"What the fuck, Robin?"

The first thing Zoro said to Robin when she came face-to-face with him on their wedding day. Not underneath the elegant white arch that Franky built between the two trees in the front yard, but as Robin stood half-naked before the vanity in the bedroom with her gown pressed against the front of her body.

"Zoro!" She exclaimed, whipping up a quick pair of Devil Fruit arms on his shoulders and expertly covering his eyes. "You're not supposed to see me yet!"

"It's my room, too, you know," Zoro protested as he stumbled about, looking for a surface on which he could steady himself. "And why aren't you dressed yet? The wedding starts in half an hour."

"You think I don't know that? You're all driving me insane."

"I'm driving you insane? Tell me something I don't know."

"Not just you. Don't be so conceited. I don't have much alone time left - I faked a panic attack so Nami would get me some water."

"Shame on you."

She swept across the room, replacing the gown in its place in the closet. "Like you wouldn't do the same thing. You hate her."

"Whatever. Can I get my sight back, please?"

"I'm sorry."

Oddly enough, it was Robin who really caught sight of him as she uncovered his eyes. He was clad in a tea rose waistcoat and thulian pink tie to match her homegrown bouquet with a suit jacket over top. His pants and button-up shirt were clearly freshly ironed, void of wrinkles. His hair had fallen perfectly into place - a strangely comforting sign that it truly was Zoro she was marrying.

"Mmm, you clean up so nicely."

"Can you believe it? I got hit on by one of my kid's moms until I told her I was the groom."

"Point her out to me when you get the chance, yes?"

Zoro snickered, sauntering up to her. He cupped her face in his hands, kissing her lightly and mumbling against her lips. "Can you believe it? We've made it so far."

"Without killing each other?"

"Still as in love as the day it all started."

The genuine smile on his face was contagious and she laid a hand on his cheek. "Save it for your vows... it's very surreal, I agree."

His muscular arms wrapped around her slender, naked waist. "I'm just... I'm happy you're choosing me. That's all I've been feeling all day. Happy."

Robin allowed his words to simmer in the comfortable quiet she had with him. As he cradled his head in the space between her head and shoulder, she closed her eyes and stroked his hair. His embrace was patient and consuming, his steady heartbeat adding to the comfort. A smile graced her lips in this moment of total surrender and innocence. In that moment, she too was happy that she chose such a beautiful man.

"Zoro," she whispered.


"I want you to close your eye when I walk down the aisle. Don't open it until I tell you to."

He pulled back slightly, eyeing her carefully. "Why?"

She shrugged slightly, then locked her hands behind his neck. "Because it all becomes so real, so fast. I want us to stay like this until the very last moment... I fear I'm not making any sense..."

He smiled. "No... I get it."

And that wasn't something she often heard from him. He soon dismissed himself to leave Robin on her own to get dressed and, as her maid of honour returned to fuss over her, she relished those last moments of engaged solace with the man she loved. A new chapter was about to begin and, when she saw Zoro's closed eye and excited grin, she knew she was ready to dive in - unsureties and all.

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