly, tenderly, as she stares into his eye. His eye darts all around her face, so deeply aroused by her wondrous ways of seducing him this far into their heated evening together. Replacing his hand, his motions become vigorous and purposeful. Robin has never been so close so quickly; this unique kind of pleasure terrifies her, yet, she finds herself screaming for more. She bites on the tips of her fingers, embarrassed at her obnoxiously loud noises as she groans and gasps at every skilful thrust.

"Don't hold back - you're so sexy, don't hold back." Zoro whispers as he presses his forehead to hers. He grins when her lips fall apart and her eyes roll back into her head, watching as she cries out and stammers about how close she is. He isn't far behind, reaching his climax with a gasp of, "Robin!"

Immediately, Robin envelops his lips in a deep and passionate kiss, begging him, "Oh, Zoro, please don't stop-"

"Fuck, you're so wet-"


Quickly placing her on her back on the bed, Zoro pulls out rapidly, replacing his member with two fingers. He watches her intently as he makes a beckoning motion with his fingers with his palm turned up to the ceiling, rubbing against the same spot that has been responsible for her screams the whole night.

The reaction to this motion surprises even Robin. Her mind has gone blank, the white hot pleasure ripping scream after convulsion after scream from her shaking body. The unrelenting bliss rocks her, clear by the way she stammers and cries out while gripping the sheets. She can hear her back crack as she arches it along with her legs, bent almost completely out of shape as the climax hits her. She experiences a flashback of the night - Zoro's face hovering over her as they fucked, his hot mouth tasting her, how he ordered her to look at him, how he gasped her name, Zoro, Zoro, Zoro - when he forces her to her peak.

He has an expression of smug victory on his face as her essence coats his fingers, dripping onto the sheets and cascading down her inner thighs, spraying out in other places. Watching her come down from her high, he exclaims, "Would you look at that? You squirted."

"Don't call it that," Robin breathes, nudging his shoulder with her toes. "Such a hideous word."


"Grow up." She laughs, sitting up and observing the mess she'd made. "Oh, dear."

"Don't worry about it. I love the sweet smell of pussy in the morning." Zoro gives his fingers a curious lick, moaning quietly at the taste. "Wanna go again?"

As a reply, Robin leans forward, kissing Zoro as he hovers over her. Their kisses are soft and void of tongue - much-needed after such a rough night. He lays her back down, settling on his side at her right. He exhales quietly and nudges his nose with hers, whispering, "We can go slow. If that's what you want."

She simply nods. He reaches over, cupping her cheek in his hand as he kisses her. This hand moves down, grazing her breasts and brushing against her stomach until it reaches her core, still wet from her last orgasm. He strokes her gently, her moans like music to his ears, as his other hand grabs her right leg, pushing her knee as close to her chest as possible.

"It's like you're my personal trainer," Robin jests. "Stretching me this way and that."

Zoro smiles, looking her in the eyes. "God, I'm so in love with you."

The mood has undeniably shifted. Robin feels the dirty, raunchy sensation seep away - water down the drain of this new feeling - once their lips touch. She feels his impressive length and girth pressing against her before moving inside. From the moment he is immersed completely inside her, he gasps, "I love you."

His deep, throaty voice sends a chill up Robin's spine; such delicate words from such a rugged, handsome man turn her on beyond belief. Looking him in the eyes, she strokes his cheek and whispers, "Fuck me."

"I love you," he whispers again as he pulls back and glides into her slowly. If he says it again, Robin isn't sure; she is immersed in this new, patient brand of lovemaking. She allows him to kiss her and grab her, too concentrated on the slow back and forth motion. "I love you."

She manages a whimper and stares down between her thighs, studying every inch of penetration lost and gained, lost again and gained back. She looks up at him as he reaches over, his right hand cupping her cheek and turning her head to face him. They stare at one another until he whispers, "You're beautiful."

"I... oh, Zoro..."

Robin gasps in unison with Zoro as he begins to move faster, the orgasm already quickly approaching. His hand slips down to grasp her breast as his thrusts become faster, more precise. He rubs intensely against every sensitive spot inside her, relishing every moan and plea for more that rips from her throat.

Zoro bites his tongue, knowing that she wasn't one who particularly enjoyed too many professions of love in the bedroom. He opts to lean over and kiss Robin, groaning softly. Her eyes stay open throughout this, flicking between Zoro's face and between her thighs. He feels the immediate need to take her, to claim her as his. Briefly pulling out - Robin waits with bated breath for his return - he opts for a place between her legs and plunges deep into her.

Robin's body tenses as she gasps his name, her left hand snaking down until her fingertips begin to massage her clit. "Together," she offers and Zoro immediately nods. He fucks her urgently, his body tensing along with the tight, wet space surrounding his member. The swordsman presses his forehead to hers, gasping her name and whispering about how close he is over her whimpers. Their breathing and the sound of the headboard slamming relentlessly into the wall signals their approaching release and she cries out his name, all her energy leaving her body with her final orgasm.

Spent, Zoro falls into her and pants, a grin plastered onto his features. "For once, I might actually have to thank the dartbrow for something."

"We'll send him a muffin basket," Robin jokes, chuckling softly and gently pressing her lips to his. "I expect you to top that tomorrow night."

"Tch." Zoro rolls his eyes and blushes, peeling himself off her to saunter towards the bathroom. "I'll be in touch with him, then."

I am awful at updating! Can you tell that I tried to buy your forgiveness with PWP? I've recently adopted the practice of focusing on some of my other pairings – namely UsoNa – so I've been super neglecting this collection. Fear not – I haven't completely given up yet. I hope you liked this – I've actually been working on this since April. I'm such a slacker. D':

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