This has been stewing in my head for a while now and I finally wrote it down! I think it turned out very satisfactory.

It always bugged me that they didn't think to do this. It would have saved a whole lot of trouble! But anyway, without further ado... How Hellboy 2 SHOULD have ended!

"I was not addressing you Tin-man. Abraham." Nuada's voice was deadly soft.


"My sister is well, as I promised." Nuada said.

Abe stepped forward and held up the last crown piece as Red shouted, "What the hell are you doing?"

"You would do the exact same for Liz." Abe knew he was right.

"Oh screw this!" Red yelled, tackled Abe and ripped the crown piece out of his hand.

He quickly tossed it to Liz who caught it and began to melt it. "No!" Nuada screamed and launched forward, but it was too late.

The final piece of the crown was now a golden puddle at Liz's feet. "What have you done?!" Nuada shouted at them.

A loud metallic groan echoed throughout the chamber and they all turned to see the golden army topple over and crash into one another.

While they were crashing down, Nuala had climbed down from the platform and hurried to meet Abe. He hugged her gently and kept her behind him.

"The Golden Army… gone… wasted…," Nuada had fallen to his knees in despair. "I will kill you for this!" Nuada flew at Red, his hands aimed for his throat.

Before Red had time to block him, Abe tackled him like a linebacker. To make sure he didn't escape, Abe held him down by his wrists.

Liz handcuffed Nuada and hauled him to his feet. "Will you do nothing, sister? Does it please you to see me stopped at last?" Nuada's nose dripped blood, a mirror of Nuala's.

When she said nothing, Nuada spat at her feet, a mixture of blood and saliva. Abe's hands curled into tight fists, as though he wanted to punch Nuada.

"I don't know about her, but I sure will be glad as hell to see you locked up." Red growled and yanked Nuada to his side, grasping his upper arm tightly.

Red frog-marched Nuada out of the chamber of the Golden Army and out of Bethmora. A very angry Tom Manning was waiting for them above ground.

"You! You took that plane without an authorization young man ―" He stormed toward them. "Hey; Manning. Here to help. As always. You can have him." Red shoved Nuada at Manning and proceeded to unbuckle his belt.

"What's going on?" Manning became flustered as he handed Nuada off to his agents. "I quit." Red dropped his BPRD belt into Manning's arms.

"What are you serious?" Liz was right behind him, "Looks that way doesn't it?" She too, handed him her belt. "What's wrong with you? You can't all just quit."

Abe lay his belt on the pile last, "Watch us." As Abe stepped away, Red came back and yanked his gun out, "On second thought ― I think I'll keep this."

They left Manning complaining to Dr. Krauss. Red and Liz were far ahead of Nula and Abe. Ever so cautiously and innocently, Nuala slipped her hand inside of Abe's.

Abe's mind was sent reeling from the innocent gesture but he hid it from her well. For now, he would stay silent, wait for the wounds of the past to heal. Wait for them to get to know each other better. For now.

But Abe hoped that the day would come when he could finally admit his feelings to Nuala.

Short and sweet! Yay! I hope you all liked it as much as I did!

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