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The drive was excruciating, every bump, every swift turn made the red head jump. Johnson's rodent like face was twisted with delight, his mentor had certainly made an impression on the young man. Quinn felt naked and dirty the way the protege was staring through her. Kuntsler seemed to be proud of himself, this little plan using the ginger to get to the boys, if things went wrong it would be a bigger mess than at Louie's. The boys had lost so much, Rocco, Noah, almost losing Romeo and finally letting Quinn go. Now, they were coming after her again with her husband for the third time in the past three months they would attempt to save her life. If she lived through this, the red head would never leave her house again. A rueful chuckle escaped her mouth, the evil man from the FBI caught it.

"Something you wanna say?"

"Nothing you want to hear," spitting her words at him. Johnson moved to grab her arm.

"Leave her alone. Let the girl have her little victories. She's a smart girl, little Quinn knows she's not making it out alive. Not if I have anything to say about it," his dark brown eyes widened, "Dontcha kid?"

"It's cute when my dad calls me kid, when you do it makes you sound like a pedophile."

Kuntsler laughed, "No wonder you've got those guys are nipping at my heels to get you back, little spitfire. Bet you're a terror in the sack."

A thoughtful look crossed the red head's face, "Didn't think I was your type."

"Type isn't a factor, if you use your mouth well, that's all that matters."

"You're disgusting," Quinn choked out.

"What's a matter Q? Don't like the truth? Come on, you can't tell me you haven't been on your knees for Duffy. The way you have him and Connor falling over themselves, you have to give good head. Just between us Red, spit or swallow?"

Quinn kicked the driver's seat pushing Kuntsler forward making him hit the accelerator for a moment lurching the car forward then the brunette man slam on the breaks the force pushed the red head who wasn't wearing a seat belt into the seat hitting her head then ricocheting back. As her back hit the seat her still healing chest started to bleed again. Moaning in pain unable to stop the oozing blood coming through her shirt or the trickle coming from her hairline. Quinn tilted her head back, trying to become as comfortable as possible being handcuffed. The rest of the ride was silent. The ginger just tried to stay awake, she didn't hit her head that hard but a concussion was nothing to take lightly.

The car stopped, Kuntsler got out opening Quinn's door pulling her out roughly, "Hey, you might want to take it easy, they'll kill you if you kill me."

Gripping her arm tightly whispering into her ear, "You're meeting your end one way or another tonight. Too bad Red, we could have had some real fun, now move," he growled keeping a tight grasp on her.

When they walked to the spot, it was then the salt air hit her nose and the chill in the air, even through Brendan's borrowed sweater she was shivering. The men from the FBI started to fidget and pace; both of them casting glances at Quinn, like she had any clue when they would show or if they would show. Praying that her father and brother would stay put, she knew Bren would do no such thing. A solid titanium walled room couldn't keep him from her, the red head knew that. A trait she both cherished and disliked. Quinn counted a total of 13 minutes passed before headlights pulled up lighting up the girl being held by the two agents. Connor and Murphy exited the car weapons drawn followed seconds later by an equally armed Duffy. No sign of the colonel or Flynn, Quinn let out a small sigh of relief.

"Quinn, you hurt," Connor yelled.


She was cut off by Kuntsler's big hand over her mouth, "You should know she's damaged goods MacManus," he taunted pulling his weapon and Johnson followed. "Now drop your weapons and surrender," he called.

"Not fuckin' likely," Murph answered.

"Gentlemen," Kunty's voice was calm and even, "If you don't, I blow her pretty little brains all over the docks," he told them holding the .45 to her head.

If it wasn't for the lights of the Crown Vic flooding the wet pavement it would have been too dark to see. The boys were just out of her range when they stepped closer. Green eyes finding Connor's then Murphy's; a silent conversation was had and a plan formed the three of them nodded. The ginger then found her husband conveying what was to happen as the twins turned to the detective. Another nod was given between the four of them, all on the same page. It was risky, but risky seemed to work well for the MacManus boys time and again. Quinn took a deep breath before elbowing Kuntsler in the gut before dropping to her knees. The man from the FBI gave a grunt of pain before doubling over. Murphy advanced on Johnson and before the rodent like man had a chance to get a shot off the darker haired twin had shot his left knee causing the blonde to fall to the hard cement. The wire rimmed glasses fell off his face as he howled in pain grabbing his leg trying to stop the flow of dark red blood. When Kuntsler got his bearings he was staring down the barrel of a .50 caliber, straightening up as fast as he could to get a shot off, Connor hit him square in the collarbone dropping the FBI agent. A shriek of agony erupted from Kuntsler as the menacing figure of Connor MacManus approached him, gun pointed at his head.

"Didn't I fuckin' warn you not to come near the girl again?" A shaky nod came from the man on the pavement. "Did ya think I wouldn't keep my promise?" Stunned with fear, Kuntsler didn't move, he just stared wide eyed at the Irishman.

"Connor," Quinn called as Duffy ran to his wife's side, "Stop, let him live with what he's done. He's most certainly going to regret everything."

The twins looked at each other and nodded walking back to Duffy's car joining the once again reunited husband and wife. Brendan held Quinn tightly, "I'm never letting you out of my sight again," tears falling from his green eyes. The detective held her face looking at it as if it was the first time, "My God, your gorgeous," they both smiled, "Stay here, I'll take care of them." Duffy walked over to the two wounded men, "John Kunstler and Clark Johnson, you are under arrest for kidnapping and assault. Get up you worthless piece of shit," the detective dragged Kuntsler to his feet, "It makes me happy to know what the boys in the Hoag are gonna do to a former federal agent," Brendan smiled placing handcuffs on both Kuntsler and Johnson; he then called in the scene just as Dolly pulled up with Romeo.

Quinn ran to the swarthy man hugging him tightly, "Oh thank God!"

Romeo smiled hugging her back, picking her up off the ground, "Hey baby girl, happy to see you too, but your husband is right there. Let's keep this on the low."

"I see intensive care hasn't changed you a bit," Quinn laughed then hugged Dolly, "Thank you."

"Anytime. But we gotta get them gone before the cavalry shows up. Say goodbye now."

The red head turned to Romeo first, hugging him again, "May not have been around you long, but I like you, keep them out of trouble?"

"Who are you to boss me around lady," he protested embracing her tighter, "I got 'em baby girl, don't you worry."

Quinn turned slightly only to be scooped up by Murphy, "Brave little ginger aren't ya?"

"Murph," she sighed rolling her eyes.

"Knock it off, no one ever lived past 35 being brave, stay safe little sister. I love ya," he held her tight and kissed her head before handing her to Connor.

The lighter haired twin opened his mouth to speak Quinn covered his mouth with her hand, "Don't make this goodbye any harder than it has to be. Take care of them but most of all take care of yourself," she threw her arms around his neck losing control of her emotions as she sobbed, "I love you and I owe you so much, if you hadn't gone all crazy, who knows where we'd be."

"Stop talkin' like that," Connor whispered, "Ya ended up with the right man. He loves ya the way I should've. Keep him happy or I'll be back," he warned kissing her cheek lightly, "I love ya Q, now go on," he handed her to Duffy. "Take care of her, I'll kill ya if ya don't," MacManus told Brendan, the tone of his voice never gave away if he was serious or teasing.

"I will, now get out of here," he shooed them onto the boat as sirens approached and the three conspirators watched them sail away, not knowing what would become of them.

The cavalcade of vehicles arrived with screeching tires and loud sirens and flashing lights made the docks look like a disco. Car doors opened and uniforms got out surrounding the two men form the FBI. One uniform opened the back driver's side door of a car three vehicles back. Out stepped the curvy figure of the auburn headed Eunice Bloom. She walked straight over to the detectives and Quinn, "Well, if it isn't three of my fav-o-rite people. How ya holdin' up darlin'?"

"Better, but I really just want to go home," she looked at Brendan, he nodded.

"We will baby, soon," kissing her mouth lightly.

"Look what we have here, weasels," Eunice grinned at Kuntsler and Johnson, "And me without my bat. I assume Detective Duffy you have read them their rights and informed these gentlemen of what they are accused of?"

"You are correct Special Agent Bloom."

"Good, take 'em away boys, there are some more charges waitin' for them at the station," turning on her red soled heels, "Take her home Duffy, she's been through enough."

"With pleasure," Duffy put his wife in the car gently before leaving the scene of sirens and lights behind. The couple headed home, knowing full well the all clear had finally been sounded. It was safe, they could spend the rest of their days as they had planned. Leaning into Brendan across the bench seat Quinn fell asleep enraptured by the security her husband's familiar light cologne mixed with stale smoke, a smile broke onto the red head's face as she dreamed peacefully.

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